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Jake Gyllenhaal - "I Will Survive" Video

Jake Gyllenhaal -

Jake Gyllenhaal does a little lipsynching and booty-shaking to the tune of “I Will Survive” in celebration of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres‘ 50th birthday (tomorrow is her actual birthday)

Other celebrities who join in on the “karaoke” fun: Victoria Beckham, Queen Latifah, Kate Walsh, Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton, Sharon Osbourne, David Spade, Heidi Klum, Masi Oka and Celine Dion. Watch the video below!


Jake Gyllenhaal – “I Will Survive” Video

25+ screencaps inside of the aforementioned celebs singing…

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ellen degeneres i will survive 01
ellen degeneres i will survive 02
ellen degeneres i will survive 03
ellen degeneres i will survive 04
ellen degeneres i will survive 05
ellen degeneres i will survive 06
ellen degeneres i will survive 07
ellen degeneres i will survive 08
ellen degeneres i will survive 09
ellen degeneres i will survive 10
ellen degeneres i will survive 11
ellen degeneres i will survive 12
ellen degeneres i will survive 13
ellen degeneres i will survive 14
ellen degeneres i will survive 15
ellen degeneres i will survive 16
ellen degeneres i will survive 17
ellen degeneres i will survive 18
ellen degeneres i will survive 19
ellen degeneres i will survive 20
ellen degeneres i will survive 21
ellen degeneres i will survive 22
ellen degeneres i will survive 23
ellen degeneres i will survive 24
ellen degeneres i will survive 25
ellen degeneres i will survive 26
ellen degeneres i will survive 27
ellen degeneres i will survive 28

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    tthat is so funny but cute

  • http://A&Barelovedeverywhere ellllllllllen

    Gawd Noo Ellen not Parasite yuck.
    Hope she is sharing her valtrex so her victims can survive.

  • Ari

    Love it!

  • the_original_nika

    thats was funny, but victoria and paris kind ruined it IMO =|. jake, heidi, masi, and that comedian can somebody say whats his name… those were the most funny of all.

  • lola

    This would be hilarious if they hadn’t done that on A.I. last year to great effect, with far more celebrities…

    -read my blog at

  • TIsh

    yup. paris and posh ruined it for me too. LOVE JAKE!!!!!

  • neela

    My GOD, Jake Gyllenhaal is good looking. He must never shave his beard!!

  • kriss

    hahahaha cute!

  • dee

    Queen Latifa rocked that clip

  • The Arab Aquarius

    LOL.. that was super funny. Love it

  • WTF?

    he survived but one of his best friends passed away….

  • Ally

    LOL! i love ellen!! happy bday!! jake looked HOT!!!!!!

  • Didi

    ironic jake is singing I will survive. pity, heath didn’t

  • jade

    Loved that. Jake,David Spade,Queen Latifah were the best. We could
    have done without Paris.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    paris almost ruined it for me.

    ellen rocks.

  • Helena

    She looks great for her age!

  • ally

    JJ…you didn’t mention Kate Walsh!!! Now you have to post kate’ pics to make up…please???

  • yuck

    vicki & paris take themselves WAYYYY too f-cking seriously. they have no sense of humour.
    jamie, jake, celine & latifah were natural

  • Jake is cool

    WTF and Didi, this was filmed way in advance when each of these celebs were previously on the show. Jake was there in October when he was promoting Rendition. This was not done recently, you can tell by the clothes he is wearing.

    Thanks, Jared, very cute! Totally adore Jake!!

  • http://deleted maggie

    I’m sure this was pre-taped long before Heath died so rest assured dipshits nobody is disrespecting Heath.

    Queen rocked this video.

    Love Ellen. She so doesn’t look 50…she looks amazing.

  • Elien

    i don’t know but jack gyllenhaal? I was just thinking, wasnt he friends with Heath, I just find it kinda odd that he’s doing things like this right now OR is it just me?

  • me

    oh my god !

    how could he??
    i mean one of his best friends died, and he’s …having fun…it’s just shameful….

  • jk

    wow, ellen doesn`t look like 50.

