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Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!

Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!

Oh, you know who she’s just being…

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus seems to have a PERMANENT leak on her MySpace account. Even more candid pictures of the Disney star have popped up on the Internets!

Let’s hope her best friend Leslie can plug this security hole!

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  • 564165045015604510543216541510

    some of those people are her dancers and it’s just her in a bikini… it’s not like shes naked or anything

  • Jamie

    honestly, i saw the bathing suit ones, and i just thought that the media is trying to make a big deal, because all teens do that.
    BUT the ones with her lifting her shirt and in her underwear, its not okay, especially for a girl like her who is a role model to so many young girls.
    im really disappointed.

  • Melody

    People who say that Miley is a slut, but did Support Vanessa is Crazy,

    I don’t think these photos are normal, not every teenager does this,
    normal teenagers make photos with kissy-faces and stuff, but not photos in the shower,
    But it’s still better then a Nude photo, But i also think it won’t take long before there are nudephoto’s of Miley…

  • Jackie

    She’s just a teen-girl! Every teen wants to have fun at her age. Heck every teen goes through that stage at some point!


    well well well

    that thing is soooo normal ‘n common
    when u like a nubile girl kind ‘not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman’ XD

    a pose of femme fatale like Gisele Bundchen, VS model whatever..
    every girl’s/woman dream 2 be an inspiration, admiration


  • srfsp

    WOW. what a HOEEE!

  • elly


  • kitkat

    i used to LOVE her!
    now she is a slut:/
    lets face it,
    she is turning into a slut.
    and she is going to lie and tell everyone she is goody goody.
    seems like NO clebrity can handle the goody goody role!
    they all have to do something to get attention.
    goody goodys dont get as much hollywood attention!

  • savanna

    miley is suchh a whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • srfsp

    and dont say that all regular girls have taken them, because i’m 16 and i’ve NEVER taken anything like that, because I actually have standards…

  • Zac Efron Rockz

    awww how pathetic! is following the footsteps of vanessa. (no offense)
    but come on miley dont do the same stupid mistake vanessa did!
    well thats a attetion needy whore for u guyz

  • Yahaira

    Ok all 15 year old girls dont take pictures like that so stop saying that we dont all have a myspace either I hate the fact that everyone assumes all teenagers are the same I was never like that and I am 18 and still think this is stupid shes going to become a slut like vanessa yuck the only remaining hope is Ashley

  • srfsp

    next comes the nude pictures… then i bet she gets pregnant.

  • ashley

    I don’t really give a shit about her or anyone else involved with Disney. All I’m not calling her slut, but she shouldn’t be taking pictures like that because most her fans are young girls.

  • Cassidy1992

    i dont rlly see the big deal- ALL girls our age take picturea like this- hell I take pictures like this, i take pics WORSE then this… and im pretty sure shes a few months older than i am…

  • virginia

    i used to like this girl
    she is pretty slutt:S:S

    se le arma quilombo a mileyyyy

  • sarah

    never been a fan.

    ew. is that her nipple in the one with her stomach showing on the hello kitty sheets?

    (and i’m 15 and i DO have a myspace…but trust me, the picture are NOTHING like that!)

  • Becky

    She really needs to delete her myspace.

  • bbym

    First off, not all 15 year old girls take pictures like that. It’s not a “normal” thing, because some of the world has standards, unlike Miley. Second, I happen to know Vanessa, and know that she’s not a whore. She just did something stupid, and she’s paid the price for it. Third, Miley should know better. Vanessa took the pictures before she was famous, but the fact that Miley’s taking these while she’s famous tells me that she really wants attention, or she just has absolutely NO standards. What I want to know is where her parents are, and why they’re not checking on her Myspace, and if they are, what kind of parents are they to let her put those up? Those people are such trash, honestly…

  • j


    MOVE ON.

  • j


    MOVE ON.

  • wowza!

    ewww my freaking god
    every week i hear about scandilous miley pics
    and its pretty disturbingggg

  • justin
  • !?!Queen12!?!

    NOT COOL :(

  • lc

    why does she always make those stupid faces? she’s beyond annoying. i would freak right out if my daughter was into this shit.



    it’s her life!!

    young womenTHESE DAYS just aspire 2 be ‘sexy’
    it’s absolutely NOOOOOORMAAAALL

  • bbym

    Also, you know she’s loving all this attention. ha.

