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Rumer in Black for Blackberry

Rumer in Black for Blackberry

Rumer Willis poses at Verizon’s launch of the new Blackberry Pearl 8130 Smartphone at The IAC Building on Tuesday in New York City.

Rumer arrived at JFK airport on Tuesday wearing a lumberjack plaid sweatshirt.

More pics of Rumer in black…

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77 Responses to “Rumer in Black for Blackberry”

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  1. 26
    WTF Says:

    Does she EVER wear a bra?

  2. 27
    Ashlee Says:

    she looks sooo funny….and she probably thinks she´s the next lindsay lohan or something (not that l.l. is to be compared to)

    she looks like a dude

  3. 28
    Regina Says:

    I’m not a fan of Rumer (she’s famous for nothing, really), but why are you all so superficial? What has she ever done to you (don’t say ‘blinded me with her ugliness’)?

  4. 29
    miz em Says:

    I don’t understand why she gets invited to events, and how it’s possible that she doesn’t realize she’s only ‘famous’ because of how weird-looking she is (hate to say it).

  5. 30
    Scarlet.R Says:

    Girl has a lantern jaw to rival desperate dan.

  6. 31
    kate Says:

    Daughter of white trash, what can we expect?

    Not an ounce of decorum.

    Ladies don’t pose,e.g. place hand(s) on hip for the tabloid press.

    A small pivot in the presses direction, a microsecond smile, pretend they are not there and continue walking. The idea is to politely attend THE EVENT. These new generation of bimbos think the walk to the entrance is THE EVENT.

    PS: ridiculous to wear affected wool winter hat with bare summer ensemble.

    The differences between class and trash are clear.

  7. 32
    um Says:

    Rita @ 01/30/2008 at 2:58 pm … but Demi and Bruce are so good-looking;

    Says who? she looks exactly like their daughter should look.

  8. 33
    Tdani81 Says:

    She’s wearing the hat because she’s ashamed of her short hair and she’s trying to grow it long. She’s right to do the pursed-lipped smile so her face wouldn’t blow up bigger than what it is.

  9. 34
    jared Says:

    Her mother is pretty but Bruce Willis is an ugly SOB…why do people think he is good looking? He has a dog face and an awful smirk all the time…too bad the daughter took after him! (Her name doesn’t help either…it’s not attractive at all!!)

  10. 35
    Beerbelly Says:

    Why does the public keep seeing pictures of this potato headed looser simply because she is the spawn of celebrities? Hey, Rumer – get a real job in the real world and stop living off the celebrity of your parents! You have no talent – and you’re HOMELY, too !

  11. 36
    de Cosmos Says:

    Please… please …please!!!

    No more Rumer and her horsey face and saggy titz.

  12. 37
    Rebafan84 Says:

    Why is she anywhere? Why do people even care? She is really one child who has used her parents name to get instant fame. Most hollywood kids want to be recognized on their merit, Rumer just wants to be recognized because of what her name is.
    I can’t believe that she thinks anyone really cares and I am sorry to say also, she is not very attractive.

  13. 38
    tc Says:

    I hate to be cruel, but she looks like one of those “what if they mated” pics they do on Conan…

  14. 39
    fresh Says:

    she needs to stay at home

  15. 40
    shiva Says:

    #16 you’re right I hope she doesn’t read these blogs. Poor girl it’s not her fault she looks like that

  16. 41
    palvasha Says:

    that is one manly jaw

  17. 42
    no way girl Says:

    she is really ugly and ugly

  18. 43
    Sushi Says:

    JESUS CHRIST! Could she be any uglier???????

    Forget about the tam and the sh*t dress–MRS. POTATO-FACE just needs to go!

  19. 44
    jade Says:

    Check out OK magazine February 4th issue,page 34.There is a picture
    of Demi out shopping. Demi, in that photo,looks nothing like the
    beautiful pictures,Jared had of her, on here recently. So, I don’t think Rumer is ugly, I never did.

  20. 45
    Tiffany Says:

    I also feel sorry for Rumer because of her appearance. She is not pretty, and I have to admit that I have laughed at many of your comments. It’s just unfortunate and I’m sure she knows what people say about her. She really doesn’t help her cause by wearing the clothes that she does and going to the places that she does. She really invites criticism and the bad attention. But, hey! She got a free phone!

  21. 46
    blueangel Says:

    Gah . . .my eyes!! She is hideously ugly and her clothes are too small.

  22. 47
    Logan Says:

    Yes, what is it with celebrity kids everywhere for doing nothing? Rumor, Zoe Kravitz, Evan Ross etc… It’s ridiculous. Rumor is by far the worst though, she is so overexposed for basically doing nothing.

  23. 48
    Diana Says:

    God, her chin is amazing.

  24. 49
    Kitty Smith Says:

    I feel sorry for her – she has pretty eyes like her mom; however, her jaw and chin are a mess. She needs total face reconstruction. Fortunately, her family has the money to pay for it. Sadly, she appears like she thinks she is hot stuff…. Perhaps she should never buy a mirror…

  25. 50
    Madonna Says:


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