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Miranda Kerr: G'day Australia!

Miranda Kerr: G'day Australia!

High-flying model and Victoria’s Secret stunner Miranda Kerr glams up for the G’Day USA: Australia Week 2008 black tie gala at NYC’s Waldorf Astoria on Saturday.

The 24-year-old Aussie dimple-faced supermodel highlighted her toned back in a glitzy plunging gown.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr @ G’day: Australia Week

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Photos: Steven Henry/Getty, Workum/Callahan/Bauer-Griffin
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  • chic

    yay first… omg i luv her dress!!!

  • shannon

    she has really cute dimplez and her dress is fab!!

  • Original Amber

    Mmm…she is so hot and perty. Finally, a VS model who’s not a 10 ft. tall skeleton.

  • maz

    australian’s are hott

  • ricki

    She seems really nice and she’s a beautiful girl!!

  • Jughed

    Ooh la la! That is one HOT looking lady!

  • kendra

    luv Miranda she is beautiful and a healthy great model.

  • Tealeaf

    I missed the old days when models didn’t look like boney aliens.

  • becky

    she’s so gorgeous !

  • ricki

    She doesn’t look like a bony alien to me. I’m a little jealous about how cute her face is.

  • K-Mart

    I think it should be illegal for women to pull their hair back like that. I just personally dislike it like crazy. Let the tresses flow!

  • olympia

    love her dimple!

  • Madonna


  • whatever

    flat boobs and no curves? that’s odd for a underwear model. You would think she would have a curvey figure and not just be skinny.
    Very average girl without that gallon of makeup on her face.

  • Official PR release

    Oh, there she is! Cabbage Patch Miranda! She does love her publicity. Miranda is made of the best synthetic materials that her PR staff could find! For love of money and fame, she’ll let you fellas give her stuffing a poke to find out! Our factory artisans have really outdone themselves with this one – from the ever-present press releases to the manufactured smile! For those of you who don’t know, she is just like saccharin – sweet, artificial, and unhealthy when consumed in large quantities! Just call her “Sweet-n-Lowlife!”

  • lol @ #15

    Perfect! However, I think the ‘Sweet -n-Lowlife’ title might be out there already. I don’t think she is going to be able to find another famous boyfriend once the word gets out on how she tried to set the last one up.
    Her modeling work isn’t going so well on its own either. I think Victoria Secrets is the only one she has left and as already mentioned they aren’t featuring her much. Last I heard she wasn’t involved in the Superbowl commercial and she wasn’t with the rest of the girls in Esquire Magazine.
    By-the-way, it doesn’t seem OB was there with her. There have been two sightings of him in LA and the last one was Saturday.

  • Official PR release

    Well, # 16, there’s always Hustler magazine (if they’ll have her)! I think she’s not classy enough for Playboy or Penthouse. Maybe she can get Brandon Davis to finance some boobies for her. The only problem with that is the implants might be repoed whenever Brandon finally gets arrested for drug-dealing.

    Who’s already been assigned to “Sweet-n-Lowlife”?!

  • @ #17

    can you please let the factory know they have a few defects in this model. The face is way too shinny-greasy and how do such small flat boobs have stretch marks? Yes, look at the close ups.

  • lauren

    There’s something painful about that contrived smile and whenever I hear her in interviews, she does this really cliche Australian accent and always talks about how “grounded” she is. Ugh!

  • ana

    Wow, that’s shiny!

    I always find it weird when I see models and actresses and such looking so shiny. I mean, supposedly they have access to all these great products and professional make-up artist and what not, right?

    And # 16, what boyfriend? From what I’ve been seeing on the blogs she and OB knew each other, then went on two or three dates, then she started getting too cozy with the tabs and he took off.

    No wonder the man says dating is hard for him; it seems like most women he gets with are more interested on the publicity he can provide than in him. Even Penelope Cruz, who’s definitely higher in the pecking order than him, was using the rumours about the two of them to help her Oscar run.

