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Run Ellen Pompeo Run

Run Ellen Pompeo Run

Ellen Pompeo runs to grab something on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Calif. before heading out.

Hubby Chris Ivery and Ellen had a flight to catch at LAX airport.

Peep Ellen at the 2008 SAG Awards!

10+ pictures of Ellen Pompeo workin’ up a sweat…

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ellen pompeo running 02
ellen pompeo running 03
ellen pompeo running 04
ellen pompeo running 05
ellen pompeo running 06
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ellen pompeo running 10

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144 Responses to “Run Ellen Pompeo Run”

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  1. 76
    S. Says:

    If this were Britney everyone would be on her case, and she is a certified medical case. In the running pictures she has exactly the same expression Britney has when she is having an episode. So cut the this poor woman some slack, if you can’t for Briney.

  2. 77
    Melissa Says:

    two words: need bra

  3. 78
    pnaigrlrizz Says:

    eww…she needs to wear a bra

  4. 79
    Madonna Says:


  5. 80
    me Says:

    how much does it costs to buy a bra?

  6. 81
    trish Says:

    ew, nice meth-nips old hag :( that’s gross. she has to know there’s potential photogs around and she didn’t bother to put on a proper top. now i have the image of her nasty raisin’s in my head.

  7. 82
    T Says:

    Do they seriously wait outside her house now, i feel for her :(

  8. 83
    Seriously Says:

    A bra would have been nice, it’s kinda disturbing.

  9. 84
    kaylie Says:

    has she heard of a bra?

  10. 85
    Wala Says:

    Cant really judge coz i hate wearing a bra and i often dont wear it

  11. 86
    mk Says:

    ***** white trash just like her felon husband!

  12. 87
    e w Says:

    she lives in America Not UK , Europe..put a bra on beyotch.

  13. 88
    ......... Says:

    I don’t mind her not wearing bra, but did she need to wear a shirt where one can see right through it *shrugs*. I sadly have to agree with the #76, and once again it’s double standards in regards to EP. Dont’ get me wrong I like her, but in reactions to her there is such a double standard in some instances.

  14. 89
    amanda Says:

    If she feels comfortable like that…why not let her be? I sometimes don’t wear a bra when I go out…so more power to her…I think she is really beautiful.

  15. 90
    amanda Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add…if you look she has a white cami on underneath….so…yeah.

  16. 91
    Nicole m Says:

    I don’t get it. She’s running and there are people taking pictures, yet she doesn’t wear a bra. There is probably a better and maybe nicer word but it’s kind of trashy.

  17. 92
    Tammi Says:

    #91…this is just my opinion, but it seems to me, she’s gotten in the car but then has had to run out again to get something or whatever and has had to run back probably due to time constraints….i seriously doubt she lets the paps bother her and effectively run her life if she cares about what they think….she wants to be comfortable, then i say go on her.

  18. 93
    zoe Says:

    ellen looked gorgeous at the SAG but she looks so tired here…and kinda old….wrinkly, etc. i know natural’s the best but at least she could have put on some decent clothing…and a tiny bit of make up- it’ll never hurt!

  19. 94
    lauren Says:

    I think she looks gorgeous without makeup and trust me if you see her in person, this lady has some amazing skin. its younger than her age. she takes real good care of herself. and I think she really looks cute and adorable in those pics. tired it seems, or maybe as some said its the time snap of the image, you know caught in the in between second. I just hope its nothing seriously wrong as some might have suggested.

  20. 95
    Mint Says:

    I love her!
    I wonder where they are off to? which country this time. Ellen is really using the writers strike time off to her advantage.

    I see no big deal in someone being all natural. a lot of people do it. its more common than we think. and its much much more comfortable. and very normal by the way. plus… apparently guys think its sexy… :) so why not.. eh?

    and I do believe Ellen to be a natural beauty who really can go without makeup and still look radiant and gorgeous. all those who saw her in person say she is sooo gorgeous and pretty n person and looks a lot younger.

    Ellen rocks!
    thanks for the Ellen pics JJ.

  21. 96
    CARLA Says:

    Ellen is one stunning lady. her inner beauty and wonderful soul just shine. she is a gorgeous human being inside out. thanks for the pictures.

    I too wonder whats their destination. maybe its the New York fashion week, or the Italy fashion week. or maybe just a trip home to Boston.
    Now I’m really curious.

  22. 97
    CARLA Says:

    I miss Grey’s anatomy. won’t this strike end already….

  23. 98
    LINDANA Says:

    She definitely didn’t do it on purpose, she was with her jacket when she’s gone to her car the first but they made a U-turn because she seems to have forget something to he house, so cut her some slake, it’s happen!!!!

    Did you never forget to put a bra going out!!!!!
    Stop being hypocrite and pudique.

  24. 99
    derek Says:

    She’s one of the rare actress who can go out without having to put a tone of make up and still being beautiful. She didn’t put and then what’s the matter, she didn’t kill your puppy :)

    Thanks JJ

  25. 100
    SONIA Says:

    Being more genuine than this woman, it’s impossible!!!
    She can’t be more down to earth if she try, I think she doesn’t realise how famous she goes on with her life like nothing else matter!!!
    The paps are really hounding her and she doesn’t take account of them and it’s great. Her head has not been replaced by a watermelon ….


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