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Halle Berry Sheer is Pregnant

Halle Berry Sheer is Pregnant

Mom-to-be Halle Berry shows off her burgeoning belly in a sheer black top as she leaves a friend’s house in Hollywood Hills on Wednesday.

The Oscar-winning actress toted around the Jimmy Choo “Saba” bag in Zanzibar.

Halle and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry‘s baby is due in March–but it sure looks like she may go into labor sooner than that!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Halle’s fish scales jacket and zebra-print purse?

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  • luckyL

    I’m glad she’s progressing along nicely. Good for her and I’m ignoring anyone who attacks a pregnant woman’s looks..

  • mali13

    she looks so big!

  • jennn


  • jennn

    she’s still gorgeous too!

  • happy

    I dont like the hair.

  • Anna

    Beautiful, pregnant woman right there.

  • perming

    buck wheat. what happen? her fake curls in the front and her rough natural hair in da back. haley its ok to perm.

  • AJ

    Super duper gorgeous pregnant woman

  • mil

    she is glowing! and still looks amazing

  • elliott

    she looks amazing. radiant!

  • Cathy

    Not many people could pull that look off even without being pregnant. Not only does Halle pull that off but does it with such class and with lots of smiles. Great!!

  • Sara

    I love her she is so beautiful! She has tight curls and it looks great on her. So excited about the birth of her and Gabriel’s baby.
    That will be one beautiful baby.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • gABBY

    Pretty can’t wait for the announcement and pictures of the baby sure it will be adorable.

  • Um

    Where exactly is the father of that baby? He is no where to be found. When was the last time they were seen together?

  • thetabloidschic
  • Hideous…etc

    She looks totally hideous and kind of whacked with that grin.

    UM…the allegedly in-vitro sperm donor was last seen with her the beginning of the month in damage control photos all over the internet furniture shopping and him dragging her across the street going to the doctor’s. Yeah, there were pix of them holding hands and him opening the door etc. BTW she’s hasn’t been wearing that expensive bling he supposedly gave her earlier in the month, hmmmmmmmmmm?

  • amber

    I’m so happy for her! This is something she’s been wanting for a long time and she’s finally getting some happiness after all the losers she’s been dealt in life. But I’m really not feeling the hair…..oh well. She still looks beautiful! I hope to be as fabulous looking as her during my pregnancies.

  • quit the hating

    #15 & # 17 quit the hating…just be happy for her even if he’s not around. Probably busy at the restaurant and getting ready for Fashion Week in NYC which is this weekend thru next weekend. Let’s hope Jr/Jrette doesn’t come while he’s away?

  • Jane

    #17- Can you elaborate, do you have inside information? I must admit I do find it odd that the boyfriend is hardly ever around.

  • gABBY


  • peace

    He doesn’t have to be around all the time he is a very private person
    he hates being followed around by the photogs. He is protecting what ever he and halle has without the prying eyes of the public intruding on their lives . Their relationship kind of reminds me of Gwyneth and Chris Martin they are not media whores so that’s for you Jane who finds it odd that Gabe is not around Halle when ever she is photographed

  • DivA

    She looks HOT! And that’s on pap’s cameras. Can you imagine how gorgeous and tight she looks in-person?! She’s like a size 2, with a belly. And her tummy is normal size. Geez, such ignorance on these sites. Everything looks bigger on camera. Halle is amazing.

    And I love how you people write about her man, like you see her everyday and he’s MIA. LOL, we know nothing! We just see a few pics of her out and about and you assume she’s been left. LOL, cracks me up. She lives with the guy; stop being so ignorant.

  • juliette

    This far along in a preg. your hands and feet swell = no rings and sometimes even a larger size shoe. Don’t ya know pix are always cropped. JJ needs to show the people around her.

  • Maria

    Halle’s so radiant and beautiful!

    may God Bless her during the time of delivery. She deserves to have a healthy and beautiful child.


  • Cathy

    Some women do not like to be mollicoddled especially when they are feeling a little vulnerable and unsure of their strength because of pregnancy.
    When I was pregnant fussing made me feel like a sickly person and I had this great desire to show the world that I am an active and strong woman and worked even more than normal. Perhaps she is going through that.
    Also like someone said we see her only in these pap photos. She has a life away from it.

  • To Jane, not #17

    No I don’t have any inside info like any of us do nor am I #17. But here are possible explanations from what my friends who have been following Halle throughout her pregnancy.

