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Patrick Dempsey Skips SAGging for Racing

Patrick Dempsey Skips SAGging for Racing

Patrick Dempsey returns to LAX airport in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday after racing in the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona event at the International Speedway in Daytona Beach.

Patrick skipped out of the SAG awards to race. What a diehard!

His team finished 24th out of 66 cars due to a damaged oil cooler and the loss of 40+ laps due to repairs.

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Photos: MO/Danielle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • irina


  • Orange Clockwork

    Yeah. A diehard cunt.

  • meeee!

    love him! just not a fan of those shoes :|

  • V

    Still, not attractive at all.

  • JuLIA

    Grey’s Fans!

    please read & sign!

  • jewels94

    i saw a doll of him at KB toys

  • bbym

    love him.

  • Katie

    diehard? big ego ass is what he is

  • chris

    Looks pissed off

  • -_-

    hate him so much, him and ellen should go away and die.

  • 142

    ugly freak

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Wow. Now thats dedication. The race is much more exciting I am sure

  • Didi

    this guy is not attractive, youu girls must be blind or something. what the hell do you see in him?.
    he failed at a hollywood career before because he is a simpleton and an underwhelming character actor, hes also plain looking. anyone who isnt hypnotised by this idiot and saw sweet home alabama will agree with me.

  • chris

    he has nothing without greys anatomy he needs to lose the attitude be thankful

  • mary

    He looks like Gonzo

  • disssss

    patrick has a horrible attitude and he is plain looking ,only good thing about him is his hair.

  • crazy

    EP and PD fans have this sick fantasy of them becoming a couple, which I find extreamly creepy and offensive because they are both in commited realanships’s .

  • annoxious

    Yeah WooooooooHOOOOOOOOOOooooo……

    like…. all the posters are mad (taking it too personal)….. lighten up

  • zoe

    totally agree with crazy. still wished he was at the sag

  • claire

    If you guys hate him so much, why even bother commenting?


  • Officer Jim

    Umm, there were 66 cars in the race. The race has 2 classes, Daytona Prototypes and the less powerful GT class which Dempsey was racing in.

  • samantha

    I love him! He’s such a sensitive and humble guy.

  • alexis

    I was happy he didn’t show up at the SAg awards. He looked much more relaxed at Daytona. And HOT too. lol

  • alexis

    I’m glad he didn’t go at sag. He looked much more relaxed and happy at Daytona.

  • alexis

    I’m glad he didn’t go at sag. He looked much more relaxed and happy at Daytona.

  • amanda

    He’s grateful and he always thanks Grey’s Anatomy for his success. If you’re searching the DIVA in the cast, take a look at Katherine Heigl.

  • morgan

    He looks tired but still HOT!

  • mary

    Racing at the Rolex 24 was his dream. I’m so happy for him.

  • lory

    Love him!

  • kris

    he was 39th

  • ………

    Amanda, Patrick is just as diva as most of the cast is I’m afraid. He has more tardies than anyone in the cast and to use stand-ins more than anyone. I think it’s easy to point figures at Heigl even though I think in the long run she will give you the most honest opinion, and answer from any of the cast. Heigl admitted her diva moments, and I was “yes finally a celeb who admits their flaws and doesn’t do facades”. IMO all actors are divas to a degree and it’s not necessarly a bad thing either…….you need a level of confidence to succeed…sometimes confidence is misinterpretated as arrogance. It’s just honestly from PD and KH I think you won’t necessarly get facades. You will from certain other castmembers on the set, but in the end KH socializes more with rest of the cast than PD does. We have yet seen PD socialize with other castmembers……..just find that interesting…….

  • mary

    PD is more diva than ANYONE hes too big to even hang around his castmates. KH goes out with them

  • Stefanie

    awwww I love him! thanks jared!

  • sophie

    We aren’t on the set of GA so we don’t know who the bigger ‘Diva’ is. As for everything, the cast works long hours…and when they are off they probably want to spend time with their families. Katherine doesn’t have three young kids…Patrick does. So in addition to working he has pretty big responsibilities at home…its understandable why he would have the most tardies. As for socializing with the the cast…same thing…KH is a lot younger and has a lot more free time. I don’t think he is doing it to spite the rest of the cast…besides…before the twins were born…there were a lot more instances of him being out and about with everyone else. Since they were born…he has a full time job caring for them…when they get a little older things will probably be easier.

    As for who is a bigger diva…I am sure they all have their moments of being unreasonable. I mean who wouldn’t when you work long hours with the same people…it happens.

  • ………

    I really don’t see that as an excuse Sophie. I’m sorry…..Justin has five kids and in that he has a set of twins. Yet, he socializes with other castmembers ;). ITA on your paragraph on the diva moments. IMO I think celeb or non-celeb everyone has diva moments lol. I just find it kinda disappointing as a fan PD doesn’t socialize with any of the cast *shrugs*.

  • Brainysmurf

    The comments here are very interesting. I was just reading his page at another site, and PD is loved so blindly it’s a bit scary. I think he is good looking, I will admit to that. However, when I read an interview with him, if it is not a publicist run interview, he will without a doubt say something that upsets me. First, he dissed Private Practice in an interview when he pretended to forget the show’s name. Then, he is always saying how wonderful the set is this year (implying that he thinks it is better without Isiah Washington and Kate Walsh). Now, I just read another interview where he says it would be terrible to be the next Drew Carey. It seems as though excuses will always be made for him (he has kids, the interviewer was a jerk, he’s tired, he’s busy, he’s so unhappy with the Mer/Der saga……I can go on and on.), but I don’t know about PD anymore. I loved him in Can’t Buy ME Love, but he has since lost his appeal to me. I’m not bashing anyone for liking him, but I’m just suggesting perhaps you are looking through rose colored glasses.

  • sheila gonzales

    i think his a good husband and a father.that added to his super good looks.his eyes colud melt me.