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Tears for Spears - Britney Breaksdown

Tears for Spears - Britney Breaksdown

Britney Spears breaks down on the sidewalk on Friday, just outside her gated community in Los Angeles, Calif.

She left manager Sam Lufti‘s car and after walking, sat down and started sobbing.

On Monday, Lufti was interviewed by Barbara Walters on “The View” and said the singer suffers from “mental issues” and has seen a psychiatrist.

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  • jo

    look at what the media has turned Britney into

  • laila

    oi vey.

  • jo

    I just feel so sorry for her

  • b/w miller


  • erin

    this is so sad =(

  • katie

    i honestly feel so sorry 4 her i hope she gets the help she needs and someone actually HELPS her and doesnt sell her out which is what everyone in her life has done so far

  • jude

    Poor britney what is wrong now i wish somone can help her…

  • cory

    wtf. poor britney :(

    i wish she’ll be better soon and show the world she WAS talented before all this..

  • Mya

    Thank god she’s getting a little bit help. I’m scared of what might happen if she doesnt, to be honest.

  • Naomi

    Poor Dog..

  • angel hair

    why isn’t anyone helping and protecting this girl????

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,ass and OMG.

    look at what the media has turned Britney into

    They didn’t… Britney girl u need help. First you should DUMP that no good piece of shit boyfriend , then get yourself some real HEPL!!!

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,ass and OMG.


  • parv

    im not fan…i feel bad for her though.
    she’s got it really bad…as much as i hate to admit it…if things dont get better fast, i wouldn’t be too surprised if brit hurts herself…or takes her own life.
    i know its a mean thing to say…but looking at all these pics n videos im really scared for her. :-(
    i know the media is making it hard….so she needs to take charge n change her life. when u live in the public eye there are sacrifices u need to give up. i dont think its just medias fault…brit needs to do something about it. look at other celebs…they hate the attention, but handle it well.
    i think brit needs to leave la n go back to kentwood…get away from the lights n glare.
    its just my opinion

  • nancy

    I knew from 1999 on she is a total mess. It’s all on her…

  • shannon

    u know what i was like everyone else when it came to brit and the media it was shocking to see what she was up 2 bout now i feel sorry for her she look like she is really gonna lose it one day!

  • t

    like she says in the video while those shots were taken, please go away paparazzi.

  • dont hate me cause you aint me


    I wish she died instead of Heath..

    At least he contributed something to the world..

    Britney’s contribution is only greenhouse gases, the stupid fat cow!




    #1 Britney Spears is paying for the EVIL she did to SHAR JACKSON!! Don’t feel sorry for her! When Shar Jackson was in her house crying because KEVIN left her 7 months pregnant with 3 kids, did anyone say “POOR SHAR”??

    #2 There is nothing wrong with this MEDIAwhoring B*TCH!! This girl tried to take Columbus Short away from his wife also while she was 8 months pregnant. No one stopped her.. She did it to Shar Jackson, no one told her what she was doing was wroing or that it wasn’t appropriate.

    #3 She has no talent and now that she is washed up, she wants to get back her “CAREER”! That is over and done with.

    Britney Spears is using the PAPS as much as she can because withoput her out rageous antics, they would be stalking the other losers like Parasite and Blohan.

    Did y’all notice that the antics started with small stuff then it keeps escalating? Britney didn’t want the responsibility of 2 children. She wasn’t ready to begin with but because her mother was better friends with her daughter’s pockets than with her child, Britney made a lot of life long decisions that she couldn’t just take back.

    I am tired of the American public claiming this TRAILER PARK TRASH to be mentally ill. Not every bad distasteful behavior is the result of mental illness. Mentally ill people wouldn’t be seeking the limelight like this. They become reclusive, they don’t flash their crotch or wear white panties so they can get soaked with period blood. Yes Britney did go there.

    Tell me, how mentally ill is this slag, to sit in a pharmacy and look at pregnancy tests knowing that they will print it the next day?

    Britney is mentally ill alright, but she needs to be treated like an adult and people need to tell her NO for once and then she will get it!

    Perhaps all of the Tabloids should not air 1 Britney story for 2 weeks, and you guys will see her behavior. She is a disgusting PIG and so is her mother and that other slut, Jamie Lynn!!

  • Maria

    does Britney suffers from post pardom depression after giving birth to her second child?


    Look at this disgusting woman at your own risk… GROSS ALERT!!

  • Boone

    People should stop following britney around. Leave her alone. It’s sad…

  • kathy

    #18 looks like u or a close family member will die soon. wishing death on others only brings it closer to you. brit get better plsss


    @ #20

    Britney suffers from the reality that she is an adult and she is the one that destroyed her life.

