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Ellen Pompeo is a Carpenter

Ellen Pompeo is a Carpenter

Ellen Pompeo rocks out a baggy pair of carpenter jeans as she departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday with music producer husband Chris Ivery.

DO YOU THINK carpenter jeans are going to make a comeback?

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ellen pompeo carpenter jeans 02
ellen pompeo carpenter jeans 03
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ellen pompeo carpenter jeans 05
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Posted to: Chris Ivery, Ellen Pompeo

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  • sarah

    She looks really tired…it’s crazy how much she’s been traveling lately. Hope they have a good trip.

  • Coco

    I don’t think it’s a fashion trend ready to come back. Were they ever real “in” in the first place??
    I think she just grabbed something comfy to travel in.

  • tamey

    they have been traveling a lot
    i hope they enjoy themselves.

  • tamey

    love her jeans by the way. love the look! :)

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  • lara

    oooh Ellie.. I love those jeans and the jacket. love her style in general, hip cool and chic.
    :) she’s adorable.

  • luckyL

    She better be careful. She’s going to look like an ancient grandmother soon with this frumpy look. She already has those granny-like features naturally.

  • JuLIA

    she’s adorable

  • who am i

    well at least she had enough decency to walk through the airport with a hoodie on, instead of with her tits out.

    Not digging the baggy carpenter jeans look.


    I like her street clothes, she has good tastes!!!


    Oy! love the pants.
    seriously I have one thats very similar. and its ssooooooo comfy.

    Ellen looks ssooo cute in this look.
    thanks JJ.

  • beautifulgirl

    I love her, when she goes out and live her life, she’s not all pompous, in order too make all the eyes on her!!!

    Bump Ellen

  • nicole

    She looks good in everyday clothes. love her style as well.
    chris looks chic too. nice pics thanss jared.

  • mark

    How people can hate this woman, she’s definitely not running after fame!!!

    More genuine, simple and natural than her, it’s impossible in Hollywood but she makes it possible!!!! :)

  • Jenna

    Just happy to see her :) :) :) :)

  • nicole

    that was thanks jared.. lol :D

  • depeche

    its hard to find an uglier woman than

  • Mint

    the jeans are cool. I don’t think they’re the kind of pants that can go out of style because theyare very comfy.

    Ellen looks gorgeous. where are they going? italy or newyork?
    just curious :)

    love her . thanks Justjared.

  • Mint

    did you look in the mirror # 17 depeche??
    there you go.. found IT.


  • lilo

    I like the look. looks comfy and cute on Ellen.
    Cute pictures. she’s soo naturally beautiful, I really miss Meredith on TV. I want Grey’s to be back soon. again great pictures thank you.

  • lilo

    she could be heading for NewYork, fashion week is there. or Italy they have fashion week as well. or she might going home for Boston. just my guesses.

  • lakjsdlfj

    ugh, they’re not coming back anytime soon. BUT they sure look comfy and she looks totally cute for her age. so she can do what she wants because i don’t expect a relatively older woman to be wearing tight jeans and heels all the time. she looks great.

  • mary

    least she is no diva going thru the airport. she went thru secruity like anormal person not with entourage or bodyguard like patrick dempsey

  • TJ

    love her! always. love the casual look on her. too cute :)
    i do like the pants.

  • TJ

    are you serious? dempsey does that??? thats a shame.
    I have mixed feeling about him. one day I think hes cool another I think things get to his head.

  • Po

    I like her outfit. Very cute. Actually, she looks cute wearing those.
    It’s Good on her, but not on everyone i think.

  • love Ellen

    hehe lots of Ellen love.. i love this.
    the pants fits her nicely. i like the look.

  • kalup

    She’s cute.

  • Brian

    Ellen Pompeo is truly gorgeous and adorable.
    I love all her pictures. and mostly her natural look is just
    cute and adorable. i think maybe this is a trip home. thats my guess only of course.

  • Madonna

    Her husband is a fag.

  • curious

    Love her very natural and indifferent. Now seriously why are the paparazzi following her everywhere? they were even in front of her house waiting for her to come out. …Gosh i dont envy celebity’s life sometimes. Patrick dempsey travels with bodyguardes? why? i mean seriously why? anyway thks for ellen jared.

  • Katy

    Is she paying the paps to trail her ? She sure loves them recently.

