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Violet Affleck is Going to Pump You Up

Violet Affleck is Going to Pump You Up

Jennifer Garner and 2-year-old daughter Violet take a trip to “The Pump Station” in Brentwood, Calif. on Monday morning.

The Pump Station carries everything from maternity support-belts to nursing bras to toddler clothes.

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violet affleck pump station 01
violet affleck pump station 02
violet affleck pump station 03
violet affleck pump station 04
violet affleck pump station 05

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  • Cat

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Violet is so cute and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jossie

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L- GIRL

  • Lena

    It’s sad that we never see Ben and Jennifer together. It seems that she is always alone..

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,mom and daughter.

    Love these two.

  • salma

    so cute

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,mom and daughter.

    I heard she’s very smart for her age.

  • cute

    definitely beautiful :) both of them!
    Violet’s hair seems shorter is it just me?

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,mom and daughter.

    Wonder if she’s pregnant? and could it be the reason why they looking for a bigger house?

  • sarah

    I think Violet is cute but she is the only celebrity’s kids we see alot in L.A.other celebrities managed to escape papz and don’t go to places with papz there,but JG looks like she loves it.JMHO

  • I think

    that they are an easy target to the paparazzi: they stay at the same place and do the same stuff plus they never yell at them and they equal money

  • clown

    She loves the paparazzi, hey no one really cared about Garner until she married Ben. She never had that much attention and she loves all the perks that come with the attention. She uses her baby for attention and her fans are so gullible they actually think she’s a good mom. Other celebrities except Britney and Garner try to shield their children from the paparazzi. I really don’t get it why she would subject her child on a daily basis to let the paps know where they are going.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    garner really loves to show her kid off.

  • mia

    Does anyone else think she kind of looks like anna paquin?

  • J

    She seems like a down to earth mom that just enjoys taking her child out.

    There’s no strange media circus surrounding her like other eccentric celebrities with their children and since it’s Los Angeles wouldn’t there bound to be photogs lurking about?

    She hardly seems (from what we’ve seen in photos) like an attention whore.

  • isla

    The cutest baby of HW!
    Jen is a great mother!!!

  • madmad

    Both are cute, I love see Jen going out with her beautiful kid!!!

  • katie

    Awwwwww, violet is soo cute, I love this baby!

  • thanks

    Thanks JJ for these beautiful pics!

  • luckyL

    Ugh, boring. Terrible photo.

  • happy

    Violet is getting cuter every day. I love seeing her pics.

  • LION

    I want this baby to me! I want a kid like Violet, cute!

  • yeahhhh

    She is getting cuter every day, and Jen is the best mom

  • adorable_little_doll

    How more I see pics of violet, more I love this doll! CUTE!

  • asdfghj

    waste of a comment and have se% stop having it

  • cissa

    Both are adorable, I love the affleck family

  • Alwayslearning

    Love that picture of Violet with her little teeth. So cute.

    they live life as they see fit. The photographers aren’t being as obnoxious as they are with Britney. I really don’t see the problem. But I’m sure we can find something negative to say about ANYTHING

  • jade

    I like Jen and Violet is such a sweet little girl. Love her smile.

  • valery

    i have to agree with # 12

  • pl ain

    h o me l y k i d -and mom is over exposing her..blah

  • lola


    –read my blog at

  • laurie

    Jen seams like she’s a really good hands on mom…


    @ mia—excellent observation


  • gotit

    is jen still nursing violet? good for her. but she should quit soon if she wants to get pregnant again, it’s really hard on the body to be nursing and preggers.

  • Teleaf

    Violent looks happy

  • Violet is Happy!

    Great mother + great father = happy child!

    She’s a cutie and her parents are grounded like most of us! I enjoy the fact that Jen Garner takes her everywhere just like the rest of us do or did when our children were young.

    Just like other fathers, her daddy will become even more active when she begins to take dance, gymnastic, and participate in other sports. I respect Ben Affleck for staying out of the public eye after his previous exploited relationship.

  • ;;

    not cute her ears are floppy. how many times will jen exploit this child. ben hurry up and divorce

  • sue

    she is adorable!! but ben and jen hardly ever goes out together…

  • dsfds


  • to Sarah

    The pAps park outside her house and follow her when she goes on errands with Violet. Most dads (my husband for instance) dont go shopping with their wives. Thats a little gay. If you see videos (theres one on I believe x17 where shes coming out of the grocery store) all she does is go from the store (or wherever, ) to her car. THere are photographers around but she igores them and talks gently to her daughter. There is no fame wh*** G at all. She is just doing her business. The paps follow her and not some other people because she doesnt have security detail and she sells, obviously. You were interested enough to comment now weren’t you? Some of you are so jelous and bitter sounding

  • buckeyegurl

    Amen #40

  • Bridget

    I love these too. Violet is sooo adorable.

  • Contra

    Why is Jennifer teaching Violet to smile for the paparazzi, she needs to stop parading her around LA. You hardly see the children of much more famous celebrities because they care about protecting the privacy of their children and if that means they have to make some adjustments to the way they live, like not taking the child to the grocery store all the time then they do. Jennifer could learn a lot from them.


    @ # 13 mia

    I thought she looks like anna paquin too! It is the bottle opener gap teef..

    But she is very cute though. But they better fix those teef. She can do some mean harm to other kids!!

  • Julia

    Jen is not exploiting Violet! She wants to take her daughter out, so what? It’s not her fault she’s followed. She shouldn’t be expected to stay in her house all of the time just because paps shoot her. Violet is adorable. She seems happy. Jen always looks happy with her. Good for them.

  • http://deleted omg

    Fugly mom and fugly child, there is nothing cute about violet and jen looks like spock ,with her dumbo ears,now you all know that this woman loves the paps,most good mom shield their kids from the paps but this is the only way fugly will get attention., by parading her child around,that is the hollywood trend right now,before ben no one cared about this woman. Stop speculating about her relationship with ben who cares, they deserve each other. They look like brother and sister with a child that looks like like the product of interbreding. Besides this woman has herpes, so ben has to carry that baggage with him, who wants to sleep with either of these two anyways.

  • Julia

    Why would you say Jen has herpes? That’s ridiculous. You sound jealous.
    Jen shouldn’t have to shield her daughter. The paps aren’t hurting Violet. Violet doesn’t even look like she notices. If she shielded her, they wouldn’t be able to do anything outside of the house. Violet shouldn’t be shielded by living her entire life inside her house.

  • CelebreXXXViagara

    @ #47

    No Jennifer Garner, it is ALBA that has the HERP!! Free speech, free country.. It’s a gossip site, 75% of the stuff are true and some are not! Does Alba have the HERP, YES!!! Proven as it had been proven with Parasite Hilton!!

    If you don’t like the RAW details, please go watch MacGUYVER!!

  • neil

    OMG Her little teeth! Adorable:)

  • AMS

    Like someone said on another Jen G thread, KIDS NEED TO BE OUTSIDE!!! Those of you who are saying Jen should keep her in the house are complete morons. Why should Violet be cooped up in the house?? Because she is a celebutot? That isn’t fair to her. Jen is just trying to give her as normal life as possible. It isn’t her fault she is followed by paps! She is doing the best she can for her daughter. It is always the same sh*it from you haters. How about coming up with something original or get the hellll off her thread.

  • zoe

    aww…her teeth are so cute! i love this little celeb, stop with the bashing! i just wish her mommy was a bit more trendy…oh well, i guess natural is good too…