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Johnny Depp to Replace Heath Ledger

Johnny Depp to Replace Heath Ledger

Johnny Depp is poised to replace tragic Heath Ledger in his latest film role, reports UK’s The Sun.

Heath, who was found dead Tuesday in New York, was six weeks away from finishing fantasy flick The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Now director Terry Gilliman wants his pal Johnny to film the remaining scenes.

A studio source said: “There is a point in the film when Heath falls through a magic mirror. He could change into another character after that and that is where Johnny would come in.

“It’s a weird, fantasy, time-travel movie so Heath‘s character could easily change appearance. It would be a poignant moment.

Johnny‘s not working at the moment so everyone is praying he will do it.”

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  • zanessa110

    they kindaa look alike

  • PardyHardy

    It seems slightly tacky, but as long as they pay proper tribute to Heath, and the character he portrayed, then I guess it could work.

  • bottlerocket

    wow, Hollywood people work extremely fast… He hasn’t been dead a week and he already has a replacement…


  • luckyL

    I agree with #2 whole-heartedly. If they’re going to get anyone, there’s no better person for it than Johnny Depp. He is another actor with very creative acting choices without evening mentioning his superb acting talent.

    They were just so far in, I wondered about it too. Was The Joker complete? It’s going to be so weird to see those films, but I hope it brings a lot of money for Matilda in the future.

  • T

    I figured they would stop or start all over so that’s cool they would use heaths part.

  • shenanyginz

    um i love johnny but DAMN can we get over this tragedy first?

  • luckyL

    #3, this may sound terrible, but every day can be tens-of-thousands if not millions of dollars and you must decide quickly if you want to can it or not. They were near complete and it would be an extreme loss of revenue for everyone involved and many peoples’ jobs at stake. I feel like Heath was so big-hearted and lovely he would want it completed for his fans, friends, and family. It’s all just more memories for his daughter really.

  • pixie

    OMG…..I was just thinking yesterday how similar they are!!! Both a little alternative and choosing edgier movie roles!! Mr Depp stepping in for Heath Ledger is a fine tribute in itself I think – almost like a mentor aiding his student in his time of need. If it goes ahead, the changeover scene in that movie will be tearful :o(

  • [~F a m o u s~]


    you’re a fcuking dipshiit. go break your fingers and sit in a closet, blind bish.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    depp’s a lame for stepping in so quick. that clown suit aint even cool off yet and he trying to jump in it.

  • Anon

    Heath really admired Johnny Depp a lot. I hope this will come true. Heath is probably smiling down right now at this idea. RIP Heath! I love you!

  • a.e.h

    that’s so cool . they kind of looke alike and johnny is an amazing actor to make him a tribute. heat ledger rest in peace because an amazing person is goingo to finish your work! everytihing happens for a reason

  • luckyL

    #12, everything happens for a reason? Let’s not pull for straws here. Jesus Christ that was offensive.

  • the_original_nika

    wait wait people, if I understood correctly their gonna use heaths footage already shot in the movie, but now since this tragedy happened.. all they want is to johnny to film the rest of the remaining scenes.
    I mean, thats great that their not cutting heaths part, or so I hope they won´t.. so at least that we´re able to see his last movie =(.
    Although it is true, the man hasn´t been dead a week and their already making this arrangements, they should at least give a little time.

  • luckyL

    I’m sure he didn’t die so Depp could get more work and be in a movie “with” him and replace himto pay “tribute”. WTF. Mentor or not, I’m sure it would be better for him to be ALIVE and working WITH him.

  • Didi

    a lot of peoples jobs are depending on this so they have to sort something out fast

  • AMS

    a.e.h. that was not a well thought out response. So you think Heath Ledger died so Johnny Depp could finish this movie??? That’s a bit of skewed logic. On the other hand, I wouldn’t even call that logic. I don’t know what that is.

  • neela

    yeck, how disrespectful. I’m pretty surte the people working on this won’t have trouble getting jobs, it all comes down to money… How sad

  • poodle puddle

    Its gonna be weird. But at least they’re not scrapping the entire movie. I’m glad we have two movies with Heath to look forward to. He was such a great actor.

  • the_original_nika

    true poodle puddle true.

  • Julia

    You can’t replace Heath Ledger

  • manta

    After the failure to complete The man who killed don Quixote,it seems that Gilliam’s movies are doomed.
    Looking back at this experience and the current circumstance,I hope Depp is not superstitious.

  • =/

    Wow. Hollywood is so quick to replace people. I kind of hope Johnny doesn’t take it, because it is tacky.

  • carleigh

    Honestly I LOVE Johnny Depp, he is my favorite actor, and have no doubt he would be great in this movie, however, I just have a feeling he won’t do it because of the fact he wouldn’t feel right taking the part of Heath Ledger who was suppose to be the star and died so suddenly and tragically. I defiantly think Johnny will turn it down.

