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Rihanna's NRJ Awards Performance -- VIDEO

Rihanna's NRJ Awards Performance -- VIDEO

Rihanna performed her hit song “Don’t Stop The Music” at the 2008 NRJ Music Awards, where she picked up International Song of the Year.

The Barbados babe worked out fluorescent tanktops and plaid skinny jeans. There’s also some hot choreography from a bunch of breakdancers!

Watch the performance below and if you haven’t already, check out Rihanna‘s show-stopping red carpet look from earlier on in the evening!

Rihanna – “Don’t Stop the Music” (NRJ Awards 2008)
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Credit: kevipod
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  • fame
  • Orange Clockwork

    She sucks whale reproductive organs.

  • dsfds

    Well cool.

  • tash

    what the heck was she wearing…
    FIRST? cool

  • selita!

    her voice is horrible! and she looks like a lesbian with that hair.

  • T

    love it love her

  • beatrice

    She looks like a man! Horrible haircut

  • hotdog



  • Candles

    She always puts on such an awesome performance. Love her new do!

  • dorian

    Love the performance i like the other longer short cut better, BUT shes ROCKING IT, GO RIRI

  • Sue

    She beat Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, James Blunt and Mika.

    Living legand, you can look, but don’t touch.

  • dean


  • The Arab Aquarius

    And to think she rocked the performance in jeans a T. Man, she just cant look bad. She didnt do much dancing or any moves, but thats ok, thats what the breakdancers are for, lol. Nice performance, hot song.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    even with sall the hate she’s still the hottest thing out.

  • mandyk

    I still say she looks like she stepped out of an 80s workout video. That’s not so much me hating as it is me stating an opinion, so I don’t want to be told i’m sippin’ the hatorade.

  • Jamie Insider

    Good energy. Energy’s always good.

  • Puce

    Why did she dress like that ? I’m sure she would have made an effort if it was for the grammys ! The girl had no respect for the public, it was as if it was just a rehearsal…

    Other than that (yeah I know it bothered me a lot), the song was pretty cool !

  • selita!

    ughhh her hair : [

  • lipscious

    who gave that girl a record deal? gurl cannot sing 4 nothin’

  • STAR

    I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE her!!!!
    She’s my siser from another mother! lol
    I can’t wait to see her perform at the Grammy’s!!!!

  • LeoBrown

    In case no one has notices, Rihanna is NOT a dancer. She hardly moves in any of her videos or performances. At least in videos they can do take after take until she gets it, and/or cut it up so much that you only see brief periods of her doing any choreography. She has never done much dancing since her first Pon de Replay (is that what it was called?) video.

    As for her hair, I think she can rock many different styles and make it look good. I don’t think women look like lesbians just because of having short hair. I damn sure didn’t think that about Halle Berry when or Toni Braxton with their trademark short do’s back in the day.

    As for her singing, it’s not the greatest, but nowhere near the worst of those out there currently. Britney is one of the absolute worst, in my opinion.

  • ali

    i agree with everything you just said.

  • Cynthia

    She’s beautiful, and she doesn’t look like a man. Go Rih!!

  • http://justjared zefronluver


  • vero

    please tell me who is the dancers !!? he dance in the video dont stop music !!! he dress a hat black and dance with rihanna(sory my english)… :(

    please help me…: :P

    in this video dress in black and blue sweater pale (breakdancer)

  • pelon1

    awesome i love this girl

  • pelon1

    awesome i love this girl

  • shannon

    i dont care if some of u dont like rhianna i can accept that but at least stop saying she cant sing or perform that show isn’t as big as the grammys so who cares! plus her hair look amazing she can pull of anything

  • lauren

    b*tch, b*tch, b*tch…

    she looks great.

  • lola

    anyone who says she looks like a lesbian with that hair probably has stringy, mousie, holly hobbie hair with curled bangs in the front. And shops at wal mart.

  • so

    thanks-love the video!

  • kasia

    I like her a lot but… she doesn t look good in that outfir, and yes longer hair was better cause she looked like a beautiful girl.. now she looks like 13-year-old teenager…. yes, she cant move. it s a pity, cause it would add energy to the song.. she is just standing and look like she doesnt know what to do… anyway I like her a lot, but it doesnt mean that everything she does is perfect

  • http://- Soph

    I think she looks awsome in that hair! :D
    But her outfit however… Don’t like her music either.

  • Marleen

    I didn’t like her. MIKA was performing too. He was AMAZING!!!

  • Adeline

    I was at the NRJ Music Awards yesterday, and Rihanna was very wonderful, she’s amazing!

  • ☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂

    #5 She doesn’t looks like a lesbian YOU JUST WISH SHE WAS ONE BECAUSE YOU FANCY HER. you’re just an ugly lesbian leave RIRI ALONE!!!!!!
    by the way she looks fab like usual and her performance was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cici

    Ha ha Lola your comment was so funny ! I think Rhianna hair looks great, she is petite and pretty enough to pull that cut off.

  • justme

    Not the best singer? Well, neither is Britney. Music execs are looking for performers with a crossover look and a bit of talent to sell records.

    The demographic of 18-24 doesn’t want the next Celine or Whitney. They want a funky beat they can dance to at the club and Rihanna fits that bill. She’s a decent performer and very beautiful. Glad she’s finally getting attention after three albums.

  • misslovely

    Her outfit is fun and I think she looks nice with her new haircut.
    Gotta love Rihanna. she’s very sweet and fresh.

  • lola

    She’s oddly rocking that ridiculously short hair. Sigh.

    –read my blog at

  • gorgeous

    great performance with lots of energy. the girl looks hot with that hair cut.

  • andré

    This is Keira Knightley’s hairdo in the film Domino.

  • Shantal

    Keesha Cole had that cut first

  • Jade

    great performance– but why doesn’t anybody notice that shes lipsynching the entire song- she takes the mic away from her mouth and the vocals continue. but she’s beautiful

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    The performance is so so. It’s like she didn’t rehearse and wasn’t even singing by herself at times, why is only Britney and Ashley Simpson blamed for lypsynching?

  • ya

    Britney Spears took home “Best International Album” at the NRJ Music Awards in France on Saturday.

    She beat out Mika, Amy Winehouse, James Blunt and Rihanna.

    Congratulations Britney!

    Congratulations for Rihanna too.

  • Otaku93

    It was on french television (TF1) – I think your video will be deleted because TF1 are bitches and devils.

    Anyway i LOVE your website, for us, french (or other people in other countries than Us)

    P.S : poor Britney, why doesn’t she move from US and come to France, she would be free “here”

  • Whyyyyyyyyy

    Riri needs to stay out of the States, cause people in the UD will put up with anything, she was terrible, as a person who can sing and know the ropes, for one she had parts where she was lip syncing, she can not dance and sing at the same time, and she could not hold a note but for only a second and that’s not good.

    If riri was on American Idol she would not have made the cut…

    She has too do better than this, she will never cross over to the Grown up section with this kind of performances…

    This was terrible, she knows who to perform for a bunch of hollaring kids…………

  • tumi

    she stole kelis and gabriel ‘s hairstyle period

  • Jezzy

    Rihanna is completely amazing in this video. It’s making SOMETHING hard!