    There were a bunch of rumors running around some months ago that she had in-vitro at the Pacific Fertility Clinic-LA in one of the ‘burbs and several people suspect he may just either be a sperm donor only appearing when she needs him to or is in hiding in LA/NYC.

    Also, some idiots also were talking about the kid was really Eric’s or someone else’s and Aubry was just going along with it for the money or whatever–LMAO on that one like the gay/bi rumors (which who knows if that one is true).

    The damage control reference is meant that whenever there is a rumor on the internet about them not being together, their having problems etc, he suddenly appears or makes a statement on something Halle said months ago.

    Or it appears she has her PR staff run stories to the contrary i.e. like the $10,000 Cartier eternity ring he supposedly gave her , which he could have ,when the rumors started to fly again (Cartier was the sponsor of some event where the ring was mentioned 3-4 weeks after the event). She was seen wearing a ring when they were shopping and wore it again when the rumor about it ran then suddenly stopped when people on the Internet weren’t buying the story. There are other examples from what my friends have told me about the possible damage control thing i.e. him want to live in NYC/her LA etc.

    I think there were some pix several weeks ago, of them shopping and going to the doctors, and there was a debate all over the internet about her being more into her than he was into her (no pun intended). Some of the doctor pix they looked kinda like a couple and the others they didn’t like she was forcing him to be with him. I don’t know if any of this is true. They could have just been irked by the pappis?

    Do think it is ironic that he’s never been seen going with her to the doctors or other baby related appointments until then. I don’t blame for not wanting to go shopping, running errands etc. with her when the girl does love to shop.

    Whether he’s hiding out at one of Halle’s homes or in NYC working, playing golf in LA or whatever I don’t have a clue.

    Don’t know if this answers any of your questions.?

  • WOW!

    For someone who doesn’t know the inside scoop seems like your friends do. Who knows if any of this crap is true or not? The bottom line is Halle’s having a baby regardless of her many is or isn’t or will be in the picture. Let’s hope she and the baby will be fine at delivery, etc. This whole pregnancy is about her nothing more nothing else, if the guy is part of the package, that sweetens the deal even more.

    I am sure she, the baby and Aubry will be fine.

  • Jane

    Thanks #27. Interesting.

  • noia

    hey at #17, next you are going to say that Halle is his beard,and further that she is his surrogate. Where else did I read a similar thing? mmmmm…

  • scarlet

    She is beautiful!
    By the way, I soooo love her jacket!!
    Does anyone know the brand or where i can find it?

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I like the jacket and hair, but not the bag. She looks nice

  • lilo

    no bra??? big bomba *hehe*

  • shiva

    she’s diabetic that’s why her baby must be a little biger

  • shiva


  • ain’t no fan

    i just hope she hurry up and have it so i ain’t gotta hear no more about her pregnancy.and it’ll be years before ya’ see the kid, or highest bid wins on the pictures.

  • Astrid

    She looks incredible. I hope that her diabetes isn’t causing any problems with her pregnancy. Here’s to a happy, healthy baby.

  • Noir

    Perming, you are a quintessential IDIOT!!!!!!!!

  • xyz

    She looks really happy happy, but something has definitely changed. Early on in their relationship he use to go everywhere with her. I use to see photos of them shopping at the mall together and furniture shopping all the time. Aubry is actually smiling on a lot of the photos. He actually said on his myspace page that he liked shopping for antiques. Now he rarely goes anywher with her. But he is also someone who gets paid to have his picture taken, so maybe he is thinking of his career, he is no longer a “fresh” face because he was always in some tabloid with Halle. So maybe when she goes to her doctor’s office through the front door maybe he sneaks in through the back door.

  • 4Noia

    Yep, she could be his beard/surrogate it could be possible. I certainly don’t believe all the crap about him being so metrosexual. The guy is into shopping, antiques, cooking, interested in opening an art gallery etc. Not generally activities associated with straight men.

    Even my several of my gay friends who don’t think he’s attractive and have never seen a picture of him until they did a google search of pictures and video downloads (and not in wishful thinking mode or because he’s a former underwear model/model) said he’s definitely gay. Whether 6-8 gay men could be wrong I don’t know.

