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Hayden Panettiere's Whale of a Tale

Hayden Panettiere's Whale of a Tale

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere continues her effort to lead the fight against commercial whaling with a news conference on Tuesday in Washington D.C.

As the spokeswoman for the “Save the Whales Again!” foundation, Hayden was joined by John Kerry and Nick Rahall

35+ pictures of Hayden Panettiere‘s whale of a tale…

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hayden panettiere whale speech 01
hayden panettiere whale speech 02
hayden panettiere whale speech 03
hayden panettiere whale speech 04
hayden panettiere whale speech 05
hayden panettiere whale speech 06
hayden panettiere whale speech 07
hayden panettiere whale speech 08
hayden panettiere whale speech 09
hayden panettiere whale speech 10
hayden panettiere whale speech 11
hayden panettiere whale speech 12
hayden panettiere whale speech 13
hayden panettiere whale speech 14
hayden panettiere whale speech 15
hayden panettiere whale speech 16
hayden panettiere whale speech 17
hayden panettiere whale speech 18
hayden panettiere whale speech 19
hayden panettiere whale speech 20
hayden panettiere whale speech 21
hayden panettiere whale speech 22
hayden panettiere whale speech 23
hayden panettiere whale speech 24
hayden panettiere whale speech 25
hayden panettiere whale speech 26
hayden panettiere whale speech 27
hayden panettiere whale speech 28
hayden panettiere whale speech 29
hayden panettiere whale speech 30
hayden panettiere whale speech 31
hayden panettiere whale speech 32
hayden panettiere whale speech 33
hayden panettiere whale speech 34
hayden panettiere whale speech 35
hayden panettiere whale speech 36
hayden panettiere whale speech 37

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  • amie.

    Finally someone in young hollywood actually MAKING things happen.

  • Mariana

    yaah =) cool

  • tom c

    Doesn’t this girl have anything better to do than to put all her efforts into whales?? What about fighting for the cause of orphans? Her priorities are screwed up.

  • Daniela‚ô•

    @ tom c

    Well at least she’s doing something! other than shopping and tanning like very other celebrity out there who don’t give a shit about anything.

  • save u s

    hint -dye your brows and roots faux blonde like your hair.
    uggggh this minnie woman is embarassing with the save the bout save the children many issues in this world that needs attention an this is what the worlds shortest cheerleader chooses-for publicity mind you.uugh.

  • luckyL

    She’s pretty but I wouldn’t call her “hot”, “sexy”, etc. She is just pretty.

    I really want to know her reasons for choosing the whale. Someone interview this girl.

  • jess

    hey at least Hayden is doing something productive with the strike thing going on I love Hayden she is such an amazing young woman who says what she believes and stand gor it GO hayden

  • t

    who cares?!?!? the best thing about this girl is her sexy boyfriend….pervy but sexy

  • dolcebaby5

    i lovee hayden!!! she is sooo pretty im a huge fan of her!!! and she is not only pretty shee really cares about the world and helping with the whales i think it is cool she is trying to do something and she is really doing it sooo GOOD FOR HER!!!
    lovee hayden panettieree

  • kujira

    does anybody take seriously about this things in US?
    in here, nobody pay attention about this.
    I’ve never seen this on TV, magazines, papers in Japan even she came to here.
    people who love gossip know this from other country gossip blogs like Jared.
    when she came to Japan, some of gossip blogs wrote about that, but than non of gossip sites in Japanese wrote this now.

  • kristin

    gooooooooooo hayden and john kerryyyy!!!!
    yay im glad she is actively involved in this.

  • MMM

    her hair always looks so dry and brittle. yuck

  • MMM

    plus, she needs to get rid of the fake eyelashes…what if they fell into a whales mouth???

  • goz

    cut the act already

  • Amelia

    Celebrities don’t normally bother me but I can’t stand this chick.
    Every interview I’ve heard from her just sounds like she’s 50 years old.
    She’s definitely being coached by someone to say the “correct” thing and it just doesn’t fit her age. She may care about Whales but other than that she seems very fake to me.
    Just does not come across as being very natural.

  • Jamie Insider

    Nicely done!

  • Jamie Insider

    The bottom line is, she’s at least trying to make a positive influence unlike other celebrities who have the resources to help but choose not to.

  • good

    Thats great that she is doing this. Supporting a cause is better than not supporting anything. She’s involved in many other charities like Invisible Children and encouraging young people to vote. Those other campaigns already have many celebrity endorser but this one didn’t so she decided to step up and help.

  • anna

    The only reason some people are tired of hearing about this is because pictures of her are being posted daily but fighting a campaign is a daily thing and it’s not her fault every single time she speaks about her cause pictures of her are posted on gossip sites.

  • JuLIA

    Love that she’s supporting a great cause. The treatment of these beautiful creatures is just cruel and sick.