  • e


  • Kara

    I just don’t think this girl is attractive when she’s not airbrushed into looking like something else. She’s very pretty in most of her VS shots, but that’s fake, we all know those girls are airbrushed to death in those.

  • giissie

    she looks pretty

  • mabelle

    U.G.L.Y and her face is way too greasy EWWWWWWWWWWWW.

  • JusTine

    kind of looks like a cabbage patch face over a doll body very gross, and her dress looks so cheap.

  • janea

    Who would wear clunkly black shoes with that kind of dress? Doesn’t she have a stylist? It looks tacky. Wrong shoes girl.

  • Did she lost her hair???????? and why her face is so shiny?????

  • yes, indeed

    @22 yes, it’s true. Look at her normal pictures here when she is just hanging out in LA with Brandon Davis.

  • Angel

    What a bad posture, she doesn’t look like a model at all. Everything is cheap about her.

  • lucia

    I am lucia and I have to say you that you are very biutiful for me

  • del9

    tacky very tacky, Miranda+Brandon Davies awwwwww what a nice greasy couple.

  • mimi

    They are the ugliest couple around she’s gross and he’s beyond gross.

  • Bethany

    For some reason she just doesn’t scream Victoria’s Secret model to me. She seems low-rent.

  • hahaha

    you can tell by the times that’s the first few post were very likely people from Australia trying to hype her here in the states. Sorry people, it ani’t going to work. People don’t like her here and they know what she is all about!
    HAHAHA, Orlando never acknowledged her and she talked about him all the time to the papers that he was her new boyfriend. She will just be known as some girl that he er,, well, how do we say it nicely, he err, had some fun with her for a little while. If she tries to talk about him more to the papers it will just make her look really bad.

  • misslovely

    Oh please Jared Why are you talking about her? she has no talent whatsoever and she’s not even that pretty.
    She’s just another famewh*re.

  • Another PR Release?

    I might have one – It’s greasy, sleezy, publicity-seeking girl! Do you think it’s too close to Covergirl’s ad?

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Wow, sweet and beautiful. I remember her in the “I Get Along” pet shop boys video in black and white

  • luckyL

    Cute, like a sprite.

  • aussie press

    the aussie press is making fools of themselves again. Two papers wrote about this event last week and both said they were hedging their bets on Orlando being here with her. So that didn’t happen either!
    How long are they going to milk this thing? I really hope it gets to the point where Orlando does something about it and really makes her look like a fool.
    Even if he didn’t walk the red carpet with her-which Orlando never does-there still would have been reports of him being there or arriving alone.

  • Catherine

    AH OH! I see wrinkles, Miranda. Better brush up on that botox.

  • luckyL

    Wrinkles? Where?

  • WickedWench

    Wow, somebody really forgot to wax off. Her face is water resistant.

  • to #39

    If you google Orlando’s name and news today, you’ll find a story about Miranda not being resigned with Portman’s, which we are led to believe is just fine with her. That way she can be closer to Orlando. This girl loves PR and will do anything or anyone to get it.

    The sad part about all of that is that Aussie press simply will not get it through their thick skulls that America does not want Miranda. She is not liked by the public here. The members of the public who know who she is do not find her attractive as a model. And people who know her as a person find her to be incredibly fake.

    I think this whole event last night was not well-attended by any really big name stars except for maybe Julian McMahon and Jessica Alba. Julian was there because he was getting an award and Jessica was there to present it to him. Other than that, just Miranda and some other D-list celebs attended.

    As for Orlando, he plays the PR game himself, so it would not surprise me in the least that they are dating. He doesn’t have much going on for himself right now, so maybe it’s okay to be aligned with someone who’s getting her name on the websites and rags.

    Since she’s been dropped by Portman’s and not included in Victoria’s Secret current campaign (according to someone else’s post earlier), maybe they can be unemployed together. They could leave the US for their own countries and live their lives without forcing themselves down our throats.

