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Miley Cyrus is a Bikini Babe

Miley Cyrus is a Bikini Babe
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86 Responses to “Miley Cyrus is a Bikini Babe”

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  1. 51
    chrissy Says:

    shes really starting to PISS ME OFF! what happend to ohhh “im so incicent im a role model, i love my parents there my best friends.. yada yada im so grounded” ****!! i mean honestly i used to be a huge fan but dang.. shes like starting to do stupid STUFF. and uhh miley needs to like start using her brain
    i mean i love her SO SO SO SO SO SO much. but dannggg mileyy come oonnnn!

  2. 52
    chrissy Says:

    NO one on heres JEALOUS!!! BELEIVE ME HUNNN!!!

  3. 53
    Grace Says:

    you are all ****** idiots.
    Just because shes in a bikini doesnt make her a ****.
    Alot of 15 year old girls take pictures in their bathing suits.
    Just causse shes famous doesntt make her any diferent.

  4. 54
    Vanessa13 Says:

    OMG ppls! She are ppl too!! and so?Why does it really matter if Miley dated Nick Jonas??Who does metter that, actually, beautiful pics? Is it going to change YOUR life?? I DONT THINK SO!!!

  5. 55
    gabiie Says:

    ya’ dude! what’s the myspace of miley bcuz’ nobody respect her privacity :S she take her pics and always someone stole it! it is inacceptable.

    Justjared Rocks!

  6. 56
    corbin bleus hot. Says:

    dude sshes in her ******* bathing suite

    why does everyone think thats so bad!
    you guys are so prude!

    grow up go get laid you fuckers jeeze..

  7. 57
    zanessa Says:


  8. 58
    julie dee Says:

    leave her alone, i mean 15 year olds take pictures….while in a bikini.

  9. 59
    Rebeca Says:

    WTF!! If she’s a ***** then i’m a ***** cause i wear bikinis too.
    Oh and almost every girl does that so shut up!

  10. 60
    kassandra Says:

    who cares if shes wearing a bikini dats wat all 15 year old girls do.nd im a big fan!!!!! Luv u MILEY u rock!!!LEAVE HER ALONE
    omg EVERYBODY IS MAKING LIKE SUCH A BIG DEAL OUT OF THIS you are all ****** idiots.
    Just because shes in a bikini doesnt make her a ****.
    Alot of 15 year old girls take pictures in their bikini .
    Just cuz shes famous doesntt make her any diferent. im 16!!!

  11. 61
    kassandra Says:

    big fan !!!big fan!!!big fan!!shes just a normal girl like all 15 year old .

  12. 62
    robert Says:

    i love her i want 2 marry her she is such a pretty girl im 16 years old i think she pretty i love u so much

  13. 63
    Unknown Says:

    shes just doin’ normal 15 yr old girl things that a normal 15 yr old girl would do and unfourtnatley she posted them not thinking that what if she became famous and they would eventually leak out. so who the heck cares if shes caught in a bikini it’s not like i care or anybody else

  14. 64
    tatiwuvsujoejonas Says:

    she’s like a major chonga!!! i used to be a fan but when i fond out she wasa fake and then her chonga pixs thats going over the line. no wonder nick jonas broke up with that ****. i would to. for me shes becoming a lesbain b/c no guys wants to date her!!!

  15. 65
    tatiwuvsujoejonas Says:

    she is not acting like a normal 15 yr old b/c i am that and i dont do that ****!!!! she is going to become a lesbain and beome as brittney spears and then she is going to get pregant and drink and smoke and take naked pics of herself and then become like all the hoes in hollywood. she may be a celebrity but she ahould not do wht she did b/c she is becoming a hoe like everyone else in the famous world…. im super pissed at her and she is not going to gain anyones trust back unless she comes up and says something unlike the thinggs she has said but something meaning full…. she has to learn that, that is not what 15yr ols girls do b/c i dont do that…. i my smoke and stuff but i dont drink and i dont take chonga pixs…. i may have kissed girls but still she shouldn’t do that… she can take her pixs but she shouldn’t put them on her myspac so everyon can she…. i have taken naked pixs and have done it with a guy but i dont put it on my myspace she can take the pics im not sayong she cant but she shouldn’t put them on the internetb/c thats wrong and shes 15 and she FAMOUS!!!!

  16. 66
    brandon Says:

    i love miley i think your ot love you

  17. 67
    julia Says:

    ok people need to get over it! she is 15 and she is going to take these pic.. they ae not bad AT ALL.. it is not like she is not wearing anything it’s a bikini get over it

  18. 68
    wakeuppeople Says:

    people. it”s called “leaking”. she didnt post them..
    she doesnt even have any myspace. please.

  19. 69
    Joshua cole Says: Miley thats my email adress type if you can

  20. 70
    Arlin[are-leene] Says:

    um, seriously is this what the world has come too?
    hello are you getting angry because she wears a “bikini” to the pool
    and not a “one-peice” like apparently some of you do?
    its her body her face her everything in these pictures she can do
    whatever she wants i take pictures like that im her exact age.
    big deal and obviously you people dont have lives coming on here
    critizing peoples desicions.

  21. 71
    Miley is a Slut Says:

    She is a ***** and everybody knows that
    **** ^^

  22. 72
    Miley is a Slut Says:


    BORRENLO *******!!


  23. 73
    ohwow Says:

    oh wow…
    shes a tennager and every normal teen would take pictures like that just because shes a celebrity people make a big deal about it if it was any normal person no one would even acknowledge it so get a life and mind your own bussiness

  24. 74
    Vanessa Says:

    the pics that are leaking are kinda getting worse! i’m worried about what’s gonna come next!! pray she learns how stupid she’s being before she completely ruins her life!!

  25. 75
    person of somebody Says:

    omg…….she looks hotter in other pics…if she wants real fame then post a pic with nothing on…god

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