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Eva Longoria: No Farts for Tony

Eva Longoria: No Farts for Tony

Eva Longoria arrives at her hotel in Mayfair on Thursday and later leaves for a night out partying at the private members only club, Shoreditch House, in East London.

The Desperate Housewives star made a TV appearance on UK’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

“I’ve been on holiday for three months, because of the writers’ strike,” she said. “I’m in heaven! I’ve gained ten pounds, I pig out on pizza.”

Eva also provided some insight on married life with basketball star Tony Parker.

“We’re still in the honeymoon phase, I love him – but I don’t fart in front of him!,” she said. “I save it for myself. You have to keep the mystery.”

Eva, 32, and Tony, 25, were married July of last year. She has the tattoo “NINE” scribed on her neck (Tony‘s jersey number).

15+ pictures inside Eva Longoria in London…

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • luckyL

    What a self-absorbed b****–”Yay for the writer’s strike and people losing their jobs and revenue! I got to pig out on pizza and gain ten pounds! This is such a heavenly situation (for me)!”

    I want this woman’s career to fall so fast.

  • sarah


  • diva in her own mind

    A S hort -Worst Dresser-whose a self absorbed tv wack, attempting to star in a movie that is a borderline snoozefest..
    Im falling asleep just thinking of it.. zzzz..zzz zz………..
    and threw up a little thinking of her…

  • luckyL

    What a classless NECK tattoo. “Writer’s strike = vacay for me!” Yay! A [dumb] wh*re, bore, and a snore.

    Can people stop recording her vapid statements?

  • the_original_nika

    what!!!!.. shes been in heaven while the WGA are losing their jobs and revenue. even though we´ve seen her supporting them… humpf

  • Al3ex65

    shes so short. not hot.

  • http://A&Barelovedeverywhere um

    shes still starving her bony azz self ,in those tacky clothes and clip on bangs.

  • mexico

    She is a Georgeous Mejicana, don’t be jealous people cuz she is skinny and can eat all the pizza she wants. She did need a few pounds no wonder she looks so curvy…eat your hearts out or throw up after you eat jealous people.

  • Sarie

    Yes I can see they’ll last… not! Geez if she can’t fart in front of him at this point then why are they together? I guess she forgot the “through good times and bad”… good luck to them!

  • Poo Bear

    Wow!! Where have good taste and class go? Or was there ever any in Hollywood?

  • Susan

    She might pig out on pizza but 10 lbs my ass. she more than likely doesn’t give it 10 minutes before it ends up in the toilet bowl.

  • http://A&Barelovedeverywhere maria

    sorry im mexican an we usually have boxy shapes be4 and after child birth-boxy- and i hate it. curvy latinas are normally from spain, puerto ricans, ect.. not hating keeping it real. and i didnt say all my mexican women just the majority. eva is thin, jmo and tony is a large man. seems painful. ouch.

  • lu

    that’s disgusting! I hate her!

  • lu

    and also, she’s a fucking liar about gaining 10 pounds. She seems thinner to me, it’s people like her that are ruining the image of what a REAL woman looks like!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I agree about the farting mystery, no matter how close I can become with someone, I prefer I and they fart alone. Nice golden dress

  • The Arab Aquarius

    wow… the comment managing tool censored the F&RT in my comment. lol. Hey Jared, if its ok for u to say it in the post, ur comment filter should allow it, hehe. Its to strict

  • anononymouss

    She does look like she has gained some weight, which isn’t saying alot since she was skin and bones before. I’m not liking the bangs, but it’s part of the cloning process in Hollywood right now.

  • salma

    she looks great with the all black i hate the zebra dress but she looks hawt


    i wouldn’t worry about my career either if i was a gold digger living on a basket baller’s money.and please, as if she’s happy she gained weight.she admitted it’s one of her biggest fears.:P p-lease.

  • depeche

    Thank You, i allways wanted to know where You fart or not…..:-S idiot

  • depeche

    why is F.A.R.T. not alllowed in a comment if She can say it??

  • Original Amber

    Go away, Eva.

  • lola

    Ugh. Too much information.

    -read my blog at


    lady u need tha 10 extra pounds!!!!!

  • Helena

    She’s on it now. There’s something about her that’s annoying, yet she’s cute as well!

  • vera

    I HATE HER She is a fucking bitch. She never will be a big actress in Hollywood she will always stay the bitch from Desprate Housewives.
    After Desprate housewives nobody know her because she have no Talent she has nothing.
    She has a horrible fashion taste you can´t not buy a good fashion taste. I mean my girlfriends and I have not milliones but we still have a great sence of fashion like so many others WOMAN IN THE WORLD . And all these rich bitches will never have this.

  • http://A&Barelovedeverywhere b.

    being mexican i know we normally have -boxy-shapes be4 and after birth. the curvy latinas are puerto ricans, spainards, argentinas, ect. eva is to thin now,jmo. jessica alba ,salma are curvy but thats not the norm.i wish it was. im jealous of how she pulls the wool over peoples eyes and have so much money thats it.

  • neil

    No problem Eva, the farts and hags are on this board.

  • bataglio

    frigid, plastic salope

  • rhymes with witch

    this woman is so unbelievably stupid. I used to wonder what the attraction was, her being older, but in actuality, she has the emotional maturity of a 15 year old so I guess its a match made in heave.

  • beyatch

    shut up dumb bitch & die… wrong person was taken this week… fuck!

  • remember da truth

    Every time I see her flaunting her celebrity like this, I think how damned lucky she was that Vanessa Marcil went to the show Vegas instead of auditioning for Desperate Housewives. Eva Longoria is a poor man’s Vanessa Marcil.

    I’ll be very surprised if she gets another job with DH ends. She acts like it’s going to last forever and she’s a big star, but she is going to get a rude awakening.

  • Erin

    No farting in front of your husband?

    Wow. She mustn’t be very comfortable with him then.

  • oldschooling

    Seems pretty honest to me

  • rayt

    Thats not even how the interview went Jared. She didnt briing up farting! Jeez youve made her sound gross.

  • rayt

    You’re like making up quotes. Thats so dumb.

  • Jane Doe

    Tony doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed and this match screams “woman on a mission”. I don’t think she’s too far from character in real life; you know the kind of woman who will tell you she’s not getting any younger, set up an candle light dinner supposedly for you and all the while baiting the big question. And its safe to deduce she didn’t go for the marrying your best friend route, no comfort level and all game. Tacky through and through.

  • ????

    Aaww! I Luv Her!!!

  • SARAH38

    what do you Americans actually have in your heads instead of brains?
    This is such a shallow society there and people are commenting on stupid things like farts.
    And why the hell are comments altered which include words like fart or shit or anything?
    For heavens sake these are common words of everyday language.
    this country is just paranoid. Everybody goes berserk because of a revealed nipple but nobody wonders why school kids can buy a gun around the corner.
    You are a bizarre nation and you deserve Bush – he made the already bad reputation your country has even worse!

  • SARAH38

    where is my comment?

  • http://- Joanna (Poland)

    haha, oh my gosh, she’s hilarious ^^

  • Eva
  • random

    Regardless, she’s still hot, and I’d still love to see her fart lol.

  • mickkl

    I love Eva Id let her fart in mymouth all night lick id eat her thong after she has worn it 50 days straight Id love to smell her Ahole it smells like perfume I bet

  • mickkl

    I love Eva Id let her fart in mymouth all night lick id eat her thong after she has worn it 50 days straight Id love to smell her Ahole it smells like perfume I bet

  • mickke

    I bet Eva Longorias gas smells awsome!!