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Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!

Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures -- MORE?!?!?!

Oh, you know who she’s just being…

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus seems to have a PERMANENT leak on her MySpace account. Even more candid pictures of the Disney star have popped up on the Internets!

Let’s hope her best friend Leslie can plug this security hole!

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miley cyrus myspace pictures 02
miley cyrus myspace pictures 03
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  • What the?

    Agree #306

  • zanessa 4 ever

    JJ wherez
    zanessa ????????????????????????????????

  • What the?

    “i’m gonna wait till i’m married but all the other stuff, like i’m totally fine with doing before i get married.”

    Anybody who thinks she’s gonna live up to that ‘no sex b4 marriage thing’ is seriously blind.

  • Justin Boulet

    # 28
    you Don’t know what you’re talking about, Vanessa Hudgens is a nice girl and you don’t know shit about her, you fucking idiot! Vanessa Hudgens is NOT Disney’s biggest slut so shut the fuck up!! The pictures she took we’re for her ex boyfriend’s eyes ONLY and all this stuff that they we’re for Zac Efron is bullshit he didn’t even know her when she took those Pictures!!

  • Boji

    Hiya, V-loyalist! Hang in there, girl.

    Slutanna! You said it Your mom would disown you, for that!? Blood is thicker than water. NO matter what, a mother if she is a true mom and loves her child will never, I repeat never disown her child. There is no love like a true mother’s love. My mom was like that, she would have sacrificed her life for her children and I’m like that with mine. The hurt will be there, but, I will never ever abandon my child.

    Yes, if you had read all my postings you would have got the picture. So, I do not condone what Miley did, but it is understandable given her age. I personally would not encourage my daughter to do such photos but, as I said when you’re young you do sometimes throw caution to the wind. I do know for a fact her parents are not by her side 24/7. So take note.

  • narf

    Well said 306!

  • Steph

    Slutanna @ 01/25/2008 at 11:45 pm
    Don’t put boji down for her opinions and specially about raising kids and her morals. How old are you? Do you have kids?

    What makes you so judgemental? Are you perfect? BTW, Boji has successful children that are doing something with their lives. That’s pretty successful to me.

    And if your mom would disown you for being a normal teen, then there’s something wrong with your mother… for starters, it sounds to me like she’s a prude… one who won’t let you be your own person. Or be a teen for that matter. What mother would disown a child for being a normal teenagaer.

    Let’s get down to the bottom line though… You’re just an ignorant young person who likes to argue and say stupid emotional things to people without even thinking about consequences LOL Don’t argue with someone that’s mothered successful children… Go argue with yours for being so prudish with you.

  • wowza!

    wowww i really do not get people. i think that an average teenager, doesn’t try to act like a slut in pictures and put them on myspace ! like miley freaking cyrus! she has so many of these types of pictures. probably like friggin 50 or moreee. its disturbing. and i am a true fan of vanessa hudgens, yes i was upset when her “picture” came out, but that was one picture. miley has tons of these types of pictures. i mean come on, i don’t hardly ever take pictures like this, and put them on the internet? dude are you crazy. its just weird. she looks like shes craving for attention and just wants to get some. i’m really sick of hearing about her. i really did used to like her, then the whole popularity thing, and now these pictures that i hear about every week. my goodness. doesn’t anybody agree?

  • Boji

    STeph, Hiya, Thanks for the support! Seem to be doing alot of posting on this thread. letting off a bit of Steam, I guess.

    Slutanna, try not to use this moniker again, my dear. It’s rather demeaning of you gender, isn’t it.

  • Steph

    Hi Boji and V-Loyalist :)

    Wowza, I’m not sure if she’s craving attention… but considering what happened with V, her friends and actors in general should have learned a lesson there.

  • giselle

    Omg im starting not to like miley anymore….. what is her personal myspace?

  • troy

    I think the only reason people are making a big deal of this is because its Miley Cyrus. Teenagers are going to act like teenagers and do foolish things. The problem is nowadays those foolish things get put put on the Net for the world to see.

