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Scarlett Johansson's Album Drops May 20

Scarlett Johansson's Album Drops May 20

Scarlett Johansson‘s debut album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, will officially drop on Tuesday, May 20.

The album will be released via Rhino Entertainment’s Atco Records and will feature 10 Tom Waits covers and one original track.

Scarlett, 23, spent five weeks last spring recording the album in Maurice, Louisiana. The actress-turned-singer has song collaborations on the album with Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zimmer, Celebration’s Sean Antanaitis and TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, who produced.

Listen to Scarlett sing the track “Summertime” for Unexpected Dreams, a 2006 charity album featuring movie stars.

Last April, Scarlett made a surprise appearance with the Jesus & Mary Chain at Coachella festival.

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  • selita!

    no. just no.

  • Sarah halles

    What? This will discredit her as an actress.
    Stupid mistake. Katherine Hepburn didn’t put out any albums and that was the direction Scarlett could have gone. Too bad, so sad.
    Making a fast buck isn’t always a great idea. I don’t see Cate Blanchet having any cd’s out.

  • hypocrite

    She’s actually a REALLY good singer. Check out her rendition of Summertime on youtube.

    I can’t wait to see how she covers one of my favorite artists (Tom Waits)!!

    She is a breath of fresh air compared to all of these other 20 something “celebs”.

  • sandrine

    FOURTH YEAH§§§§§§§§§§

  • josephine

    oh god no.

  • hanane


  • http://mmmmmmmmmmm lala_girl


    Well… HUGE MISTAKE!!!

    She’s great as an actress and she should stick to that.
    This will be… how do i put this in a nice way?


    There’s no other word who can describe it better.
    I can’t see Scarlett Johanson on tour and stuffs. That’s just NOT her.

    I’m sure she’s gonna regret this for a lifetime.


  • Zoe

    Why is everyone bashing Scarlett when her album isn’t even out yet? For all we know, she could be an amazing singer.

  • Didi

    its actually a typo Jared, her real album is called. I Lay On Your Bed For £1.50 plus tips

  • hypocrite

    Who said she would tour? And this isn’t some kind of throw away pop record a la Lindsay or Hilary. This is a cover album from one of the most underground, yet respected artists out there. Maybe you should listen to it before you give such an assumption that it is a mistake…

  • hypocrite

    You again, Didi? You have a really sad life. No sex, no friends, no boyfriend. Go out and live a little, loser.

  • 008

    it sounds pretty good it’s more classy

  • hypocrite


    Check out the youtube video link I posted. It’s her singing.

    In fact – here it is again for the naysayers!

  • Karma

    I hate when celebs think they can do anything. If you’re an actress, you should do that. Period. Leave the singing to people who actually are prepared for that.

  • Didi

    hi ange i missed you.

  • lolololololol 69696969

    shit it sucks balls.

    she cant act or sing, good job shes woody allens whore

  • ;)

    LOL Didi
    I don’t think much of her acting abilities, however, she has a much better voice than most karaoke singers on American Idol.
    And I would bet my bottom dollar that most of you haven’t even bothered listening to the sample, yet you universally pan her with prejudice.

    Think about it, if Paris Hilton can release an album then anyone can.

  • http://sugary tei

    She sounds pretty good, never heard her sing be4.
    Like the song/music.

  • Annika

    I love the song “Summertime” and Scarlett has such a great voice! I’m so happy she recorded an album and I cannot wait to hear it.

  • fanta

    i did know she could sing! but im looking forward to it!

  • hate to say it

    I hate to say it because I don’t like her [I think she is way overrated and all the fuzz makes her believe she is the greatest - which is very unattractive]. BUT she actually DOES have a very pleasant voice and she CAN sing. DANG! I hate her. ;-)

  • the real tita

    Her voice was really good. Smoky yet able to reach the high notes easily. She should do an album. Don’t know what she’ll sound like on pop tunes but if she can carry a tune, she’ll sound good in anything.

  • luckyL

    That’s so strange to have a Caucasian person sing that. I’m not saying it’s wrong, it’s just strange. The first time I’ve seen/ heard it. If that’s her voice, she’s imitating the old-school originals pretty well. She’s not all that bad, but some people need to realize, just ’cause you can do something, doesn’t always mean you -should-. This is all very weird coming from her. I just saw her and just want to see her as an actress unless she is singing for charity.

