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Jake Gyllenhaal Remembers Heath Ledger

Jake Gyllenhaal Remembers Heath Ledger

Jake Gyllenhaal stops to grab a cup of coffee in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday morning.

Earlier this weekend, Jake, 27, was spotted hiking at a Los Angeles park with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon and her two kids, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4. It was the first sighting of the star since his Brokeback costar Heath Ledger‘s passing.

It was reported last week that Jake was in New Mexico shooting his new film, Brothers. Presumably, he flew back home recently to attend the private memorial service for Heath, which was attended by his close family and friends.

Jake is the godfather of Heath and Michelle Williams 2-year-old daughter Matilda.

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  • talula

    Can’t stand him anymore with his fakery business. Heath was always more real.

  • sara

    i fell in love with him since brokeback mountain i think he’s atalented actor and really good guy love him and heat tooooooooooo

  • remember da truth

    Jeez. Here was a nice thread, nothing like asking about his clothes or anything, just hey, this nice guy was at the memorial for his friend and the father of a child he is the godfather to.

    And sure enough, the lowlifes come out right off the bat.

    If you can’t stand him, go find someplace else to be a loser. YOU aren’t real, you are just a waste of air and space and no one will mourn YOU when you go with so much hate and nothing but bitterness and judgement in you.

  • kalle

    Nothing but utter respect. Great guy, great actor. I truly feel for his loss

  • loreee


  • emma

    Being Matilda’s godfather is a big responsibility now that Heath’s passed. Heath didn’t have any brothers and Michelle doesn’t have any brothers.

  • Helena

    He looks very sad.

    On a lighter note, some people have arrived at the SAG awards, hopefully you’ll post some pics!

  • jean

    So Sad what a great actor to lose… Jake is i’m sure devastated for the loss of his friend, to be chosen to be the Godfather of Heaths child shows that they were close friends and I really don’t think the comments that certain people leave to mock Jake Heath would agree too.. Keep the negative comments to yourself.. RIP Heath now you are getting peace…

  • Natalie

    Such a sad situation. “Sad” doesn’t even begin to describe it but i couldn’t think of a better word. I hope Jake, as the godfather is going to be there for Matilda and Michelle too.

  • nicole m

    I know Jake’s going to be there for Matilda. Heath would not have made him Godfather if it weren’t true. I feel so sad that he had to loose his best friend.

  • nicole m

    I meant lose

  • Regina

    Wow this site was going really slow.

  • cscs

    the title tells me nothing

  • cscs

    oh wait

  • Oye

    I cant even begin the imagine what he’s going through. He must be all over the place. :(


    I like how Heaths’ funeral arrangments was handled. Private, family and friends only.

    Though he may have been a public figure, we don’t and never will know public figures as their family and close friends know them.

    I think his arrangements were handled with dignity. None of the outlandish spectacles we see in funerals these days e.g., Anna Nicole.

  • luckyL

    It still feels like it was just yesterday

  • nenia

    talula, your message says more about yourself than Jake. I think it would be time for you to move on rather than keep littering websites, taking advantage of a terrible loss like the death of Heath to make personal attacks on Jake. Crowl to your friend TC and perhaps start asking HIM concrete evidence of his claims, I think it is about time someone does.

  • vitoria

    jake is awesome and heath was awesome.
    i still can’t believe it happened :( so so so sad!
    heath was an amazing actor, and so is jake!

  • angell cakes

    i didnt know jake was the godfather of heath’s kid!! it must have it jake hard to learn about heath’s death.

    rip heath

  • The Arab Aquarius

    What a sad sad situation. Poor daughter

  • Susan

    I feel so sad for Jake. They must have been very close because I couldn’t imagine Heath and Michelle picking someone out of the blue to be Matildas godfather. That’s quite an honor.

  • mARLO

    Word is that Jake and Heath haven’t been close since the BBM publicity ended. Jake is only being drawn back into this because people have their own fantasies about who he is and about how close he was to Heath.

  • dd

    marlo if that was the case then why would heath have him be the god father if they were not close

  • Didi

    his friends dead and he’s off hiking. nice one jake. why dont you sit at home and blub uncontrollably like everyone else. have u no shame jake? heath ledgers death is the event of the century, forget princess diana, this one is where its at, and you’re off f*cking hiking.
    i dont care if people mourn in different ways and the calm scenery gives way to a silent reverie of contemplation about your life and where its going and how great your friendship with your best buddy was, going over memory after memory about how great the roll in the hay on that mountain top was. thats not the way you mourn for somebody like heath, because he’s bloody A-list. you should say ‘its soooo sad!’ constantly and blub and blub and blub until you have no snot left and your tear ducts die. thats how ur supposed to mourn him jake u useless, shameless t-urd.

