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Clay Aiken: I Don't Have a Desire to Date

Clay Aiken: I Don't Have a Desire to Date

Broadway star Clay Aiken is not in love and he’s not looking for love, he tells NY Magazine. Here are some snippets from his length interview:

On his social life: “Nonexistent, really. I’m not a nighttime person.”

On his plans to date someone: “Heck, no. My dogs.”

On never having had a romantic relationship with anyone: “I just don’t have an interest in … any of that at all. I have got too much on my plate. I’d rather focus on one thing and do that when I can devote time to it, and right now, I just don’t have any desire.”

On suppressing his hormones: “Ah think maybe I don’t! I mean, not really. I’ve just kind of shut it off, maybe. Is that bad?”

On bars and clubs not being for him: “The only reason people go to bars is to get drunk and have sex. To me, bars are what hell is like.”

And for kicks, here’s how the article ends: “Us. We. He uses those words like one of those aggressively married women. But then he is married—to his brand, his team of staff, his celebrity, self-promotion. That’s what he was trying to tell me: He’s promosexual. And in New York City, that’s not so unusual. Perhaps Clay Aiken will fit right in.”

You can catch Clay on Broadway’s Spamalot until May 4th. Read the full interview at

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Photos: Andres Serrano
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  • kk

    he is asexual

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Wow what a lonely life.

  • Sherry

    Gotta agree with you kk. And what an awful photo to use in the magazine spread. He looks like a young Manilow with a head the size of the Hindenburg.

  • rayt

    He scares me, literally actually. He really, really scares me.

  • katie

    he’s ugly!

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,mom and daughter.

    Don’t blame him, because every time he slept with a guy ,the guy always tell someone. Maybe he should start doing women.

  • Ana

    he is either asexual OR finally come to realize that nobody really likes him. lol

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,mom and daughter.

    I wouldn’t tell.

  • CrazyDaisy


  • pingy-ponga

    He’s gay or still a virgin!
    Maybe both.


  • pingy-ponga

    He’s gay or still a virgin!
    Maybe both.


  • luckyL

    Well that solves it. He is asexual and they used a horrible photo. I can understand the not feeling overly concerned to find a relationship and just doing whatever. I guess who could have added “Well if it happens, it happens, we’ll see” because now there’s going to be the spin on that he’s homosexual and in denial, lonely, etc. etc. I think he’s just sexless and a homebody.

    Clubs, for the most part, are full of sweaty, desperate people or middle-aged men hungry for young, barely-out-of-their-teens women if you have ever been. It can be fun with friends, and better at the more high-end ones, but I doubt he travels in groups. He seems like a loner and fine with it.

  • canton

    he’s really freaky

  • Hugo

    That is a Bad Picture of him he looks ewww

  • Orange Clockwork

    Oh, just come out already! It’s not like the world doesn’t already know.

  • a.e.h

    ew. he is gay

  • Al3ex65


    you people make me sick.

    leave people alone. stop guessing people’s sexuality. who the hell cares? its not you so dont worry about it!!

  • Teleaf

    I sort of understand him, dating and romance can be overrated, but I bet in a few yrs he will change his mind.

  • billy BALA

    wow hes weird?

  • sam

    He’s SO annoying!

  • bottlerocket

    He’s such a cat-lady!

  • Bella C.

    He’s a eunuch

  • akika666

    Ugh, that looks like an ATM surveillance photo.

    I don’t care about him either way, but he’s not a handsome guy (um… person…) and can’t afford to use such unflattering pix for publicity.

  • akika666

    Ugh, that looks like an ATM surveillance photo.

    I don’t care about him either way, but he’s not a handsome guy (um… person…) and can’t afford to use such unflattering pix for publicity.

  • ELlA

    Just leave him alone!!! If he is gay for real, so? I don’t care.

  • Halli

    That’s so not healthy. Love, romance, sex – thats a part of human nature. We ARE sexual beings. He’s sad and needs some help.

  • WE

    you know, only the stupid guys say those lame excuses. Why don’t you just say that nobody wants to date you? sorry Clay, i guess that no man dreams with you.