  • karito

    noooooo, she act very good!!! I love her acting, but really, Im a singer, a real singer (soprano) and her voice is sooo ugly!! she sound like a bitch!…scarlett you are beautiful and very talented in act, but please dont release an album, no with that voice….you have respect from your fans, dont destroy it….
    dont be like stupid and no talent paris hilton …be intelligent

  • luckyL

    karito, well obviously she’s not a soprano so how could you properly judge what she is unless you’re a music instructor? She’s obviously an alto–which you are not–so how would you know? I agree though, she should remain to be see nas an actress only. It’s all become so very tacky with just anyone trying to sing and write trash books.

  • luckyL

    seen as*

  • Sy

    Oh hell, here’s another one!

    JJ, PLEASE remove the pic of Michelle Williams and Baby Matilda.

  • amy winehouse can sing

    that was dam good singing -you go scar..:smile:

  • The Arab Aquarius

    i am very intrigued. She might come up with something good, who knows.

  • Diama


  • http://leah i like scar

    I can appreciate both her singing and acting. Hopefully her acting will get better. I still like her. The ”hype” was put on her she didn’t create the ”hype” the most beautiful nonsense”- blame that on the media or whoever .I like her regardless..Nice voice and song.

  • lu

    ugh. i’m so sick of cross overs.

  • the_original_nika

    wow, is that her!? not too shabby…

  • hypocrite

    @ karito who said:

    “she sound like a ***** (the b-word)”

    What exactly does that mean? lol

  • alex

    SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mickey

    I hope she sounds better than at Coachella. That off key “honeeeeeeeeee” or whatever she was “singing” sounded bloody awful.

  • hypocrite


    I have heard varying reports on that and don’t know what to believe – some say she was great other say she wasn’t (obviously there are people that like her and there are people that do). The only footage I have seen looks to be someone’s cellphone video from a 50-60 yards away. The audio and video were horrible (you could barely hear anything) and that example really isn’t a good indicator if she can sing or not.

    And if she can’t sing live – fine. Not many singers can sing live that well anyway. And the Summertime cover doesn’t have much studio interference – so she already has a heads up as being a better sing than Britney! lol

  • hypocrite

    *don’t like her and there are people that do

  • missy

    She sounds fantastic!!! All of that talent and beauty in one person… amazing! I can’t wait for the album.

  • AMS

    yeah, drops like a ROCK

  • Biggest Hypocrite

    To Hypocrite who wears very well this name.

    Your idol is a cheap dirty ho who slept with all her co stars and get fucked in the elvators by Benicio Deltoro..and im not talking about her 3 time HIV test she make the month…

    Oh and if you seemed obsessed about the beauty of other talented real beautiful actresses and bashed theme , you should star with your biggest Hypocryte Fake hoansson who claimed ” Ohhh i hate when ppl say im hot …”Oh really you should probbaly don’t get naked in your pix and trying soo hard to look sexy with your slutty attitudes ,you should star with your slut whore you biggest hypocrite ,as for her career the poor she is done not suprising seeing her turning on music to sell some overated songs ewww it’s so low .

  • so overrated

    This H* is doing everything possible to look hot and then she say i don’t want whene ppl say im hot why ? she is looking for that in her magazines be honest at least , oh and plz fix that puffy nose she is so fade .Does she still acting btw ?

  • ryan

    No thanks , i don’t want to buy the album of this talentless ” attention whore” im already sick of her acting and her horse’s teeth no more torutre , what next for the attention an X tape video ? i think she already done it with leto,timberlake,harnette………………………………….

  • hypocrite

    @ “Biggest Hypocrite” & “so overrated” (obviously the same person – Didi is that you?)

    lol. You are a low human being and I am laughing at you right now. No other words are needed for everyone to know what kind of person you are. Get a life.

  • hypocrite

    Oh, yeah forgot one word: jealous.

  • beverly

    nice, think ill buy the song

  • karito

    luckyL: well, I think that I study music for ten years, so I know that her voice isn’t real (summertime), but if you love hear false music…I cant do anything…for me, even her false voice is ugly…is an opinion

    hipocrite: mean that her FALSE (“made in music study”) voice is like a little dog cry…or a prostitute sing in her street hahahah, whatever you want…

    but really, she act very good!! I love her like a person….
    just dont like her voice and she dont need that….

  • hypocrite

    How is it possible that she has a “fake voice”, kario? If this so called “music study” that “made” her voice can’t help the Britney’s of the world become the Christina’s of the world – then there is no such thing!

    Just come to the conclusion that she is a good singer! That’s all you have to do. Don’t make up lame excuses to denounce her talent!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Perfect! She is a stunner.

  • ddd

    she use her nose to sing