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Avril Lavigne is Not a Miami Mama

Avril Lavigne is Not a Miami Mama

Avril Lavigne, her Sum 41 husband Deryck Whibley and their friends enjoy a winter vacation in Miami on Monday.

Rumors have been rampant that Avril has a bun in the oven but her reps have recently shot down the pregnancy rumors.

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30+ pictures of Avril Lavigne sunning in Miami…

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avril lavigne miami 01
avril lavigne miami 02
avril lavigne miami 03
avril lavigne miami 04
avril lavigne miami 05
avril lavigne miami 06
avril lavigne miami 07
avril lavigne miami 08
avril lavigne miami 09
avril lavigne miami 10
avril lavigne miami 11
avril lavigne miami 12
avril lavigne miami 13
avril lavigne miami 14
avril lavigne miami 15
avril lavigne miami 16
avril lavigne miami 17
avril lavigne miami 18
avril lavigne miami 19
avril lavigne miami 20
avril lavigne miami 21
avril lavigne miami 22
avril lavigne miami 23
avril lavigne miami 24
avril lavigne miami 25
avril lavigne miami 26
avril lavigne miami 27
avril lavigne miami 28
avril lavigne miami 29
avril lavigne miami 30
avril lavigne miami 31
avril lavigne miami 32

Photos: Kadena Press/Bauer-Griffin, eNewsBuzz
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  • erin

    This girl is trailerpark trash.

  • perez

    I think she has serious mental problems. She treats her fans like dirt.

  • Erin!

    i lvoe her!

    hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend

  • lufti

    She has a terrible voice.

  • marcy

    Why is she famous? I don’t get the appeal. She can’t sing!

  • dinah

    Love the UGGs!

  • tony the tiger

    Avril Lavigne was origianlly a country singer from Canada like Shania Twain but hen her record label turned her into a completely fake manufactured tomboy with crossover appeal but it is totally fake.

    And she cannot sing AT ALL. I was completely shocked when I saw her lyp synch her way through a whole concert and then struggle to actually sing a few lines. And her music is getting more and more generic. Hard to believe she even plagiarizes that crap. When will Peaches sue her for stealing their musci?

  • goz

    duh! i dont like her music

  • cscs

    i don’t like her.

  • Vanessa

    she SUCKS, BEAN’S!!

  • me

    She looks very Lauren Conrad here. Someone should let her know that, it would be fun to watch her have a complete conniption fit.

  • maca from chile

    its okay =)


    i love her face in the main one, its cute

  • kate


  • ashleyfan

    i love avril she rocks!!!!!!!!!

  • avril hater

    i hate her.

    she’s ugly. she can’t sing. and she’s a brat.

    i hate her.

  • tyler

    NO! you know who she looks like? victoria beckham, esp. in the main right pic on JJ, where her mouth is open.

  • h_valentine

    she’s pretty and i happen to like sugary manufactured pop music
    but i definitely see where people who dont like her are coming from
    as much as i do like her (only for being pretty, not for actual talent), she is a sell-out haha
    even avril lovers can’t deny the transition from “f**k you i’m me, i’m a punk, i love sk8er bois, nobody will ever change me!” to the absolute girly girl she is now. all made up and that sort of thing
    i do like her but could never deny she was either fake back then or a fake now
    for some reason i feel like the “sk8er” days were the fake ones
    i kind of like this avril, as manufactured as her music and videos are now, anyone who’s seen “girlfriend” or “hot”

  • http://justjared rock chick

    everyone leave her alone she rocks.

  • kris

    i like her :)

  • bingo

    oh heeell no. She is so awful, she can’t sing, she can’t write, she rips off her songs, she thinks she’s a model and an actress. Puuuhlease, she is a total douche

  • Candy

    She’s so fake :(

  • vlover

    omg i love avril and no
    matter what you guys say she can sing,.

  • http://ddf Dana

    Vanessa Hudgens!!!High school musical!!!!Zac Efron!!!!Ashley Tisdale!!!


  • Naah


  • jacky

    I don’t like her!

  • pitsy Poots

    French Canadian trash. Dime a “douzen” ici.

  • Super_bitch

    She looks like Chris Crocker!!

  • CoMeIn

    More pictures ->

  • GabiBrazil

    I love she!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    her stomach looks very flat but if she is preg, then cpngrats

  • me

    She looks like Nicole Kidman’s younger sister! I love her though and her music too. She’s a great artist I don’t care how she is in life it’s her music that interest me more. Her music is really good and that’s enough for me!

  • x-becca-x

    i like avril n hey all you people sayin she can’t sing how could she av sold over 60 million records if she couldn’t???

  • celebrityfanchat rap

    i like her

  • Hailey

    love avril~

  • scarlett

    she’s awesome!! :)

  • mil

    she can sing and actually does have a lot of range.

  • notafan

    whats wrong with french canadians????

  • Alwayslearning

    Seems happily married

  • http://. selin

    biz adam gibi türküz yabancılarla işimiz yok avrıl seni seviyorum (muck)

  • me

    she soooo rocks!!!! i love her music!!!! she has a great voice :)

  • Caroline ariel

    I Love avril lavigne


    oh god !!!

    she already released 2 or 3 albums already

    how can you say dat she cant sing ??

    maybe you all are deaf !!!

    blind !!

    i even have her “the best damn thing” album..

    sure it cost me alot, but it was worth it !!

    her album was the bum !!

    i love you avril !!

    keep on rocking !! ;-)

  • luna mcfly

    avril rocks!!!
    she´s pretty she sings perfectly…and will always rocks if she wants to be a sk8ter girl she can, if she wants to be girly girl she cans, and that´s because she has her style that is a mix…
    love avril forever!!!

  • Robert

    Avril is a great singer-songwriter and a beautiful woman. She is way better than these ugly, talentless bitches like britney spears, hilary duff, lindsay lohan or paris hilton. They are crap. Avril rules and is real. And if you disagree i don ´t care.

  • kandi

    shut up all you people avril is really pretty i dont no what your talking about.and plus shes better then alllll of you your all just little nobodys wanting to start a fight.AVRIL ROCKS

  • ryan alfredo

    pues aqui a decir que avril lavigne es muy hermosa y quisiera verla algun algun dia en mi vida y tambien quisiera ver a mi otro artista avorito derick whibley que canta en sum 41 porque es super chingon ojala y algun dia los pueda ver de cerca o perdirles un autografo

  • Jetison

    i also think she has FUCKING SERIOUS MENTAL PROBLEM!!!
    always laughing like my old ugly grandma, SUCK!

    Her voice is soooooooo ugly; but it’s a gd way to kill my grandma through playing her songs~!

  • bethskater

    shes pure awesome, she has never lip-synched. shes is pretty and she not like others, she speaks her mind. she not a brat, u think shes a brat because she treats people like dirt. but she doesn’t, put yourself in her position and tell me how you would treat people, if every day u were crowded by paparazzi, and they did not let u enjoy one moment with ur husband.