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Christina Cauchi Dated Heath Ledger

Christina Cauchi Dated Heath Ledger

Here’s one relationship you might not know about. Heath Ledger dated Australian model Christina Cauchi on and off between 2000 and 2002.

These pictures show Heath, then 22, and Cauchi on a double date with Heath‘s sister and her boyfriend. The foursome were sight-seeing in Rome, Italy. These pictures were taken March 17, 2002.

Not too long after their break-up, Heath started dating Aussie actress Naomi Watts. Previously, he had dated actress Heather Graham (2001).

30+ pictures inside of Christina Cauchi sightseeing with Heath Ledger

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christina cauchi heath ledger 01
christina cauchi heath ledger 02
christina cauchi heath ledger 03
christina cauchi heath ledger 04
christina cauchi heath ledger 05
christina cauchi heath ledger 06
christina cauchi heath ledger 07
christina cauchi heath ledger 08
christina cauchi heath ledger 09
christina cauchi heath ledger 10
christina cauchi heath ledger 11
christina cauchi heath ledger 12
christina cauchi heath ledger 13
christina cauchi heath ledger 14
christina cauchi heath ledger 15
christina cauchi heath ledger 16
christina cauchi heath ledger 17
christina cauchi heath ledger 18
christina cauchi heath ledger 19
christina cauchi heath ledger 20
christina cauchi heath ledger 21
christina cauchi heath ledger 22
christina cauchi heath ledger 23
christina cauchi heath ledger 24
christina cauchi heath ledger 25
christina cauchi heath ledger 26
christina cauchi heath ledger 27
christina cauchi heath ledger 28
christina cauchi heath ledger 29
christina cauchi heath ledger 30

Photos: Venturelli/Bauer-Griffin
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  • n.o.l.a

    WHO CARES?!?!? Enough already with every sally and mary he dallied with.

  • name

    Jared, you need to stop.

  • Milena_From_Italy

    Rome!!!! *_*

  • lola

    What the fuck is your issue?

  • srfsp

    Does it really matter who he dated? He’s gone now; lets respect the life he had.

  • Ana

    jared. honestly – this is a bit much. I think you should take a stance like Anderson Cooper and just stop. All this is info from the past that you never posted when it did happen, so why all the concern about who he dated years ago now? Its not like you’re going into the lives of celebrities like Katie Holmes or Milo Ventimiglia and posting all of their past relationships…

    this is ridiculous

  • heli

    Ana i agree with you

  • devilgirl

    what’s your point? he’s gone. stop glorifying all these chicks he “dated”. who the h*ll is she anyway?

    Stop it, Jared. No one wants to hear this crap now. Just stop.

  • hally

    why jared stop?

  • Me

    I hate to be redundant, but honestly, have some integrity Jared. Someone died. He wasn’t there so you could make money, he wasn’t public property. Give his family some time to grieve. No one cares who he dated in 2000.

    Give it a rest before we all stop reading your blog in protest, or just plain disgust.

  • casey

    Out of respect for Matilda and her mother, Michelle Williams, please stop the announcement of all the girls/women he dated in his brief lifetime. One can only imagine a sweet, handsome, bright, talented actor of any age would have all kinds of dating opportunities.

  • Marta

    this is unnecessary.
    what’s next, his sweetheart from kindergarden?

  • Cindy

    its the opposite JJ they want more since they are here posting and checking out his past and present life. I feel more sorry to those that see him as a role model.

  • LANA


  • kate

    Jared you shouldn’t post that.

  • ELIE


  • irina

    Has anyone noticed how attentive and sensual his is to his girlfriends? Omg, I just started to like him a lot. He was so hot, and I bet you would have a good time with Heath. Ah, what a loss.

