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Jared Leto is the Mad Hatter

Jared Leto is the Mad Hatter

Jared Leto fronts his band 30 Seconds To Mars at a concert at The Ambassador before heading back to his hotel in Dublin, Ireland on Friday.

Jared, 36, recently made headlines when he was spotted kissing Paris Hilton during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • cmo

    extremely hot.

  • Kat

    love Jared =D

  • Orange Clockwork

    Zefron in 10 years.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    dude tries way to hard.

  • ashley


  • http://justjared zefronluver

    HE IS SOOO HOT!!!!!!!!! O YEA, TOP 5!!!!!!!!!

  • Ash-Tizz is My Idol

    hey! stop bashing zac!
    zac will not be like him
    zac will be a very talented and succesful actor

  • Sarie

    Orange Clock, me sentiments exactly!

  • lola

    Lame loser.

    -read my blog at

  • Me

    Don’t insult Jared by comparing him to Zac. Jared is very talented, unlike Gayfron.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    i have no respect for him, after he made out with that paris.

  • daisy

    i met him in new york like 2 years ago. he’s a huge douchebag.

  • Me

    Um, do you actually know Paris? Everyone who has met her says she’s a really nice person. Stop judging people based on what the media tells you.

  • Cassie

    Thank God he shaved. And yes, Zefron looks like him.

  • natt

    he’s pretty cute

    shame on him for kissing paris though

  • michelle

    he can do better then paris

  • meesha

    i agree Orange Clockwork

  • Didi

    my daughter and I met this ugly fudgepacker in london on the corner of bayswater road, it was novelty stall. anyway he didn’t sign an autograph for her and was actually rude about it cos he said ‘no, fuck off’ . Well, I felt like decking the b*stard, but instead my daughter shocked me by saying,
    ‘ok I can be rude and nasty too, lets see how bout i let you know how you’re a rude, arrogant, self-loving pretentious son of a b*tch and I hope you die in a car crash one day so I can come, point and laugh and p*ss on your stiff, mangled, bleeding carcass,while taking pictures for my new website called ‘Come Look at Jared Leto, He’s Roadkill and Covered in Piss!’. Now you wanker..hows that for rude, nasty and uncalled for not to mention completely over the top? See I can play that game too,’and it looks like I won’

    He was pale and completely shocked, and I remember it verbatim because ive never been more proud of her in my life. i wrote it down on a notepad when we got back in the car just so I could always remember that momentous occasion. It was on a par to the first time she walked as a baby, and her first word, and her first day at school, it was a memory you cherish forever. I just wish i had a camera with me to capture the incident and his shocked face afterwards. shes definitely a chip off the old block and has a nasty foul mouth on her like me if need be. if she kneed him in he balls then all my lifelong wishes and desires would have been fulfilled and realised right there and then but she doesn’t believe in committing random acts of violence unfortunately, thats my only disappointment with her. if she did i wouldve happily bailed her out of jail for it
    anyway I bought her an ipod that day for making me so proud and promised id pay for her driving lessons in a few years

    i hope jared asswipe leto still remembers it and i hope it haunts his nightmares.

  • debbie

    paris ir not important in his life

  • Hayley

    didi i don’t live u !!!!


    he has done just 3 movies (counting hsm 2)

  • Hayley

    Ash-Tizz is My Idol HE HAS DONDE JUST 3 MOVIES(counting hsm2)

  • trisha

    #7 you’re living in a dream world. zac efron is cute for teenage girls movies.. there’s no real career or longevity in this kids future. no worries tho, there’s always a new “it kid” to replace the ones the get older.
    #18 you’re trashy and making stuff up. or you just raised your child to have no manners or class. two wrongs don’t make a right and anything you thought about jared can be said about your daughter. neither was in the right.

    i used to like jared leto, never really got into his music but love his acting. after making out with cess pool hilton i can’t ever look at him the same. he’s over being on my hot list. paris is gross, i’ve seen and met her a few times at body english in las vegas.. money doesn’t buy class or dignity, i can tell you that much.

  • Nasleen

    He is hot but the whole Paris Hilton kissing thing has made me cool off him a little. Didn’t think he was that desperate

    To, Didi – #18, you bitch your seriously a fucked up individual! Get Help! I mean it go see a psychaitrist tomorrow.

