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David Beckham is a Brazil Boy

David Beckham is a Brazil Boy

Soccer stud David Beckham promotes his new sports complex in Brazil’s Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte on Tuesday. In fact, Becks just wrote a blog about his experience there:

“Hi everyone, I have just returned from Brazil where over the weekend I unveiled the plans for a brand new sports complex and Academy. It’s an incredible project of which I am very proud, catering for professional athletes as well as Brazilian children via a scholarship programme, which will include local schools just like my Academies in London and Los Angeles. And like them, my Brazilian Academy will be open to people whatever their ability.

It’s going to be an amazing complex, with state of the art facilities, and I’m very happy that it will be built in the beautiful country of Brazil, where, as I’m sure you know, some of the greatest footballers of all time were born.

Back in the UK, I’ve also been keeping to my training schedule at Arsenal’s London Colney ground. I feel fit and sharp and that is due to hard work and also thanks to training with one of the fittest squads in Europe.

Take care, David

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  • Anabel

    1ST !
    god … hes a cutie.

  • ????

    why doesn’t he get his teeth fixed?

  • Poli

    Heeeys *-*

    I’m from Brazil , and it’s so good to hear something like that…
    Brazil and the world needs of people like Beckham…
    And I like to ask to ‘Just Jared’ to report more abou Brazil… We love the site :)

  • citra

    How’s zanessa??
    I haven’t seen any news abOut the couple for a long time..T_T

    Go Beck!!
    England team!!!^,

  • CG

    he is no more as good looking as he used to be

  • the-girl-in-denmark

    he’s soo hot!!

  • Poli

    Peeeople *-*

    Any of you don’t have nothin’ to say about my beaulty country, Brazil? *-*


    Aah, Zanessa –’
    I don’t like them, nothing’s personal. But do you have seen the new about them? The naked photos? For me, it’s fake. –’
    But here in Brazil the photo is in all sites off celebrities.

  • Felipe

    Yeah, the Brazilians (us/I) needs of people like David Beckham..
    It’s a great charit……. =]

    Congratulations JUST JARED..

    But, where is Vanessa Hudgens !!?!???!?!?! my baby v… *laughing*

    She disappeared… =/ I love her……

    and I made a website for —-> her… vanessa

    take a look please guy.. i know it’s simple..

    CONGRATULATIONS JUST JARED.. the best website about famous and stars…

  • Felipe

    Yeah.. i have a little difficulty with your language ….

    but it’s nice =]

  • Poli

    Heey, Felipe, are you Brazilian? ;)
    The site is very good, congratulations !

    Do you see the ‘supose’ naked photo of Zanessa? Like I’ve said before, I don’t like them (Vanessa’s good singer, I like her songs); but the photo seems to be fake.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    this guy’s to cool-for-school.

    i got something to say about brazil – brazilian chicks are major-sluuuuuuuutz. brazil rocks!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I think its a great project. he’s a good guy and the brazilian kids would benefit from this…

  • kelsei

    David Beckham…….
    don’t like the guy AT ALL!!!!

    Good thing Capello doesn’t want him in his England team….
    he’d just screw it up

  • em

    I don’t get his appeal. He’s cuter when he doesn’t smile or speak.

  • Poli

    Brazil it’s diversity. People got no idea of WHAT’s really the country called ‘Brazil’.
    Corruption, there’s a lot.
    Slutz? A lot too.
    But there’s Amazonia, that will be forever ours, and there’s the culture, loved for all the world.
    - The favorites artist of Kurt Cobain was Arnaldo Batista (brazilian singer);

    - Black Eyed Peas praticlly lives in Brazil. They worked with Sérgio Mendes (brazilian pianist), and with Marcelo D2 (brazilian rapper).

    - Nelly Furtado worked with Di Ferrero (brazilian rocker, vocal of the band Nxzero – look for this band, you’ll like the sound.)

    The best soccer’s player in the world are brazilian. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Kaká, Alexandre Pato, etc.

    Slutz it’s not the right world to qualificate Brazil –’

  • Princess
  • wow

    whoa, never noticed his bad teeth before. Thats probably why he doesnt smile much. BUT with all that move it can easily get them fix. I guess its true when they say many Brits have nasty teefs. No offense! Calm down.

  • SofiaRocket

    Yes, Poli, Brazilian football rocks! And Kaka is much, much handsomer than Bekham. (but no one compares to Zidane IMO) :)

    JJ, please post some pictures of Kaka!

  • Ellie

    His smile is beautiful!

  • eu

    Brazil the best country…….Beckham come here again….

  • renata

    wow ! *-*

  • Mari

    Bechkam is finished, not even called for England’s next game. And btw best player in the world right now happens to be portuguese, not brazilian and his name is CRISTIANO RONALDO!

  • Poli

    Sofia Rocket, yeees *-*
    kaka is cute, hot, sexy *-*
    Cristiano Ronaldo is beaultiful as Kaka, but the best player of 2007 was Kaka ;)
    Choosen by the FIFA, Mari, sorry :D

    Brazil Rocks o/
    We, brazilians, has been always patience with the guys of others country, why can you be with the gorgeous Brazil? :)

  • Mari

    ::lol:: POLI, FIFA is a joke, everybody knows that … nothing against Brazil, Kaka is a great player but Cristiano is my favourite! Beijinhos

  • Reno

    POLI stay in brazil if you love it so much- geez! and sorry but ronaldo is not considered a best soccer player, nor is ronaldinho = bench time.
    and Brazil is not #1 on the FIFA ranking, now is it?? lower your egos.