    How come Shar Jackson didn’t go Batshit crazy? Afetrall, Shitney took away her kids father..

    Britney has what is called a Histrionic personality and she is also extremely DEPENDENT. Britney needs to be told NO by everyone.

    She needs to take responsibility for her life and her choices. I am tired of people with no background in Psychology or Psychiatry claiming she is mentally ill.

    It is not that simple.

  • Ely

    No shyt Sherlock, of course she has problems. The sad thing is, is that the media (paparazzi) has turned it all into a money maker, because we the public feed off of this and call it ‘celebrity gossip’. This isnt gossip at this point, its sad because its someones life. Britney is a mother and daughter before anything, and it would be great if she were given the respect and privacy that we would all want in a time of distress. She’s become a joke, and it’s not really her fault. The poor girl is being stalked at all time of day, and all her lows are being highlighted. Its so unfortunate. This is a prime example of paparazzi gone mad, to the point where they’ve crossed the line, almost like Princess Di, only that we’re watching Britney’s crash in slow motion; shes slowly being pushed over the edge.

  • Piper

    feel bad for her? uh, no.
    take off. you can afford it.

  • dont hate me cause you aint me

    yeah ok kathy!!

    talk about being full of sheet!!

    I wished her dead INSTEAD of Heath!! Not like its going to happen though..

    Did you know that supporting fat ugly white trash brings it closer to you? oh wait!! You’re already a fat ugly piece of white trash!!! LMAO

    Do you understand how ridiculous your nonsense is? Idiot!

  • irina

    well, maybe she will understand who is her real friends are. her mom would not go on tv to talk about her. she made her bed now she has to sleep in it.

  • elia

    I feel bad for her no matter what. I wish she can get better and live a better life.

  • goz

    she needs help NOW!

  • Didi

    Amen! #’24 is completely right. stop feeling sorry for her. her only illness is being a spoilt little brat. if she got some beatings when she was little she wouldnt be the way she is now. i hope lynne is happy, its because she pimped her daughter out for 20 yrs and treated her like a pension investment. parents who use their kids deserve to die.

  • Marieme

    Get thee to a psychiatrist, you looney.

    That poor puppy.

  • Sabrina

    oh god, i feel bad for her ! she neds REAL HELP urgent. i’ll die if something bad happens to her

  • Didi

    #33 u need to go get help. is your life that shallow that you’d die if a celebrity dies? who gives a sh*t if she tops herself. good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • neil

    From what I know of her she expects help but she doesn’t take advice. Doesn’t she surround herself with enablers? It’s allmost like her wealth and fame are more a hinderence to her way out of the morass that she helped create for herself.

  • irina

    #24 are you Shar Jackson? sees like a lot of hard feelings. And as far as her mother go I would not blame her. Christina and Justin turned out just fine. And on the other side Britrash was okay unitl she decided not to have a relationship with her mom.

  • Sabrina

    # 34 it’s a form of expression !

  • LT

    I feel bad for the poor innocent dog! Does she ever provide water for him? He is traumatized over the constant chaos surrounding her. Please leave the dog in safe hands!!! Brit please get help. You are scaring everyone!


    leave the girl alone…but karma is something.i bet Shar Jackson is having a ball.

  • neil

    If something happens to her (and no way am I wishing for that) her mother will find herself in the middle of a firestorm. Where there is smoke there is fire and she will have a lot of fingers pointing her way.

  • Didi

    LT is right. wheres animal welfare? get that dog to a safe house

  • Sarah hallesright

    She has BPD ’tis all.

  • Didi

    someone call tom cruise or mk olsen, they’ll know what to do. they have the answers to everything.

  • um

    this is not cool anymore to watch-this woman needs some serious intervention. and people need to stop photographing her.

  • hayden P

    save the cute puppy!

  • Nicole m

    I hope she will get help. I know this sounds harsh but if her family really loved her she would have gotten help a long time ago!

  • http://justjared love life

    Shame. She needs good friends and family to pull her off the trainwreck she is magled up in. Hope the papafuckstiks are happy

  • Alysa

    I feel bad for her. In the video she asks that the paparazzi leave her alone. I feel bad for her. =[

    check out my blog at

  • AB

    its sad how shes crying on the sidewalk..and the paparazzi still takes pictures!..grrr i hate those money hungry piece of shiizzzzz

  • yobi loves britney

    leave her alone!!!! omggg. its getting ridic.

    poor brit :(

    but at the same time, stay the fuck away from adnan you fucking biotch!! love you ,but cmon!! kjghdgkdfhgdkfjgh!!!

    justin, save her :(