  • michelle

    you have issues 18
    serious serious issues

  • Anon

    Don’t believe a word she says as it’s bull and there to offend and get a reaction. Please meet Didi the troll, she finds popular posts on Just Jared and then makes offensive comments to flame people and get an angry reaction. I have seen her comments on Zac Effron, Heath Ledger, Jonas Brothers, Hayden and many other posts on this site. She does the same there and usually gets what she wants. Truth is she probably doesn’t even have a daughter, but is a teenager herself and is fed up of her boring pathetic and monotonous life in front of the computer all day so she takes her repressed anger out on the fans of this site.
    So don’t reply to her because it’s exactly what she wants – an angry reaction. Poor thing craves any sort of attention so don’t give her the satisfaction.

  • laila

    Whatever, people you need to get over the whole Paris thing. It happened, if seeing people make out has that kind of affect on you then you need to go out more. Anywyas, he’s cute!

  • mel

    I’ve met Jared Leto several times and he was always kind and friendly, giving autographs & even photos to me and my friends. Liked the guy alot.

  • Loumie

    Okay seriously what is up with the hair? It’s like he pushed it forward.. If it stands between pushing it forward or pushing it back, I vote pushing it back.. It’s not exactly the hottest look for him, but much better than what he’s got in those concert pics..
    Anyways, eventhough I have no understanding for why he made out with Paris, I’m still a fan.. People make mistakes, eventhough that’s a huge, crazy, completely unbelieveble mistake.. I’m willing to believe he was drunk.. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for making out with Paris Hilton.. Thank God, she can’t hold a relationship.. To think if Jared has sunk that low..

  • lily

    I think the new haircut is actually for the movie his shooting, Mr Nobody

  • thegamingamine

    I still find him attractive, he’s got great eyes, and was admittedly superb in Requiem. I wouldn’t want to meet him though, the Paris deal does dumb him down a bit for me, he needs to grow up.

  • Gabriela

    Eu odeio a Paris e quero que ela se foda..
    Ela não merece nem uma bitoquinha do Jared..
    Ele me decepcionou..
    Podia ter a mulher que quisesse e foi escolher justo ela..
    Que ódio

  • Michelle

    jared is so gorgeous, not to mention incredibly talented in both music and acting!

  • mandyk

    Word to Orange Clockwork.
    Leto is Zac Efron in just a few more years.
    The homeless/deranged look is working for him.
    *sarcasm alert*

  • Jughed


  • Kira

    I LOVEE HIM!!! He looks a little weird with his new haircut, but still!! absolutely hoot!! Love the brand new fashion hat & hoodie = extremely hot :3

  • Biia_seeley :]

    ele não tava em florianópolis? –’

  • raven

    Are people that bored that they have to come onto a site and slag who ever it is about? I’m confused when did the world become stupid?! These people just need to be ignored seriously. Anyway I never though about wearing a hat over a hoodie, I know people here wear hats under the hood, kinda doesn’t do anyjustice but eh, his choice. lol still can’t believe I missed their concert last night, I’m so gah!

  • akira_shinoda

    Haha…That new hair cut DOES actually make him resemble Zac Efron (only looks though, not career)

  • luckyL

    Unappealing and gross after his make-out session with Parisite. And I used to tolerate all his Emo make-up so well.

  • luckyL

    Didi is British. That explains a lot.

  • sapir

    hes so cute and aweet ad dammmttt..!!@^%
    i love him.. !@#
    the haircut is so beautiul!

    jared is jared ..;(
    and zack is zack
    they are 2 diffrent person..stop compare them..

    I LOVE HIM..

  • Kamelia

    How can you like someone who makes out with Paris Hilton? Seriously…

  • Gabriela

    Eu odeio a Paris Hilton…
    Amo o Jared..
    Mas ele tem muito mau gosto quando o assunto é mulher.

  • just me

    love! so talented, and even if people say he’s a douche… i’ve met him a bunch (5?) times and he’s been great. he’s always up for autographs and pictures.

  • Natalie

    OMG!! Looking like Zac or not….. I don’t care!!!!!!!!! Jared’s HOOOTT

  • pink champagne on ice

    With that get-up, he’s trying to hide from Paris!! Too late, dude! You play, you pay!!! You can run but you can’t hide. Paris will stalk you until you’re 10 seconds to Mars!

  • cat

    ohh jaredwhat are you doing with your life?
    you aren’t like that

  • Cami

    Didi i don’t believe in you.. Do you live in fantasy world? Doh. Nonsense. And if this really happened (but i don’t think it was) you are proud that your daughter said so many OMG rude words? You’re an asshole really. Hmmm. It would be better if you and your daughter sit in jail and rot in there fucking moran.

    And i adore Jared all the ways so fuck off of him

  • Sisyphus

    Turn this off right now and go outside and breathe