    I love how Ellen fans bitch about the many pap shots of KH, KW etc claiming they are media whores & EP is a saint who never goes near the paps, & then we have several Ellen pics & her fans all fawn over them. Hypocritical much ?

  • Antonia

    Those jeans were never in, but then again neither is this flat-faced woman.

  • Mike

    She looks like a man in real life. Very strange face shape, no features & always dresses so masculine in casual clothing. Not remotely attractive.

  • Chloe

    Word to #32. I do find people who like Ellen are very defensive & have double standards. It’s almost as if they are jealous that the other female stars of Greys are more popular & successful than she is & therefore have to bash others accordingly. Very sad.

    She is an ok actress in a soap opera. Nothing to write home about !


    She took a plane guys, you have to be comfortable and I find her outfit comfy and cool, not at all pompous and “look at me”!!!!

    Thanks JJ
    Love you Ellen

  • JuLIA

    First of all…Ellen is an amazing actress and highly respected. She does not sell herself out and you very RARELY find her in paparazzi videos, having conversations and lighting up a cig.

    If anyone on here knew beauty, you’d see that she has the prettiest eyes in hollywood(one of the most requested eye shape in a plastic surgeons office) Also, she has a great toned body.

    Yes, us Ellen fans do love pictures of her. We enjoy seeing her in her daily life. Does it make it fair that she gets followed around? No.

  • KW supports Obama, smart girl!


    I love all the actresses from GA (btw GA is not a soap)!!!
    I do have a preference for EP because she’s genuine,beautiful, simple and stays discreet about her personal life.
    She makes me think that she’s MrsEverybody, just like us and still she can surprise us like at the SAG!!! Stunning BTW ;)

    About KH, KW or whoever I find that they’re good actresses, beautiful and it’s totally in their rights to be all show up, it’s their job, they’re actors, public’s persons so they have to be all glam, wanting to be photographed and sharing their thoughts.

    BUMP Grey’s Girls…….

  • curious

    people if you dont like this woman, why do u waste ur time commenting on her? and did u ever see ellen talking to the press? no, they only snap her from afar, with spells alot.

  • hmm

    btw who knows what is going on with the writers strike? any progresss? i miss grey’s even though derek is annoying the crap out of my life.

  • thegamingamine

    I like EP, she seems like genuinely humble person, but I, personally, don’t think she’s looked all to happy in the past couple of pictures I’ve seen of her, shame really.

  • MeredithK

    Ellen is adorable, as usual. But I do feel sorry for her having reporters photograph her every move. I doubt she asked them to come to her house or follow her to the airport!

    Chloe and co. and other nasty, negative people – I for one am a big fan of Grey’s and all of the ladies (and gents) on it. I am a fan of Ellen in particular because she is intelligent, kind, and a fabulous actress. I don’t need to bash other people to make Ellen look good, she does that all on her own. Spread the Grey’s love! No more haters! Ellen once said that people are drawn toward the negative and I think she might be write.

  • MeredithK

    oops – I meant….”I think she might be right!”

  • Selena

    I’m kind of suspicious here, it’s looks like in the last thread she was crying and her eyes puffy and her she seems sad!!!

    I hope I’m wrong and that she’s ok!!!


  • mary

    katy if ellen was paying paps to follow her wouldnt she be in a bikini posing on the beach?

  • Amanda

    I love Ellen, she’s so genuine and she’s low key, she doesn’t put herself or her personal life ahead!!!

    Bump Ellen

  • Tammi

    Gah she is so cute, u spoil us jared, thanks a bunch :)

  • Selena

    I think that people are jealous of her because in her real life she’s simple, her husband and her live their life and don’t create any waves. But still when there is an event or ceremony she shines and steals the light!!!!

    She’s a mystery, people never attack her about something she said or did, the attack her physique and her entourage because they have nothing concrete against her!!!!

    Personally I find her beautiful in casual clothes and in glam dress and about her husband, it’s concern him not her and he had paid for his mistakes let him be!!!!!

    Love you Ellen, I read an article about her at he SAG and they called her “modern mermaid ” and she’s really a beautiful and modern mermaid!!!!

  • Brian

    # 48 and #38.. thank you . you took the words right out of my mouth.
    spread the Ellen love.

  • Brian

    #44 I thought that too. it looked as if she was crying. red puffy eyes. a very sad look. here she’s not smiling her usual smile…. I hope not, I hope we’re wrong. I hope it’s just the pictures snapping at a wrong second.