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Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!

Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!

Oh, you know who she’s just being…

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus seems to have a PERMANENT leak on her MySpace account. Even more candid pictures of the Disney star have popped up on the Internets!

Let’s hope her best friend Leslie can plug this security hole!

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miley cyrus myspace pictures 01
miley cyrus myspace pictures 02
miley cyrus myspace pictures 03
miley cyrus myspace pictures 04
miley cyrus myspace pictures 05
miley cyrus myspace pictures 06

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  • soph

    i love mileyy

  • jessica


  • a.e.h

    she just want to get attention because she is a stupid girl with a wig that makes girls sing and that’s it . she wants fame la baby v or some other celebs:)

  • ujala

    omgosh u gotta b jokin
    worse then vanessa hugdens


    yes THE SLUTTIEST lesbian ones are here. i hate her so much now

  • a.e.h



    ohhh shit
    stop plzzzz
    poor thing…she really wants attention

  • olly


  • luckyL

    I can’t even be sure it’s her and they need to stop this sh**

  • lola

    Um, the bikini ones were fine, but this is a little racy, no? The little brat is making publicity the best way Hollywood knows how. And don’t tell me it’s accidental. There’s no such thing as an accidental celebrity photo leak.

    -read my blog at

  • Kate


  • Jesss

    jeez, keep ya clothes on!

  • the_original_nika

    she wants attention.. shes off to a good start =\.

  • starr

    Trying to be sexy isn’t going to help the poor thing. Is she any different then any other teen girl? NO

  • anonymus

    Nah, I think next pics are gonna be her nekkid..

  • i.a

    miley bad girl jajaja.

  • Caddy

    give the girl a break
    all people her age
    think that pictures like that are cool
    to take and post on ur myspace
    just because she is famous doesnt suddenly make her a slot

  • shannon

    haha thats what she gets for talking about vanessa hudgens! what goes around comes around

    although i feel bad for her HA!

  • ashley

    ahh i cant beleive it! poor miley! she needs to be more careful

  • me

    I agree with # 15 and 24.

    First of all, EVERYONE WEARS BIKINIS! The rest are just in tanks and a shirt, EVERY 15 year old takes pictures like that. shes cute and she knows it, so what!?!

  • YOO

    worse than vanessa?
    jenna jameson is worse than vanessa
    miley is FARRR BETTER than vanessa..
    we can see her stomach
    we saw vanessas tits and vagina…
    how is stomach worse than vagina..
    r u mentally ill?
    vanessa is forever the biggest disney slut ever.
    u cnt beat that!

  • suzy

    good look bb.

  • Amy

    There’s worse pictures on myspace that regular girls have taken. If she was a normal girl, no one would even know. Give her a break!!!

  • cp


  • fanta

    mini vanessa

  • lESLIE

    OMG! First!..and i can see her like 5 years from now acting like lindsay lohan or brittney spears!

  • michael

    who cares!

  • jasmine

    those first two are baddddd.

  • Antonella

    It wasn’t necessary for Miley to take pictures like that. On the other hand, she’s just a teenager and we always make mistakes (even though I don’t consider THIS a mistake). She’s just trying to have some fun. What’s wrong with that?

    “Oh, you know who she’s just being…”
    I really hope you are NOT talking about Vanessa. When are you people going to forget it?!

  • Zoe

    She’s acting like any other misguided teenager.

  • Antonella

    It wasn’t necessary for Miley to take pictures like that. On the other hand, she’s just a teenager and we always make mistakes (although I don’t consider THIS a mistake). She’s just trying to have some fun. What’s wrong with that?

    “Oh, you know who she’s just being…”
    I really hope you are NOT talking about Vanessa. When are you people going to forget it?!

  • cy

    disturbing and sad pictures of a young girl who’s not even 16 yrs old.

  • Sare

    Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears have one thing in common, they are both southern trash!

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    This whóre must be heaven for paedos.

  • cydie.

    LOL, these are bad ? wow. have you ever been on myspace ?
    she’s a teenager. like you all havent taken a picture being ‘ sexy ‘ .
    the only reason she is being scrutinized, is because she’s a celebrity.
    just because you show a stomach, doesnt make you a whore.

  • eva

    oummm pleasee UJALa
    worsee than vanessA???
    ouh…you are joking…
    please she is in bikini no more…
    and lesbiann???
    please…you don’t have friends???
    now if i took aphotoo with one of my friends…i’m lesbian?

    vanessa was completly naked…
    and this type of photos are ok..
    you are making an scandal of photos of her in bikini…
    and when vanessa was naked…all nessa’s fans saidd shut up!
    mileyy is a veryy cool girl
    and i think you are making an scandal of anything.

    she isn’t a bi*** or anything like that..
    vanessa’s fans aree hoping that one celeb take some photos in pijama or bikini to can insult…
    i’m very sick of all of this…
    is ridiculous…
    you can’t compare.

  • shelbster

    i knew i didnt like her for a reason!

  • Kimberly

    First off if she doesn’t want this pictures to leak onto the net then why the hell post them on myspace? Even if you have them marker as
    “private” that doesn’t mean that someone wont hack your account it happens all the time on that site. I think that she just wants the attention! I dont like her and I dont think that she is as talented as everyone thinks that she is. But, that is just my opinion.

  • Dalla

    can you post her link!!But real one…i mean link where she posts these pics.i’m big fan and i cant find real one!!!!

  • Jessiica

    Give the girl a break you haters .
    shes pretty & she knoes it which is a good thing ,
    and plus everyone her age takes pictures like this ,
    she has the body .
    haha you people all forsure are just jealous
    your body dont look like hers .

    =) . MILEYS the bestt .

  • Christine x3

    oh, poor girl.


    holy crap hannah montana gone wild lol

  • ilovemiley

    please stop saying bad things about her!
    she just took some pictures showing her underwear, that’s not that bad! I won’t do it, but that doesn’t mean all you wouldn’t do it?
    Please stop bothering her!
    I love you Miley!

  • Jessica


  • jk

    sorry, but kids should not put such pictures on the internet. you never know who is watching it. that`s just disgusting.

  • courtney

    people think they’re fake — but they’re not. that’s her tour bus, she showed her bus on a tv special and showed her bunk where she sleeps which is all hello kitty. that’s 100% her.

  • jjjoooo

    i knew she wouldnt last as a goody behaved celeb! i

  • neela

    She can’t be that stupid..

  • mileyfan ;]

    mileys not a kid
    shes a teenager .
    & i believe if she wants to put pictures like this then its none of your business. cause Shes aloud to do what she wants just because shes a celebrity wearing a bikini doesnt make her a slut . far you people should just let her live her life .

    Love you miley .

  • Rachel Alexandra

    okay dudes people really need to stop yelling at miley cyrus seriously she just wants attention and if she wasnt famouse no one would give a shitz so why are u callling her a slut when u guys dont have dates do u guys have nothing better todo?