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Brad and Angelina are Stars

Brad and Angelina are Stars

Super couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hit the covers of the latest Star Magazine with reported confirmation of twins.

As always, we’ll believe when we see it!

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  • Danni

    Aww Twins =]

  • poobear

    HOT kissing, who knows if it’s true, though.

  • i love angie

    I Love

  • Lucy

    … oh well

  • Dana



    Vanessa Hudgens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dana


    Vanessa Hudgens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    In vitro? LOL

  • http://uk star liars

    STAR liars they know nothing,three years they said Brad is walking out with Shiloh.Give them a week and they’ll be back attacking Brad and Angelina.

  • emmy

    hot kiss…and i think star is a rubbish tabloid…as jared said.we ll believe it when we ll see it
    a,d PS:this is a brangelina topic..not a vanessa hudgens one.

  • Jennifer

    She is really trying to load him up with kids to keep him from straying. She would have to worry about that since thats how she got him.

  • steff

    Only if people mag confirms it i’ll believe it…star mag is garbage!!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Amen to that jared, we’ll believe when we see it

  • GabiBrazil


  • LADY T

    Star needs to get a grip…Bradley’s little swimmers don’t need no help and Angie is a fertile hot momma…I would have liked OK headline better just because STAR is a LIAR’s magazine…

  • diane

    id rather see what mary kate is hiding…

  • Angiefan4ever

    If that’s true (as it says, we’ll see), I’m so happy for them all! AndI wish them all the best!

  • cj

    yeah right. seriously? star?
    thanks for the new thread jj but couldn’t you have posted the ok mag cover instead. lesser of two evils, you know?


    LIES LIES LIES.. I wish Star would stop it. why would Angelina need invitro treatment? Didn’t she just have a kid by natural conception? She wouldn’t even know yet, if she was having difficulties with a second conception because she said they hadn’t been trying. Talk about the cash cows. Any type of gossip about these two is always guaranteed to garner big bucks. God bless this family… they will always need it.

  • ~~&~~
    Angie: One Hot Mama
    Take a look back at the most memorable moments of Jolie with her adorable children

  • tabitha

    I won’t believe any bull this tabs says until it is confirmed by legit sources. 99.999% of the time they are wrong.

  • Patrícia

    They really love each other!!! Just look at them…

    I love them!!!

    Kisses from Brazil

  • ~-B.e.l.l.e-`
  • Si

    HATE THEM!!!!!!

  • (LOVE- J )

    They look madly in love.

  • lovesangie

    @ Si

    and yet you have time to click this thread. O_o

  • indiesr

    Jared…Love the title. :)

    ~-B.e.l.l.e-` @ 01/30/2008 at 11:28 am
    I am voting…on 2 separate computers (lol)

  • jude


  • Stefanie

    I really think it is true. I have been pretty good with guessing celebrity pregnancy lately, like with Nicole Kidman and J Lo. So I think Angelina is pregnant and it might be twins.

  • 5 and 6

    5-6 dana wrong thread.

  • jude

    So Angie is on a cover Star, Ok , anfd what else….

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,ass and Obama!!

    F U C K, they need to adopt me.

  • kate


  • tabitha

    Even if she is pregnant with twins, I highly doubt it happened the way Stars is said. STAR make up stories.

  • The Shiznack

    where did all the ‘twins’ rumors come from?

  • Andrómeda

    Beatiful!!!. thanks JJ

  • kuky

    Super;)Thanks JJ

  • BAMPZS#1

    that’s explain the faint spell she had back November 2007 in the “Challenging” movie set with Clint Eastwood.
    Congratulation!!!! I’m so very happy for Brangelina.
    How’s exciting?

  • Tiger

    The gift of a child is always a blessing. Wishing them a happy and healthy journey to the special gift of adding life to their family. I don’t know why the tabloids are going so crazy with this news. I don’t believe it is some huge surprise coming from these two.

    What is more shocking is the heading on Mary Kate at the top. I feel really sorry for her with all the speculation.

    Bizarre to see them put the gift of life and the tragedy of Heath’s accidental death on the same cover.


    THE NIGHT SHE TOLD Brad, ‘We did it”. And of course STAR magazine was in attendance.

  • reny

    i’m happy for them. they are so perfect together. but i wish they adopt again.

  • bingo

    Is she not confirming it?

  • sharon

    She is definitely pregnant. I am so happy for Brad and Angie. They are the hottest and most beautiful couple on this planet.

  • Frenchy

    Can you imagine when a real confirmation from Brad & Angelina come out?

    It’s only Star magazine, meh….it’s like being on the cover of the pennysaver or supermarket circular..

    Wait for the real announcement.


  • Laura

    if it is true, which i think it is…we should start taking bets on what country she will deliver in.

  • jude

    I was just watching the VIEW anfd Jonny Lee Miller was the guest and they ask him that he was married to Angelina Jolie and what it was like he goes well My last name is Angeleina jole is X husband that was so funny …………………..

  • WTF?

    Those captions are written by someone on CRACK

    “Angie’s secret four month in-vitro ordeal” WTF?????

    “The night she told Brad WE DID IT” WTF???????

    ROTFLMAO :) :)

  • WTF?

    pINKROSE @ 01/30/2008 at 11:39 am THE NIGHT SHE TOLD Brad, ‘We did it”. And of course STAR magazine was in attendance.



  • http://justjared Lips,tits,ass and Brad’s lap!

    I want to sit on !!

  • vera

    I’m actually disappointed in Jared for putting up this cover and giving any attention to that rag.

  • Star?

    Laura @ 01/30/2008 at 11:45 am if it is true, which i think it is…we should start taking bets on what country she will deliver in.

    Please it will be here because Brad is in the US filming. Most likely Texas, Missouri or New Orleans (more symbolic)