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Run Ellen Pompeo Run

Run Ellen Pompeo Run

Ellen Pompeo runs to grab something on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Calif. before heading out.

Hubby Chris Ivery and Ellen had a flight to catch at LAX airport.

Peep Ellen at the 2008 SAG Awards!

10+ pictures of Ellen Pompeo workin’ up a sweat…

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ellen pompeo running 01
ellen pompeo running 02
ellen pompeo running 03
ellen pompeo running 04
ellen pompeo running 05
ellen pompeo running 06
ellen pompeo running 07
ellen pompeo running 08
ellen pompeo running 09
ellen pompeo running 10

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144 Responses to “Run Ellen Pompeo Run”

  1. 1
    Sushi Says:


  2. 2
    ramdom girl Says:

    first! ha

  3. 3
    Sushi Says:


  4. 4
    steph_b_247 Says:

    she should put on a bar. And buy some work out clothes.

  5. 5
    ramdom girl Says:


  6. 6
    steph_b_247 Says:

    bra*** :S

  7. 7
    cant say Says:

    omg she needs to put a bra on! thats sooo gross! ewwwwwwwww
    am i first? i dunno think i am if i am:
    yeah im first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if im not:
    oh well
    WE WANT ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8
    nibu Says:

    hello see-through shirt!

  9. 9
    nunny Says:

    that’s all i need to say

  10. 10
    LL cool beans Says:

    Saddle the girls, then eat a dang sandwich. Scrawny.

  11. 11
    sarah Says:

    it looks like she’s crying?

  12. 12
    elliott Says:

    i dont think she was running for that purpose, i think she was running because of that flight or something else.

  13. 13
    Amri Says:

    Eeew!! Get a bra!! I don’t really get the hype about her, cause she’s actually quite ugly.

  14. 14
    God Says:

    Just another bionic woman wanna be. :)

  15. 15
    canton Says:

    at least looking at her breasts in that VERY revealing top distracted me from looking at her fug face…..but only for a little while. ;(

  16. 16
    Amanda Says:

    ewww bra now please, and really she does not need to loose any more weight, so she should stop running.

  17. 17
    Brenda Says:

    That’s why I like this woman so much, because she’s just like us!!!
    I often go out without bra, I’m not famous so that don’t count but she’s so simple that it makes my heart warm!!!

    Love you Ellen, Stay the way you’re!!!!

  18. 18
    cover up Says:

    i feel violated seeing her exposing herself like that,
    she should have worn a band aid or a bra 4 those mosquito bites.

  19. 19
    Paul Says:

    Can this woman be more cute, genuine and simple!!!!
    Glam at night and like any other women at day!!!!

    Thank JJ
    More of her, Please!!!!

  20. 20
    JuLIA Says:

    hahaha i love her

    and chances are she wasn’t planning on going out with a bra…she had something on in the other pics.

    but still…she should wear a bra…if she was going running

  21. 21
    Sara Says:

    Put on a bra lady.. jeezz

  22. 22
    Mark Says:

    EP definitely rocks!!!!!!!!!
    It’s true, she should have put a bra but you can say that when she goes out, she’s definitely not looking for being ahead!!!!!!!!

    Still love Ellen

  23. 23
    HelenB Says:

    I don’t think she was running, she’s wearing jeans!!!
    Thanks JJ
    Love Ellen but with a bra or a shirt not transparent!!!

  24. 24
    CANDY Says:

    I have small boobs and I don’t wear bra, I’m more confortable without, if she feels at ease like that, I say “go Ellen!!!”

  25. 25
    KW supports Obama, smart girl! Says:

    I prefer seeing EP without a bra than KH smoking like a chimney!!!
    Do you know that smoking near someone who doesn’t, take 6min of life of the non smoker!!!!

  26. 26
    Carry Says:

    Poor Ellen!!! Love her anyway!!!!

  27. 27
    melissa Says:

    I love her. She’s awesome.

  28. 28
    Amanda Says:

    I don’t think she was running, specially in this outfit!!!
    If you don’t pay attention to the braless thing, she kind of cute on the pic!!!

