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Britney Spears @ "Hustler" Sex Shop

Britney Spears @

Britney Spears shops up a storm at the “Hustler Hollywood” sex stop on Sunset Blvd. The pop princess walks by cardboard cut-outs of former porn star Jenna Jameson. Classy!

Brit‘s “manager” Sam Lutfi accompanied her, as does her pet pooch London.

This is one time we should be glad she’s not with either of her two sons…

As Xtina would say, DIRRRRRRTY!

Britney Spears @ “Huster Hollywood” Sex Shop
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britney spears hustler sex shop 02
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britney spears hustler sex shop 05

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  • Al3ex65

    since when does your manager go with you to sex shops??? THATS FREAKIN WEIRD!

    shes ugly.

  • Julia


  • the_original_nika

    LOl, even the paps mock her. their fake anyway..
    I like that VF cover ;).

  • Sidney


  • willow

    Has she ever looked at her boobs in the mirror? ewww.

  • daisy

    ugh i’m so tired of hearing about this waste of life.
    she just wants attention. loser.

  • hmm

    Let’s see, the SAG awards are going on and all this week coverage of Heath Ledger’s death has taken most of my headlines, what do I need to do to get some attention? That’s it! I’ll go to a sex shop. Pathetic.

  • suzette

    exactly, waste of life.
    people who love their lives are dying
    while she tries so hard to finish with hers
    and still is alive

  • bdj

    Man, I hope her Pap boyfriend does not take pictures and leak them. That is one sex tape or pictures that don’t need to flood the internet. There are enough train wreck pictures of Brit out there.

  • suzette

    hahaha i loved cmnt 7

  • Didi

    are you telling me her family cant get her sectioned? how can anyone say shes not a threat to herself or other people. if she wasnt famous she’d have been in a straitjacket long ago. she needs a bit of electric shock therapy to her brain. even if it doesnt work, who cares, its still fun to watch her useless body convulse with each administered shock

  • miss_nyc

    God I hate this chick.

    Anything just to get attention.

    She knows the world is watching the SAG awards so she tries to get the spotlight back on her.

  • Alwayshungry

    You keep hoping that she’ll get it together and time and time again she proves that she won’t.

    Can’t give up hope though. She seems like she has too much time and not enough focus

  • luckyL

    Who could have anticipated such a fall from grace…

  • sasha

    poor girl….

  • diamond


  • Chris

    I bought one of my favorite hoodies in the Hustler store on Sunset.! Brittney Spears have no fear, Hustler has been hardcore since 74.

  • irina

    wtf? Three words, Anna Nicole Smith.

  • Jughed

    I like that she took her dog (London?) to the Hustler sex shop, too.

    Oooh yeah, doggy style!

    Britney’s hot. I just wish she’d act a bit more mature sometimes…

  • cami

    train wreck

  • suebee

    It makes me crazy that nobody seems to be helping that sad young woman. The paps, tabs, and blogs seem to be deliberately trying to push her over the edge. She’s not looking for publicity. The poor thing is flailing around trying to grab onto something to save herself. And Didi, you are either very young, or the face of a decaying society. One thing is for sure, you’re not funny. .

  • teddy-booboo

    After seeing polished beautiful serious composed
    actresses @ SAG….Brit is a cig butt in the gutter in the rain.

    yek. Get a bra! Your nips are turning’s gross either way.

    I scroll through Brit posts everywhere.Don’t waste my time.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I dont know what to say about her anymore. I hope some miracle happens….

  • Didi

    suebee, ill take that as a compliment coming from a Britney Spears fan/sympathiser. It means I am doing something right. To say she doesn’t court publicity is utterly moronic This entire mental illness excuse she has people believing is a total bullshit and is just a passport for her to do more utterly stupid stuff and blame it on her ‘illness’ Mentally ill people (who are not bums on the street) are either put away or treated by force, they are not given a choice like Britney Spears. She has gotten away with murder because of who she is so pardon me if I don’t share the same sentiment and wish her well. The biggest travesty is that Heath Ledger, a man who was sane, loved by many, talented and worshipped by his daughter, is dead, while the worst human being since Hitler. ie. Britney Spears is allowed to live after all the sh*t she’s pulled this past year. Truth is she deserves to die a horrible humiliating and excruciatingly painful death and i’ll be the first one to point and laugh at her revolting carcass and thank the heavens as it’s wheeled out of a starbucks or random gas station on a trolley.

  • shir

    does not surprise me , i mean if i will go to the “Hustler” Sex Shop so i gonna have page im your site , wwith pictures and all. . i mean plz leave her alone she didnt do anything ok ppl ? she juwst like has and just beacuas of you guys she woud kill her self so take it to your heart and think what you guys wat do if you was britny o k? it tooo muuchh dont you thinkk?!

  • Traci

    If it weren’t so pathetic, it would crack me up! We see all of the actors @ the SAG awards, and then there’s Britney @ Hustler Store! Such a class act! I’m afraid we’re going to have to put up with this stuff until 1. Britney gets hauled off by men in white coats; 2. Britney runs out of money (looong time); or 3. Britney dies. I don’t see her cleaning herself up. IMO, she thinks she’s great and just fine.

  • shiva

    this girl has completely lost her mind…I don’t know what to say anymore

  • Teri

    Good grief people, they sell clothes, as well as gifts and other things. So she went into a store to browse, it’s really non of your business. Most normal people visit these stores, nothing weird about it. Unless your one of these do gooders with no life and to uptight.

  • dave

    when jen anniston went to a sex store noone called her crazy for buying pleasure toys by the bag.

  • jacky

    Love her!

  • CrazyDaisy

    poor dog!

  • suebee

    Didi – you’re very, very young, or very, very stupid. Your cruelty is obscene. Nothing more from me to you.

  • Senem

    is she gone madddddd or somethin wtf..
    i just never could image that she would became a person like THIS

  • irina

    dave, jen anniston didnt gave away her kids, britrash did, she gave away her babies, she did everything she could to loose her babies. and in her position she should sit and home and watch p*rn chanel. that bitch caried her son with a drink in her hand, she did it to herself. trashbag that what she is. I have a little boy and cannot imagine him being taken away. So dont compare her to anyone. And people she is not ill…I am sure of that. Look at her face she is on drugs and she got lucky not taking anything on that night when cops arrived. Her face looks like she is using drugs.

  • shiva

    that’s right she doesn’t appear in court when it comes to her children but she has time to visit a p*rn store. She has no shame I don’t feel sorry for her anymore

  • Mrs Miller

    Britney has no time to see her kids, yet she has plenty of time to watch sex movies

  • niki malko

    I hope Britney meets the same fate as Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls

  • niki malko

    I hope Britney meets the same fate as Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls

  • Cynthia

    Ugly has been loser

  • Jennifer

    Wow okay definate watse of life!
    First of all she needs to get a damn bra
    and second oh wow she is looking horrible than EVER
    she looks like the crazy catt woman on the Simpsons :-|

  • Vanessa

    hahahaha i was there!!! when she was walking up there stairs i was on the right……funny!!!

  • Jamie Insider

    This is sooo wrong….

  • Selina

    Please live Ms. Britney Spears alone..

  • aley

    Ilove britney so matsh.

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  • Emanov

    Mmmhhh…She needs pherapy.. Lousy and helpless woman. I have always known dat some was wrong with dat chick… Lord have mercy on her..

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    sex on arabe

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