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Sophia Bush is an Old Navy Nymph

Sophia Bush is an Old Navy Nymph

Sophia Bush keeps it classy in a black single-strap dress at Old Navy‘s Celebration of “New Year, New Old Navy” on Thursday at NYC’s Eyebeam Atelier (a not-for-profit arts and technology center).

She sure is getting good usage out of those red Christian Louboutin shoes!
Earlier in the day, the 25-year-old One Tree Hill hottie was seen on a shopping spree in Midtown, NYC.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush taking in the Big Apple…

Just Jared on Facebook
sophia bush old navy 01
sophia bush old navy 02
sophia bush old navy 03
sophia bush old navy 04
sophia bush old navy 05
sophia bush old navy 06
sophia bush old navy 07
sophia bush old navy 08
sophia bush old navy 09
sophia bush old navy 10

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty, Brian Flannery/
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  • CG

    Oh blue sky :(

  • Erin

    F#ck she’s not as bad as Hayden Pwhatserface but she’s geting close.

    I’d respect her more if she let her acting talk for herself, not her marriage/divorce (she was a moron to stay with him anyway, he was obviously a cad) and appareances.

  • shannon

    she looks amazing love the outfit

  • Princess




  • will

    Man, that’s an awful dress. It looks like the one boob part is corduroy. Weird.

    And Erin, I totally agree. Basically all of her fame comes from showing up places and getting married and divorced in five months from a guy that she knew was cheating on her long before she married him.

  • Sam

    Oh shut up.

    She looks pretty, it’s better than the other outfits she’s been wearing. I love her hair, and her make-up is good. Nice one Sophia.

  • heli

    O-M-G she is so pretty i like her dress and the red lipstick
    and i like to see candids of her because is show how amazing she look without all the makeup and the expensive clothes
    i love her she is my number one actress i watch one tree hill only for her (but i really want her to leave the show and to do more movies)and thanks jared for her picture i come to your site everyday only because you write a lot about her

  • ain’t no fan

    before i die i’m gettin’ a pair of louboutins.

  • heli

    i dont understand some haters like you she become my number one actress because she is r-e-a-l-l-y good in acting i believe her when she is cry happy or sad (and she is the only one in one tree hill that know how to act)
    and i start like her before what happen with her and Chad

  • Tonya

    she is an amazing actress. she is the only actress who can make me feel her pain or joy, she has facial expressions that only she can perfect. She’s only been in a small handful of movies and one show but it’s enough to create a HUGE fanbase, and it’s because she’s an amazing actress. I know people who said “I saw her in jihn tucker and I knew I wanted to remember who she was” shes amazing. The divorce was years ago. The rest of us let it go, if you can’t. thats your issue.

  • Tony

    Tonya couldn’t be more right. Sophia Bush is gonna be big. Do you see the other One Tree Hill actors getting as much attention as this? No. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and all the actors but Sophia is the only one that stands out from the crowd. She is more than just a tv show actress. The rest aren’t. She is gorgeous. She doesn’t need to pile on the make-up because without it, she’s just as pretty. And for the asshole that said “I would love to see her in a swim suit, HAHA”. What?? Have you seen her in OTH or The Hitcher. One point in the hitcher she only has a tiny tank top and underwear on and she looks hot. She is tiny a petite. She is the kind of skinny us guys like. Not some dying, sick anorexic looking chick. GO SOPHIA BUSH.

  • jk

    i really like the dress and the make-up. it fits to her type.

  • Jagoda

    She looks pretty !!
    LOVE HER !!

  • Mimi


  • Anais


  • Jen

    Sophia looks gorgeous! I love her dress and her hair.

  • adri

    haha you think chad was the only one cheating? and yea she is really good at playing Brooke. but thats all she can do…no range….and please why all the posts about her? isnt there someone better? wait there are alot of better people out there. and her ‘huge’ fanbase really all came from CMM its true. she has had not good movie and is on a low rated show…how is she ‘so big’ she goes out all the time…i see a Paris wanna be

  • alexa

    yay!!! sophia is my favorite!