    Thanks JJ

  29. 29
    Naomi Says:


  30. 30
    mindy Says:

    Like her outfit on the pics with her purse and sunglasses!!!

  31. 31
    lovergirl Says:

    I’ve small breast too and I don’t wear bra!!!!!

  32. 32
    mary Says:

    she was wearing two tops she prob diidnt realize it was seethru

  33. 33
    Izzie Says:

    Lovergirl I am small breasted too but out of respect for everyone else in this world I wear a bra, if I wanted everyone to see my tits I would just walk around topless.

  34. 34
    lindia Says:

    #18 I feel more violated when someone is smoking and polluating tha air I breathe than someone who is not wearing a bra!!!!


  35. 35
    AmandaC Says:

    Poor Ellie, I think she didn’t realise that it was transparent!!!!

    Anyway, she rocks at the SAG so she’s forgiven!!!!

  36. 36
    Rae Says:

    I’ve been known to go out without a bra but not in a see-through shirt. Eww. She should have kept her coat on. Celebrity or not, I don’t want to see that. And that shirt is very see-through.

  37. 37
    undergarments are good Says:

    jeez…i have really small boobs (not even an a-cup) and i still wear a bra when i leave the house….no one needs to see nips or jiggle…just like i don’t want to see some guy’s unit flopping around. even stevens as far as i’m concerned.

  38. 38
    MICHELLE Says:

    Nice pics. She looks cute. I see no harm in what she’s wearing. its normal. and she was running to grab something not jogging.

    Loving her outfit the jacket with the low waist baggy jeans. cool look Elle.
    can’t get over how stunning she was at the SAGs.. best dressed on alot of lists.. WOOHOOO !

    thanks JJ.

  39. 39
    snkjek Says:

    I don’t get the big deal with her not wearing a bra….she had a coat on when she came out…it was probably hot in the car so she took the coat off…and then she realized she forgot something so she ran back to her house…it says they were going to LAX to catch a flight…she probably has a long flight and will be more comfortable without the bra…I never wear one when I fly…I think its great she goes on with her normal life even when she is being photographed.

  40. 40
    Carry Says:

    That’s right, she’s wearing two shirt, I don’t think she did it on purpose!!!

    #35 I agree with you, she was smashing at the SAG, she gets great reviews from all the mag, website, people, and definitely beat all the beautiful other women as Angelina, Cate Blanchette, Kate Hudson….
    She was stunning, can’t wait to see her again all dressup!!!

    Thanks JJ

  41. 41
    Brad Says:

    What a drama!!!! She didn’t put a bra, she didn’t kill someone!!!!!
    Cute pics!!!!

  42. 42
    SARA Says:



  43. 43
    mark Says:

    If you’ve to choose between someone braless and someone smoking, killing herself and her entourage, who do you choose??????

  44. 44
    MICHELLE Says:

    I wonder where she’s flying off too?? Italy maybe?? fashion week started there. or Boston??

    I was happy to know she took her honeymoon on Christmas, london paris and italy. nice honeymoon if you ask me. :)

    love her.

  45. 45
    ......... Says:

    I like EP, but I don’t want to see her…um……hopefully she wasn’t thinking today.

  46. 46
    SELENA Says:

    Love her bag!!!! I like her style when she’s not dress up, she very simple in her street clothes.

  47. 47
    JuLIA Says:

    Greys Fans!

  48. 48
    love Ellen Says:

    DogNabit she’s sooo adorable.
    I love her. The SAGs was a Brilliant stunning Ellen Pompeo.
    I adore this lady.

    I guess we will know soon where she’s heading :) if we get photos.
    thank you JustJared.

  49. 49
    love Ellen Says:

    oh in picture three, where Ellen is actually flying… love it by the way, she is not touching the ground.. hehe :) well anyway LOOK AT HER DOG in the background…. hehehe… its sooo cute how he’s looking at Ellen go..

  50. 50
    candy um Says:

    CANDY @ 01/30/2008 at 7:06 pm I have small boobs and I don’t wear bra, I’m more confortable without, if she feels at ease like that, I say “go Ellen!!!”

    it’s see through ok. ,class- less., and their breasts ,what are you 12?

  51. 51
    kimmy Says:

    Thanks for posting, i love Ellen! But she seriously needs a bra!!

