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Rebecca Gayheart @ SAG Awards 2008

Rebecca Gayheart is fiery hot in a bold red strapless Marchesa gown at the 2008 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards

The 36-year-old actress, who brought along McSteamy husband Eric Dane, accessorized her look with Neil Lane earrings and a Mary Norton clutch.

10+ pictures inside of Gayheart and Dane @ SAG Awards 2008

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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Vince Bucci/Getty, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Lena

    Lol forget about her, Hello Eric Dane :D:D

  • anna

    he’s soooooo HOT!!!! ;)

  • LYB

    wow, that is a gorgeous dress, I love it, anyone knows who made it?

  • Deb

    Sorry dont like her or that dress!

  • lina


  • Dieter

    I love her smoker´s butt – I wana give her a valium shot in the butt !!!

  • http:/// ZANESSALOVER


  • Sarie

    Isn’t she the one who hit that kid and drove away? What else has she done other then be married to McSteamy?

  • null

    Marchesa (sp?) made the dress. Very pretty and dramatic. Not many people can pull that off, but I think she did because she kept everything else simple.

  • sparkle_moment

    Beautiful woman and beautiful dress!

  • Dieter

    hit and run is no major crime – it´s human nature to drive away. This can happen to anybody. A friend of mine was drunk when hit a woman and I hided him.

  • eva

    beautiful dress and couple. l lover her

  • Helena

    Why is there a random photo of Carla Gugino? Lol.

  • Keith

    #11 – She killed that boy she ran over in a hit & run. She is a murderer.

  • Dieter

    she is no murderer !!!! She didn´t do it on purpose – it was an accident. Maybe she noticed the accident, maybe not. As a matter of fact the accident (!!!!) had happened and she was nervous and panic and she drove away. Noone was hurt by her driving away in panic. The woman was already dead – if not: it was an urban area she was found immediately !!! Hit N Run in urban areas is overrated – it should be no crime, these day, if the victim is found anyhow. Why do you all forget that she didn´t drink or was an drugs !!!

  • Goof

    Dieter, I think you have your facts wrong.
    1) It was a little boy who died not a woman
    2) The other cars stopped to allow him to cross the street and she swerved around them, hitting the boy
    3) HE DIED!
    4) Accidents happen when you are paying attention and driving with both hands on the wheel NOT when you are trying to find and answer your CELL PHONE!!!

    The conclusion of this, drive as you were taught in driving school. Remember when they said accidents are avoidable. In other words pay attention to the road. Turn your CELL PHONE off!


    Dieter—-I could not be more appalled (and saddened) by your comments. Its obvious you feel really guilty about being directly involved with a hit and run—which explains your defensiveness.

    What Gayheart did was a stupid, senseless accident–yes–but she drove carelessly and she is responsible for a beautiful boy’s death. That is a fact, no matter what her intentions were.

    Personally, I don’t think she paid a high enough price in terms of court appointed punishment. I would be impressed with her if she EVER did anything since that would show that this tragedy had an impact on her. She could have done a lot of good by volunteering to keep this type of thing in the public eye so that maybe, just maybe someone else might think twice about driving so stupidly.

    Dieter—for once, stop excusing this type of behavior and think about that boy whose life never got started and for the devastation for his parents and family. Where on earth is your compassion for them?
    Give your head a shake. Or try this on for size: just imagine that it would be your little boy that got struck down dead by some chick in a car yapping away on a cellphone!!! Let THAT feeling sink in……..

  • barbie

    She’s a beautiful woman. I feel really sad though for the little boy that died, and in a way, this mars her beauty.

  • Dieter

    after all, she didn´t want to hurt the boy – everybody drives to fast once in a while; it´s not necessary to destroy two lives. Accidents happen. She has a nice smoker´s butt which I would like to bang the hell out !!!


    Dieter beware: your nasty energy is gonna catch up with you one day.
    I wish you peace.

  • carmen

    Did y’all see this gal in Urban Legends??? She is scary with those bug eyes—if I was McSteamy, she’d scare the bejesus out of me when the lights are out! Weird looking.
    ps dieter: you are a sadcase loser.

  • troy

    Dieter: its comments like yours that make remind me of the idiots that fill the freeways and clog up the internet with their mindless drivel. Scoot.

  • Madonna

    “Gayheart”? HAH!

  • Brainysmurf

    Did she really hit a child with her car?! Or is that just rumor? I had no idea. Did she ever go to jail?

  • Paige

    Brainysmurf, love the name btw, she did indeed.

    As per imdb:
    On 13 June 2001, Gayheart struck 9-year-old Jorge Cruz Jr. as he jaywalked across the street. According to the police report, the boy was walking home from school, and crossed the street about 160 feet from the nearest crosswalk. While several cars stopped to let him go, Gayheart allegedly swerved around the traffic and into a two-way left-turn lane, striking the boy; he died the next day at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. His parents, Jorge Cruz and Silvia Martinez, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit on 6 August 2001 against her. Gayheart paid for Cruz’s hospital and funeral expenses. [13 June 2001]

    Pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charge. She was sentenced to three years’ probation, a one-year suspension of her license, a $2,800 fine and 750 hours of community service. She was also ordered to make a public-service announcement. [27 November 2001]

    Later that year, she flipped a rental car into two parked cars with her father commenting that, “I’ve told my wife not to let her drive any more”.

    I wonder if she ever got around to that public-service announcement? And Carmen she scares me and apparently her parents too!

  • Ashley

    Eric looks hot i wish there were more pics of him

  • Booyakah

    #25 Brainysmurf, indeed it is true, see her bio on IMDB

    #22 Carmen, she scares me too!

    Another another matter Eric Dane is HOOOOOOOOTTTTT!

  • sara

    dieter is just some weirdo talkin’ sh*t to get a reaction. he’s obviously a loser who doesn’t get any attention in his/her real life so they come on her and try to get people to notice them by being shocking or rude.

  • Dieter

    Sarah if you don´t wanna take part in our discussion just leave it !!! I like Rebecca´s hot butt and don´t think that she got away easy or should have gone to jail. Accidents happen – she did nothing wrong.

  • Brainysmurf

    Dieter, it sounds like she indeed did something wrong. I’m sure Rebecca did not intend for the boy to die just like a drunk driver does not intend to kill someone with reckless driving. However, she was careless and now a mother is without her child while Rebecca gets dressed up and goes to award shows.

  • ben60002

    Does it actually say anywhere that she drove away after she hit the child?

  • Oscar

    @DieterDieter: You “hided” him? Oh brother….you sound real bright! It’s “it’s human nature to drive away?” Where are you from? You need help.