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Matthew Fox: Lost For Humor

Matthew Fox: Lost For Humor

Lost star Matthew Fox, aka Dr. Jack Shephard, hangs out with two female friends Thursday on a balcony in Sydney, Australia. He’s in town to promote the third season of Lost and his new movie Vantage Point.

He was recently asked about being name-dropped in the comedy Knocked Up. In the movie, Katherine Heigl plays a TV journalist named Alison Scott, who tells her boyfriend Ben Stone (played by Seth Rogen) that she is interviewing Fox.

Stone: Matthew Fox from Lost?

Scott: Yeah.

Stone: You know what’s interesting about him?

Scott: What?

Stone: Nothing.

Fox‘s humorless response to the movie reference was: “I couldn’t care less. That doesn’t have any effect whatsoever. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about s— like that.”

But Fox is excited about getting back to filming Lost: “I love the story of Lost and I also would like a bit more certainty in my life. I’d like to see something happen (with the strike) so I can plan working on Lost, some other projects and also life outside of work.”

The survivors of Oceanic Air’s Flight 815 return in the Season 4 premiere in ONE WEEK — Thursday, Jan 31, @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

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42 Responses to “Matthew Fox: Lost For Humor”

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  1. 1
    sara Says:

    sexy sexy. That’s what’s interesting. Sexiest man ALIVE!!!!

  2. 2
    cmo Says:

    what an ass it wasnt a career damaging quote get over yourself. i dont know what they slip in the water on the lost set, but most of them come across as a.holes who think they’re above everything.

  3. 3
    Orange Clockwork Says:

    Ugh. I use to find him SO attractive, but I just hate it when celebrities can’t laugh at themselves every now and then.

  4. 4
    Jess Says:

    Foxy needs to cut down the swearing. Sounds like he is trying to had to be cool. Plus, his little comment about “not caring” sounded like he did care and was pissed.

    I heard he had a huge falling out with the Lost Cast. Is that really true?

  5. 5
    Freddie Says:

    I don’t think that that’s humorlessness – I think that’s not caring about every little thing that’s said about you in the press / films / tv / etc. If you gave a crap about everyone’s opinion (whether good or bad) you’d be pretty busy. Plus, the Apatow crew isn’t really known for their good taste, anyway.

  6. 6
    sandrine Says:

    sixth yeah

  7. 7
    hypocrite Says:


    I couldn’t agree more. I read an article in Entertainment Weekly recently and it felt like he dropped the f-bomb like he was the coolest guy in school. Except that he just acts like a douchebag in my humble opinion.

    He’s not even that great of an actor. He can be adequate but never great.

  8. 8
    Rae Says:

    He is so sexy but I am sad that he can’t laugh at himself more. I thought he had said before that the quote amused him? He doesn’t look very happy happy being photographed.

  9. 9
    Didi Says:

    knocked up was funny and if the idiot can’t laugh at himself then he needs to go to an uninhabited island away from civilization and ******* live there where the trees are just as serious but with a bit more personality.

  10. 10
    Shannon M. Says:

    Man, he is sexy!!!!! But dude….he is too serious. I don’t like guys that can’t laugh at themselves or are too damn serious.

  11. 11
    nicole m Says:

    Why do celebs have to be so moody?

  12. 12
    Kristen Says:

    I cut him some slack for being a little cranky because they’re making him go all over the place on this promo tour he’s on.

    I didn’t think his comment was that bad, though. It’s not like he screamed “HOW DARE YOU BRING UP THAT MOVIE TO ME?!” and punched the interviewer.

  13. 13
    julia Says:

    I can’t stand this guy. He really needs to get over himself. And SO not hot anymore. If he ever was. Ugh.

  14. 14
    elodie Says:

    he is hot!!!!

  15. 15
    zomgwe'resuchlosers! Says:

    You know who the REAL douchebag, humorless twits are? Random people who get OUTRAGED on the internet about what a celebrity finds funny or not or that celebrities swear.

    At least he’s flying around the world and gets paid to be in the coolest show on the planet, while the internet crowd can sit and drool.

  16. 16
    love Says:

    he is an arogant man,and he is not good actor!

  17. 17
    elisabetta Says:

    Foxy is the hottest man on earth! *faints*

    ps. ITA zomgweetc.. (what a nick!)

  18. 18
    kat Says:

    how is he arrogant if he just doesn’t care if people poke fun of him? i think more celbrities should learn to think this way.
    compared to the “gay” joke they featured on 0 year old virgin in comparison to coldplay.
    man, martin took it seriously.

  19. 19
    julie Says:

    This man is soooo hot!!!! And we all know that he is also very kind and nice, so who cares about this quote. I’m sure he was just misunderstood. I love you Matt!!!!!

  20. 20
    Lene Says:

    He is very very very hot!!!!!!!!! :)

  21. 21
    p124 Says:

    the pic with the 2 girls look awkward. maybe they just had a threesome and he’s pissed they stuck around =X

  22. 22
    spi Says:

    Funny how a response that he doesn’t care about the joke and some pictures where he is not smiling make people jump to the conclusion that he is an arrogant idiot…
    What do you want him to say, that he was flattered to be mentioned in a movie? That he found it utterly funny? That he was mad?
    No problem with Matthew Fox.
    And he is right, we want LOST back!

  23. 23
    hypocrite Says:

    @ zomgwe’resuchlosers! who said:

    “You know who the REAL douchebag, humorless twits are? Random people who get OUTRAGED on the internet about what a celebrity finds funny or not or that celebrities swear.

    At least he’s flying around the world and gets paid to be in the coolest show on the planet, while the internet crowd can sit and drool.”

    I may not be flying around the world and being on an overrated show – but at least I am happy sitting here surfing the internet and not being a moody ***** just because people will think I am hard and cool and above it all….

  24. 24
    julia Says:

    Careful. If you get those Foxy fangirlies mad they’ll come after you. They defend this guy like he was their own. Why do they love such a stuck up douche?

  25. 25
    Nina Says:

    To julia @
    What are you talking about? In all of his interviews he seems like such a nice guy and so down to earth and in this comment he was just saying he doesn´t care and just because we still think after that comment he is still not a stuck up douche we are all of a sudden Foxy fangirlies? I think you should ask yourself why do you hate that guy like you actually no him?

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