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Miley Cyrus is a Bikini Babe

Miley Cyrus is a Bikini Babe
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86 Responses to “Miley Cyrus is a Bikini Babe”

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  1. 26
    IowAGirl Says:

    Those Miley pics are normal teenager pics. GOOD GRIEF!

  2. 27
    Ellyne Says:

    Dude guys shes 15 and its on her personal myspace so be quiet who cares she put them up on her myspace where she only has FRIENDS.

    leave her alone shes not changing shes growing up.
    They got leaked cause oviously one of her friends are doing it.

    shes 15 and having fun whocares seriously. lol

  3. 28
    Tammi Says:

    The girl needs to start dressing more her age for apperances and tone down the makeup. She is 15 and there is a lot of time for her to do the trash look when she gets older. My 7 year old daughter idolizes her and I have had to limit her watch of Hannah Montana. Her show is all about her getting her way and out of trouble no matter what she does.

  4. 29
    stefanie Says:

    Nice abs, Miley.
    I don’t think she’s dressing sexy, alot of young girls wear bikinis (I know I did with I was her age).
    I think that people sexualize things that are not necessarily sexual.

    Right now, she’s the pop princess. And her father and handlers know it.
    Britney is done! Long live Miley Cyrus.

  5. 30
    katie Says:

    some niley pics have leaked out

  6. 31
    Aida Says:

    His life is no longer want to live like that

  7. 32
    Aida Says:

    It is very silly ase but what is your life

  8. 33
    Jenna Says:

    f ucking w hore

  9. 34
    Ingrid Says:

    Bikini babe?
    I dont think so

  10. 35
    talula Says:

    the next Britney!

  11. 36
    Ashley Says:

    wats her myspace anyways? i really dont like her like tht

  12. 37
    fateisapaininthebutt Says:

    she’s 15 stop talkin **** about her , there’s nothing wrong with the pictures, im 19 , adn I think most girls def. take much worst pictures than that adn the reason they don’t end up been critizise by the whole world is cause they are not famous, Miley is 15, adn for her age this pics are normal, is not like she’s naked or something Im actually glad she can still do normal stuff, adn those of her “FRIENDS” who are doing this sure are big jerks, she’s a nice girl and ppl who says she’s ugly is just stupid, she;s really pretty and talented

  13. 38
    Kylie Says:

    Oh wow.You people have NO LIVES WHATSOEVER! Leave the ******* girl alone! I mean how many of you have pictures of you and your friends on myspace in bikini’s EVERYONE DOES IT! I bet you half the world does…And to see that everyone enjoys saying **** about her is just fucked up..JEALOUS MUCH???? Just because she’s rich and famous and your not doesn’t mean you have the right to post personal pictures of her everyone…NOBODYS PERFECT!!!!!!! So stop acting like she’s barbie or something,she makes mistakes..LET HER LIVE HER LIFE AND EVERYONE ELSE STAY OUT OF HER PERSONAL STUFFFFFFFF! Honestly, all of these comments make me laugh! “she is shuch a big hoe!
    like omg shes goona like take naked pictures like vanessa hudgens next or get pregnat like jamie lynn i cant believe her. “

  14. 39
    kate Says:

    i love miley
    no matter what she does

  15. 40
    Kiara Says:

    what a ****! she has changed a lot since she become ” famous” lol

  16. 41
    Peyton Says:

    Stefanie,shut the **** up !
    MIley is a ****,yeah there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bikini but why would you take the pictures and let you friend post them or whatever
    she’s a fucken dumb ass,i mean her songs are pretty much dumb.
    she’s famous for her alter ego Hannah Montana;all the kids really didnt care who Miley Cyrus is !
    The only song i liked was See You Again but im over it!
    in 2 years now,Nobody’s gonna listen to that crap and she’ll probably do some ****** song that’s not meant for her age.
    15 YEARS OLD;stay that way
    she needs to act more like Ashley or Hilary.
    they act their age !and they’re both legal.
    Stefanie,Britney might be different now but she will always be the princess of pop!
    Her songs are more fun and it’s been years and people still listen to her music until now.
    MILEY Slutrus will never be at where Britney was.
    Look,Miley is acting like this now wait until she’s 18,i wonder what other things she has in store for us.

  17. 42
    Jenny Says:

    arrr you girls are DORKS! miley is fantastic! she’s my idol and friend.

  18. 43
    Jenny Says:

    arrr you girls are DORKS! miley is fantastic! she’s my idol and friend.

  19. 44
    brianna dont hate Says:

    omg u people r so stupid u act like they r naked pics u act like u never saw some one in a bakini before wtf oo and any body who says that she is pathetic then they r pathic kk miley is the best dont hate kk

  20. 45
    luckyL Says:

    Can people leave this poor 15-year-old KID alone? So freakin’ what. Thanks for revealing this to the pedos though whoever originally went into her personal photos.

  21. 46
    pwincesspink Says:

    oki this gettin dumb its jus ****** picz

  22. 47
    Amy Says:


    Amy :)

  23. 48
    stefanie Says:

    Peyton, how old are you, 12? Grow the (#$*&% up! You need to work on school work, not trying to sound like you know something on some blog.

    You sound stupid. It’s probably because you are.

    In 5 years, no one will even know who the hell Britney is. And they sure as hell won’t care.

  24. 49
    faggot Says:

    Jared, This photo is photoshoped. I’ve seen the original picture and that body is not Miley’s. My doesnt even have a myspace anymore.

  25. 50
    Mariana Says:


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