  • summer

    I think she’s a good actress and seems like a genuinely nice person but does she have to show up at every red carpet event, there is such a thing as OVER exposure!!!

  • lola

    gorgeous !!!! i love her, she’s amazing!!!!!! so beautiful even without make-up

  • Natalie

    Shes always so flawless and classy. Good actress too. Go Sophia!!

  • JustMe

    Oh, for freak’s sake, why is she so pimped, anyway?!? It’s not like she can act – cause apart from her two-three OTH pouts/faces, she can’t do anything else – nor is she the greatest talent at anything else than being a mediawhore. And, for the record, Sophia, stop pimping your so-called-friendship with you-know-who, you’re just ruining his image and turning him into a media-whore as well. BFF my a**. Get a life, woman!

  • yuck!

    Jared five words: who cares about this whore?

    She’s just a co-star eater hahahaha.

  • jas

    Woah hater alert. If you don’t like her move along. She’s simply beautiful and no one is can judge her unless you know her. For all we know, James probably is saying the same things and if he isn’t then who the hell cares. Bother about your own life and not hers. Since when did every teeny have a chance with James? Give it up.

    Sophia’s looking more amazing. Love her style.

  • boooo!

    please stop wring about this w*ore! she is not a good person and she dies for attention so PLEASE move on!

  • blabl

    I would like her if she didnt go to these hollywood events all the f-u-c k i n g time. I can’t take her serious.

  • lisa

    She has pretty facial pictures but somehow she manages to look old.

  • n_s_23_23

    she is more beautiful without make-up. she is really beautiful girl. God bless her

  • pize

    is really easy- people that dont like her dont post in article about her
    i hate haters get a life people
    why the need to bush people that you dont know and you hate
    she look like sweet girl i love her

  • JustMe

    No one’s talking about hating her, just about how pointless her existance is right at this moment, how much ink is wasted on her, considering she praises all the freaking time that she’s “just a normal, down to earth… blah blah…” (to compare her with other media-whores). Face it! She lives for the media and, unfortunatelly, will become the next Paris Hilton wannabe. And for your record, the so-called-bff doesn’t acknowledge her existance, nor uses it to grab the attention of the press all the time.

  • lmfao

    LMAO Jas, yes we’re all just dying to have a chance with James? he’s a nobody & not even that hot. Sophia just likes to get it on with every costar that puts out.

    and then they called Chad a hoe

  • Joshua

    Wow…people really are pathetic, bashing someone you don’t even know, or like for that matter. So mature…

    I’m happy to see Sophia out and about, we don’t get alot of pictures while she’s in Wilmington. She looks gorgeous as usual.

  • pize

    you said that you dont hate her but still you spread your hate (read your post if you dont understand what i am mean)
    what the big problem that she go to event if i was her and people invite me to all this event i was go to (and everyone in here place will do the same thing and dont said thet you dont because i dont believe that)
    she young, pretty, famous and work hard i dont see the problem really
    live your life sophia and have a lot of fun because life is short

  • Mike

    Ahh those candids should come with a warning tag. She’s such a media whore. Ugly.

  • Conner

    Sophia looks amazing as always! I love seeing her out at events and around New York City, the girl deserves to have fun, I don’t get why people that don’t like her bother to even make lame comments, if you don’t like her, move on to the next article. Like Sophia said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • kors

    omg I’m so sick of coming on here and seeing her face. She must be a really bad actress if she feels the need to go everywhere. Holy Skeez! She must have had no attention from her parents as a child. What an attention wh*re, people are getting so sick of seeing her.

  • lollll

    and she didn’t have anything nice to say about Chad and she still said it. hmmmmmmmmm

  • JustMe

    “omg I’m so sick of coming on here and seeing her face”

    ^^^ and this is why us, the “haters”, bother to post here, at all, because it’s getting really annoying to see her ****ing herself at every media event, a 100 times/day. And no, this doesn’t prove that you’re a good actress, nor that you’re a “natural” beauty. End of story.