  52. 52
    MeredithK Says:

    Poor Ellen! She has every right not to wear a bra when she’s just trying to do errands or whatever. I feel bad for her that her every move is being stalked. I think it’s clear from the pictures that she was late for something and running to the car.

    And Ellen is anything but ugly. She’s lovely, intelligent, and a wonderful actress. So take your hate elsewhere!

  53. 53
    TJ Says:

    she’s sexy. why hide it. :)

    you go girl. hope they have a good flight. and we get new pics soon. Italy maybe?? newyork?? or Boston??
    thanks JJ. you’re the best.

  54. 54
    heath Says:

    She rocks! gorgeous … love her.

  55. 55
    Paul Says:

    I don’t find that she has small boobs, she must be a small B, and find she actually has great breasts, for her age, it still have a good shape and are holding up well!!!

    Sorry I’m a man, I appreciate good things, thanks jj btw!!!

  56. 56
    heath Says:

    is she ok.?? her eyes look tired or crying??? or is it just the snap time of the image??

  57. 57
    John Says:

    #55 Definitely agree with you man ;)

    How can you not love this woma, being so natural but sufficiently confident of her assets for not putting a bra!!!

  58. 58
    Lil Says:

    gross!! Don’t hate her but she def needs a bra

  59. 59
    Karine Says:

    I think in USA you’re too puritan, in France, you can go to the beach topless and we have a lot of commercials publicity with naked women!!!
    I don’t find anything shocking here!!!

  60. 60
    heath Says:

    I agree Karen.
    nothing wrong there. wasn’t even surprised and besides the fact that you look because its sexy, I find it very normal.

  61. 61
    t Says:

    Aww poor her, i dnt think she meant for it to be that see through….gah but i love her. I hope we get some pictures from whereever she went.

    GO EP! Love her! :)

  62. 62
    mark Says:

    Nice! she looks adorable in those jeans and HOT HOT HOT in that top.
    love her! thanks for the pics. keep them coming.

  63. 63
    jenna Says:

    Can someone explain me what’s gross here?
    I’ve boobs, I don’t find them gross or erwww, and even my boyfriend seems to appreciate them!!! Stop being hypocrit and playing the false pudique!!!
    If seeing your boobs make you disgusted, you have a problem!!!

  64. 64
    dolcebaby5 Says:

    hahaha shee looks funny and weird haha but i still love herr!!! greys anatomyyy yey

  65. 65
    mark Says:

    she does look sad. i hope not though.
    she was stunning in the sags. hottest chic on the carpet.

  66. 66
    amy Says:

    love her look. the jacket the pants. love her all. :) thank u JJ.
    her hair is brilliant, the color is fresh.

  67. 67
    !?!Queen12!?! Says:

    Elen its called a bra it goes on your chest to avod insdinds like these :)

  68. 68
    amy Says:

    did you all know the health wise those things actually cause damage to the body than help it. in Europe they had a whole campaign about loosing it totally. bra free world. they discovered they actually do harm our bodies.

    and seriously this girl is fit. she looks really good and soo much younger in every aspect …

  69. 69
    i am legend Says:

    NICE! she’s very pretty.
    thanks for the pics.

  70. 70
    ROBIN Says:

    Her really stunning! sag look was PERFECT. her everyday look … LOVE IT! thank you JJ.

  71. 71
    michael y Says:

    I love Ellen. She is cute and wonderful. looking good… her hair is gorgeous.

  72. 72
    ER Says:

    Ellen rocks!

  73. 73
    george Says:

    Ellen Pompeo is my crush. I adore this actress. soo talented and beautiful and HOT . you made my day just jared, thank you.

  74. 74
    lauren Says:

    Ellen has a beautiful body. why hide it, right? I like the pictures. she is lovely.

  75. 75
    lauren Says:

    and I love her outfit too.

  76. 76
    S. Says:

    If this were Britney everyone would be on her case, and she is a certified medical case. In the running pictures she has exactly the same expression Britney has when she is having an episode. So cut the this poor woman some slack, if you can’t for Briney.

