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Hayden Panettiere: Save the Whales... Again!

Hayden Panettiere: Save the Whales... Again!

Hayden Panettiere led the rally against the resumption of commercial whaling in Washington, D.C.’s Dupont Circle on Sunday.

The 18-year-old Heroes hottie was greeted with rousing applause as she gave her speech in front of two dozen supporters, including her momager Lesley. Milo would be so proud of his girl!

Tomorrow, Hayden will meet with representatives from the embassies of Japan, Norway and Iceland to question their outdated whaling practices. You can also check out her recent interview about saving the whales on CNN.


15+ pictures inside of Hayden Panettiere saving the whales again…

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Photos: Drummond-Young/Splash News Online
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    first! she is so cool and a great singer keep on being good

  • nicoleee

    first love her

  • Kellogg

    She’s really milking this ‘Save The Whales’ stuff for all it’s worth. She’s starting to come across as more fame whorish than sincere.

  • margie


  • RYLE

    YES 5TH?

  • Olivia

    Yeah right. Save the whales. While wearing leather shoes. I guess caring about animals only extends to the cool ones.

  • c

    Yeah but she never claimed to be all save every animal.(unless she did, then nvm) She just seems to really love whales, and therefore is really focused on helping them. It’s great what she doing, but I’m sick of people making her out to be some amazing, completely mature human being. Supporting a cause you feel strongly about doesn’t just put her miles high above her peers. She’s still young, has partied and acts her age a lot of the time.

  • hOT DOG

    Those nude pumps are not cute on her, (only on Angie, cause she’s got the legs for them) and carrying that sign WITH your designer bag….a little distracting.

  • _

    she is soo nice =]
    i love hayden!

  • _

    does hayden sing???????


  • t

    2 dozen supporters….. that sucks lol

  • Al Gore

    while she’s at let let’s make sure she goes and meets with the eskimos that do alot of the whaling, or what, that wouldn’t be PC now would it, she’s better off meeting with people from countries that don’t whale, what an idiot. If people like this didn’t have their looks they wouldn’t have anything, and looks don’t last.

  • Ave

    wtf? don’t they eat the wales they kill? she needs to keep her nose out of other peoples business!

  • PR at its Worse

    So many issues facing this world, and I have nothing against saving the whales. But this is clearly a PR stunt, she and her momanger, and team cooked up. The shortest cheerleader in the world needs to quit, she’s to obvious.I Dont believe she’s being honest-no way.

  • fresh


  • bottlerocket

    She’s saving the whales but I bet you she still uses make up that contains whale fat in it…
    Starting with Revlon, going up to every designer makeup line there is…
    THat’s a little hippocritic… plus she once said she was a veggi, but she wears leather almost every day….
    I think she’s a little fake

  • curious

    Why Didnt Milo Go With Her? Stephen Colletti Went 2 A Protest She Participated In Last Year

  • Madonna

    Good to see she’s doing good for her community (the whales).

  • niki

    the whales could kill the people that eat them with the high level of mercury in their blood/meat. she’s not just saving the whales but she’s trying to raise awareness in the danger of the whale eating tradition

  • The Arab Aquarius

    She’s a Hero! For real…..

  • Kamelia

    She’s doing a really nice thing and that’s positive. BUT, the only thing I have to remark is that there’s not even one single spontaneous picture, she’s looking like she’s posing… I don’t know if this is a publicity stunt or not, at least she’s doing a good thing, even if I wish she was protesting for all the animals and not only for the whales, with all the due respect for whales :)

  • rosy

    this is so shit! UNJUST.

    you know what?
    America was cathing alot of whales JUST get oils of them

  • Maggie McAdams

    Why always looking away when there is so much to do in your own country? This all thing seems to be kind of disconnected from everything…

  • woop!

    uuhhh…two dozen does that say? As in 24 people? Big turn out…

  • woop!

    I have to say, I think Hayden is way over stepping herself. Shes 18 years old for gods sake! I would be really offended if I was an embassy official and some 18 year old started lecturing me on policies. As a celebrity her main purpose is to bring awareness to the public, not to be lecturing politicians.

    Learn your place Hayden.

  • Halley

    Whee she’s daring to be captured and living dirty, abused and tortured with greenpeace-terroists type people again..

  • remember da truth

    No wonder the world laughs at Americans! You people are so stupid!

    She is meeting with key officials in Washington, not a RALLY, idiots, that’s why only 24 selected people.
    Yes, posed pictures to get the media to cover the event — notice you’re talking about whales and you wouldn’t be otherwise. That’s how it works, again, you are IDIOTS!

    Now meeting with the major whaling countries (yes, these countries DO whale, IDIOTS!) about their policies. Eskimos don’t kill whales in bulk, and it’s part of their culture. NEVER have Eskimos and other indigenous peoples been part of the worldwide whaling bans.

    NOT hypocritical to wear leather (which has nothing to do with being a vegetarian, IDIOTS!) when there is a huge difference between an animal raised to be slaughtered HUMANELY and hunting wild creatures.
    And how do you know she’s not wearing eco-friendly makeup? IDIOTS!!!

