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Halle Berry: Crazy Curls

Halle Berry: Crazy Curls

Mom-to-be Halle Berry continues to work out her short curls while shopping at trendy furniture stores, Space M and Minotti, on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills on Saturday. Watch the video footage below!

Halle and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry‘s baby is due in March.

It’s high time Halle‘s official website got a makeover, no? Or at least updated every once in awhile!

Crazy curls Halle Berry goes furniture shopping
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halle berry curls 01
halle berry curls 02
halle berry curls 03
halle berry curls 04
halle berry curls 05
halle berry short curls 01
halle berry short curls 02
halle berry short curls 03
halle berry short curls 04
halle berry short curls 05
halle berry short curls 06

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  • penilyn

    she’s beautiful

  • penilyn

    o & first

  • fesfes

    nick jonas look-a-like.

  • http://msn Renate

    wow!! she looks amazing. go halle, rockin the pregnant look.

  • ej me

    How does she keep her face so thin while pregnant? Amazing. Some women cannot be made to look bad.

  • jenny

    Has anyone else noticed that her “boyfriend” has been MIA since she announced her pregnancy? Just sayin….

  • anonymous

    yes , come to think of it you right i haven’t seen her with him for while now.

  • Ally

    she is so pretty!!! love her hair!!! :D

  • Harlow Winter

    I tink she looks pretty and natural. So gooo Haley.:smile:

  • Harlow Winter

    I meant ”think”. She’s so pretty. Curls are soft on her face.

  • Tealeaf

    She looks cute, but I think she will have that baby before, she is diabetic and most diabetics have their babies early because the doctor is concerned about the large size of the baby.

  • Billberry

    Doesn’t her boyfriend own a restaurant in NYC? But yeah they haven’t been seen together in a long time


    wow finally she looks pregnant in the face too.i guess the pregnancy is finally wearing her out.

  • Wannasmile

    She’s such a stunning woman…

  • Carlie

    Where’s the boyfriend?

  • chris

    her official website is updated once in a while when she has a movie coming out they post all of her upcoming press events, and she even does chats…

    you fail at being funny.
    slowly getting over this blog.

  • Beautiful

    She is soooo hot!

  • buckeyegurl

    She looks great!

    There were pics of her and Gabriel out furniture shopping for the baby a couple of weekends ago and also loading groceries into thier car a couple of weeks before that…for those of you who are saying he hasn’t been around since she announced the pregnancy.

  • jken

    What happened to her sense of style. Yuck

  • Didi

    what a fat b*tch!

  • more of halle & bodyguards

    Here are two links with more pix of her from today, I’m sure there are also a lot other sites too as well as the photo storage places too.


    There have been pix of them shopping w/her interior decorator for the nurseries at her 2 homes, them periodically grocery shopping a few months ago, them furniture shopping/going to the doctor Jan 7th and Jan 11th/12th (I think), plus they were seen together at some golf charity outing in October/November. They’ve been seen when he hasn’t been in NYC working at the restaurant and the modeling agency gala etc. Fashion week in NYC is coming up soon, I am sure he will most likely be at that. He’s been around, maybe as not as much as some would like, but he’s still been around.

    Generally, if Halle uses the bodyguards m/f, usually he’s out of town or it’s for some special function i.e. the golf outing which he was playing in and one of the guys escorted her there or they’re there at award/movie premieres with her. He’s still around.

  • chic

    she looks beautiful!! but i think her site DEFINITELY needs a makeover!!!!!!!

  • more site/Gabe

    Yes, her site does need a total revamping. Yes, she does occasional chats, Robin etal do periodic updates, but more to her Yahoo fan chat group than the site.

    Gabe will probably be at her Celebrity Golf Charity thing for the Jennessee (?sp) Center on April 28th playing in the tourney etc. Don’t know if she is scheduled to play?

  • Jenn

    WHAT a nappy headed ho

  • to Didi

    Didi she’s fat but you like Hillary,Lilo, etc..puhleese she looks good. Me think you have taken over ‘Famous’ title as the nastiest rudiest, blogger on Jareds. Famous is a close 2nd. Nada to be proud of.

  • moviemadness

    I don’t know why some pregnant woman think it is cute to wear really tight clothes, but its not

  • 24-7

    Do not like the hair much…but still a beautiful woman.

  • luckyL

    Lovely. I like what she’s wearing, though the more fitted look during pregnancy has becoming all-too-popular in Hollywood. I prefer loose fabrics, but she still looks great. And she’s not fat, she’s pregnant.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and bond girls myass

    I want ro look just like her when i’m preggers!!!

  • lola

    Wow, she looks like she’s about to pop now!

    –read my blog at

  • stefanie

    Loves the curls. She’s a beautiful woman.
    Wish her the very best.

  • Alysa

    She looks great! Love the curls!

    check out my blog at

  • interesting?

    Interesting she’s not wearing the ring in the pix from the last two days that have been bombarding the internet with the Halle Berry Bump Watch 2008. Probably doesn’t mean anything even though the haters are probably loving it.

  • boy the girl loves to shop

    Boy the girl loves to shop, thought she had the nurseries done awhile ago, unless she’s buying stuff for her place in NYC?

  • Not working for me

    Sorry, but she is not looking good here i just don’t don’t like this new hair cut and her face as someone said she needs a makeover quickly

  • Zoe

    I love her curls!! I am so happy that celebs are starting to go au naturale with their curly hair.

  • emch

    Err..where is the beautiful here??? Face wise she’s ok. Her knuckles are ….not so nice. That dress is terribly awful. Where’s her babydaddy??? He’s been missing thus far> Halle ONLY need his sperm. TSK..TSK……..

  • ELLE

    HalleBear looks gorgeous!

  • Eva_baby

    I’m not crazy about the new hair but she definitely still looks gorgeous. And I am sorry but it must be utterly insane to be a celebrity. We only see the pictures, but getting a glimpse of the mounds of razzi that follow her everywhere just puts it all into perspective.

    Also, I am so over everyone saying “where is Gabriel.” I am married and my husband is not all up under me every day of every moment. I go shopping, to the dentist , and out to lunch all without him. It is acceptable to appear in public without your significant other for long stretches of time. Gabriel does have a job. Maybe he’s out…I dunno… working and making a living. Just a thought.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    I am going to guess and say she’s having a little boy. I have seen recent pictures of her and her boyfriend. He has a restaurant in NY and I don’t believe she’s allowed to fly after 7 months into a pregnancy. Unfortunately she needs bodyguards because some horrible racists threatened her and her unborn child. The irony is Halle mother is white, which makes her half white.

  • Enough is enough

    Enough already with bashing her alleged sperm donor. She looks great all things considering. They were photographed several times a few weeks ago. So what if they aren’t always photographed together. Are they attached at the hip even if it may be a bi-coastal thing? Don’t know if she’s still getting death threats or that was more media hype. She has been seen plenty of times in LA and NYC (october) while pregnant all over the internet over the w/o the bodyguards. They may still be with her for security, or now that she’s getting bigger may not be able to drive, they are there when he’s out of town, she has formal functions and was shopping solo in Vancouver a few months ago. Where do you get your crap? Who cares if she’s bi-racial? Get over it.

    My vote is a girl.

  • looks hideous

    look hideous…definitely looks like she needs a make over as well as getting her lip waxed. couldn’t careless where Aubry is.

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