  • lc

    So what, it’s her personal life, everyone has different opinions and feelings on how they want to expose their body. Hell there are plenty people her age who dress worse in private/public and nobody gives a damn. Half of those are in her bathing suit, if being out in a public beach wearing a bikini (which is nothing more than an altered version of a bra and underwear) is no problem for the world then how is this a big deal at all

  • Zakiyyah

    Oh Just leave her alone, she’s cool az, she can do what she wants and to other fake wannabes like “Helena” and “Babylicious” I don’t think you would of made it to the big screen like her.
    Go Miley

  • bia

    quem nunca tirou uma foto de biquini ???

  • kae

    I’m not her biggest fan-scratch that- I hate her! but giver a break, she’s just like everyother teenager in america.

  • ddd

    i dont see any wrong with this pic….most of the teenager do that

  • Crica

    Another s l u t , just waht we need! What a bitch! When MAdonna did that she was a pioneer, Brit did ’cause she wants attention, and this one is justa another one. If she play the nice girl she would get more attention!

  • yfw

    how is she “worse than vanessa”? vanessa was naked! miley’s pics are just like (almost) every other 15 yr old girl on Myspace.

  • luckyL

    Come on, what are we in the Dark Ages? A few irresponsible teenage pictures does not make you a wh*re or a sl**. Sleeping around indiscriminately makes you one. The biggest irony will be if any “Zanessa fans” are trying to call this girl any of the several derogatory names that have been thrown around so far. I’m pretty sure Vanessa made the same silly mistake, except they were actually even less innocent in nature and you ghouls forgave her.

    She’s 15-years-old with the internet in all it’s debauched glory and all the insecure, attention-seeking tendencies of so many teenage girls. I bet at least of few of the whistle blowers have some sketchy pictures of themselves lying around or have dreams of exposing themselves in some magazine somewhere if they were good-looking enough.

    The most judgmental of the bunch seem to be all too guilty themselves half-the-time just like a closeted homophobe.

  • luckyL

    I also just love how the most judgmental people in this instance are other women. Ironic, but not surprising.

  • Nicole

    OMG! can’t belive people are making such a big deal about it! She is just in a bikini. THAT’S all. what is wrong about that?? she’s 15 and of course she takes pics like these.. Get a grip people. That doesn’t make her a slut!

  • TheTabloidsChic

    I’m really sick of these disney stars and their publicity stunts!!!

  • lauren

    i knew this would happen. they are all attention whores.

  • Didi

    smiley syphilis is a mysepace teenage wh*re. ive been saying it for a year and now i have been proved right. thanks smiley

  • luckyL

    I’m just glad I never got involved in this myspace trash or grew up with the lures of the internet all around me.

    I just hope Miley can learn a lesson in class and the power of the media and the importance of keeping your private life private–preferably off of public domains–which is probably twice as hard for her anyway with her being such a huge Disney star always watched and always judged.

  • daysi

    woaw i knew dat bitch cud not b all good all da tome!

  • luckyL

    I’m not saying her behavior is classy or a good example to her young fans–but is she a wh***? That’s a stretch. Irresponsible, yes. Young and dumb and full of fun? Yes.

  • http://justjared Momma

    girls from a young age feel like if they aren’t sexy they aren’t worth much. It is what the media tells them so she is no different from any other girl her age

  • !2obert (:

    Whore your mom ! shee is gorgeouss ! and even hot ^^ hahaha
    are u celous or what ?? ii love miley !
    she is just HAVING FUN!
    so leave her alone !

  • luckyL

    And someone inform this girl that people are all up and through her myspace, ye gods.

  • enma

    Learn to grow up!!!!!!!
    You idiots.
    I don’t care call me names or what not,
    I like Miley she is one of the last clean celebrities out there,
    and these pictures are not going to ruin her image for me.
    Girls all over the world take pictures like this.
    I can say I don’t but that’s because I don’t like my body.
    {no im not fat,and no im not anorexic, im in between}
    so before you go running your mouths off find out the real facts.
    Do yourselves a favor and shutup.

  • ashleytisdalerox101

    wow…only 15 and already a fag/slut/whore!!!!!

  • Maria

    this is some disney thing isn’t it?? first vanessa hudgens now miley…