  • zara

    i’m tired of people coming to sites like these, LOOKING AT ANY AND ALL OF THESE PICTURES, and THEN COMPLAINING and DENIGRATING THE PERSON WHO PUT THEM UP. EARTH to YOU JARED READERS- If you stop coming here, if this site stops getting so much traffic, it will shut down and there will be no market and no demand for this stuff, you will get your wish. as long as you are looking for stuff like this, it will continue to be produced. it’s pretty ridiculous to make distinctions between tasteful and tasteless when 99% of the stuff on celeb blogs are trashy and superficial. that’s the Business that everyone of us is BUYING Into. get off your high horse already. look and move on and be good people.

  • irina

    #19 you are so on the correct! And it is not like he was with his daughter’s mother at the time of death. And…i am sure his little gril would be proud of her papa looking at these pic. It’s not like he was photographed doing something bad.

  • H

    wow a young good looking guy had girlfriends who the hell cares!!!!!! can we please honor his amazing talent and what a genuine and wonderful person he was instead of who he was sleeping with! RIP Heath

  • lene

    So fraking hot!

  • oldschooling

    To be honest I have no idea why we need to know about everyone he has dated in his life.

  • oldschooling

    I doubt that Jared would want to muzzle our opinions – so what is the gripe?

  • Michelle w.

    I would just like to set everyone straight. Heath and I were very happy in our time together. His love for our daughter will never cease to exist and our love for him will never end as well.
    Heath was loved by his family, his friends and of course his fans. He was a romantic, enthusiastic and caring actor as well as a person. It is a tragic and untimely loss for us all. I personally just want to let him know that I have always loved him and I will always. Little Matilda will now only know her daddy through pictures but will also know that her daddy loved her more than anything…

    To all of his fans, thank you for your support and respect for our family…it was because of all of you that he was able to do and share what he loved…thank you all for everything and I pray “Dear lord, may Heath’s soul come to rest upon your shoulders and may his heart be filled with joy…rest in peace sweetheart…” Amen…

    We will always love and miss you…

    Your’s forever and a day,

  • Christina

    Dear All,

    I want to say that I loved Heath terribly. He was my first love and we cherished our time together in New York, where we lived in the West Village and everywhere we went. He greatly supported my modelling and I supported his work too, hence, I would spend a lot of time with him on location shoots. We were in Rome while he was shooting Sin Eater and I will never forget how romantic he was and how cherished I felt. When he left me for Naomi Watts I was devastated, but he will always have a special place in my heart.

    Thank you Just Jared for not forgetting about me……..a girlfriend he had dearly loved and had spoken about getting married to.

    May his soul rest in peace.


  • Allye

    does who he dated eight years ago hold any validity?

    why do you keep posting heath “news’? i doubt these photographs will help the grieving process for anyone.

    please take the classy route jared, and stop capitalizing on the demise of mr. ledger

  • Shocked

    i cannot believe the sick people that are claiming to be michelle williams and christina cauchi. seriously people, get a life.

  • juC

    it could be them. who knows. some celebs or whoever will go on this webiste though i cant varify who writes here is the true celeb. peace out.

    oh wait that was weird.

  • me

    I liked the pics! Thanks for posting them!

  • CC

    Beautiful pictures of Heath in love. Christina Cauchi was one lucky girl. I read they dated twice, each time for a year or so and that it looked dead serious between them . I guess these young actors are always going to be tempted by other women, even if they are with a beautiful model. What he did with Christina he later did to Naomi, so that’s karma for you, and then the same with Michelle Williams. No doubt he would have dumped Gemma Ward too for some other girl, sooner or later.

  • Kristina/Serbia

    It’s been a few mounts from his death, but I still miss him a lot. I really cared, and I can say that those who have seen Heath in person are really lucky. My only wish is to see some of his personal things. I don’t know why but I would feel like I have touched him…And I would do anything to meet Michelle so that I could ask her some things about Heath that are not so clear to me. I would be so happy to see his little Matilda, after all she is a part of him.
    Reast in peace…We love you Heath!

  • Harvey

    Just stop! You fuc*ing As*hole!

  • Harvey

    Just Stop, you fu*king as*hole!