  • the truth please

    JustJared, who says he attended Heath’s services? Do you have a link or something or it’s just bs?

  • casey

    Yes, Didi he has no respect for Heath’s memory!

  • fig

    :) @#25

  • You/Me

    Um ,hey idiots, in case you didn’t notice it was Heath who died not Jake. Jake is still in the land of the living, free to go hiking if he pleases. Heath’s father was out walking around, is he also selfish and disrespectful because he is breathing air and not sitting at home grieving? Dumb*sses, life is for the living. Heath was full of life and probably would not want Jake sitting at home bawling. Get a grip. Geez.
    and God Bless Jake

  • Didi

    sweet mother of all that is holy!….. You/Me it seems the part of your brain that comprehends sarcasm is a little underdeveloped.

  • tealeaf

    His godfather role is going to mean much more now

  • fig

    you/me you are an idiot

  • casey

    Hey why did you delete my comment? You don’t like hearing the truth, do ya?
    That instead of mourning his “pal” and seeing that his goddaughter is ok, he was hiking with Reese trying to act like a father to her kids, while spreading lies in the media that ” he was devastated”, that “he had to be calmed down”, “that he is too upset to talk to the media”, “that he was in NM and couldn’t take time off to fly to NY because he was filming”, “that he set extra security on set to protect him from the paps”? He is a fake insensitive liar that won’t in a million years become a third of what Heath Leger was.

    Heath carried BBM, if not for Heath Jake wouldn’t have been even for a second an A list attempt. But mark my words, BBM was the best performance Jake could ever muster, and it was the high point of his career. He hasn’t got a tenth of Heath’s talent, sensitivity, and humanity so he will be forever a B lister at best.

    And don’t bother correcting me posters, because you know deep down in your hearts that I’m right and I bet he knows it too. You all swoon for his looks but that’s not enough to make it in HW, with his money and connections and all.

    So, JJ will his PR demand that you delete this post too?

  • casey

    Oh sorry, JJ I thought you deleted my post! Sorry, man, I take it back :)

  • mARLO

    Heath only asked Jake to be the godfather after he dissed Jake by saying that George Clooney deserved to win supporting actor instead of Jake. It was a PR move and it was all for show. Jake has had and will continue to have very little to do with Matilda.

  • Lori

    The haggling about Jake being or deserving to be Matilda’s godfather is disturbing. Maybe for Heath and Michelle, it was just a sign of honor but not meant to be taken seriously? I mean, were they religious? I don’t think so.

    The whole thing just saddens me greatly.

  • anom.

    It´s ridiculous that people want to see Jake crying over Heath´s body like a widow.
    Come on! Everyone has a way of grieving for loss of someone.
    I think he is very sad but life goes on and maybe in the future he can do a lot to Matilda!
    He is a good boy!

    R.I.P. Heath!

  • Didi

    this is getting pathetic. are you lot brain damaged or something?.. does my message really sound serious? im taking the mick out of you lot who wont let the man finally rest, and for dragging this sh*t out for no reason with your ‘its sooo sad’ comments, not to mention criticising people who dont give a damn about his death like john gibson who shouldnt have had to apologise for his joke. lots of people die everyday so why is heath different and why does EVERYONE have to feel something. read the message again and then slap yourself across the head for being a nimwit.

  • Zoe

    Man, Casey you are paranoid, delusional and wouldn’t know talent if it bit you. You make yourself sound very dumb.

  • Kira

    Reese Witherspoon is a responsible and no-nonsense kind of woman so Jake Gyllenhall must be the same and, hopefully, he and Reese can have a close relationship with Michelle Williams as Matilda’s mother!

    My heart goes out to Michelle Williams with having learned that substance abuse might have led to the downfall of her relationship with Heath Ledger. No matter how wonderful or talented a person, nobody who “enables” is a hero and, unfortunately, tough decisions (out of love) must be made in relationship with another person.

    R.I.P, beautiful Heath Ledger!

