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Madonna's Music Video With Justin Timberlake

Madonna's Music Video With Justin Timberlake

Madonna makes her way home in her gym clothes after a workout in London on Friday morning. The Queen of Pop has reportedly turned the $10 million house next door to her home in Marylebone into a state-of-the-art personal fitness center.

Justin Timberlake also announced earlier this week that he’s going to London to film a music video with Madonna.

“You’re gonna do a video with Madonna. That’s gonna be an amazing video, that’s gonna be very cool,” said Ellen. “I can’t wait to see it and I can’t wait to see you.”

Madonna‘s stylist, who goes by the name of B, also recently said of the video: “Madonna‘s look is going to be more edgy, more fresh—with no more disco.”

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  • OMG


  • the_boyfriend

    I love disco so :(
    I hope everything on her new cd doesn’t sound So much like Timbaland.

  • Gene Pool

    I’m really starting to believe Guy hits her. Why does she always have these bruises on her face? It’s not just black eyes but look at her left cheek.

  • HaHA

    LOL Gene Pool that made me fucking piss myself rotfl-ing

  • The Arab Aquarius

    She effs Guy with that pink thingy, remember? He doesnt hot her, unless she asks LOL.

  • Orange Clockwork

    B.itch needs to retire.

  • CG


    I like both of them very much…It’s gonna be GREAT when these two work together…Madonna is simply Gorgeous…And Justin is such a sweetheart…Love them

  • palvasha

    he dnt hit her ppl, its plastic surgery!!!!!! i dnt think he can hit her look at her arms lol. anyhow she is a granny so she shud just give it up and move into an old ppls home n die already jk.

  • laura

    It’s been reported in the British press that she has had some work done on her face, not necessarily surgery but some kind of procedure like injecting some filler around her eyes and cheeks to smooth the skin and make it look fuller. That’s why there’s bruising. She’s shooting a video soon and will be making a lot of public appearances and promotion in the next couple of months so some touch up wouldn’t hurt. After all, the girl is almost 50.

  • those ams/hands/face/hair

    i say fire the stylist hair/clothes etc..she looks like sh*t- literally..

  • luckyL

    Madonna is the strongest woman on earth.

  • jj

    Can’t wait for the new song, video and album. Keep working out Madge, you need to get fit for a new tour. There is no one better live than Madge. She’s worth every penny.

  • http://Chileee Domi


  • AMS

    I agree, it is plastic surgery, not abuse. She looks great for her age, but needs touchups now and then.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    she’s really trying to use justin to save her career. lol

  • anononymouss

    She’s in great shape, but does look like she’s fighting the aging process. It always backfires.

  • Roadwork

    Damn I think thats the best Ive ever seen her body, & shes been doing this since the 80′s. I remeber how inspiring it was to see her running Malibu beach, then she made Yoga mainstream in America, Now in the 21st century shes onto the new frontier.

  • jj

    hey famous: Her career sure needs saving. After all her last album only went to no. 1 in over 30 countries and only sold more than 8 million copies worldwide. Plus her last tour only grossed $200 million in just 4 months and was just the highest grossing tour by a female artist in history. Plus she just signed a new contract with Live Nation for a measly $120 million. No wonder she’s desperate. She really needs Justin to reviver her career. Poor woman.

  • MizLiz

    I don’t care how much plastic surgery she has, she’s not going to be able to do anything about the backs of her hands, and her NECK. Women (of a certain age) stop wearing plunging necklines and start with turtlenecks.

    Actually, if she’d GAIN a little weight, the fat would fill out her arms and hide that nasty, ropy, veiny look. Not to mention her wrinkles.

  • LOL

    Those are some of the uglest arms and hands. I believe she is trying to use Justin to fix her dying career. I think she is desperately tryin to keep Guy interested in her old a$$.

  • hef

    I love the quote above “she looks like sh@t – literally”.

    Really? Literally?


  • Lorne

    i can’t wait until the album comes out.

  • Bam!

    Yeah I’m a little sceptical of the new Madonna cd (being a huge fan of her stuff, I hope she hasn’t gone too Timbalandesque like seemingly every other singer in the known Universe right now) but I’m going to wait til I actually hear it properly before I judge.

    She still rockz though!

  • eva

    hi all. i thought the guy behind was the hot bodyguard of jolie pitt. :)

  • Rae

    She is really little. Her arms are crazy though. Madonna and Justin will be cool. I’m glad the disco phase has passed. Just, no.

  • anon

    In response to a post up thread I doubt Guy could take her, see the guns she’s packing. Damn Madonna work out much?

  • bitch

    Her arms look so gross. Gone are her curves…… She looks like a corpse.

  • Disgusting

    Photos of her arms recently makes one wonder if she isn’t doping or taking too much testosterone during menopause?

  • Jojo

    looks a bit like ellen degeneres.

  • LT

    I wish I had her dedication & obsession with working out!! I do yoga 5 times a week and I don’t look anywhere near as toned and muscular as she does! Boo Hoo! I agree, she is extreme, but she is really holding up, not an ounce of fat on her. I’m not sure, is that good?

  • dita

    She looks great!!! I wish I have her body….

  • Jane Doe

    Those caves around her cheeks are not attractive and neither are her arms. Tone is one thing, but braun is not fitting at this age. Think softer!

  • Ozzy

    All you ppl are funny….The criticizing and jabs…..C’mon, she still looks good for her age! So what of the ropy, veiny and nasty arms, LOL…

    She needs to gain 4-5lbs to look better…Ans hold her hands UP to make the veins go away..



  • Gerardo

    Question: Why she must made a video clip with Justin Timberlake ?…I don’t wanna to see justin’s dance and don’t wanna to listen him “tick tick tick teee” and I hate theTimberland “e..e…ee…aaa……” in Madonna music and lirics…Hope she doesn’t contaminate by this “inflazionate” Nelly Furtado,One Republyc, Duran Duran, 5o cent….act) sound.I really hope so..
    …..LOVE U Madonna, but return to be yourself….

  • Simmone

    OMG Madonna and JTs new song, 4 minutes (to save the world) is so good! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah, Long Beach, CA

    She’s had her day. Justine timberlake is young and sexy and brings in new revenue for Maddddddonna.

    Also, women shold really think twie befor working out and lifting weights. After a certain age, it all starts to fall apart, and not a pretty picture.

    Look at old Arnold Schwarzennegar and The Jack Lalane duo. None of them look anything like I would want to look like when I reach my 50′s or over. However, at the ripe age of 45, I still look like and pass for a 23 year old. Just eat right and exercise moderatly is the key to aging well.

    :) Me so happy with my youthful looks!

  • Amanda or Mandy

    amanda vasquez sanchez?
    great songs, justin timberlake?? me, and my fieoncee, like you a lot,
    we, also like your’e musics from futuresexlove sound cd i will always, love you youre a hottieeeeee?/
    also great album from justifiedcd too…