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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sons Hit Hollywood

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sons Hit Hollywood

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gives his sons Patrick, 14, and Christopher, 10, a taste of Hollywood at the world premiere of Rambo at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday.

Rambo opens in theaters nationwide TODAY, Jan. 25.

Schwarzenegger, 60, is married to journalist Maria Shriver, 52.

FYI: Schwarzenegger does not accept his governor’s salary of $175,000 per year. Instead, he donates it to charities.

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  • srfsp

    First! Those are some good-looking boys…

  • mallory!

    his youngest son is chubby.

  • srfsp

    Rofl yeah he is chubby. Cute though! In a little boy way. Rofl. The older one is really cute though haha.

  • tc

    so cute! The younger one will grow out of his chub and be super hot in a few years!

  • Maddie

    Patrick is hott!! :p

  • Me

    Wow! I like that he donates his salary to charity. Not that it’s much to him, but that’s really cool. The money probably benefits a lot of people.

    Good on ya Arnie!

  • Soph

    Wow the oldest son Patrick is really good looking :D

  • sweetpea

    patrick is HOT

  • camille

    ahahaha patrick looks hot

  • cscs

    not bad lookin’ kids

  • Sarie

    Yikes, there’s a whole bunch of odd looking people

  • LOL

    he said “I’ll Be Back” back with my hot sons :D

  • Gene Pool

    The oldest one has Arnold mouth. The younger one looks like Ted Kennedy

  • Artist!

    A picture can express a thousand unspoken words….

  • LOL

    leave the chubby kid alone hes a kid and kids go through that stage

  • LL cool beans

    That chuky one should drop and give Mr. Fitness 20. I’m surprised he has a chubby kid.

  • kelly

    New Kennedy on the block

  • LOL

    hes only 11 he doesnt need to be that skinny. GO CHUBBY KID!

  • b

    He has a really good looking family. The daughters are quite pretty. I think a lot of people were surprised at what a good job he’s doing in politics.

  • Gi Kodály

    Patrick’s so cute!!!

  • kelly


    According to sources, the new Rambo movie is the most violent yet and has more than two on-screen deaths every minute. There are a total of 236 kills in the flick!

    Only one character lost his life in the first Rambo in 1982.

    The fourth movie is set in Burma and Sylvester Stallone’s character is trying to free a group of Christian missionaries who’ve gone missing.

    Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Mike Thomas wrote: “How violent is Sylvester Stallone’s new “‘Rambo’ film?

    “Put it this way: If you were to make it a drinking game and then take a slug of booze each time someone buys the farm, you’d either become monstrously drunk or possibly dead yourself from alcohol poisoning by the time the end credits roll.

    “Beheadings, disembowelment, exploding bodies, decomposing bodies, raping, torturing, hanging — you name the most depraved level of man’s inhumanity to man (and woman and children), and it’s most likely represented onscreen.”

  • marissa

    patrick is hot
    christopher is cute but chubby!!

  • Anonymous


  • HaHA

    even though his name is Patrick Schwarzenegger i still love him :D lol

  • Sarie

    I just realized who his younger son reminds me of… Chunk from the Goonies. I loved Chunk, okay I still do!

  • leelee

    pretty cute, for republicans…

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Wow, I didnt know that he donates his whole salary. Very nice indeed.
    His sons are still young, he had them late in his life…

  • minx

    the older kid is very cute, the younger wil be too in a few years.. he look like a Kennedy, that’s for sure.

  • CG


  • penilyn

    His older kid is GORGEOUS! :D

  • the_boyfriend

    My gaydar went off looking at the older one..and the younger one needs discipline, meaning excersise and self control.

  • WentsWorthit

    Older kid looks like Uma Thurman.

  • Jello

    Horrible governor!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MF

    oh dear, they are both ugly., oh well……yuck

  • luckyL

    Cute family. I hope they make a difference in the world.

  • http://deleted Mia

    Man you people must be uber fugly if you think this family is attractive.

  • luckyL

    Mia, you’re just a self-absorbed bit**

  • Nate

    OMG OMG!!! Patrick is so handsome!


  • csxyz

    Wow, his older son is gorgeous! He looks older than 14! His younger son is chubby, but in a cute, baby-fat way. I’m sure he’ll be good looking when he grows up. Gosh, Patrick is hot! (again)

  • Blah

    ^^ Exactly! That’s the oldest looking 14 year old ever! Dang!

  • craig stairs

    yo justjared writers, wakeup. People in power don’t have to accept paychecks, they get kickbacks, doh? :)

  • gleb jolie

    the older son looks like a German teenage girl. very effeminate. i wonder if he’s as gap-toothed as his father. maybe that’s why he’s smiling with his mouth shut.

  • gleb jolie

    all right, so his teeth were fixed. but he still looks like a girl.

  • w

    Im just going to say that I caught ALL KINDS of shit for voting for Arnie – but he is a true moderate and has done a great job.

  • Zashley is My Idol

    wow patrick is so hot!!
    i love zac efron but wow his oldest son is really hot

  • Shiana

    i LOVE arnold schwarzenegger !!!!

  • hush


  • Lori lee

    The little boy looks like ted kennedy.

  • tr!n and Nadi

    Патрик-суууперСкий маЛьчик!!! ^^

  • jenny

    ooo hottiee! and i mean his older son