  • Steffi

    thats the cutest thing ever!!!!

    haha. paris cant dance for sh*t

  • Didi

    someone i know was there for the filming, they said as soon paris hilton opened her mouth , the poor b*stards in the front row got their skulls atomized due to the high pitched million decibeled almighty screech of her first note. he said it was worse than the day of judgment call. everyone tried to get out the auditorium stepping on each and screaming ‘we have to get out, ruuuuun!’ to get to safety, it resembled something out of the movie saving private ryan. so tragic.

  • erika

    omg ellen’s 50 =O i never would have guessed
    that video was cute =P

  • allie

    OMG !! Jake Gyllenhaal is simply HOT HOT HOT ! ! !

  • Jake is cool

    Elien and Me, you clearly didn’t read the posts above you that said this was previously taped when Jake was on Ellen back in October. This is not recent even though it was aired on today’s show. And Elien, it is Jake not Jack.

  • Elien

    yes indeed it’s jake, i didnt notice my mistake, I said ‘i dont know”, I didn’t mean it that offensive, I was just wondering if this video was recent or not, apparently it wasn’t

  • Susan

    Jake is too gorgeous for words! I love this. Such a nice way to honor Ellen on her birthday. Happy Birthday Ellen!!!

  • Amanda

    HAHAHA this vid is great, check out Kate bustin out those moves

  • LadyN

    I’m wonderin’ why the hell Wentworth didn’t do this! :-/
    party-pooper! >-|

  • dairyqueen


  • Julia

    that was awesome !!! thanks jared for posting it :D

  • MORE kate please!!

    Awww Kate Walsh was in it!!! LOVE KATE!!!!

  • sarah

    hahahahha!!! kate walsh!!!ahahahahha!!!!!! so funny!!!

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Posh was the least interesting. Some fans argue she’s funny, but she was plain boring. Her camera time was shortest for that matter.

  • Russian Girl

    Jake,Queen & Jamie Foxx The BEST!!!
    and Happy B-day Ellen!!!

  • first smile in a few days said

    Jake is absolutely gorgeous!! And that booty shake he did rocked my world. That’s the first time I really smiled in days…..I’m a lady turning 50 this year too, and boy do I envy Ellen having Jake do that little dance for her!

    It feels so surreal that this was planned in advance for Ellen and then the words ring true for Jake as he and the Ledger family and friends grieve for somehow live through their grief and survive without Heath.

  • mel

    Ha! loves the Jakey booty shake! Queen Latifah rocked as well as David Spade and Jamie. Paris and Posh do spoil it by all the me me me me posing, uurgh spoil spot.

  • kindred26

    Why did I know something utterly STUPID would come out of some people’s mouths!? She said some PAST GUESTS and yet some folks (#10 & #12) decide to take the low road. Jake you rock and I’m glad that you did that clip THREE MONTHS AGO for Ellen’s special day.

  • kate walsh rules

    hahaha kate walsh is so cute!
    JJ I want more KW pics! please!

  • anom.

    Queen and Jake are the best!

    Jake is HOT HOT!

    God thanks he´s still surviving! Peace to Heath!

  • lu


  • jamie

    Thanks Jared! Kate Walsh is so cute, luv her. Can we please have some new Kate pics?

  • zoe

    that was awesome! i loved jake, celine, queen latifah and kate in it…all naturals!

    and yeah….paris kinda ruined it for me…i dont think the audience was that enthusiastic when they saw her too.

  • Rach

    Kate whipping out the sprinkler. Haha. I love her and her dance moves:P Lots of Kate love:)

    Queen Latifah was great and Jake’s booty shake. Hehe.

  • Jannie

    Jake’s problem is that he is too well adjusted to be a great actor. You need anguish and anxiety to be a real star and he ain’t got it. As one critic said, look at Brokeback Mountain and you can see the difference between a real star (Ledger) and a “jobbing” actor (Gyllenhall). Jake’s only in the business to have a “job”.

  • Erana

    Kate is too cool. [=

  • Bre

    Hahahahahahahaha! Awesome! I love it XD