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Sophia Bush Hearts New York

Sophia Bush Hearts New York

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush smiles and waves herself out of her New York hotel on Tuesday.

Poor Sophia reportedly injured herself while snowboarding in Colorado earlier in the month . “I’m learning to snowboard. I was prepared for the cold with all the layers of clothing, but the layers didn’t help me so much when I ran into the mountain. I landed on part of my knee,” Sophia said. OUCH!

If you missed it, peep Sophia at the 2008 SAG Awards!

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  • first


  • cmo

    real beauty

  • rhaeza


  • shannon

    she is the best especially on one tree hill!

  • canton

    the shoes are fug but she is beautiful….and she has the kind of natural beauty that lasts for a very very very long time unlike some of those “manufactured” beauties.

  • donny


  • marie

    why are we talking about her? she does not go anything, oh wait execpt OTH which sucks this season. again why do we need another c-list actress being talked about?

  • Jagoda

    LOVE HER !!^^

  • Jagoda

    LOVE HER !!

  • like red

    yes, Poor Sophia i saw her bruise in Regis and Kelly and is r-e-a-l-l-y look bad i hope she is OK now
    and i am glad that despite her injury she continue to do it again
    this is my girl i love her :)
    and she is ssssssoooooooo BEAUTIFUL, thanks jared for her pictures

  • lol

    ewwwwww…….nice outfit…not lmao


    she is the MAIN reason why i still watch OTH…this girl can act and stay gorgeous at the same time!!!

  • Era

    well she looks gorgeous…as always. no matter what she wears she always looks amazing. i love this girl. she’s doing such a great job on OTH and i can’t wait to see her new movie

  • steffy

    hate to break it to ya guys but if you get past her looks there is really no talant, i mean yea she is pretty but she can only play brooke but w/e floats your boat.

  • Carrie

    it happened in Whistler (BC, Canada)… not Colorado.

  • Natalie

    Love her.
    Such a pretty girl & talented too.
    OTH f*cking rocks this season… that show is like crack… lol

  • tony

    Sophia is just gorgeous. I mean, look at her! I’m so glad she’s getting a lot of attention this year. She doesn’t need to plaster herself with tons and tons of make-up, cuz she doesn’t need it!

    I loved her with the longer hair. She’s still rockin it though. The short hair looks cool.

    One of the best beautys in Hollywood right now!

  • The Shiznack

    i love oth but come on oth fans this season is so wooden

  • adri

    how is she everywhere? like i just saw the link on OTHF but like come on her on one site is not ‘everywhere’ lmao get a life

  • Tonya

    Sophia is in lots of movies that were talked about. she has a new movie coming out very soon. the reason she is talked about so much is because she is so talented

  • amy

    gotta love her thanks for the news and pics!

  • jo

    No, the reason she’s talked about is because she shows up to all of these random events. From photos posted elsewhere, these are of her heading to some party about a new phone. How is that being noticed for her “talent.”

    Ugh, and the dress she has on under that coat is the worst thing I’ve ever seen her wear. She’s been getting a little risky with her outfits lately, and quite a few of them are bad.

  • like red

    i am so sick of haters like you
    and yes she is talented and i really dont see the problem that she shows up to events she work sssooooooooo hard and she have the right to have fun
    she have a good fashion sense and she choose her clothes herself (most of the celebrities in difference from her have stylist) and so what if you dont like her outfits lately?!?!?!?! who put you to be a fashion criticize?!!??!!?

  • adri

    yea cuz Supercross was sucha hit…right

    thanks for clearing that up Jo i agree

  • adri

    and haha you think she dresses herself? right…

  • like red

    she said that in an interview you moron

  • lala

    Wow sooo many haters. Anyway love her and OTH, i think its the best season yet. Plus everyone on the show is super HOT

  • adri

    and you believe her? you moron. i know who her stylist is….but fine go on and call name you c*nt

  • like red

    yes i believe her
    and i call you moron because you are

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    Gorgeous. You haters need to get a life.