  77. 77
    Melissa Says:

    two words: need bra

  78. 78
    pnaigrlrizz Says:

    eww…she needs to wear a bra

  79. 79
    Madonna Says:


  80. 80
    me Says:

    how much does it costs to buy a bra?

  81. 81
    trish Says:

    ew, nice meth-nips old hag :( that’s gross. she has to know there’s potential photogs around and she didn’t bother to put on a proper top. now i have the image of her nasty raisin’s in my head.

  82. 82
    T Says:

    Do they seriously wait outside her house now, i feel for her :(

  83. 83
    Seriously Says:

    A bra would have been nice, it’s kinda disturbing.

  84. 84
    kaylie Says:

    has she heard of a bra?

  85. 85
    Wala Says:

    Cant really judge coz i hate wearing a bra and i often dont wear it

  86. 86
    mk Says:

    ***** white trash just like her felon husband!

  87. 87
    e w Says:

    she lives in America Not UK , Europe..put a bra on beyotch.

  88. 88
    ......... Says:

    I don’t mind her not wearing bra, but did she need to wear a shirt where one can see right through it *shrugs*. I sadly have to agree with the #76, and once again it’s double standards in regards to EP. Dont’ get me wrong I like her, but in reactions to her there is such a double standard in some instances.

  89. 89
    amanda Says:

    If she feels comfortable like that…why not let her be? I sometimes don’t wear a bra when I go out…so more power to her…I think she is really beautiful.

  90. 90
    amanda Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add…if you look she has a white cami on underneath….so…yeah.

  91. 91
    Nicole m Says:

    I don’t get it. She’s running and there are people taking pictures, yet she doesn’t wear a bra. There is probably a better and maybe nicer word but it’s kind of trashy.

  92. 92
    Tammi Says:

    #91…this is just my opinion, but it seems to me, she’s gotten in the car but then has had to run out again to get something or whatever and has had to run back probably due to time constraints….i seriously doubt she lets the paps bother her and effectively run her life if she cares about what they think….she wants to be comfortable, then i say go on her.

  93. 93
    zoe Says:

    ellen looked gorgeous at the SAG but she looks so tired here…and kinda old….wrinkly, etc. i know natural’s the best but at least she could have put on some decent clothing…and a tiny bit of make up- it’ll never hurt!

  94. 94
    lauren Says:

    I think she looks gorgeous without makeup and trust me if you see her in person, this lady has some amazing skin. its younger than her age. she takes real good care of herself. and I think she really looks cute and adorable in those pics. tired it seems, or maybe as some said its the time snap of the image, you know caught in the in between second. I just hope its nothing seriously wrong as some might have suggested.

  95. 95
    Mint Says:

    I love her!
    I wonder where they are off to? which country this time. Ellen is really using the writers strike time off to her advantage.

    I see no big deal in someone being all natural. a lot of people do it. its more common than we think. and its much much more comfortable. and very normal by the way. plus… apparently guys think its sexy… :) so why not.. eh?

    and I do believe Ellen to be a natural beauty who really can go without makeup and still look radiant and gorgeous. all those who saw her in person say she is sooo gorgeous and pretty n person and looks a lot younger.

    Ellen rocks!
    thanks for the Ellen pics JJ.

  96. 96
    CARLA Says:

    Ellen is one stunning lady. her inner beauty and wonderful soul just shine. she is a gorgeous human being inside out. thanks for the pictures.

    I too wonder whats their destination. maybe its the New York fashion week, or the Italy fashion week. or maybe just a trip home to Boston.
    Now I’m really curious.

  97. 97
    CARLA Says:

    I miss Grey’s anatomy. won’t this strike end already….

  98. 98
    LINDANA Says:

    She definitely didn’t do it on purpose, she was with her jacket when she’s gone to her car the first but they made a U-turn because she seems to have forget something to he house, so cut her some slake, it’s happen!!!!

    Did you never forget to put a bra going out!!!!!
    Stop being hypocrite and pudique.