  • kathy

    I don’t care if he is or isn’t gay…But they coldn’t find a better looking photo of him…He is ugly

  • yfw

    well, he has tons of fans who’d want to date him.
    I think he’s asexual, though.

    kinda sad.

  • cutiepie

    Its official, he’s a freak. But I have to agree with him on the whole bar thing.

  • kimmy

    damn this guy’s butt ugly. and no not all people go to bars to get drunk and/or have sex. me and my friends go just to catch up with each other and hang out.

  • lola

    Awful pic!

    –read my blog at

  • Helena

    He has a face that you just want to punch. BADLY!

  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-

    I agree kinda of cause people these days aren’t worth dating cause no one is faithful now a days haha.

    But seriously, come on everyone knows its true

  • laurie

    Is that you Clay??? # 17 al3ex65

  • YUCK!!!


  • kath

    there should be more people who are as level headed as him. straight gay or whatever, he has an extraordinary talent. why can’t people focus on that rather than what they suspect they may or may not do in their personal life???

  • sillyme

    “well, he has tons of fans who’d want to date him”

    Do you mean all those middle aged women throwing their size 40 underwear at him? I don’t know what these old broads see in him, but for some reason they appear to be attracted to guys who look/act gay.

  • Jane Doe

    He looks to be an overgrown pre-schooler and sounds much the same. I can get that he’s not exactly outgoing or really interested in starting a relationship if he were not so dismissive of the whole concept as if people in general are just “yucky”. There is a fine line…

  • sue

    Yes, that’s a bad photo of him……..used intentionally to add more negative, ridiculous comments like the ones coming from you people.
    YOU are the ones who scare me. This whole interview was so full of underlying ridicule. And the one posted here, the “snippets” are even worse. The first 2 don’t even have everything that was said in regards to the bolded words.
    This has gotten so absolutely ridiculous…………If you don’t like Clay Aiken, then for sh%$’s sake, DON’T keep reading crap about him. If you keep reading it, just to make these snideass comments, what’s the point?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Go “waste” your time reading or stomping on someone you actually care about and leave this man ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s done NOTHING to you.

  • AQQA


  • Ghost

    What a little no talent Geek!!! If this is all it takes to be a star, I have him beet ten times over!!!! The little bitch needs to fuk-of.

  • kate

    ugly closeted fucker


    Of couse he doesn’t desire to date… He is a HOMOSEXUAL.. He can’t date women.. Plus if the Dixie Confederate flag wavin’ southern fatties come to their senses, Clay GAYKIN would lose all of his 2000 fans.

    This guy is in such denial. Just come out already.. He is so damn ugly!

  • Ely

    What a herb! Bars are not for people looking to have sex only, sheesh. When I saw his picture, and read the text, Im thinking ‘what is he?’ I couldnt pin point it, as if he cant be defined as anything, but that’s right! He i’s asexual, lol sucha weird little guy. A bit creepy, akward definately not good looking, dorky… Clay! its ok to be opened about your sexuality. If you’re trying to hide it from the media- they know. Your fans- they know. Your family- they know. Whatever you are, its ok

  • neil


  • glay2wanken


    WHO WOULD DATE HIM anyway?

    He’s the spawn of willy wanker and rosie odonnell!

    no wonder he likes webcam sex.

  • dorian

    His behavior and attitudes are the product of a very dysfunctional childhood like his…if you are aware of his life story its easy to see why he turned out that way…he was abandoned by a biological father, told him he was a mistake, his mother admitted to him that she didn’t really want to get pregnant at the time that she conceived him, and then when she married her second husband (clay’s stepfather) the man who he called dad did not fully accept him as a son but showed his strong feelings of resentment towards him…so what’s a boy to do…he started clinging to the females in his life his mother, her girlfriends and his grandmother…the females were his role models…
    I am not surprised at his deep rooted issues but i just hope that he himself is aware that he needs to process all that, get some help, make peace with his troubled past and move on with his life…
    It’s not just he’s struggling with his sexuality since so may gays are able to live full and happy lives but i could sense a lot of denial and hurt and pain in his face…

  • namewithheld


    LOL, jealous much?

  • Luis

    This is the most HOMO PHOTO i have ever seen