    Second – who does beckham think he is? Southamerican players or in this case BRAZIL, doesn’t need the “the whole complex with the state of the art facilities” to be good at FUTEBOL. Futebol or soccer, comes from within, the best players came from the favelas, or middle class, playing on the streets. He just wants to make money, are you gonna tell me that if a brazilian kid wants to sign up to be part of this club, they don’t have to put down some reales or benjies in this case? it sure won’t be free, he’s doing business in LA, he plans to do the same in Brasil, but it aint’ the USA. Wake up brazilians!

  • Amanda *brazil*

    Brazil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

  • msguidedmama

    He has the largest CARBON FOOTPRINT on this Earth according to environmental researchers. Idiot Beckhams…..

  • Cynthia

    Ooooh Davey, he’s so ruggedly hot!!!!

  • Amelia


    You can come back any time you want. but ALONE.

  • Raichill

    Some people actually look better with imperfect teeth. Americans have an obsession with having perfect teeth. Because of the makeover reality tv programmes where people get veneers and implants, Americans think that all teeth should be blindingly white and look like a full set of horse chompers. It makes people look ridiculous in many cases.

  • Paradise

    He is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. :)

  • lops723

    With all his money and narcissistic ways, you’d think he would have fixed his teeth by now. They look like can opener teeth. He is all style and no substance, he and his wife are worthless human beings as far as I’m concerned. He goes to Africa for publicity… please. Why doesn’t he just buy another tasteless car and have the seats embroidered with some ostentatious design?

  • coco

    Honestly, he is not that hot most of it is hype we all sold too. He is young and fine that is all. not good teeth. I like his serious look than his smile.

  • Bam!

    #2 – cos he doesn’t need them fixed. His teeth are perfectly fine as they are, not perfectly straight but then who wants a smile that everyone else has, I prefer it when stars keep their original teeth!

  • mar

    damn it
    cant believe capello didnt choose him for the friendly
    its ok becks
    u’ll get ur century soon

  • rachel

    hey everybody,im from brazil and i am so happy! i live on natal,rio grande do norte and is so good what becks is doing. Becks,you are the best!!!!!!

  • Flávia

    Ta him here where I live!
    I live in Natal which is in the Rio Grande do Norte *——*
    Qa preferred ashley was here, but everything well: / /

  • OMG


  • Paul

    Shame…I actually feel sorry for Beckham because he’s wasting his precious time and money building this complex in Brazil. I mean he’s building it for the unpriviledge but they will never be able to take advantage of it because that’s what Brazilians do. They are all corrupt. And when it’s all ready, it won’t take long before it’s all destroyed cos they have no idea how to take care of such a complez especially in the north of Brazil. My dad worked alot in Brazil both in the Northeast and south building schools and other things for the neediest people and the government just took over it and the people that attended it were a bunch of vandalists. Quite a disappointment for my dad.
    You try to help others but they just F*** you up!

  • elle

    I don’t get people, I mean when Becks is the front of Armani underwear they judge him. When he goes to Sierra Leone as UNICEF ambassador people judge him. When he goes to Brazil to help people who need help, people judge him. So I can understand why Posh and Becks are who they are, no matter what they do people will judge and criticise them. So they just do what they want and not give a damn what anyone else thinks. Cos at the end of the day they are still getting all the attention and getting richer by the minute. I think it’s great what he’s doing, UNICEF would never invite someone shallow to be their ambassador. And whoever said that he’s just trying to get money in Brazil is very wrong, it’s true most Brazilian players started in the favelas and now they are pros but there’s still tons of kids that are fantastic at football at the favelas but they are not having place to play football because of the violence in the favelas. Not just in Rio de Janeiro is violent everywhere, the violence is taking over basicly all the favelas. And this complex is going to help those kids, they are gonna have a place to play football and a place to get away from all the violence. More people should invest their time and money doing things like that.

    I’m very thankful for the Beckhams because their foundation helps my cousin Tilly, if it wasn’t for them I don’t know what would have been of her because her treatments and everything are so expensive and they cover everthing.
    I also know 2 kids that got full scholarships at David’s Academy in London, they go there for free.

    The press doesn’t publicise things like that…just the negative things. And the Beckham’s don’t feel they need to show the world what they do to help for people to like them. Just as long as they know what they are doing to help, that’s what matters.
    If we spent more time helping others instead of judging and criticising the world wouldn’t be at the state it’s in.

  • hayden

    beckham, i wait for you with my arms wide open.
    buttt i live in sao paulo far awar from the palce he is gonna be =/


    Some people on here are so full of sh*t. Both the Beckhams are in it for as much publicity as they can get.

    All you saying He’s done a good thing in Brazil are just fans. I suggest you look at other soccer players who have opened up athletic schools for younger less fortunate kids in Brazil, and guess what all for nothing! Yep the kids don’t pay. But oh no, you have to pay to go to the Beckham academy, only very few get scholarships.

    Its about time he was dropped from the England squad. Capello is not stupid and knows that Beckham has more important interests (like trying to get global media coverage!) than concentrating on playing soccer.

    With the Beckhams its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Ellie

    Elle, you are exactly right.

  • mrs channing tatum

    omg hes so hott!!!!!!!!! i wish i was posh!!!!