  • Anon

    The more stuff I’ve been reading about Heath Ledger, the more I am convinced Heath was a better person. Jake seems shallow now compared to Heath. Heath was a real artist. He was out there on the edge. A very complicated intelligent guy. Jake seems kind of like a suburban, middle class blank slate. Blah. Him and Reese are two of a kind. They belong together. Mr & Mrs. Bland. You don’t really know if Jake went to some service. All you know is that he is rumored to attend. Maybe he didn’t. And all that godfather stuff! How many times has he actually spent any time with that little kid? As much as he was in NYC for a while, how much did he even see Heath? If Heath was so stressed and couldn’t sleep, could he call Jake up and talk to him?Were they that close even? I think some of you guys are still living on Brokeback Mountain LOL!!!

  • Poor Jake

    The poor man. He’s just lost one of his best friends, and now all of you scum come on here and make nasty comments??? People grieve in their own ways. I am sure that privately, Jake has grieved and probably will for many years to come. Shame on all of you who judge. Yeah, I bet you all live in glass houses too. You disgust me.

    Jake + Heath forever….

  • Jannie

    Fact is Jake has said NOTHING to my knowledge about Heath. For reasons unknown. To assume they were close is risky. There is no evidence of that. He doesn’t look sad, merely slightly annoyed at being photographed. And being Matilda’s godfather may be meaningless. She has a mother and the mother may not want the godfather to mess in her life. Making Jake the godfather was probably just a gesture. Anyway, Jakey always seems involved in some way with OTHER PEOPLE’s children. Maybe he can’t make any for himself.

  • KC

    Wow so many of you are sc*mbags only wanting to kick Jake when he is down. Just leave Jake alone already idiots. Really some heartless freaks here. Only a few who are rational and compassionate who understand that Jake just lost a friend. Doesn’t matter the nature of the friendship, it was clearly a friendship.

  • noia

    Not sure why people have to compare Jake and Heath all the time and most importantly they have to say one is/was better than the other? Who F* cares? Are they in some sort of competition? They are obviously two very different people, so what is the problem?

    Love how the scambugs also have to immediately trash Jake for going hiking with Reese and the kids as if he did some terribly awful disrespectful thing. Chill out. I know why you say those things, you would be thinking it was oh so wonderful and cute had Jake been snapped with Atticus and some male comapnion we all know. Retards.

  • H

    Why didn’t Jake go to NY? I realize he was filming but he was in LA this weekend so instead of being there why couldn’t he be there with Michelle? Busy Phillips (the godmother of Matilda) was with Michelle so you would think Jake being the godfather would have been there. I don’t know I kind of lost respect for Jake. At least issue some sort of statement that would be nice.

  • Anon

    You cannot compare Jake to Busy Philips. Busy and Michelle have been BFF since Dawson’s Creek days. Jake is not BFF with Michelle. And he probably was not BFF with Heath. I am NOT trashing Jake at all. I just think some of you are romanticizing that Heath and Jake stayed close and were BFF since Brokeback Mountain, and while they were probably friendly, they were probably NOT BFF. They probably stayed on good terms and spoke once in a while. But they didn’t hang out, talk on the phone six times a day, and spend Christmas together LOL!!! They aren’t Ben and Matt or even Leo and Toby. I think one of Heath’s closest friends was Ben Harper who is a Singer and I think Jake is close to his friend Chris. And probably Peter Sarsgaard. These guys both have a circle of friends and other people in their lives we don’t even know about. It is none of our business. We want things to be like the movie, but they aren’t. Wake up crazy people. Jake is probably upset and sad that Heath died, but I bet there are other friends who are more so. I agree that Jake looks more pissed about the pap pictures. He does not look particularly down and sad. You guys are nuts. Get over yourselves. Jake is not a bad person. He just isn’t the person you want to make him out to be. On one extreme you got people going “Poor Jake!” and on another, you got people saying, “Bad Jake!” LOLOL!!! This is nuts either way. Jake is Jake.

  • Mindy

    OMG he’s so hot!!!

  • Jill Paxton

    Jake does not have a ‘girlfriend’ aka Reece. He is a very aggressive and predatory gay man who cruises for men in parking lots. When he gets them home he likes to be ‘the bottom’. Reece is is beard. It is well known.

  • N

    Heath Ledger died alone without friends and without clothers in a apatment of another person. It is Hollywood! The worse society of world. Their people are false and useless. They are bad example for our society. It is time to update and test another actors and actresses. The world is so big and I am sure that they will find another talents!!!
    The die of Heath Ledger can teach the people have another mentality. Perhaps his died isn’t useless.
    Jake Gyllenhaal can go out of film industry and open a restaurant!