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Run Ellen Pompeo Run

Run Ellen Pompeo Run

Ellen Pompeo runs to grab something on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Calif. before heading out.

Hubby Chris Ivery and Ellen had a flight to catch at LAX airport.

Peep Ellen at the 2008 SAG Awards!

10+ pictures of Ellen Pompeo workin’ up a sweat…

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ellen pompeo running 01
ellen pompeo running 02
ellen pompeo running 03
ellen pompeo running 04
ellen pompeo running 05
ellen pompeo running 06
ellen pompeo running 07
ellen pompeo running 08
ellen pompeo running 09
ellen pompeo running 10

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  • Sushi


  • ramdom girl

    first! ha

  • Sushi


  • steph_b_247

    she should put on a bar. And buy some work out clothes.

  • ramdom girl


  • steph_b_247

    bra*** :S

  • cant say

    omg she needs to put a bra on! thats sooo gross! ewwwwwwwww
    am i first? i dunno think i am if i am:
    yeah im first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if im not:
    oh well
    WE WANT ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nibu

    hello see-through shirt!

  • http://JUSTJARED.COM nunny

    that’s all i need to say

  • LL cool beans

    Saddle the girls, then eat a dang sandwich. Scrawny.

  • sarah

    it looks like she’s crying?

  • elliott

    i dont think she was running for that purpose, i think she was running because of that flight or something else.

  • Amri

    Eeew!! Get a bra!! I don’t really get the hype about her, cause she’s actually quite ugly.

  • God

    Just another bionic woman wanna be. :)

  • canton

    at least looking at her breasts in that VERY revealing top distracted me from looking at her fug face…..but only for a little while. ;(

  • Amanda

    ewww bra now please, and really she does not need to loose any more weight, so she should stop running.

  • Brenda

    That’s why I like this woman so much, because she’s just like us!!!
    I often go out without bra, I’m not famous so that don’t count but she’s so simple that it makes my heart warm!!!

    Love you Ellen, Stay the way you’re!!!!

  • cover up

    i feel violated seeing her exposing herself like that,
    she should have worn a band aid or a bra 4 those mosquito bites.

  • Paul

    Can this woman be more cute, genuine and simple!!!!
    Glam at night and like any other women at day!!!!

    Thank JJ
    More of her, Please!!!!

  • JuLIA

    hahaha i love her

    and chances are she wasn’t planning on going out with a bra…she had something on in the other pics.

    but still…she should wear a bra…if she was going running

  • Sara

    Put on a bra lady.. jeezz

  • Mark

    EP definitely rocks!!!!!!!!!
    It’s true, she should have put a bra but you can say that when she goes out, she’s definitely not looking for being ahead!!!!!!!!

    Still love Ellen

  • HelenB

    I don’t think she was running, she’s wearing jeans!!!
    Thanks JJ
    Love Ellen but with a bra or a shirt not transparent!!!


    I have small boobs and I don’t wear bra, I’m more confortable without, if she feels at ease like that, I say “go Ellen!!!”

  • KW supports Obama, smart girl!

    I prefer seeing EP without a bra than KH smoking like a chimney!!!
    Do you know that smoking near someone who doesn’t, take 6min of life of the non smoker!!!!

  • Carry

    Poor Ellen!!! Love her anyway!!!!

  • melissa

    I love her. She’s awesome.

  • Amanda

    I don’t think she was running, specially in this outfit!!!
    If you don’t pay attention to the braless thing, she kind of cute on the pic!!!

    Thanks JJ

  • Naomi


  • mindy

    Like her outfit on the pics with her purse and sunglasses!!!

  • lovergirl

    I’ve small breast too and I don’t wear bra!!!!!

  • mary

    she was wearing two tops she prob diidnt realize it was seethru

  • Izzie

    Lovergirl I am small breasted too but out of respect for everyone else in this world I wear a bra, if I wanted everyone to see my tits I would just walk around topless.

  • lindia

    #18 I feel more violated when someone is smoking and polluating tha air I breathe than someone who is not wearing a bra!!!!


  • AmandaC

    Poor Ellie, I think she didn’t realise that it was transparent!!!!

    Anyway, she rocks at the SAG so she’s forgiven!!!!

  • Rae

    I’ve been known to go out without a bra but not in a see-through shirt. Eww. She should have kept her coat on. Celebrity or not, I don’t want to see that. And that shirt is very see-through.

  • undergarments are good

    jeez…i have really small boobs (not even an a-cup) and i still wear a bra when i leave the house….no one needs to see nips or jiggle…just like i don’t want to see some guy’s unit flopping around. even stevens as far as i’m concerned.


    Nice pics. She looks cute. I see no harm in what she’s wearing. its normal. and she was running to grab something not jogging.

    Loving her outfit the jacket with the low waist baggy jeans. cool look Elle.
    can’t get over how stunning she was at the SAGs.. best dressed on alot of lists.. WOOHOOO !

    thanks JJ.

  • snkjek

    I don’t get the big deal with her not wearing a bra….she had a coat on when she came out…it was probably hot in the car so she took the coat off…and then she realized she forgot something so she ran back to her house…it says they were going to LAX to catch a flight…she probably has a long flight and will be more comfortable without the bra…I never wear one when I fly…I think its great she goes on with her normal life even when she is being photographed.

  • Carry

    That’s right, she’s wearing two shirt, I don’t think she did it on purpose!!!

    #35 I agree with you, she was smashing at the SAG, she gets great reviews from all the mag, website, people, and definitely beat all the beautiful other women as Angelina, Cate Blanchette, Kate Hudson….
    She was stunning, can’t wait to see her again all dressup!!!

    Thanks JJ

  • Brad

    What a drama!!!! She didn’t put a bra, she didn’t kill someone!!!!!
    Cute pics!!!!

  • SARA



  • mark

    If you’ve to choose between someone braless and someone smoking, killing herself and her entourage, who do you choose??????


    I wonder where she’s flying off too?? Italy maybe?? fashion week started there. or Boston??

    I was happy to know she took her honeymoon on Christmas, london paris and italy. nice honeymoon if you ask me. :)

    love her.

  • ………

    I like EP, but I don’t want to see her…um……hopefully she wasn’t thinking today.


    Love her bag!!!! I like her style when she’s not dress up, she very simple in her street clothes.

  • JuLIA
  • love Ellen

    DogNabit she’s sooo adorable.
    I love her. The SAGs was a Brilliant stunning Ellen Pompeo.
    I adore this lady.

    I guess we will know soon where she’s heading :) if we get photos.
    thank you JustJared.

  • love Ellen

    oh in picture three, where Ellen is actually flying… love it by the way, she is not touching the ground.. hehe :) well anyway LOOK AT HER DOG in the background…. hehehe… its sooo cute how he’s looking at Ellen go..

  • candy um

    CANDY @ 01/30/2008 at 7:06 pm I have small boobs and I don’t wear bra, I’m more confortable without, if she feels at ease like that, I say “go Ellen!!!”

    it’s see through ok. ,class- less., and their breasts ,what are you 12?