  • kors

    JustMe, Paris Hilton doesn’t even go to these many events. The fact is, Sophia knows she a bad actress, she knows she has to go to everything to show her face and stay where she is, if she doesn’t she’ll fade.

  • karin

    Wow I get the distinct feeling that Chad Michael Murray’s fan club or perhaps Kenzie Dalton’s friends have logged on and decided to spread Sophia hate.

    Normally when I have seebn posts about her people are so complimentary. I think someone saw all those posts and kind words about Sophia turned green and came on here and posted a bunch of BULL.

    ALL of your hateful comments are LIES.

    She did not know Chad was a cheater until it came out 5 months AFTER marriage and she ended it immediately.

    She is always at these events because it’s PR for OTH and she HAS TO GO. it’s her JOB.

    She does not talk about James Latterfy all the time, she has MANY guy friends. in fact he has often praised her.”We hang out a lot, and she makes me laugh. The reason for this is because this was the first major thing me and her had done, so we kind of stuck together in the beginning. Now we try and get together as much as possible.” James Lafferty, OTH Co-Star

    The only OTH costar she ever dated was Chad Michale Murray but, guess what OTH is where she works and people who work often become friends with their coWORKERS.

    Her comments that you read are her ANSWERS to questions she is always asked, again, for the her JOB. SHE HAS TO DO interviews it is how the media works and she always politely and intelligently answers the questions. It’s not her fault if they are OFTEN about CHAD or JAMES.

    Now pathetic little children do not for one second think that we have not noticed your agenda in trashing Sophia. I call trolls multiple posters under different names, pshyco Chad, Kenzie and James fans.

    Grow up.


    “We hang out a lot, and she makes me laugh. The reason for this is because this was the first major thing me and her had done, so we kind of stuck together in the beginning. Now we try and get together as much as possible.”

    That was from an interview invented by a desperate Sophia fan!!! she even admitted it herself!!


  • JustMe

    That quote of James you posted is OTH season 1 PR (and if you bother to pull from your ass other quotes of his or other co-stars, I can demolish them just as well), while you’re at it. The rest is just bull and you should know it, since you consider yourself a fan or whatever.

  • boooo!

    hmmm funny chad always get brought up! gezzz you guys should be nicer to him, he is the only reason anyone knows who she is. the only reason she is there is cuz she is starving for press. you know when you are getting 6 new pics a week she might be going out a tat too much.

    also on the note of chad…you all are quite the little hypocrites! haha i mean really in the same post “chad is a dumbass. stop bashing you haters!” lmao grow up. you stop bashing b4 you tell other people too. and for anyone that was wondering why the hell CS split was cuz chad told her he is bi and she freaked out and dumped him. funny how in ever interview they bring him up its cuz she know that she is a bad actress and the only way she will get press is to use someone elses name. she is a Paris wanna be and will blow over in a matter of weeks. still dont get how she can be you ‘role model’ cuz getting married for 5 months selling your story and pAArtying 24/7 is such a way to live! dumb b*tches

  • lol

    guys, remember it’s not her choice to go to these events. her publicist is doing this event crashing thing.

  • karin

    Wow I must have stumbled on to the phychoitc OTH fan club meeting.

    I happen to like Sophia I think she is a class act.
    However OTH is a childish show for immature people who have likely never travelled or seen any of the world beyond thier backyards.
    I really pity you lunatics.

    Have fun telling your lies, you’ve never met any of these people and your comments are based on deluded hate not logic or evidence.

    Hopefully one day you’ll get lives of your own. I have one so you won’t be hearing form me again. Back to you psycho babbling children. Maybe one day you’ll find someone who wants you and you won’t be so bitter but ,based on your personalities (and I’m sure the inside matches the outside) you’ll be lonely for a long time.

  • boooo!

    lmao your calling us bitter? riiiight

  • w00ww00

    i see Kenzie have a lot of free time now that the kindergarten is close so she come in here and spread her childishness

  • LoveLee

    the earings are recycled too ! I’ve seen her wearing them in two previous events

  • LoveLee

    oh I almost forgot : SHE’S BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!
    i love her

  • w00ww00

    get a life Kenzie