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Channing Tatum Joins 'GI Joe' Movie

Channing Tatum Joins 'GI Joe' Movie

Channing Tatum has joined the cast of G.I. Joe: The Movie, according to AICN.

The 27-year-old modern-turned-actor will play Duke, a field commander and second-in-command of the G.I. Joe Team after Hawk. Channing has starred in films such as Coach Carter, Step Up and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Other actors signed on: Sienna Miller as The Baroness, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaj (Lost) as Heavy Duty, Rachel Nichols (Alias) as Shana ‘Scarlett’ O’Hara and Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock From the Sun) is also in negotiations to join the project.

G.I. Joe: The Movie rolls out into theaters Aug. 7, 2009. Filming begins mid-February!

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  • Julie

    who cares.

  • Mel


  • Mel

    damn well 2nd and know 3rd hahah

  • Jamila

    What? Why the hell is brilliant Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing this crappy movie with these lame actors? (Hello, Sienna Miller and a Wayans brother?!) Career suicide, man….

  • Donna

    wow, he looks like wentworth miller here

  • Donna

    wow, he looks like wentworth miller here

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I cant wait to see his new movie with Ryan Phillipie, I forgot what its called, hehe.

  • carla

    Channing’s playign another soldier. He’s always playing soldiers.

  • djodjo

    what’s up with the TATOOS?

  • talula

    He’s so hawt!

  • sharene

    somtimes he looks nice, but genereally hes look weird like his face is all swollen

  • Senem

    OMG he really looks like Wentworth Miller 0.0

  • Jon

    I think you mean “model-turned-actor” not “modern-turned-actor”… just saying…

  • shannon

    he does not look like wentworth miller channing’s hot

  • Naomi

    so hot!

  • ver

    This is his second time playing a character named Duke. And he could be Wentworth Miller’s little brother.

  • nel


  • kiss001

    the more i look at him the less he looks hot
    ehh idk

  • adam

    Ugh…..i am so over this guy.

  • Jason

    I am a member of the United States Military. I am very angry at the GIJOE movie being changed from Real American Heroes to a more global friendly picture that plays on the anti American sentiment. GIJOE stands for Government Issued Joes which came about during WW2 from a Medal of Honor winner. My self and other Military personnel are starting an email camping to boy cot Hasbro and all related items about the movie. As fare as I am concerned this is a slap in the face to all American Military world wide past and present. Any one involved in this Movie in any way is a traitor to the American Way of Life. Since when did it become so wrong to be a Real American Hero? To add insult to injury to all Americans, Cobra Commander is an American CIA agent turned traitor who ends up leading cobra. So an American in charge of a terrorist group!! Nice to see Hollywood is so Pro America??? 1 major insult I find is, in the movie GIJOE will fall under the command of the U.N. Since when did the U.N. do any thing for the world except complain and criticize those for taking action to help to help save lives?? Any 1?

    I am a United States Marine and a Real American Hero. As fare as I am concerned the actors of the upcoming movie have turned their backs on the troops of the United States Military.

  • Gabriel

    I am a former active duty member of the United States Military and completely disappointed about the way the GIJOE movie is being made. Hasbro and Paramount are more worried about profits then the American men and woman in uniform who are true GIJOEs. Hear is a quote from a former service member Retired Army Col. David W. Hunt, a FOX News military and terrorism analyst, called the scheme to make a whole new Joe “a shame.” G.I. Joe is a U.S. guy,” Hunt said. “What are we going to call it — Global Joe? International Joe? It’s kind of stupid. It’s ridiculous that they’re doing that.,2933,296054,00.html I can not believe an American company would turn its back on those who fought and died for America just to appeal to the global community. Their explanation is just a joke. I will be Joining Jason in the boy cot of Hasbro products as well as my family members. Why give our hard earned American Money to a company that cares more about profit then the people behind the GIJOE legacy, the United States Military Members. Another thing I have issues with, since when did the U.N. ever run GIJOE. their is no way in the world real GIJOEs bow down to that do nothing group. Like the guy Jason says above, Hasbro and Paramount pictures are traitors to the American way of life as well as any one who participates in the movie in any way.

