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Emmy Rossum: Rabbits and Randomness

Emmy Rossum: Rabbits and Randomness

Emmy Rossum is back to blogging about her experience filming Dragonball:

“Hey! I’m happy to report I’m finding little bits of time on set in between takes to write you. Today we woke up in Torreon, a pretty big city in Mexico, at about 4:30am. We drove an hour to set, just outside Dunas de Bilbao. Our location is, what I can only describe as, a sand dune desert. I’ve been riding the motorcycle in 4-foot sand drifts since sunrise to get the shot just right. The wonderful, kind and talented Chow Yun Fat is hanging on for dear life in back. We’ve been doing about 40mph, and over bumpy sand dunes that is enough to make anyone a little queasy. Chow is so kind, so calm and a bit of a prankster (which I love!) and he hasn’t complained once. The sand is pretty deep here, and we’ve had to dig the bike out a few times when it has stalled in the drifts, but the crew and stunt guys and girls are so helpful.

I was surprised to see a lot of rabbits out here. Yes, rabbits in the desert. Tall ones, 3-feet when they stand up on their hind legs. They tend to keep a distance, as I don’t think they have many Hollywood crews visiting them often. But it got me wondering what they might eat out here in this dry sandy desert, which prompted a Google search for “rabbits in Mexico desert”. (By the way, I should mention I am a big Googler (is that a word?). It’s so informative and — usually — trustworthy.) I found out that out here in the desert, the rabbits eat twigs, seeds and branches off the desert trees. However, I did feel a little sorry for them, as the desert trees don’t look very appetizing at all. I got a plate from catering of lettuce, greens, and chayote and left it out for them.

I suppose I should mention I had a pet rabbit for a week when I was 6. I was the lucky one (when my name was chosen out of the hat) in school to take the class pet rabbit home for a week. Mom was not too thrilled to have “Peter Rabbit” running around our apartment. Even I will admit Peter was pretty messy, but I really loved little Peter Rabbit, and I named him after the great children’s book written by Beatrix Potter. Did you read that book growing up? It was one of my favorites.

Back to set, I’m really enjoying getting to know Joon Park. I’m not allowed to spill any secrets, but our characters interact a lot in the film. If you don’t know a lot about Joon, in addition to being an actor, he has a massively successful band in Korea (he writes a lot of the music) and is also a great dancer. Not only is Joon very cute and extremely charming, he’s gracious and very down to Earth. We’ve been trading music, giving each other some of our favorite stuff – he happens to love classic rock. Because everyone’s taste in music is so personal, I’ve found music a very good way to get to know someone. (It’s something I started doing with Gerard Butler when we were shooting Phantom of the Opera in London. He loves Ennio Morricone. In fact, during the filming Gerry and I went to see the great composer in concert at Royal Albert Hall. It’s really something special if you ever get the chance to see him live.)

Anyway, we are almost ready to shoot again so I should go. Have a great day!

Much love from the sand dunes,

Emmy” [via Myspace]

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  • goz

    i wanna see that movie

  • Shah

    2nd comment

  • Steffi

    LOVE her.

  • donna

    we hate Emmy and her ‘goody two shoes’ persona. Gag me!

  • hypocrite

    Zzzzzzzz. No personality at all! Seriously she is more boring than Rachel Bilson…and that’s saying something!

  • yoyo

    Forget Emmy, I know what I would love to do with Gerard Butler. Yummy yummy.

  • Didi

    i agree yoyo, yummy yummy indeed and hubba hubba and a whole host of other mildly suggestive phrases.

    i didnt even know emmy rossum was still famous after phantom. i dont think ive seen her in another movie since. trouble is shes got a face that you instantly forget the moment shes off screen. im afraid shes supporting actress material, not leading lady.

  • queenbutler

    Of course she’s talking about herself…Again! Notice how long this jj post is. She can go on and on…

  • can you imagine?

    her, rachel bilson, and jennifer aniston sitting around talking??? talk about a tedious snooze fest. they have nothing to say.

  • please, someone

    make her stop!!

  • taser chick

    wow, rabbits in the desert? who knew?!

    Whatever happened with her album?

  • ha!

    the only way she can someone to read her blog is if she mentions gerard butler
    sad boring bitch

  • ha!

    the only way she can get someone to read her blog is if she mentions gerard butler
    sad boring *****

  • :)

    i think she’s great. i’m so excited for this movie.

    she’s not boring at all. :)

  • justafan

    She sends a blog from a helicopter? About bunnies? Isn’t she a little young to be so eccentric? And where the heck is Gerard Butler?

    Mr. Jared, Sir, he was in New Mexico makin’ one of them new fancy movin’ pictures. I do not mean for you to invade his privacy but I sure if you ask he would let you take a nice little photo. Maybe. If you ask nicely and smile pretty and have large breast. hehehe. I crack me up!

  • gothgirl

    This movie is surely going to ruin whatever good associations with the dragonball series. Trying to beat evil piccolo to the dragonballs. Arg that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. For a movie like this you think they would leave off after DBGT story or something different, but they have to recycle the same crap. I will not see this movie along with alot of my other otaku freinds. I am suggesting you do the same. The casting is also lame they should have picked all asian characters and an older balder master roshi. Most of the cast is from pop culture shows like buffy, etc. and the asian actors are all right but not the ages. Bulma has attitude and spunk and this chick does not seem like she would pull it off right. If they had A-List actors in this like tom cruise or angie jolie this one would be worse and anime fans would boycott this profusely. let the DB series die allready and make some fresh new anime that is different.

  • justafan

    is this about the Dragonball Z cartoon? My kids watch that. I’m a little lost on this, so any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to have the wrong idea about it.

