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Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka: Duet Dudes

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka: Duet Dudes

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and actor boyfriend David Burtka arrive at NYV’s JFK airport from Los Angeles sipping on Starbucks on Wednesday.

The couple will soon be performing a duet together at Broadway Backwards 3, the gender-bending concert of show tune favorites benefiting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.

Says Burtka to BroadwayStars, “I’m very excited that this is the first time Neil and I will have sung together. But it’s also nerve-wracking, because the line-up of performers is so top-notch. It should be a great night.”

10+ pictures inside of duet dudes Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

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neil patrick harris david burtka duet 01
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 02
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 03
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 04
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 05
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 06
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 07
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 08
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 09
neil patrick harris david burtka duet 10

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  • em

    They’re a cute couple. I love NPH on HIMYM. :)

  • david


  • kenza

    Ohh my God !
    Beurkk !!!

  • taylor


  • kat

    I love NPH – He is amazing in HIMYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are actually a really cute couple.

  • kate


  • Madonna

    Whomever said that gay men had style was obviously wrong.

  • Princess
  • luckyL

    lol, I -totally- forgot he was gay. I didn’t know he had a boyfriend though. He looks so different here. I had to look him up.

  • t

    So wonderful, I’m so happy for him he’s adorable.

  • cr7

    He’s gay? i did not know that.

  • Cynthia

    Disgusting! Is it me, but doesn’t Neil’s lover favor Val Kilmer?

  • ezekiel

    to pro-choice :

    in case you did not know many straight men also enjoy sodomy.. with women. How old are you, 12 ?
    Get a life

  • woodroad34


    I prefer sodomizers to just plain ol’ assholes any day.

  • nikki

    to all you incredibly immature homophobics out there who feel the need to post hideously rude and cruel comments, people are people, regardless of sexuality, gender, or race. maube if more people realized this, less hate crimes would be committed. get a life, and stop judging people. grow up!!!!!!!

  • http://http:/ David Ehrenstein

    I love them both to teeny little bits. Just by living their lives and being themselves they’re making a major political statement: The Closet is OVAH!

  • C A

    So cute together.

  • mjak

    Saw them duet at Broadway Backwards last night. They did “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent and were AWESOME! They sang well and looked like they were having a blast.

  • Dan

    I think it’s GREAT that Neil and David are comfortable enough to acknowledge that they are in love. Being gay is not a stigma as it once was. More power to them. I wish them MANY years of happiness!

  • Heather

    omg they r so cute together i just love NPH hes such a hottie its a same hes gay<3<3<3 NPH<3<3<3

  • ac

    Yipes, Neil’s boyfriend is such a hottie! Lucky guys..

  • Rachel

    i love nph and it isn’t gross it’s their right!
    but i do think it’s funny how on himym
    he is a player but in real life he’s gay
    but ily NPH!

  • Ohh yeah

    David is such a nice person! I know him… and he is a great chef

  • fluX

    gays are completely normal. :) not that i am gay. but really, gay means happy for a reason. they are truly happy and thats all that matters

  • inottroll

    NPH is so cute, he could get himself a nicer laddie. Burtka looks like a fat schlob

  • jojo

    i dont care if hes gay HE IS STILL A HOTTIE!!!

  • karl

    Yeah??!!they r cute !!
    WTF how you people thinking
    it’s gross how they wil be happy
    it’s against human nature
    God create us to live normally
    And if there is abormalty with us we try to find help
    and being gay is not normal
    and i say it loud stop talking that being gay is normal
    there are many diseases with gay sexual life

  • Chris g

    to Karl — crawl back into the dark ages where you obviously came from. How people like you can get so worked up over someone elses happiness makes me wonder if all you hate mongers are just miserable people in real life. The only disease I see here that needs destroyed is the mindset of people like you.

    to NPH — I am pleased to see that you have found someone that makes you happy. You have always had me as a fan even before you came out bro. <3

  • Bedman

    Glad they dont need any advice from cavemen like Karl. God is the excuse men mentions when they are too coward to admit they are interested in something they have too fear to. They are happy, will prolly have their troubles as any couple, but its their decision, not yours. If you dislike this, why you come here?. To tell everybody how disgusting is?. Sorry, but we dont need you here, Karl. Go and fetch a good lady/man and stop harrassing people, prolly that is your main trouble.

    PS: How many priests are homosexual?. And how many of them are abusing?. God like that?. Doubt it. Then dont talk of God like you know His wishes and feelings. Bible was wrote by men, not God.

  • TGB

    Gay people come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not a great photo of David, but like everyone else he (and NPH) are at the mercy of stalkerazzi. If he was making a public appearance for something, I’m sure he would be dressing better, but it just looks like they’re going (or have been) somewhere to eat. I, personally, have been through the McDonald’s drive-thru in my pyjamas. How much effort do you put in when you go to get a pint of Chunky Monkey for the weekend? And how would you like to be photographed doing so?

    Not only that, but most of the celebs don’t look like they do on TV anyway. With all the makeup and so forth that goes with appearing on TV, they don’t look quite like they do in real life.

    Normal ppl doing normal things. That’s it.

  • TGB


    You know nothing of what God wants. Anything you hold up is at least 10 generations removed from the source material, so unless you can prove that you speak Aramaic or Ancient Hebrew, your words mean nothing. You speak from a place of hate, and are extremely riled up and upset far beyond what could be considered normal. Being that bothered by gay people says that you need to look to yourself first, because there is clearly more there than you would like to admit.

    BTW, you were reported for hate speech. Because your freedom of speech is not absolute. And you know that.

  • DJ

    I am sorry to hear this. I still love and pray for those of you to choose this, but God’s law can not be broken in vain. His word is not to be toyed with. I am not one to say “go to hell” but as a servent of God, you have to be told that it is wrong. God does love you!! You are his child and he never wants you to be hurt. But He can’t let sin go unpunished. He is our Heavenly Father and as a good father would, you have to answer for the wrongdoing in your life. I am saddened to hear all that is going on. I will be praying for you both. Good night.

  • DJ

    I just read what Karl wrote. I have also read the reply’s to that. Not all of us (being a follower of God) are like that. This is a fallen world. We have sickness because of that. Judge not, lest ye be judged, Karl. It is wrong as the word of God says, but only he can judge the people. Not us. Jesus said it best. “Whom ever is without sin, cast the first stone”. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I will be judged as well. The only difference is, my sins are covered by the blood of Jesus. I read where “Bedman” said about the priest being gay? Yep, and the Bible has a judgement for them too. Anyone who hurts or leads one of these my children astray, it would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and he be drown in the deepth of the ocean. I don’t have my bible in front of me, but I think I got it word for word. Look, we are all loved, it is satan who lies, cheats, and steals our lives. Don’t let him do anymore harm than he’s already done!! I love you all and pray that God will lead someone into your lives to show you that “TRUE LOVE”. You can’t find it in anyone here on earth. I am finishing now, and will be praying. Don’t hate, is God’s law. He said that if anyone hates his neighbor (meaning anyone), that he has already commited murder in his heart and in doing so, he will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Word to the wise. Love your neighbor as yourself.

  • A

    Enough fu__ing already – I’m really getting tired of this – it’s unnatural and just plain grose!!!

  • Coop


    You stupid narrow mined bigot. Do the world a favor #%## off

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  • Sam

    The hottest couple eeveer.

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