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Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Still Kickin' It

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Still Kickin' It

Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboy quarterback/boyfriend Tony Romo fight through the crowds at the Key Club on Monday in Los Angeles.

Tony has had time to kill after losing a tough playoff game at the hands of the New York Giants.

Jess and Tony will keep it together? Another season? Another week?

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Photos: Garry Sun/Bauer-Griffin
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  • CG


  • april

    FIRST!! ughh jessica simpson..

  • CG

    Hee Hee I am FIRST april :d

  • arabian girl

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeef ok stop to be first

  • eirrac

    He’s so cute..

  • kate


  • http://justjared Lips,tits,ass and OMG.

    I’m happy for them . People need to leave her alone.


    I am so sick of hearing about the two of them!! NOBODY CARES!!

  • Natalie

    She looks good with no make up on. I’m jealous, haha!

    I don’t know what all those Hollywood chicks see in Tony Romo.. he’s average looking (at best), and probably a player.

  • Mya

    Well, we have a sucky quarterback for a sucky team and a has been singer who can’t seem to hold a guy because….(Shall we say her crazy and jerk-off father?)

    Oh, I just give them the together forever sign.

  • liz

    WHO CARES? Her 15 mintues are up!

  • TheTabloidsChic
  • cortney

    They won’t last cause Jessica is a hopeless and spoil brat. Plus, her father would probably screw up things again like he did to her marriage with nick. She had it all with Nick but she listened to her father instead. What a loser. I don’t think she will ever find someone better as Nick. She’s gonna die alone with her father right next to her.

  • j

    what kind of nerd cares if their first? lol

    She can do better,he such a goober

  • The Arab Aquarius

    it already lasted much longer than I thought. In the end they are both adults and deserve to be with the 1 they chose, if they r happy thats what matters..

  • Lillianne

    Her lips enter a room a few minutes before she does.

  • Helena

    Messica Simpson has had too much botox.

  • scarlett

    I hope TOny knows that Jessica does not like small diamonds, as proven on her reality show. It was not enough the sentiment behind it …. Also, she never even liked her huge pear-shaped wedding ring; she said she would have preferred her emerald cut. I still wear my small diamond wedding ring after many years and would never change it out to something bigger. Watch out Tony! Leave now!

  • sherry

    It will last until he realizes he could have a better conversation with a store mannequin.

  • Chelsey

    I think hes too good for her, but whatever, I doubt it will last anyways. He will realize her daddy is the number one man in her life and ditch her. But not to worry, papa Joe will find another man for her.

  • http://msn Chad

    They look good togrther..Quit hating on Jessica because shes pretty…

  • Didi

    Jessica is Britney Spears: The Second Coming

    watch this space for her mental breakdown. britney used to act and look like her about 2 yrs ago, before she went looney tunes.


    they are so cute together i hope it lasts! he is way better than whats his face nick??? haha


  • Sarah

    #21- Jessica, Pretty? You need to get your eyes checked. She looks like a washed up hooker in most photos.

  • purple gem

    Tony Romo is such a cutie!

  • urgh

    I don’t hate on Jessica cause she’s pretty, I hate on her cause she’s UGLY, damn! that face gives a shock every time I see it, no way could a guy hold an erection once he gets a glimpse of that thing.

  • Cynthia

    Well, she’s not ugly. She used to look horrid, until she busted that beak! She looks normal now. I’m glad she’s with someone like Tony. Liz I definitely agree with you her time is definitely up. I still don’t understand how she became a celebrity!

  • ummm

    She’s actally pretty average looking but so is he. She really does seem dull witted. But maybe he likes them kind of dumb.

  • lily

    jessica should feel like a loser because that is what she looks like. i used to like her but not anymore.

  • mossy

    they’re like so perfect for each other. both totally inept.

  • Rob

    Jessica did not bust her nose she just striaght up had a nose job and tried to fake like it happen during filming. Simpson are such discusting liars and fakes. She and papa are making sure this tape and these pictures are leak to every media outlet because she wants people to know she is still with Roma.
    Did you guys see her try to sing? she sounded so awful! this chick can’t sing so how is she going to put out a country album……yuck that will be fake to.

  • Karla

    Jessica is looking hagerly in that picture. She should be happy her dad brought her a man, but yet she look like dealth warmed over.

  • Mary

    Yeah Tony sure is not going any where for awhile so imagine he has loads of time on his hands to follow Jessica around like a broke down puppy dog. Jess looked very drunk or stupid crawling across the suv seat in that tape.
    I lost all respect for her at this point.

  • Vanessa

    jessica sucks, that dude do too, it sadly wont last

  • Marg

    What loser, Shouldn’t Roma be some where important. Oh right he lost big time he is not going to the superbowl.
    Jess sounded like a crow swaking at the Key club, as a matter of fact that guy hit a better pitch than Jessica. I lmao

  • Kira

    On behalf of Jessica, I hope this relationship flourishes! She’s gotten a terrible rap while Nick has received unjust praises. Jessica worked hard for her money and Nick got a sizeable chunk of it! Is he working, yet?

    I think Tony Romo is an awesome physical specimen and makes Nick look like a whimp!

  • Blah

    He’s gonna dump her once he gets sick of her sucking his D I C K!

  • Alison

    Jessica alerted the media again. The two of them came off as very stupid.

  • newsgangster

    newsgangster has a flawless quality of new kylie minoge wow video it is awesome!!!…………….

  • Orianna

    Kira – it was her own fault for not signing a prenup. She and her parents both thought that she wouldn’t need one, and if they did divorce, she would reap the benefits of Nick’s success, not the reverse.

    As for Nick working, his album was way more successful than hers.

    If the situation was reversed, would you even mention it? Meaning, if Jessica was “resting” on her laurels but had taken a sizeable check of the marital spoils from Nick, would you even think twice about it?


  • Jen

    Alison-I agree it looks like Jessica did alert the media again. I guess old habits never die. How many men will she have to lose. They were calling him names. I was embarassed for Tony but he is a grown man he knows how to get away from her.

  • ummm

    It was pretty cheesy even by Jessica Simpson standards. When she started wailing it sounded like a cat being strangled. Poor audience.

  • hmmm

    Looks like she’s been injecting collagen in her ugly crooked lips again. What an average looking toad. Her man is not much better looking either. However, both are equally irrelevant and annoying.