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Ethan Hawke & Ryan Shawhughes: Baby Joy!

Ethan Hawke & Ryan Shawhughes: Baby Joy!

Ethan Hawke and longtime girlfriend Ryan Shawhughes are expecting a baby!

“They are over the moon!” a pal tells In Touch about the pregnancy.

Ethan, 37, and Ryan, 28, first met when she worked as a nanny for the actor during his marriage to Uma Thurman.

Ethan, whose rep had no comment, and Uma divorced in 2003 after five years of marriage and two children—Maya, 9, and Levon, 6.

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  • teddy-booboo

    the NANNY????
    when will wives learn never to hire a young pretty nanny.

  • kate

    2nd ?

  • brea

    whoa! what happened to ethan hawke?? he’s looking rough. i know he’s 37 but still, that doesn’t mean he should look like that. his teeth are looking yellow and the lines on his face are screaming too much partying and not enough sleep over the years.

  • Wedding Peach

    Uma is way, way, way prettier than this thing.

  • trish

    Kate who cares what number you are.. and who the eff are you?? it’s not like anyoen can see you and go “way to go kate you were 2nd”. get a new hobby lewser.

  • bingo



    love him great actor
    wish him all the best

  • CelebreXXXViagara

    Ummmmm.. Ethan Hawke aged disgracefully!! Uma is sweet, but FUG.. This one in the picture looks like a Blond beatdown Tranny!!

    Who would want to have a kid for a guy that looks like a grandfather at 37???
    The kid would look like 60 @ the age of 25!

  • Raichill

    I am shocked to see an American actor with such bad teeth.

  • nicole m

    Wow…he went with the nanny!? I never knew that.

  • Sarie

    Wow, he looks old for 37!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    wow, he looks really beat for a 37 Y.O!!! Congrats about the baby tho

  • Mediterranean

    Will she get a nanny for her baby?

  • mano


  • Coco

    The nanny doesn’t look so flattering in that pic, is she bitting her nails? He’s looking a little haggard himself. Congrats on the baby.

  • shannon

    wow i’ve come to except that every day someone else in hollywood is getting pregnant

  • j

    hope she gets a new nanny for their baby. haha.

  • Anon

    Agreed, #17! He’s a douchebag.

  • mary

    Is it me, or is “over the moon” the most overused and dumbass term used by publicists and “sources” to describe celebrity reactions to pregnancy? Ugh, it’s annoying.

  • funnymunny

    wow, the nanny? – stay class, Ethan.

  • funnymunny

    wow, the nanny? – stay classy, Ethan

  • the_original_nika

    word #1.
    congrats though.

  • Interstink!

    Everyone claimed AJ broke up the marriage when all along he was perhaps doing the nanny. Very interesting.

  • indecisivetwit

    YUCK. what a scumbag.

  • talula

    Always hire old women to be your nannies. Not only are they more experienced, they also won’t f___ your husband.

  • lola

    Awesome! Love him and her. Congrats.

    – read my blog at

  • em

    He’s looking rough in that picture. I’ve met Ethan, and he was very sweet.

  • West

    I bet she will hire an old and ugly nanny for their baby :P

  • fresh

    haha its always the nannies.

  • Melle

    Why is everyone attacking this girl, just remember she wasn’t the one who broke up uma and ethan’s marriage, that was some 22 yr old model he had an affair with, not this girl and plus just remember he cheated, not her.
    You’re all acting like it’s all her fault, that crap. it’s his fault, he was married, she wasn’t

  • lily

    Melle, #30 it is immoral of someone to pursue a MARRIED man or woman but you must be a homewrecker yourself to think that it’s not her fault because “she wasn’t married.”

  • sherry

    Lily, if he had an affair with a model then the nanny wasn’t the “homewrecker”. It just says he met her when she was the nanny.

  • Alwayslearning

    Sadly he is not the first guy to hook up with a nanny and he won’t be the last.

  • Logan

    yeah, I’m confused on this one. Didn’t he have an affair with some model from Canada? Then he got divorced and dated around. Where did this chick come from and how was she the nanny during his marriage to Uma.

    #! – I agree never hire a young, pretty

  • kel

    EW melle, sherry. you two are dumb!! Ethan is a man whore and his nanny IS a HOMEWRECKER!!!!

  • what?

    holy smoke

  • luckyL

    Disgusting all around.

  • Yorick

    The nanny had NOTHINg to do with Hawke and Thurman breaking up

  • Rachel

    kel get your facts straight. Melle is correct.

    Ethan cheated on Uma with some Canadian actress/model when he was filming Taking Lives with Angelina (that’s how she got dragged into the story).

    Uma and Ethan then broke up and Uma went with that hot old guy Andre something. I assume Ethan dated others.

    Then last year he started dating this chick who happened to work for Uma and Ethan years ago. They met up again and are now together.

    Ethan was a cheater but this chick is not a homewreaker.

    Why is the profession of being a nanny got such a bad name these days. I know a few people who are nannies are they are lovely people. There is nothing wrong with being a nanny.

  • the midnight rambler

    the dude’s got a bad case of the ol’ methface.

  • um

    wow, does he look old and ugly. I bet he’s abused drugs, cause he has a methface now.

  • lilo

    i wanna see him in some new movies… when ethan hm?

  • mimi

    With all his money he should get his teeth cleaned.

  • Suzz

    What has he done lately? anything?

  • remember da truth

    Oh, I can see all the insecure fat women on here — homewrecker, don’t hire a pretty nanny, etc.
    When will you people learn that if you are in a healthy marriage, it doesn’t matter what the women look like around a guy — he won’t cheat! Idiots!

    You might as well just come on here and say, I’m ugly and uptight and scared my husband or boyfriend will leave me the first time he has a chance! LOL!

  • remember da truth

    Ethan has always been ugly and unshaven. At least now he’s trying to shave!

    The only people who blamed Angelina Jolie were Fanistons who think she sleeps with every costar! The rumors around Taking Lives were that he was banging a waitress at a local bar up there. AJ was never an issue.

    The nanny waited until the divorce was filed, then contacted Ethan after he moved out and said she had always had a thing for him and let’s go to lunch. He and the nanny both talked about it a long time ago. They didn’t get together until after the divorce.

    Obviously, that was a bad marriage and the nanny saw it up close. Ethan wouldn’t be cheating if he had been happy.

  • remember da truth

    HA! Talula, you poor fat thing. Always the ugly girl, huh?

    I doubt Angelina Jolie worries about a pretty nanny. Or Summer Affleck, HAPPILY married to Casey has to worry about a pretty nanny!

    No one who is in a happy relationship has to worry about pretty women around their man, as co-worker, housekeeper, whatever. What f***ing century do you people live in?

  • Astrid

    He’ll cheat on this gal too.

  • em

    It takes two to make a marriage work, and people make mistakes. He’s a good guy despite all. No one knows exactly what happened except Ethan and Uma.

    Rachel and Melle are correct with the details of what allegedly went down however.

  • ana

    I love him.Lucky girl. Congratulations!