  • Anthony

    You Jarheads are space cadets. Its only a movie, get over yourselves. Everyone thinks it is Americas business to fight the bad guys, get the girls, blow up everything Go Joe!!!
    In Europe in the 1980′s Action Force/ GI Joe was part of the UN. Like in Black Hawk down when American Rangers went into Somalia who hauled their Ass out? The UN. Who is the Biggest Debtors (People who cant pay their own bills) to the UN? USA. Who is America in conflict with in the UN ? Everyone. Do you ever wonder why no-one wants to haul you ass out of the fire in Afghanistan and Iraq and the more America talks more about Iran the further the price of Brent Crude (oil) goes up.
    Do you ever wonder why noone believes that Al Queda exists and that 9/11 never happened the way America claims it did. (Like the way the twin towers colapsed and the Pentagon had no plane wreckage)

    Because of these Errors the Dollar is crap, Russia is ahead at the G8 negotiating table and the Chinese own your sorry asses economically. I bet you never went to University, small town bible bashing rednecks.

    The Whole EU are laughing at you and saying I told you soon. Who cares about a film based on Ninja/happy soldiers and Joe. Wake up and get a life.

    A bit like the Mother at the passing out parade, “They are all marching out of step except my son! “.

  • http://buzznet yo joe

    Anthony, you suck. Ya you might have a few good points but you spew them out like a bitch and you miss the point. You sound like a racist too me. You don’t know if the vets above are white. Your a punk. Anyway, If you grew up with this stuff as many generations have, you want to see the movie producers hold to some of the history. Cobra commander was a part of Cobra La wich is much more interesting then him being a CIA traitor. This movie is not for the fans it is for money. The fact is Hollywood has run it self dry of origional thought so they take from the past and change just enough that they feel they have an origional product. Just look at what they did to Transformers. Ya, there all just movies but they also deliver something more then intertainment. It is a way back to your youth for a short period, something to tell your kids about and remember the fun. Unfortunatly movies are not made for the fans it is a business for making money. Shipwreck was not latino, “The Rock” come on not even close to Shipwreck. Some of the actors & actresses seem OK but I think you could have held closer to the “Real American Hero” try and match looks a bit…. Check this out, the guy that runs “TapOut” the clothing for MMA, he is Zartan, he looks just like Zartan and he even wears a hood and face paint, thats all I really wanted to say, Anthony got under my skin a bit with his smack talk. Yo, Joe. Peace…..

  • http://buzznet yo joe

    Entertainment, oops…

  • http://yahoo Mariah

    he is so hoooooooooootttt sexy

  • http://yahoo Mariah

    so fuckin sexy he gots the best body ever

  • John

    I am a former member of the United States Marines. The GI Joe movie 2009 release is a shame. It has gone from real American heroes to the biggest anti-American sentiment based movie ever. Making all but two members American is a slap in the face to all former and current members of the armed services. The cartoon and comics of the 80’s where about American military branch’s coming together as a team. GI Joe has all ways been an American standard and Icon for the children of the US. Hasbro and Hollywood are more concerned that if they did make GI Joe the way it should be made with real American heroes that the movie and toy line will not do well over seas. They claim its so every country can be represented in the new times we live in coming together fighting terror. But let’s get real it’s all about the money. Taking Real American Hero out of GI Joe is showing those that it is now wrong to be American heroes. At this time there are Americans fighting and dying over seas fighting terror and keeping America’s security interest in place. GI Joe may be a just a comic/movie and toy line, but for those who know how the name GI Joe came about are true Blue. GI Joe stands for Government Issued Joe, from WWII an American Medal of Honor winner 2nd Lt. Mitchell Paige of the United States Marine Corps. Look it up some time if you are really true Blue All American Military personnel are proud to call them selves GI Joes. It’s an American Calling card. I will be joining a boy cot as well as sending emails to all of my friends and family to not watch this disaster. Mark Walburn, who backed out of the movie when he read the script of the Movie. He was slotted to play Duke in the movie.