    It’s so friggin’ obvious that you all sit on your asses all day and are embarrassed that an 18-year-old has done something more meaningful with her life ALREADY than you ever have or will!! Get over it!

  • remember da truth

    And who cares what part of the world you are helping people — are you saying that only animals and people in the borders of the US count?

    What a bunch of idiots! No wonder most of the world considers Americans to be uncultured, stupid, and willfully uneducated. You people give Americans a bad name. Go back in your holes. Better yet, I hope you never have children so the likes of you can die out.

  • jacky

    I love her!

    She is great!

  • jacky

    She is great! I love her!

  • mmm

    theres more important things goin on . shes no activist.
    i find this insulting.

  • okkie

    She will continue to support “the cause” as long as it gives her press. That’s the kind of commitment she has to the poor whales.

    I personally think it’s awful to see a bad tv actress playing the police of the world and wagging her finger at other countries when there are so many wrong things going on with the enviroment of her own country.

    But that’s Hollywood to you .*shrugs*

  • Susan

    Good for you Hayden. It’s nice to see young hollywood step up for a good cause.

  • Shannon

    Good for her! It’s refreshing to see someone so young, so passionate about a cause. I can’t believe some people are being so negative about it, even if you don’t agree with her particular cause she deserves some respect. Love ya Hayden, keep your chin up

  • Ashleeeey

    Look at this from the other side… someone has to protect the whales… it works only when the famous person doin’ it ;/

  • http://JUSTJARED.COM nunny

    yay..she’ll say the whales when she is wearing leather or her red leather bag!!
    like wtf
    hopefully she doesn’t get knocked down with the pole again while on the surfboard…….lmao

    but seriously she needs to support things that don’t contradict themselves…i’m mean come leather bag..but i’m going to save the whales..

  • Niny

    i live in iceland! im totally against whale hunting! I’m on Hayden’s side! she needs to come here!! seriously!

  • love

    Bleh! Stay away from Japan Hayden. We don’t want you here!
    Hello Kitty

  • lee


  • ej me

    Some people said it so right; We have too many problems here concerning humans. Why try to change other cultures—look inot your own society. but I guess that would not get you that much fame.

  • dsfds

    YAY HAYDEN :) You rock!

  • zzzzzz

    she blows and so many children and issues need attention ,this is it?blehhhhhh

  • dt

    What a shallow cause. Homelessness, World hunger, Darfur, Aids, but she decides to save cute whales? Shallow.

  • lu

    I think it’s all for publicity. I mean, it is a good cause but I truly believe there are more important things to fight for in today’s world.

    I don’t like her.

  • Cynthia

    Whales are harmless creatures, they have a right to live and reproduce. Kudos to you Hayden!

  • Jamie Insider

    Good stuff!

  • Shanti

    Don’t forget guys!!!

    Her boyfriend is a vegetarian..I think she is balancing her life with the vegetarian man!

    Don’t you think…:) What a healthy life they have!

  • Nicola

    Oh as usual it’s so easy for those generally negative, unhappy, jealous types to say “omg what a PR stunt she ain’t sincere Y’ALL”.

    Who cares? Raising awareness of animal cruelty anywhere, by anyone does help.
    Conveniently forgetting she randomly turned up in Japan without thinking paparazzi would be photographing her (and without makeup and a starbucks :O Oh my!) is kinda silly, imo.

    I say go her. Most 18 yr olds I know are obsessed with drinking (I’m british), partying, having sex with 50 guys a week etc. I think it’s great she’s doing something mature like that.

    So STFU to you haters :)

  • allan

    She even made it to the norwegian newspapers! -but I figure they actually have less influence in world than Heroes ;)

    The Norwegian ambassador was not impressed, however;
    “She stayed here for about half an hour and delivered well-known arguments against norwegian whailing. They were that the whales are under threat of extermination, specially intelligent and that it is dangerous to eat whale meat.
    The young actress seemed extremely self-centred and somewhat of an prima donna. «Do you love animals», and «have you ever been swimming with whales», she repeated without showing interest for the scientific founded arguments supporting whailing. The whales are not threated by extermination.
    The most important to her was probably that she could say she had been here and delivered a protest.”
    “According to him, last year, norway used about half its quota of 1000 animals. In comparison, it is between 150 000 and 200 000 minke whales in the north atlantic.”

    -But I suppose we all can agree that whales are killed in a less than humane way…

  • woop!

    I agree with what lots of people have been saying. While it’s good that she has a ’cause’ she’s bringing attention to, it seems like kind of a waste of celebrity as there are more important things in the world to worry about.

    I also think she’s being very childish and disrespectful to these ambassadors and politicians she keeps blabbing to. The have worked their way up to become important figures for entire countries. Shes famous for being a hot cheerleader. BIG difference chicky. Personally, I would be insulted if some little girl came in and thought she had the right to lecture me on policies.