    But really these pictures aren’t that shocking and I find it hard to believe that so many people are really THAT offended by goofy teenagers acting like goofy teenagers.

    BTW those of you familiar with my posting record in regard to Vanessa Hudgens I just want to say #312 was NOT me under an assumed name. LOL

  • rosie

    is that her only look????? and why is she famous?

  • ver

    Yeah I can’t stand girls who post pictures of themselves like that on myspace. Screams insecurity.

  • wowza!

    i agree, Steph

  • j

    For all those people saying
    ‘ It’s normal for teen girls, if it was any other girl it wouldnt materr!!!11′
    you know what, yeah it wouldnt
    but she is not just another teenage girl, she has thousands of little girls idolizing her
    most teen girls don’t
    my little sister, loves her, and seeing her idol doing it, most likely make it seem okay
    it’s not okay, I don’t want little girls to do this because they saw their idol doing it,

  • Boji

    Steph, Troy and whoever else online, I’ve just about exhausted my comments here. So am off to do my own thing, Ciao! Until next time.

  • eira

    gosh..she disappoints me!

  • ashley..zanessa lover

    omg i cant believe she did this….she is so stupid if photos keep eaking than y doesnt she cancel her myspace or stop posting pictures like this…shes gonna get in trouble

  • hay

    I mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First that supose to be a private picture so stop insult her
    because every girl 15 years old girls take pictures like that!!!!!!!!

  • Tayla Ward

    I love miley she rox … lots of teenage girls take pics like that why they makign such a big deal its only because she famous!!!! Miley still rox!!!!

  • casey&amanda

    wow who really cares enough?
    its not even that bad?
    who cares
    you all need lives :]

  • bbym

    wow, this world is really sad. all the stuff about people not living up to sex before marriage… wow. just wow. get some standards.

  • tiffany

    me againn x]
    okay i changed my mind. i’m in the middle of between weither miley is a whoree or not . yes , she’s in her underwear , pulling her shirt up , alot of you say normal girls dont do that , well so many do , we’re not all sluts . yes , there are some girls that havent taken pictures like that and havent gone on myspace and shit but come on . think of this world . girls LOVE attention , all girls are insecure , they all think they arent sexy enough . so they do anything for attention . thats NORMAL FOR A TEENAGE GIRL ! yes she made a mistake . what if you were bored and you just took random pictures of yourself when you were trying to look sexy , and you knew everyone EVERYWHERE was talking crap about you because the internet is gay shit and let your business out. Yes she is a rolemodel . She shouldn’t be taking pictures like that , but she has so much pressure on her shoulders . Again, we are lucky she’s not on drugs from having so much freaking pressure. I can’t even count how many comments said ‘oh i never liked her . she’s so ugly’ ectt , what if like a everyone in the USA was talking about you , saying bad things about you like your ugly ?! You are comparing her to vanessa ? vanessa did something horrible yes it was before she was famous i understand that . and miley did it while she was famous , so what ?! she wants MORE attention ? for fucking what ?! she already has all the attention in the world . After one stupid magazine posted the wrong thing saying miley was pregnet everyone has been on her ass . ITS CALLED RUMORS . miley made a few mistakes . like you havent ?! some of you need to stop being so damn judgement and stop actiing like you’re some damn angel because your not . okay .
    thats enough .

  • Christina


    yeah, alot of girls may take pictures like that and post it on their myspace but most of these girls are sluts. so yeah, it kind of is stupid because she’s turning like one of those dumb Lindsay Lohan girls…and plus, she should know better. she probably wants the attention since all her myspace pictures are out anyways. lame.

  • jenny

    in one of the pictures, sh’s nto wearing a bra and you can totally see like the nipple part :X

  • Christina

    ps. not every 15 year old girls take pictures like that, haha..