  99. 99
    derek Says:

    She’s one of the rare actress who can go out without having to put a tone of make up and still being beautiful. She didn’t put and then what’s the matter, she didn’t kill your puppy :)

    Thanks JJ

  100. 100
    SONIA Says:

    Being more genuine than this woman, it’s impossible!!!
    She can’t be more down to earth if she try, I think she doesn’t realise how famous she goes on with her life like nothing else matter!!!
    The paps are really hounding her and she doesn’t take account of them and it’s great. Her head has not been replaced by a watermelon ….


  101. 101
    TJ Says:

    She’s looking really cute and relaxed.. i like her everyday choice of clothes as well. loving her jeans. thanks jj for making my day. :)

  102. 102
    tammy Says:

    Some of these comments are halarious. yeah sure part of her boobs are showing but guess what half of the world’s population have them and the quite frankly mostish (lol) of the other half of the population love them so get over it!

  103. 103
    TJ Says:

    nice one tammy.. lol loved your comment. :)

  104. 104
    caliclia Says:

    was she crying ?
    she has red puffy eyes and she rubs her eyes :(

  105. 105
    lovergirl Says:

    maybe someone in her family or her friends died, I hope no, so she was in hurry and was crying!!!

    I hope no, that she’s ok and it’s just the pic which was photographed wrong!!!


  106. 106
    La française Says:

    I was outside at the Armani event in Paris and i saw her arrive with her husband, she was beautiful, when you see her face to face she’s more pretty thanin pics. And she was so kind, she signed us autogreaphs and talked with us, always smiling.

    It’s so crazy how americans can be so puritan, in Europe we don’t find anything shocking about seeing some boobs!!!!
    So much drama about a transparent shirt, I think EP’ fans are more supportive in Europe than in USA, maybe that’s why she loves so much coming here!!!

    Love you Ellen!!!!

  107. 107
    curious Says:

    OMG! what is wrong with my ellen? she looks like she has been crying. Anyway she looks really adorable, she hardly ever wears makeup. i hate wearing makeup too, oh well, thks jared LOVE ELLEN.

  108. 108
    lara Says:

    that must be really amazing to see Ellen face to face.
    you’re lucky. I love how wonderful she is and beautiful inside out.

    La française, trust me Ellen has great fans here, but sometimes some bashers and haters appear wasting their times and leaving silly comments. but I’m sure she has a huge loyal fan base here as in Europe. and we count on you guys to bring us the news when she’s there… :)

    regarding those commenting that she looks crying, thats what I thought. don’t know really. pictures can be deceiving but thats the impression I got. I hope nothing is wrong though.

    Ellens jeans are cute. and I am loving her hair.
    thanks for pictures.

  109. 109
    Liam Says:

    You would think with the money she is paid she could at least buy a bra. Yuck !! Very plain boring girl too.

  110. 110
    Petro Says:

    She has TERRIBLE skin & a very flat square pancake face. Not pretty or attractive at all.

    She only ever looks half-way decent on red carpet events when she has paid a team to dress her & make-her up. Fug-ugly IRL.

    The rest of the world don’t want to see your nipples girl. If you must trail the paps around behind you – at least wear some clothes !! She sure loves the limelight.

    Get some class instead of looking like white trash all the time.

  111. 111
    Helen Says:

    Used to like this girl until 1) her appearance on Punked when she was a downright ***** & 2) she married a convicted criminal. As someone who has suffered from credit card fraud, it is no laughing matter. Anyone who marries someone so selfish & despicable needs their brain tested. Hey, maybe she doesn’t have one ? Meredith is also easily the most tedious & annoying TV character EVER. No wonder Ellen is overshadowed by the success of other cast members.

  112. 112
    Astrid Says:

    Wow, if she keeps running like that without a bra, her breasts are going to be down to her knees. Her doing this doesn’t make sense. Maybe her drug dealing husband told her that was cute.

  113. 113
    lara Says:

    she’s running back to her house to grab something and then back to the car.
    jeez you people are weird. look at yourselves first. from your comments I bet you are freaks who would probably better remain locked up or people will go blind if they ever saw you.
    get some lives people. respect others so can be respected.

  114. 114
    Alex Says:

    I love Ellen.
    She gorgeous. and SEXY HOT by the way.
    Just a guys point of view. ;)

    She does look a little tired or puffy eyed from crying maybe, dunno?? I hope not but something is up there. it doesn’t look all ok. I do hope I am wrong.

