Britney Spears is Snow White

Britney Spears is Snow White

Just hours before the police were summoned to her home, Britney Spears checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel, under the name “Snow White” yesterday afternoon, reports In Touch.

She’s a fairytale princess, ya’ll!

But instead of the seven dwarfs, Britney had only one companion – her beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib.

“The pair came in and got a room and she didn’t want to use her own name,” says an insider.

The couple checked in at 4:45 p.m. and went straight to their room. But Britney isn’t the only Snow White in the Brit‘s family. Just weeks ago, on January 11, the troubled pop star bought a teacup Chihuahua from Pets of Bel Air. She named the puppy Snow White!

Since then, Britney has been hospitalized at the UCLA Medical Center for a 72-hour psychiatric hold. “She was driving around her neighborhood like a mad-woman,” a Spears family source tells People. “Britney has been prescribed medication which she refuses to take. This is just another sad, sad evening.” Pray for her!

Pictured: Britney and Adnan earlier in the day. More pictures inside…

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  • diana

    shes sick

  • luckyL

    Wait–they put her in a ward because of the false name she used? It is bizarre, but there has to be something else to COMMIT someone.

  • Natalie

    Adnan Ghalib is scum.

  • MMM

    Her down turned n!pples frighten me. Get a bra!

  • Jenni

    I really hope she gets the help she needs. Her family needs to clean house, get rid of all the people who work for now and get people who truly care about her. The Paps really need to back off and give her her space right now. I can’t believe how they hound her that in it’s self would make me crazy! Didn’t they learn there lesson with Princess Di!

  • Jenni

    This is obviously a very ill person, lets try to be nice. I am truly sad for her.

  • rachel

    why on earth snow white?? why not something else??

  • Amanda

    Snow white must be the name of her split personality.

    Glad she is getting the help she needs.

  • You/Me

    Something just doesn’t seem right here.
    Her psychiatrist just decided she was a threat to herself and her family so they had her committed on a 5150? Come on, seriously! I think it is the people around her, family and friends, who are slowly driving Britney insane. I wish they would all just back off of her and leave her the hell alone.
    Sad to say but her parents are doing more harm than good by trying to insinuate themselves into her life. And that Sam guy, wtf? I think Britney is being pulled in all directions by the different people who “think” they know what is best for her and it is just making her situation worse.
    And Alli Sims is such a fame wh*re! She used then ditched Britney.
    Sh*t, if they are so determined to get Britney help then they need to committ her then back the f*ck off. Fighting in a hospital, geez.

  • Jewel

    She should be sectioned for longer than 72 hours, which is clearly not enough time to receive the psychiatric treatment she so obviously needs

  • MMM

    Why are we sad for her? She could have pulled a Demi and moved away. She thrives off of the attention, that is part of her problem. She had everything and is old enough to make her own decisions, especially when it comes to her children and her safety and theirs.

    Tons of celebs manage to live seemingly great lives without throngs of paps around them all the time. Why are they following her? Why is she news worthy? Because she is a train wreck that can’t stay home and away from the attention.

  • ya


  • TheTabloidsChic
  • Claire

    wait a second.. i thought that adnan guy’s name was sam? who is sam then? i am so confused. jesus.

  • Susan

    I hope this time around she gets the help she so desperately needs and that they do not release her after the 72 hour hold. God knows this will truly help her in the long run. I honestly feel she needs to get out of California, after her treatment is completed and go home, where it would seem she has a bigger support system with her entire family being there.

  • Susan

    Claire, Sam Lutfi is her “so called” manager and Adnan Ghalib is her “so called” paparazzi boyfriend.

  • eddie

    Abadaba doo is Goofy with runway facial hair.

  • eddie

    Opps, got my Disney mixed up. He’s Dopey, yeah, that’s the ticket.


    Peace for Spears family
    god bless them all and bring back a happy life!!
    We wanna see your smile, girl!
    Just believe girl, just believe!

    ღGOD BLESS….. ღ
    ღAND MUCH WISDOM…………………………. ღ
    ღGOD BE WITH YOU…………………………………… ღ
    ღMUCH PEACE! MUCH PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ღ

    ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪
    ღPeace, Prosperity and Passion for you and your boys!!! ღ

  • Natasha

    Why is she checking into a hote when she has a home. She jus likes the publicity. She needs to get out of LA and regroup. She can’t see the kids now anyway, so she should just disappear for a while and get herself together. She has the means to go anywhere in the world. She just like being in the news. I feel so sorry for her and as a mom I am glad her kids are not with her, witnessing her destruction. Kevin may have been in it for the money. but I truly believe he has the kids best interest at heart. You don’t see him splashed all ove the tabs with his kids in dangerous situations.

  • Mediterranean

    Now, everybody and all of us should leave her alone.

    Hopefully, she is getting the help she has needed so long for the sake of her two babies.

    All the magazines, websites, papparazzis etc. have to stay away from her.

  • Finally!

    This Adnan is the only one who has said anything nice about Britney in the press during the past year! Everyone else has contributed to her self-destruction!