    They were going by his dress, appearance, gait, carriage, mannerisms, old pictures of him with no facial/body hair to his scuffy look and chest hair. Unless the dude decided not to shave or stop getting a body wax, for whatever reason, looks gay to me. Even in some of the downloads from the one of Halle’s geeky Groovers who always downloads her tv appearances, he totally queened out in a couple of them and not from the excitement of being in the moment.

    Plus, there are pictures of him on rexfeatures. com from this summer in NYC while pix of Halle were seen solo in LA –a little hard for them to fucking like rabbits 24/7 like she said in her interview in Oprah. Regarding the in-vitro clinic thing, she was reported seen going in and out of the facility several times over the summer etc. It’s known she was on fertility drugs, also documented on the Internet.

    She was adamant about having a kid by whatever means and she did do it.

  • http://4XYZ 4Noia

    While the pappis are more into her/the baby watch than him and he has been known to sneak in occasional at certain events that she’s been at, I am sure as much as the pappis follow him would have caught him going to the doctor or her birthing classes etc by now.

    They also don’t photograph him when he goes golfing, leaves/arrives LAX, JFK etc. They did follow them during the Christmas holidays from Malibu driving in his car going to one of Halle’s friends in the Hollywood Hills to get her car, entering the house and leaving separately.

    They care about her not him unless they can get a photo of them together in wide open space. Who knows maybe they will wise up soon. It has nothing to do with him not wanting to be photographed since he’s always photographed as a model, please. In all of the photos, like I said in most of the photos pre/current pregnancy she has always looked more into him than he is into her. The pappis find him boring.

  • #41-4XYZ

    #41 should have read for XYZ not noia. Wishful thinking. Yes, in the earlier pictures he did look more happy than he does know. It may be possible he does like the spotlight or attention like Halle does since it’s all about her and the baby. Even on one of downloads of them shopping while he waited outside, he had his hand on her should trying to hold her back. Maybe this daily/weekly updates on her pregnancy she’s milking it for everything it’s worth.

    It will be interesting to see how the do the bi-coastal diaper duty thing while he’s in NYC and reality sets in for Halle once she realizes (even though I do think she will be a good mother) that raising a baby/child isn’t as easy as she imagines. Still wish her/them well. I hope they can work things out for the baby’s sake (if it is really his).

  • JMO

    JMO, I really don’t think Aubry really thought through about the whole babydaddy thing and Halle’s need to be in charge controlling everything to get what she wants. The exes didn’t put up with her bs, Aubry is the chump who is. Maybe the rumors of him liking to be controlled by domineering women are true. Gay or straight, dunno. Agree, yes, Halle looks happy because it really is about her and him or them. All the power to them if they can make it work.

  • Hey#17etc

    Hey #17etc…give it a rest. I agree I am sure they are both fine. They’re not Siamese twins, please.

  • LMAO

    LMAO. You guys/gals are a scream. Halle’s pregnant enjoying every minute of the publicity. Who cares how and by whom she did or didn’t get pregnant. Deal with it.

    Do agree with some of the posters that some of the past photos of them do looked forced. My fav is the one from last spring of them supposedly coming back from Mexico opening weekend of Perfect Strangers at LAX of him wanting him to punch out a pappi, when she was seen a couple days later back in Mexico City at the premiere. Something fishy?

  • Cathy

    #44- Exactly my thoughts. in this day and age women do like to have some space and independence even when pregnant. More power to Halle that she does not need a man to go for routine medical appointments.

  • My peeps in LALAland/Big Apple

    Forgot to mention in #45…From my peeps in LALAland/the Big Apple, there just waiting for the 411 on this scam/sham relationship to hit the tabloids etc. Gabby isn’t in LA as much as the fans think, the ring/car rumor was for a fact started by Halle’s PR spinnerazzis or someone close to her to ward off the rumors of him wanting to further his career or him only being a sperm donor or cover for the real babydaddy.

    He may appear more as her trained lapdog for awhile longer but trust me things are not as stellar at Halle’s cribs. Bullshit, for her/their independence. He’s playing it smart not being around where ever the fuck he’s been hiding. He’s already getting tired of Halle’s crazy antics.

  • Cynthia

    She’s soo overrated, but she will be an awesome mom though

  • Here’s The Deal

    Hot mommy alert :)

  • Alexis

    Um, she’s REALLY petite and petite women’s uteruses have nowhere to go but OUT. She looks fabulous and healthy. Except for her hair.

    The purse and jacket are both tacky and I’m sure cost more than I’ll make in the next six months. So pathetic.