    Greys fans:

  • my name is

    I like her and all but she needs to go away for a little bit. If her boyfriend knows to step back why doesnt she?

  • tom c

    Whoa. Those fake eyelashes are something scary! Shame on you, girl. They resemble the baleen of whales– Oh, how could you do this to the very whales you so dearly love? Bat your eyelashes and fly away, little girl with stocky body.

  • !

    Has anyone else noticed that Hayden looks like Paris Hilton’s mother???!

  • G

    she looks chunky

  • Didi

    At least she is being productive, i know saving the whales is not exactly the most patriotic thing to do in the world/or for the world, but at least she is trying to do something.
    I dont like the girl, but c’mon –give her a break.

  • lee

    She should also criticize American (in Alaska) whaling.
    It’s a double standard.
    It’s unfair to criticize only other countries.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Go Hero Hyden! She rocks…

  • zoe

    im not fan of her but im glad she’s doing something to change the world…yes, whales isnt the first priority in this world but at least she’s trying. whale hunting is pretty disturbing…i dont live in japan but there has been news in hk recently bout it.

  • lemy

    this girl does NOT KNOW anything.

  • kenza

    She’s beautiful !
    I love her

  • lu

    yeah I think it’s weird that she is fighting for whales yet wears her leather boots and carries her leather bags. A little ironic if you ask me.

    Most people who fight for some type of animal, fight for all!

    It’s all for publicity in my opinion.

  • linn

    Euw shes just to much…

  • mila

    ahh cmon…. the leathers are fake u know!! like u dont know it!!
    and, perhaps she choose to save whales, because……….. she likes them!! helllooow???? she’s 18 and she likes whales for favourite animal so it is normal to willing to save them!!! it is pathetic to mock someone who is doing something good.. can’t u just keep positive with your mind???

    i love whales and dolphins by the way and i’m more than agree with hayden’s act!
    go away envious people!!

  • dido

    LOL! Look at all the dirty old men who went to see the “hottie” cheerleader.

    Save the whales my ass.

  • Dana

    Vanessa Hudgens!!!High school musical!!!!Zac Efron!!!!Ashley Tisdale!!!


  • jacky

    I don’t like her skirt!

  • Jess

    She has been a part of this campaign for years, before she was really famous… now because of her stardom, and the Save the Whales lack of a celebrity endorser (John Kerry doesn’t really bring in the younger demographic) she agreed to be the face of the cause. Save the criticism for the Lohans and Spears of the world.

  • Jo

    wow! She looks just like a doll!

    Check the movie EARTHLINGS and then come here to criticize her actions! Bunch of useless jealous kids!

  • Didi

    hayden and her f*cking whales. its all she blabbers on about and we don’t f*cking care. theres humans needlessly dying everyday in case you hadn’t noticed you stupid bint which is more of a pressing concern.
    why doesn’t she go join her beloved whales by diving into the ocean and drowning. im sure the japanese agree.

  • YOO

    what a selfish bitch.

  • California Love

    Didi, I couldn’t have put it better

    Hayden put a sock in it. We don’t care.

  • EM

    I’ve been reading the comments up to this point and some are just plain stupid. Really, what does her hair, her skirt or her eylashes have to do with anything?? She’s an 18 year old young woman who is trying to put her money where her mouth is. She is trying to promote awareness to something SHE believes in. Whether you do or not is entirely up to the individual. The point however, is that she is one of the few young people in Hollyweird that is trying to be a decent and positive role model for young people in today’s society. Many of you are so fast to jump on the critical bandwagon about her and other like her, yet in the same breath you do the same about those who do nothing like Paris, Britney Lindsey etc. You can’t have it both ways people. If you don’t agree with what she’s doing/saying….then don’t listen. She should at the very lest be admired for her desire to attribute her name to something she believes in. Like I said before, you don’t have to. You may believe in contributing to a program that I choose not to. I’m not going to speak ill of those who do, but rather admire you for doing something outside your own little world.


    Um who cares about some whales dying? Nobody cares.
    What about the billions of chickens?? Apparently there is no law that regulates the ethical treatment of chickens in USA.
    I have a pet chicken, I’d never eat poultry. It’s evil.
    Why should anyone listen to her???
    Seafood is yummy. I love shark fin soup and whale meat. Yummy.

  • x-becca-x

    ah i love hayden but lately all the picz ive seen of her she looks reli weird but i do like her standing up for something go hayden!

  • no way girl

    i dont like her she is a bitch but save the whales

  • andrew

    i find it funny how people mock her for making an effort, but i think its great that at least one young person in hollywood has their head firmly on their shoulders.

    Saving whales is a much bigger priority now that japan has started whaling again and i think its great that she finds the time to put the issue out there unlike those idiots such as nicole richie, lindsay lohan and paris hilton who did nothing but get drunk, have sex, make sex tapes, take drugs and god knows what else.


  • Tils

    @tom c: Whats your problem