    God bless her mother and, hopefully, she’ll be able to get temporary Power of Attorney over Britney’s affairs until she has been treated.

  • elliott

    im tired of her personally, everythings about and how sick she is. im sorry she sick and im glad shes getting help, but still who cares. you can only read and hear about something repetative so many times.

  • http://justjared Bijoux

    Britney has obvious issues and hopefully she will get the help she needs for the sake of her boys. She needs to leave show biz for awhile, whether her business people don’t want her to for the sake of the money. Her life and her children are more important than any money she could make. IMHO she needs to leave Los Angeles and move to a smaller less high profile city. She might even consider going back to her roots in Louisiana.


  • Brb

    LOL britney bared her BREASTS in these pictures

    the epitome of class, that’s for sure

  • Cynthia

    Yuck, she’s ugly. She’s over whether she gets help or not. She has risen and fell. Hopefully she will focus on her kids when she leaves that facility.

  • montana mike

    her mom wants to take her back to louisiana, and if brit does that, then i will root for her to get better. if she says no, and wants to stay in california-she can kiss my ass

  • annoxious

    tabloids and haters were lookin’ fo the kill…. gf

  • lola

    Poor chick.

    –read my blog at

  • Paradise

    She is so adorable. I love her style :)

  • http://lizzie Lizzie

    Snow White and how many freaking dwarves?

    Little girl, I hope you get and accept the help you need.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    She does look like snow white!!! Poor Brit, hope she’ll be better soon.

  • Boji

    I must say she looks good in this pic with her dark hair, covered up and decent looking, not trashy looking in her skimpy clothes. I some how get the feeling like she is a poor little rich girl lost with the things she treasures taken from her and the only way she knows how to cope is get herself a new toy as in toyboy,toycar,and shop till she drops. This is what Hollywood does to you. She for one didn’t have a normal childhood and teen life. It was work,work and stress. Her life was and still is an open book for all to see. If you say she thrives under the limelight, that was what she has been doing all her life. She doesn’t even know who her true friends are or even if she has one. I would say Sam Lufti has been her rock and he sounds like a decent human being despite what the media has said. I truly believe he cares for her. Adnan is probably infatuated with her fame,money and she is an attractive person. Her money and fame has made her vulnerable. I somehow feel her parents are to blame initially for her outcome. It’s how they handled her when she was young, pushing her hard to be the best .

  • neens

    Adnan’s helpfulness wains
    He wonders what he’s really doing there
    Is money really worth your self esteem?

  • dimi

    hmm ,ca mange de objectiviter ou non fondee me e’exaspere,je ne l’ecoute pas ,mais une critique fondee oui -car elle implique la capacite a se transposer dans le metier d’AUTRUI..

  • missy

    opppps!!!…she did it again….lol….i really like brittney but she just needs alot of help!!! HANG IN THERE BRIT!!!

  • missy

    OPPPS!!!!….she did it again!!!…lol…i really like brittney she jUSt needs alot of help…. HANG IN THERE BRIT!!!

  • OMG

    12* THAT IS GREAT…



  • luckyL

    Adrian is a freakin’ enabler. Telling someone “nice things” and “every thing is okay” when they need the facts and the truth only makes things worse. But she’ll lean on him just as heavily as she did with Federline and get screwed over.

  • dopey

    John Lee Hooker Junior has song named “Cold As Ice” he says…
    “I’ve been diagnosed as a 5150… I got mental disorder”
    Britney Spears has a song named “Hot As Ice” lol

  • superfan

    brit has flown the cuckoo’s nest, now the cops had to bring her back …i hope the doc clips her proverbial “WINGS”

  • dodo

    what is adnan ghaleb nationality????? from which country?

  • salma

    what is she playing at. shes pathetic and her life aint taking her anywhere. all she has ever achieved is attention of paparazzi

  • sakara

    back to her childhood? or, a cocaine joke? either way…time to wonder: all this because BRITNEY WAS MOLESTED BY HER DAD? lohen connection; lindsey’s dad a drunken idiot, mom no good either. k-fed had a calming affect on brit; she only started acting crazy WHEN DAD BACK IN HER LIFE???


    I Love You Britney

  • Daniela

    does that b*tch ever wear a bra?! shes so dirty looking. i am sick of hearing of her!!! and those were OUR 25,000 tax dollars to take her TO THE HOSPITAL! this is bull sh*t

  • http://britney Liane

    I think everybody should just leave her alone!! Obviously the girl is going threw something! People should remain sentitive and keep their negative comments to themselves. Between that and the paps their are making her crazy! I really feel bad for her
    I wish her all best.

  • devil_angel236

    She shouldn’t be snowwhite ,
    She’s a crazy B@$t@rd, she should be in a wacky cage!!!

  • BIGgurlxox

    okay dude give the girl a break i dont blame her for doing that maybe she was trying not to get the poparazzis attention by putting another name idk. AND BECAUSE OF YOU PEOPLE she is like this. you did this to her. you all put so much pressure on her just to have a laugh. well go F*CK your selfs cuz you guys wont be doing anyone else with that attitude


  • JONASlover8

    GOD BLESS YOU, BRIT!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! <333333