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Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!

Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!

Oh, you know who she’s just being…

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus seems to have a PERMANENT leak on her MySpace account. Even more candid pictures of the Disney star have popped up on the Internets!

Let’s hope her best friend Leslie can plug this security hole!

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3,595 Responses to “Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!”

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  1. 51
    kathleen Says:

    She’s the next Vanessa Hudgens! Just like Vanessa claimed that it’s easy not to do what Britney, Lindsay have done, go figure they’re all lying little s luts! So sad.

  2. 52
    . Says:


  3. 53
    courtney Says:

    to all of these people on the comment board…

    sure “regular girls” take pictures like this — but whether miley likes it or not, little kids look up to her. she represents disney and they’re paying her for it….. that’s not the kind of message to send. “regular girls” aren’t in her position and that’s why she should be more careful. especially since she’s so quick to preach of what is right and what isn’t and then she turns around and poses braless in a tank top and underwear showing off.

    these young kids have too much money, too much power, too much publicity yet lack in common sense.

    ps: just because other girls do it doesn’t make it right, or safe — especially on the internet. she should be using her fame to tell girls NOT to do it rather than jump on the bandwagon. all those little 14, 15, 16 year old girls on myspace look ****** doing it and so does miley.

  4. 54
    Kelly Says:

    Innocent girl having fun. Nothing more. Doesnt make her a **** or *****.

  5. 55
    courtney Says:

    since it blocked — *trashy

  6. 56
    me Says:

    if this is scandalous, seriously, what has the world freakin coming to.

    her pictures arent anything serious, its fine, shes fine.
    leave her alone.

  7. 57
    anonymous Says:

    it’s ok if she wants to take pictures like that..everyone does it! BUT WHY SHE HAS TO SHOW IT OFF IN HER MYSPACE! DON’T GET IT!

  8. 58
    grace Says:

    omg why do people care so much she is just trying to live a normal life aswell as being a celebrity and that might include posing with her friends. it isn’t her fault her myspace was hijacked into she doesn’t even make it public so hardly any people know what her personal myspace is even. also even if people say she wants everyone to see these pictures its probably becasue she wants people to see that she isn’t pregnant like all the rumours. People should just leave her alone because she isn’t doing anything wrong.

  9. 59
    zahra jaan Says:

    for the people sayin “give her a break, all girls her age do this” um no i dont think so, she doesnt even look 15, my lil sis is 15 and miley looks 10 years older then her.

  10. 60
    erika Says:


  11. 61
    Grace Says:

    liek i said shes a ******* teenager.
    everyone has pictures like these.
    get over it

  12. 62
    elle Says:



  13. 63
    Soph. Says:

    does anyone realllyyy care that shes taking photos like that… its only cause shes MILEY CYRUS! and hannah montana if she wasnt it wouldnt matter.. and they arnt that bad at all!!!!
    at least she has clothes on..
    love it miley.

  14. 64
    iluvlovebaby Says:

    omg such a **** *cough*******cough* and the fact that it happened again omg **** ***** omg lost all respect for her again

  15. 65
    ally Says:

    okay… she’s full of herself w/ those pictures.

  16. 66
    anonymous Says:

    wow what a ****

    little girls look up to her….

  17. 67
    Melissa Says:

    Holy cows!!
    K Miley seems like a nice girl and everything but she’s like a *****!!
    or a ****!
    but like wow why would she put these pictures on the net??
    like obviously they would leak out!!!

  18. 68
    Wings4Music Says:

    Yea, okay…Girls her age who take pics like this are the ones who want to act cool, who want all eyes on them. Just b/c the average teenager does it doesn’t mean it’s okay.

    I’m a teenager, and I’ve always known better than to do this idiotic stuff. It doesn’t make me a prude, or hater, it just means I’m not naive and/or ignorant. Just another reason why I’ll never take part of myspace…

  19. 69
    The Arab Aquarius Says:

    She’s beating lindsy! I feel sad when I think of how young she is. And its not like there isnt many examples of celebs gone bad, she should know better by now.

  20. 70
    AMy Says:

    whoaaaaaaa attention ***** much?
    what a ****
    i can’t believe i actually liked her

  21. 71
    STAR Says:

    Whatever HATERS! We all know that most girls take pics like this! Shoot, if you think you look hot, of course you’re gonna wanna capture the hottness in a sexy pic! There is nothing wrong w/ these pictures! Stop being scandolous!!!! :)

  22. 72
    Nikki Says:

    YOO @ 01/25/2008 at 5:40 pm #28
    WTF UJALA �¢ï¿½�¦
    worse than vanessa?
    jenna jameson is worse than vanessa
    miley is FARRR BETTER than vanessa..
    we can see her stomach
    we saw vanessas tits and ******�¢ï¿½�¦
    how is stomach worse than ******..
    r u mentally ill?
    vanessa is forever the biggest disney **** ever.
    u cnt beat that!


    um for your information. most of vanessas nude photos where PHOTOSHOPPED. There were only like 2-4 photos that were REAL.
    The real ones she has a gold chain around her waste. leh durr

  23. 73
    anna Says:

    she’s turning into a new britney!
    what a *****

  24. 74
    ihatevanesa&miley Says:





  25. 75
    eat_your_make_up Says:

    WTF?? is she PEEING ON THE WATER IN THAT BIKINI PIC???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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