  • bird

    supernaked model oww where have you been? paps were missing you. ı’m sure you was missing them more.(wink wink)

  • to #43

    The press in OZ doesn’t know anymore. They are just guessing now. I think she was talking to the DT before but maybe if something happened and they aren’t together anymore she doesn’t want to tell them that and look silly. It doesn’t make sense now. If they are still together why keep making a fool of yourself by saying he is going to show up and he never does and never acknowledges you exist. Thats why it seems to me that maybe it is true that she tried to trick him over Christmas and they are no more. If they are still dating she is allowing him to let her look like a stood up idiot and the pr can’t be worth it because she just looks like a fool or worse a ho who gets around.

  • http://to#43 to #43

    here is where it was said in the aussie press they were thinking he would go last night..they didn’t know, just wishing However, back in Decemeber it was obvious she was speaking with the DT and others since they had exact quotes and they met her at the airport and she posed with her cell phone that she was just talking to orlando on. Oh, and, she hinted at him coming out there “by the end of the week”. which no one but her could have known to tell them.Since he didn’t show there is no telling if she told them anything else or why. Maybe they are just holding out hope for her.

    And please note the DT is still lying for her about her age. She is 24 and will be 25 in April.

    Edition 1 – FIRSTTUE 22 JAN 2008, Page 020
    Special role for model Miranda

    FROM Gunnedah to Manhattan, model Miranda Kerr will step out this weekend in New York to display her Australian pride at the finale of this year’s G’Day USA celebrations.
    Kerr will be one of the special guests at the sold-out Merino 200 and Jacob’s Creek Australia Day Gala at Manhattan’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Sunday.
    It’s not known who the Aussie stunner will bring as her plus-one to the black-tie gala, although she’s rumoured to be dating heart-throb Orlando Bloom.
    Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon will be honoured at the party.
    He will be introduced to about 1000 guests by his Fantastic Four co-star, A-list actor Jessica Alba.

    Sydney Confidential

    Kerr on top of fashion world
    NO matter which way you look at her, Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr is one model on top of her game right now.
    Posing on a towering Tokyo skyscraper for the upcoming autumn/winter collections catalogue for David Jones, it’s easy to see
    how Kerr has gone from ordinary Gunnedah gal to all-conquering queen of fashion.
    In a testament to her rising star status, the leggy stunner has also been invited to be a special guest at the sold-out G’Day USA Australia Day gala at iconic Manhattan hotel, The Waldorf Astoria, on Saturday.
    While many eyes will be focused on her, there will be equal attention given to her date for the night — with most hedging their bets on it being Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom.
    Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon will be honoured at the glamourous black tie event, after being introduced to the 1000 guests by his Fantastic Four co-star Jessica Alba.
    Kerr’s latest Japanese shoot for David Jones follows her recent strut down the catwalk for the Aussie retailer alongside last year’s youth brands ambassador Elyse Taylor and the face of DJs Megan Gale.
    While Gale has announced she’s stepping off the catwalk to focus on pursuing a film career, a long-term deal will see the veteran clotheshorse step out as brand ambassador for the department store for a while yet.
    Could the 23-year-old Kerr be the next in line to wear the crown as DJs catwalk queen? +++

  • lola

    She’s fabulous! But her dimples make her look much younger, so every time I see her in a Victoria’s Secret commercial I’m sickened, until I remember she’s 24 and not 15.

    –read my blog at

  • to #43

    Please refrain from trying to speak for all of America. There are MANY of us who quite enjoy our doses of Orlando and would be most unhappy if he were to go away.

  • lauren

    It’s not just America that dislikes her. most people i know (I live in Australia) can’t stand her. If anything, we’re tryin to hype her up so some other country will take her away from us for good! She does our country a disservice with that greasy forehead and her famewhoring antics.

  • Lise

    Too greasy to handle, and this fake smile has to go.