  • bbym

    also, ive never done ANYTHING like these pictures, and I’ve been acting for over 10 years. I’ve never done drugs, ever had a sip of alcohol, or ANYTHING. and GUESS WHAT, im not amish. it is possible you know. just because the world has low standards, doesnt mean it should be normal, or that you have to live by the worlds standards.

  • cyjghc

    I don’t know if you guys noticed or not but she IS wearing clothes in these pictures so don’t even compare it to vanessa’s. It sure looks like a girl just goofing around to me.

  • Ji

    Give her a break…

  • Miley Supporter all the way!

    You should all just leave her alone c’mon seriously its just Myspace pictures its not that big of a deal just because shes a celbrity mean she should be treated diffrently like she cant have pics of her in a bikini but everyone that is not a celeb can who really cares give the girl a break its her life and myspace and all you ppl talkin bout her and callin her names cuz of these pics you should all shut-up because you all probably do it too but since shes a celeb she cant!

  • Steph

    night boji, turning in too, gnite everyone :)

  • Rae

    The bikini pictures and the candy pictures from a while back I didn’t have a problem with. All girls that age take pictures that are similar.

    These are a little much. She’s posing in her underwear with her shirt pulled up and barely dressed on a bed like the men’s magazine models do. To me, that’s excessive for a 15-year-old.

  • mina


  • kate

    i love miley no matter what she does

  • Leah

    i dont know where you live but um pivs like these or this type is so NOT normal 4 people her age, ew i do not know what kind of 14,15 year olds you know….

  • Jenn Schift

    Ever since she had the abortion I have lost respect for her.

  • barbara

    dont chat shit about miley coz if you think about it she isnt the only girl who takes pictures like dat loads of other girls do that and your probably critersizing because she is a celeb and havent any of you heared about having a laugh f***** dumbasses get alife >=[

  • Cory

    wtf. this has nothing to do wth Vanessa. so leave her out of this.

  • http://donthave Vanessa13

    Agree #24. :]

  • sdgsdg

    I love how all these stupid btiches on Facebook and MySpace post intimate pictures of themselves on their. I mean I understand the bathing suits but what’s with pulling up your shirt. She was just “thanking” Hilary for making it alright to be a “good girl” in hollywood. Their are virtually NO females in Hollywood who aren’t sluts exception would be Julia Stiles,Mandy Moore, and NAtalie Portman. HAVE SOME DIGNITY

  • freak

    ewww she is nasty

  • natasha

    I understand that everyone thinks its OK because all 15 year olds take pics like this, but she is a DISNEY star!! Little girls look up to her, and if they see this they’ll just go ahead and do the same thing! It’s not right and you can’t say its OK. How would you feel if you saw pics like this of your daughter(s) on the internet? You’d f*cking ground them for the rest of the century!! Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean it’s OK.

  • rae

    i agree with #24

    leave Vanessa out
    miley is only 15 and doing shit already
    she should have learn from all the celebs mistakes

  • natasha

    Oh, and all those girls that take pics like these are sl*ts so that shows what Miley is.

  • ingridx3


  • lyla

    if she didn’t want people to see them she should have taken them of her myspace when the first few leaked, this is a publicity stunt…shes way to young to be doing this on the net, even if it is her myspace, but whatever its her life.

  • Lorna

    OMG! Leave her alone
    shes just being a teenager.
    She is just a kid it doesnt matter if she is a star
    or not.
    Anyway look at all the shit Vanessa,Leslie,Britney,Lindsey etc.
    So leave miley alone your just jelouse cause u dont look as good as her.

  • Gabby

    i agree with everyone who says she is only a teenager and thats what teenagers do ! Just cuz she is famous people r calling her names , if she wasnt no one would care! Give her a break there her own personal photos its not her fault if they leaked! I still think miley is great , everyone else is just jelous !

  • smiley

    Milez : your my idol 4ever!!!
    and what the other says is wrong!!!
    love ya miley
    ur biggest fan from germany :-*