  • Kelly

    Jared, she got injured while she was in Whistler BC Canada, with several other One Tree Hill castmates. By the way thanks for all the lovely Sophia posts. She is my number 1 girl crush

  • kors

    ok so not to offend anyone, not like shes fat or anything but I think she is preggers.

  • kors

    I think everyone gets bruises the first time they snowboard, its so common, and everyone falls the first time too. Why is she making people feel sorry for her about a f-ing bruise?

  • adri

    i agree but then again apperantly sophia is the ‘next big thing’ haha right. come out with a good movie then i will talk, we all know why she is famous and its not for talent or looks LOL

  • Barb

    Bush isn’t aging gracefully at all.

    Her voice is extremely annoying. Thankgoodness her character on One Tree Hill is a little tolerable this time, otherwise, I’d be muting her scenes. She’s already a bad actress, and having that voice isn’t favorable either.
    Why does it seem like she’s perpetually losing her voice?

    Not ugly, just average. Nothing spectacular.

  • kors

    I loved how Kelly Ripa asked Mizz Bush is she has a throat cold on the show, people are always asking her that, she seems to always be “sick”. what an excuse.

  • heli

    i LOVE her voice is so SEXY

  • Erin

    I agree with Jo, Adri and co. They have very valid opinions so stop complaining about the complaining.

    The reason she is known is because frankly she is a bit of a famewhore. She’s a poor man’s Rachel Bilson (and I’m no fan of Rachel Bilson). She turns up to event after event getting her name out there (I hate over-exposed so called actresses). And she stupidly went and married her sleazy co-star boyfriend – that’s what has her semi-famous.

    One Tree Hill is not a great show (I dont mind it as a guilty pleasure, like someone else said before, it’s TV crack. So bad but it entertains) Nor is she a good actress. There’s many many better than her.

    But she is good looking. I’ll give you that. And seemingly natural too which is refreshing.

  • Sparklefirefly

    Okay, so I wanted to find out just what it is about this girl that makes most of you light up, besides her obvious beauty. WELL, I found out that she was married to Chad Michael Murray, and she divorced him and the reason stated was FRAUD! The two of them are on OTH, and he’s now dating an 18 year old, whose on the SAME SHOW!
    I LOVED HIM in the Cinderella movie with Hillary Duff. He needs to LEAVE this 18 year old alone, and let her do what 18 year olds DO! And go back to his bEAUTIFUL wife SOPHIA! Everyone who reads this should send them out some Positive Energy, that they’ll return to one another’s arms, and NEVER LEAVE! The two of them are so STUNNING, they NEED each other. If they were to remarry, they could get roles that A-Listers like Brad & Angelina, Will & Jada, and Ben & Jennifer, would grab. I can see them as the next Mr & Mrs Smith. I can also see them with CHILD! Hey, I’m just saying!

  • nessa

    I LOVE HER!!

    she’s amazing! she’s so tanlented and beautiful!!!

    *and stop bitching just to be mean … it’s so stupid… if you don’t like her for some good reason(that i can’t see) or because you don’t like her voice(very good and intelligent argument) .. don’t say it . i mean GROW UP!

    Love sophia bush.

  • nessa

    I LOVE HER!!

    she’s amazing! she’s so talented and beautiful!!!

    *and stop bitching just to be mean … it’s so stupid… if you don’t like her for some good reason(that i can’t see) or because you don’t like her voice(very good and intelligent argument) .. don’t say it . i mean GROW UP!

    Love sophia bush.

  • spiun_malta

    shes amazing!

  • me

    her voice is the only thing thats hot about her.

    if I were her Id live in the gym.. everyone says how white and pale she is.. thats ok.. tanning is very bad for you, but at least tone it up girl? your face is somewhat pretty but the body just doesnt match up. on top of all that she is just a terrible actress.

  • Bella

    I really wanna see all these stupid bitches faces whose spent their time critic others than loving what they love. U bitching she’s not pretty, no talents, bla, bla, well, I can bet my car( which I fucking love) that u look like the fugliest whores whose just an excuse for decent human being.