  • queenbutler

    lol justafan!
    I didn’t even read this the first time I had to go back to read it.
    Yeah, I’m not impressed with what she said. And wow, I thought she was suppose to be a smart girl. She didn’t even know that there were rabbits in the desert.
    Oh…and she tells us what they eat! That’s great.
    What IS Dragonball?

  • justafan

    Thank you for watching this episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Watch next week when we will bring you our newest discovery……….Fish…… the OCEAN!!!!

    Clearly, I need to do something with all this free time.

  • queenbutler

    Oh my god I almost pissed my pants! ROFL!!!

  • justafan

    Sorry, I tend to a bit of a smart ass. If Miss. Rossum is reading this I’m sure she is……. flippin’ me the bird!!
    fyi… birds can live in trees or shrubs (deserts too). Their diet can consist of nuts, berries and insects (depending on the bird). Many birds will also eat small pebbles to aid with digestion. hehehehe.

    this is a bad condition I have. I need help!!

  • queenbutler

    I feel like I have unlocked your bad side.
    What next?

  • justafan

    My bad side is always unlocked. I just need the right ammo and sometimes people just ask for it. Many times I just bite my tongue.

  • justafan

    It’s also fun to be anonymous!


    you guys are fuckingg meaaan
    like if you reallly think shes boring why the helll are you reading her shit?
    like if you were a TRUE hater of hers. you wouldnt even bother
    so it just goes to show you guys really like her

    fucking assshooles.

  • Michael

    Uhm, excuse me to all Emmy haters in here, but why are you even reading this if you hate her so much? You really have not the slightest clue what you’re talking about. This young lady is a very talented, hardworking and complexly emotional young actor who’s just taking off her career to another dimension. I’ve personally talked to some women who actually had the pleasure of working w/ her in POTO and amazed to learn how highly they spoke of her. They validated what her fans really thought of her as a person – so kind and very down-to-earth. Unfortunately to you, the Emmy haters club,the “goody2shoes” persona is more than just a persona. She really is innately good. Such a sweetheart and very lovely. If you ever get the chance to meet her in person, you’ll wish you’ve never written these rudely about someone you barely even know in person. Someone you’ve never had the chance to spend enough time w/. And yes, Emmy’s beautiful, but her beauty goes far beyond what one sees onscreen. And, she’s very smart too!! So please, just..just…if you don’t like her, then fine, no one’s really forcing you to. Criticize all of her films as long as you want but never attack her personally, because I tell you frankly, she hardly deserves any of it. So just please..stop. You don’t really know anything real about her.

  • dunegirl_19

    I do! I do! A bit. My older cousin who works in this hotel in NJ had the chance to see & serve Em and other celebs once. She said Em was very nice, bubbly, so down-2-earth, not a hint of diva-like bahavior, all grace and very beautiful! But there was something in her, some sort of sorrow (?), she says, i mean,my cousin really is good at reading people I tell you, in her eyes. Maybe she’s just tired. Well, but she said it was something deeper, like she may not be sad at that moment but there was sadness, like in her life (?) perhaps, i really have no idea what that meant. But maybe, yeah, becos Em’s, like Mike said, such an intensely emotional person. She’s an artist for all we know, and artists are highly emotional individuals and i agree w/ every Emmy fan when they say, she’s vastly misunderstood, becos she’s like a puzzle sometimes that one has to piece together and really look at closely to see the whole image! And she’s a just lovely image to behold. Sorry mike, seems like i’m competing w/ya on the lengths. haha, sorry. lol. WE LOVE EMMY!!!!

  • Michael

    I agree w/ you completely there dune. People like Emmy are ‘vastly misunderstood’ and those who hate her, i dunno, it’s either they are jealous of her or somthing (for being close friends w/ Gerry??) haha, or just shallow and immature. They seem to have personality issues and they try to take it out on someone like Em w/c is so different than them as she is deep and very reflective, not immature or shallow just like them. I dont mean to offend anyone and i dont really mean to be rude but that’s how i see it for clearly i see no solid reason why they’d talk like that against Em and attack her personally. Even in interviews, her answers and gestures are vastly misinterpreted by ppl like them. Emmy’s maturing and has yet to learn a lot, but she deserves respect like all people do. So if you have nothing nice to say, and all base your remarks on shallow judgment, then just don’t write anything…please?? They’re not productive at all, to Em, to anyone, and esp. to you for that matter. What we say is just a reflection of what’s in our hearts and what we really are as a person. So kindly.. Just please leave her alone w/ the people who love her and truly understand and appreciate her for what she is (and what she’s not, for all that matter). If someone replies harshly to this, that means they’re hurt because the truth does hurt. Sorry.. SO Em, if you do read this, we love you and we see you, for everything that you are (and you’re not). In our hearts, you’ll always be the best! Mwaah! We’ll always be here to support you and defend you should things call for it. We’ll back you up, so just keep walkin’ forward, you don’t have to look back to see how we’re doin’ cos it’s our privelege to be of service to the one who has truly inspired us. If you stumble and fall, know that we may not heal you right there and then but in spirit we shall always pray that God grants you the courage to go on and emerge as a far stronger person capable of withstanding any pain. We love you Em! We wish you every good! :) Xoxoxo

  • dunegirl_19

    I’m with you there Mike! all the way!!! Emmy fan forever! We loooooooooooooooooooooooooove you so very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!! Keep blogging sweetie. We’re hungering for more you, you, you! Stay as sweet and down-2-earth cos that’s what first and foremost truly endeared you to us.

    Jared, is there any way you could send these messages to Em? (not the nasty remarks, lol, haha, but the reassurances!! Rock on Em! Godbless!!

  • http://??? KATRIna

    I Luv Emmy! she is a wonderful role model!!!