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Panettiere's Prescription Fulfilled

Panettiere's Prescription Fulfilled

Hayden Panettiere is spotted checking out of St. John’s Medical Center in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The Heroes sweetheart was seen carrying a prescription.

Say it with me now: “Hayden is not pregnant. Hayden is not pregnant. Hayden is not pregnant.”

If you haven’t already, help Hayden save the whales and Raid Hayden Panettiere‘s Closet!!

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  • jk

    nothing special…

  • haydensgirl

    Hayden looks so beautiful damn i love her so much

  • lolol


  • saraaaa b


  • Orange Clockwork

    Not cute. Looks like a whale. Next.

  • heli


    i thought the same thing

  • Maria

    Say it with me now: “Hayden is not pregnant”


  • Manddy

    I wish we could get new pics with her and Milo.

  • Poo Bear

    I don’t know anything about this girl, but this is called an INVASION OF PRIVACY. There should be a law against this. Stars can’t even go into a drugstore to buy tampons these days.

    What’s the word coming to?

  • hayho

    shes getting birth control ya know she’s been getting it on for years..

  • needs hand soap

    boring gnome with a horrid zlist show.
    shes doing it with the old er guy.
    can’t ever 4get thepic of the lil’ 4ft 9 midget playin in her but.t -
    and then touching her face with her hands without washing.

  • jeff

    She clearly doesn’t want privacy!

    Hey, Hayden, you can fit that prescription in your monstrous bag. Idiot.

  • Shannon

    I think she looks great and who cares that she got a prescription filled.

  • Po

    yeah that’s true actually. If she wanted privacy. Well, she would have put her prescription in her bag. It’s not like it isn’t big enough.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Hayden is not pregnant. Hayden is not pregnant. Hayden is not pregnant

  • Ashleeey

    I admit with Manddy

  • reality check

    “I don’t know anything about this girl, but this is called an INVASION OF PRIVACY. There should be a law against this. Stars can’t even go into a drugstore to buy tampons these days.”

    Come on, she loves it! Look at the smug smirk on her face.

  • Ashleeey

    Hey, reality check, that’s rude ! You don’t even know how gerat she could be ;/

  • Ashleeey

    Hey, reality check, that’s rude Yoy don’t even can think how great is she cause you’re so jealous!

  • Ashleeey

    damn ;/

  • bea

    She’s cool, I love her

  • buttaface

    PR loser . her head is huge.

  • srfsp

    I love her. People like Miley need to take after her example; she’s a nice girl.

  • LOL

    Milo will be chanting thta lol “Hayden is not pregnant”

  • Gi Kodály

    JJ wished she was pregnant! LOL

  • nicole kidman owns

    I am so sick of this girl. She’s a bitch.

  • CG

    Looking good

  • Zakiyyah

    You guys are all mean, she is the coolest person ever and who cares if she’s pregnant even though it might not be true, everyone has sex someday ad did it come to your head that she might have like asprin coz she has a headache

  • 5 finger 4head

    the shortest cheerleader in America- ET- Hayden.

  • lola

    Why the pregnant cracks? She doesn’t look pregnant at all….

    -read my blog at

  • Verity

    So just because she has some sort of prescription Jared automatically goes with a, “she might be pregnant, oh lets hope not!” story? Jesus, ever think she might be getting any other kind of medication? There is an awful cold/flu thing going around southern California right now – for all we know she could have that and is just getting anti-biotics or something or any other number of meds …

  • craig stairs

    i think she is pregnant

  • Jess_loves_sean

    Hayden is so pregnant. I cant say “Hayden is not pregnant” without breaking out into a fit of giggles. XD

  • Marleen

    Why didn’t she put the prescription in her bag?

    Anyway, I love Hayden! She’s so beautiful. And she has a great style.

  • Ashely

    She’s not pregnant if she’s obviously carrying birth control pills….

  • lee

    She’s really ugly.

  • lola

    Birth Control DUH

  • hayden

    i’m not pregnant and to all of my fans that post NICE things on all of these sites you all rock i’m glad you think that people should look up to me even though people like miley are not mean or messed up to all my loving suporting fans your really cool love hayden panettiere! once agian I’M NOT PREGNANT

  • shara

    i think she is pregnant in the picture it looks like it on the link posted above

  • http://No Chris Kevin


    Haydensgirl, Hayden Panettiere is my destined love I’m not kidding either we are both, meant to be. Anyway I love what she is wearing she really gets me gushy, blushy and excited everytime I see her on television, in photos and movies my heart races sometimes, I get nervous and fall into the infatuation mode.

    Haydensgirl, What would you say if you were really Hayden Panettiere and you say me either at the Lax Airport outside Los Angeles, California or St. Monica Beach on the coast? Would you fall in love with me that very moment or take it slow and get to know me first and then your heart explodes knowing I was the one you were looking for. I wonder how Hayden would react I don’t know how she would. I know she’s crazy about older guys so I guess she would be so in love taht she would smile and cry at the same time. Girls do that sometimes other times they are constantly staring and its not creepy but, a strong infatuation for the male gender.

  • http://No Chris Kevin


    Hi, Hayden Panettiere this is Chris Kevin I won’t tell you my real name but, I’ll give you a hint love its my second name. Anyway, I think you’re a great role model and the photo of you walking sexy, cool and in control is you Hayden L. Panettiere. I have seen alot of your photos and you’re a great model and GUESS WHAT love I’m almost half your age. Yes, I’m the same age as Milo Ventimiglia your former co-star and ex bf from “Heroes”. I saw you on the offset for Wes Craven’s “Scream 4″ film and you play college cool nerd Kirby Reed can’t wait to see you Hayden you do rock babe.

    Let, me ask you Hayden Panettiere do you believe that I’m destined to be with you. This is like the destined plan between Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts I and II but, this is real life me meeting you. My acquainting friend who I consider my best friend online told me that you and I are destined to be together. Hayden have you had dreams about you and me because, I have. The last dream I remember having was you and me at St. Monica beach in Los Angeles, California drinking fruit drinks I think, hugging, kissing and talking.

    Hayden tell me truthfully do you believe in destiny of Kevin meeting Hayden. I even created a nickname for us called, Haven Hayden and Kevin I love it Hayden it is beautiful.