  • giissie

    it kind of is quick they shouldn’t even consider replacing yet at least for a couple of days:((its sad:((

  • Portmanteau

    You bunch of whiny cranks should eat each others poop…..Ledger will ascend to Depp’ism and the transformation will be complete….a better actor….a better family man….and well….

  • Jack

    here’s the thing – it should seem tacky, but consider pragmatically what’s going on (as a filmmaker, from Gilliam’s POV): the most bankable star of your film – the one who helped the production get the 30 million budget – dies, no more. Gilliam can’t have another Don Quixote on his hands. And if Depp is willing to do it – and I think he would since he’s already collaborated 1 1/2 times with him (once for Fear & Loathing, the other for Don Quixote), and Gilliam can pull it off in the narrative, they should go for it.

    And, as someone else might’ve said, it’d pay great tribute to not scrap the final film Heath was working on. It’d be better to do this than pull a Game of Death

  • Me

    go boy. you are great

  • Choux

    It’s really sad that they would even think of replacing Heath this soon… but if someone was to do it, it definitely would have to be Johnny Depp! Only Depp would be able to match Heath’s charisma and calibre. I hope Depp takes it, and not waste Heath’s precious footage!!!

  • mickey

    First of all, this report is completely unsubstantiated having come from none other than the SUN. I bet Johnny doesn’t even know about this “offer.”

    On a personal tip, I don’t think it’s a good idea because everyone watching the movie would know that when the other actor appears, whether it be Johnny or anyone else, it’s because Heath died and that just takes you right out of the movie. It’s awkward, weird and in bad taste, in my opinion.

    If it is true, I hope Johnny says no.

  • .sophie.

    [~F a m o u s~],
    wtf! depp hasnt even accepted to play the part yet!
    people are hoping he will!!
    and they do kinda look alike! want me to go and break my fingers too. dick

  • rob

    its a terry gilliam film weird things should happen even transformations of characters. plus gilliam is the least hollywood of anybody. he would want to finish this film not for money but both for artistic expression and to be a tribute to mr. ledger. so for anyone saying this is disrespectful is being a dick. Heath would have been fine with this seeing as he would have understood how terry has gone through hell so many times that terry may not even have another chance to make another film seeing as hollywood usually screws him as it is.

  • http://beautyaddict1one1.blogs

    You can’t replace Heath Ledger

  • luv both

    fan of both so no problem there. heath liked johnny and vice versa. johnny is honoring heath.:smile:

  • Frenchy

    How weird. Now people are gonna be comparing Johnny to Heath if they use them both in the same film. The studios didn”t miss a beat did they?

  • rob

    Studios? Holy….THIS ISN’T A STUDIO MOVIE! It’s indepently financed! It is a film made for artistic reasons not money!

  • rob

    I should probabbly clear up my last post since some people will say aren’t all films made for money even artsy ones. yes that is true but it surely should show how much of a non money issue when heath himself took a large pay cut to help gilliam make the film.

  • casey

    Johnny is the best actor ever, so he will do it ok

  • Helena

    The picture of Heath is very reminiscent of Jack Sparrow.

  • magnus

    This is 100% false.

  • sasha

    I agree with everyone….let’s mourn this young man before we go and replace him!

  • anonymous

    Anon @ 01/24/2008 at 6:42 pm Heath really admired Johnny Depp a lot. I hope this will come true. Heath is probably smiling down right now at this idea. RIP Heath! I love you!

    ———————————————————————————————–anon , in heath ledger’s prior posts you were not hesitant to jump on heath accusing him of copying johny depp and now that they replacing johny to finish heath movie you say ,this is good because heath was admiring johny what hypocrite. how fast you change your mind , these kind of talking and thinking, and puting your eyes on him or on his life that caused him to die so fast before his time.

  • Kendra

    Wow, seriously it’s going to take me awhile to get over this one…hell most people aren’t going to get over his death. He was just so talented…I wish someone would have magically knew something was wrong and saved him…ugh…i hate this,..

  • anonymous

    if johny or any body replaces him on that movie ,i for one not going to see that movie and i hope every boy would do the same thing in honor to his memory.

  • kristin

    ok, but johnny can NEVER be as good as heath in the movie

  • http://deleted maggie

    I think they should at least wait until Heath is buried. I mean, come on, he just died yesterday.

    I like Johnny Depp, don’t get me wrong, it’s just Hollywood doesn’t seem to care so much about the person as they do about the money.

  • kat

    hold on…. Johnny is not even cast yet in this movie… Johnny probably doesn’t even know about this… Terry Gilliam would love Johnny to film Heath’s remaining scenes but that doesn’t mean that Johnny will do it… it’s just an idea/rumor… it’s not yet confirmed…

  • Eme

    Considering that this “source/news” is coming from the Sun… enough said. This guaranteed rubbish.

  • WickedWench

    Great Choice. I hope JD does it. I really believe if Phoenix hadn’t died, JD might have ended up where Ledger is now – so, in a way, it seems proper he would replace Heath.

  • ina

    johnn would not do it,i am pretty much sure