    She was stunning at the SAGs. sleek and sexy.

  115. 115
    malik Says:

    Amen Lara #113.. those who judge people in that harsh manner when they do even much worse thing than one can imagine. no worries, their end is with God and it will not be a good one. For those who ill judge people as they do, have a lot to repent about.

    I came to love Ellen Pompeo after I saw her on Oprah. she was very simple and down to earth and… warm. and then I followed her interviews and appearances and just loved her more and more each time. her acting is superb, her face is that of an angel. and her smile… well it brings out the sun on a rainy day. and her laugh is very addictive and heart warming. I wish her and her husband all the best always.

    It seems she is in a hurry here. and rushing in and out. not sure of the sequence of the images. but it’s always wonderful to see her.
    I do not like the idea that she might be crying or going through a hard time at this moment. I do hope it is incorrect.

    I admire her and look up to her. she is worth it and a lot more.
    I want thank Just Jared for all the great Ellen pictures we are getting. thank you.

    Ellen is love.

  116. 116
    Alwayslearning Says:

    She seems down to earth

  117. 117
    tamey Says:

    AAAA I LOVE HER! thanks JJ

  118. 118
    jenna Says:

    either you’re puritan either hypocrite, you only can see her nipples pointing, t’s not like she was topless!!!!
    She didn’t put a bra in order to shock people, and personally I don’t find anything shocking in this, in Europe we’re less fussy!!!!

    And as a woman I can say that her boobs have great shape and it’s still holding up very well!!!!

    Really nothing gross here!!!!

    love Ellen

  119. 119
    AmandaB Says:

    Come in Europe Ellen, we’re more fun here!!!

  120. 120
    La française Says:

    En France, tu auras tous: le grand sens de la mode et tu pourras marcher les seins à l’air sur nos plages et choquer personnes, au contraire!!! En plus, on a de superbes plages: Saint Tropez, Sainte Maxime, Nice……..

    On t’aime Ellen!!!

  121. 121
    Poor people Says:

    Attacking her about pun’k and her husband it’s sad, outdated and wearying!!!
    First because we know and it was repeated over and over that she knew that she was tricked.
    Second It’s Chris’mistakes not hers and he paid for its to the society!!!

  122. 122
    tamey Says:

    love her !

  123. 123
    SONIA Says:

    You find boobs gross, erwww…. you have problem guys, I have boobs, I love them and my boyfriends too, la française is right, in Europe we don’t have this kind of problem!!!!

    Love you Ellen

  124. 124
    Suze Says:

    Probaby running from the press. Are they camped out in front of her house? She needs to get a bigger dog to scare them off.

  125. 125
    donateionstogetellenabra Says:

    White Trash!!!!!

  126. 126
    donationstogetellenabra Says:

    Seriously put on a fu cking bra.

  127. 127
    LoveGreys Says:

    I think Ellen is pretty but not knockout gorgeous. And I don’t care what countries accept nudity, etc. Put on a bra especially if your shirt is see through. It just looks trashy.

  128. 128
    NoName Says:

    Forget the bra issue….dear god bag that no-makeup face! ewwwww!

  129. 129
    Neko Says:

    Hahaha, she was probably running to go GET a bra
    And that’s why she looks so distraught
    “Ho’ ****, I forgot my bra and now the paparazzi’s gonna get pictures of my nips!” DX
    Ahahaha, it’s OK, Ellen, I still love you

  130. 130
    Tammi Says:

    #127 if you look at the picture of her back u can notice she has a white top underneath so……

  131. 131
    lola Says:

    Ugh, it’s called a bra, lady.

    –read my blog at

  132. 132
    ari Says:

    Don’t mind to see boobs, but are those kind of, maybe are boobs. Too flat chested

  133. 133
    Littlenicole Says:

    #39 – GOOD GRIEF!! :(

  134. 134
    Littlenicole Says:

    #43 – Give me a break!! You’re breathing more crap in with the every day smog and crap in the air than someone’s cigarette smoke. Please!

  135. 135
    beka Says:

    god ellen, time to get a bra!! seriously.

  136. 136
    fan Says:

    she’s beautiful!

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