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Halle Berry Sheer is Pregnant

Halle Berry Sheer is Pregnant

Mom-to-be Halle Berry shows off her burgeoning belly in a sheer black top as she leaves a friend’s house in Hollywood Hills on Wednesday.

The Oscar-winning actress toted around the Jimmy Choo “Saba” bag in Zanzibar.

Halle and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry‘s baby is due in March–but it sure looks like she may go into labor sooner than that!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Halle’s fish scales jacket and zebra-print purse?

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  • Erin

    love love love the bag. know where i can get it?

  • peace

    It doesn’t matter if Gabe and Halle are together there bond won’t be broken cuz they have a child together and I bet you Gabe will still be a good father to his child he longed to have.

    Take that Halle and Gabe Haters(especially # 47) stop all of the crappy speculations. I bet you will be happy if they broke up why do people like to see other people miserable.

  • Oh please #52

    Oh please #52. You really believe Halle’s delusional bullshit. No, I am not #47, but I know for a fact he was not first thrilled with the idea of Halle announcing her plans for them to have a kid. He couldn’t give a shit about her he’s just along for the ride. He never said he wanted a child, Halle said he did. He only said was excited after the fact after Halle told him to.

    If they are the real deal, I will be the first one to apologize to you and the others and never post on justjared or elsewhere.

  • I am White And Heterosexual

    Oh, 4Noia, you are just a bitter, self-hating, flaming gay black man who got his feelings hurt by a pretty white boy. Isn’t that the reason you go to so many blogs and trash Halle and Gabriel, calling him Gaybriel, Gayboy, etc.? Please shut up and get over your pathetic self.

  • not true

    Not true. Don’t wish them to break up or see people miserable. But don’t be so surprised if who you call haters are saying could be even remotely the slightest bit true, then you and her fans are going to look ridiculous, won’t you. You better not bash her or him if anything is true.

    If I am wrong too, like 53, I won’t post on JJ and other blog sites either. That I can promise you.

  • haha

    she looks like she’s about to pop and she’s still wearing high heels, i don’t get it. If she really wanted a baby and waited till this age to get it. She should care more about the baby and not her looks. So far, on most of her candid pics she wears heels. Stupid Bytch.

  • wrong#54

    I am White and female. And do not go around the blogs calling Aubry names. Sorry, you’re wrong, this is the only blog I have ever been on. Nor am I racist. Halle is free to date whomever she wants and have a kid with. I just think the relationship has always been bullshit. No I am not bitter.

    Be careful who you call a racist or assume I or the other posters are someone else, you racist homophobic bitch.

  • more SSDD/totally clueless

    More SSDD, I know a couple of the posters who some of you all are talking about. I am sure there are some jealous gay Black men or angry Black men that Halle’s with a White guy, so what. It’s the same group who used to post about them months or a long time ago just to get you riled because there are those who wish them well . More like a high school/college prank. No none of them are gay. Don’t know if they go to the other blogs. Clueless.

  • apologies #55

    Apologies #55, I over-reacted, have had a bad day. Was just venting my frustrations out. Seriously, I am not the one/s you are referring to. Have never called Aubry Gayboy or Gaybriel regardless what my personal opinion is.

  • can we be adults here?

    Can we be adults here? I am sure Halle and her man find this all amusing if they even check JJ or the other blogs. I am sure there are the true fans, the haters and the jokesters. Why even bother responding? If you don’t respond the jokesters and haters may go away. Did you ever think about that? Why would AA men gay or straight post keep posting on JJ and other blogs when they have d-listed, bossip, etc.? Think about it. If you all notice some folks may be posting on other blogs, no offense, may be ya’ll also have too much free time on your hands too. And are no better than them. Don’t let them have power over you and contribute to this insanity.

  • Cathy

    #56- Not all women are alike. Pregnancies are different too. Some women are perfectly alright with high heel balancing while pregnant while some are bad at it. Don’t judge others by your experience/preferences.

  • better pix on this site

    better pix on this site

    “Still Hot, Still Preggers”

    Pardon the stupid comments….

  • OMG


  • aimee

    She looks amazing. I wish I had looked so sexy and beautiful when I was pregnant!

  • I Am White And Heterosexual

    Oh, Noia, or Not True#54, or whomever who really are, I don’t believe you!! You are who I think you are. If you aren’t prepared for my hostility, maybe you should shut your lying, hateful mouth, or rather your lying hateful fingers.

    Anyway, Halle looks great, and I wish her the best.

  • #65

    Why even bother commenting to him/her?They did apologize for losing their cool. Let sleeping dogs lie. Who knows who the poster really is? Nor who really cares?

    While you are correct a lot of the haters are Black gay/straight men, not all are. Playing devil’s advocate here not taking sides nor am I the idiot who blasted you. Don’t let them get to you, it really isn’t worth it.

  • Mimi

    What about her health? Is she doing as well as she looks?

  • i love it

    She is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love her pregnant!