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Ellen Pompeo Views "Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton" Documentary

Ellen Pompeo Views

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo (in Alexander McQueen) attends a screening of the new documentary Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton hosted by the Cinema Society and W at the Tribeca grand screening room on Thursday in New York City. Black booties by Christian Louboutin.

The MJ & LV documentary shows Jacobs traveling from New York to Tokyo to Paris to prep and show the Spring 2007 ready-to-wear collections for his own eponymous label, and for the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton will air on the Sundance Channel during Fashion Week (beginning Feb. 4). Watch a clip below!

Marc Jacobs Gets Inspired By Macaroons

In a somewhat related note, Kate Burton (Dr. Ellis Grey, the mother of Pompeo‘s titular character on Grey’s) can now be see in Broadway’s smash-hit, Spring Awakening (musical) in the role of the Adult Women.

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ellen pompeo marc jacobs louis vuitton 05
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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • Olga

    beautiful! i like her.

  • lili

    sophia bush, was there too

  • lily

    MJ & LV video is garbage…..

  • Violet

    She’s so pretty! Thanks for posting!

  • JuLIA

    she’s so pretty

    ok im loving the dress.,..there is just something about it

    she looks really tired…she may need some rest

    but still Ellen POmpeo is AMAZNG!


  • angel

    She’s a busy lady. :)
    thanks JJ

    I agree she does look a tad bit tired. she has done a lot in the past few weeks.but that only means more pics for us.. hehe :) but I still want Ellie to feel rested and happy and all ok.


    WOW! cool pics. she looks real nice! and pretty.
    thanks JJ. for the Ellen love. :D

    TMZ has a little Ellen video too:


    and thanks for the Kate news. I love her. I miss her as Ellis Grey. I wish they didn’t have to kill her. her parts with Meredith were amazing.

  • lola

    Not a good look…it looks torn to bits.

    -read my blog at

  • tj

    she looks real pretty.. love it ! :) thanks JJ
    and thanks for the tmz video michelle. Ellen knew about Justin from before he did it. his wife is close with Ellen they are friends. and they were all together SAG night. so no surprise she didn’t react to it. she knows he’s ok.

    God her eyes are the most amazing eyes I have seen. LOVING THIS!

  • tammy

    she looks sad, her smile doesn’t reach her eyes…( she looked so cute at the SAGs and here she’s still beautiful mais with sadness :(
    It seems that she can barely smile, she does it just for the pics…
    Hope is just because she’s tired…

    Love her

  • nicepeople

    Beautiful as ever!!!

  • Beautiful girl

    Ellen is a veritable fashion victim!!!! Really love her!!!

    Thanks JJ

  • The Arab Aquarius

    LOL, funny vid. I gotta get those protein bars…

  • hELENAb

    All decontract at day and all dress up at night!!!!

    She seems sad, I hope she’s ok!!!!

    Love you El

  • hELENAb

    I love how her dress fall on her, her taste in clothes get better and better!!

    Thanks JJ

  • Mike

    This girl sure is using her strike time to whore herself out to the paps.

    She seems to be spending her time flying between LA & NY for the photo ops & free clothes !!!

  • Louise

    She has a very very round face with a weird chin.

    Very odd looking woman.

  • lindia

    Ellen, I hope you’re ok, you seems far away, was Chris with her?

  • Juile

    She looks very awkward in these pics – she doesn’t know what to do with her hands.

    And her shiny face looks overly made-up compared with her very pale skin.

    Horrible dress – looks like some has put her through a shredder.

  • Katie

    That dress is vile.

    It would have looked better without the tights & boots. Too much black on the bottom half & she is so so pale. Sickly !


    Here come the bashers, your life must be really ininteresting for spending your time staking every article about EP in order to criticize her!!!

    Love you Ellen, like the dress!

  • Princess
  • Katie

    #CARRY – people have the right of free speech. This ISN’T a fan club.

    I love seeing celeb fashion, but sadly Ellen rarely gets it right. She needs a new stylist STAT

  • I-hate-ellen-and-her-mcfelon


    Where is her pimp & drug-dealer husband ?

  • amanda

    When you don’t work, what do you do?You stay closed in your house and bash people?

    EP is invited at events, she loves fashion, she doesn’t work and she has money so she profites ans she’s totally right!!!

    Thanks JJ

  • KW supports Obama, smart girl!

    I love Ellen and it’s great that she’s invited at all this fashion things.
    Lucky us because we get to see her!!!

  • svelte_vegan

    I really wish she would get rid of that loser she is with. She can do so much better than him. He has no job and has a criminal record. Record Esec my ass.

  • KW supports Obama, smart girl!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • tj

    #28 nice! real nice.
    and you must be really proud of yourself. aren’t you.??? poor thing.. you must be so alone in this world that all is left for you is to hate. shame shame shame.

    I like the dress actually. its different. might be a marc jacobs one I think.

  • marc

    Ellen is an amazing person. a great actress and a wonderful human being.
    She worked very hard in her life to get where she is now. she had an unbelievably hard life and earned all the glory she’s getting now because she really worked hard in getting here.

    And she is absolutely gorgeous inside out. I love her.
    thank you JJ for all the Ellen pictures.

  • Mindy

    I’m glad she’s going to all these events she gets invited to now. she wouldn’t have been able to if the show was going

  • Brenda

    she looks pretty with no makeup. she doesn’t need caked on plaster on her face everywhere she goes like some stars.

  • PAUL

    Ellieeeeee she is sooooo adorable here. I hope its all ok. saw the other topics. her eyes were not ok. i hope its just the photo and shes A ok.
    thanks JUSTJARED. made my day. love it.

  • lutine

    People if you dont like this woman, why do you waste your time commenting on her?It’s frustrating for thus who appreciate her to read always the same criticizes!!!

    Love Ellen

  • Mint

    ooh she looks PRETTYYYY! gorgeous lady.
    love her.

    I think she’s just tired. in the video she seems fine. in a hurry.
    but I’m glad she’s invited to all those things she’s becoming what they call a fashionista :) she loves the fashion world.. yay for us..more pics.
    thanks JJ keep them coming.

  • Amanda

    Aw…she’s so pretty. I really like her dress too.

  • Brainysmurf

    I love how Ellen looks especially the shoes, but I am addicted to Louboutins so that could be why. I really like that Ellen takes risks in her fashion choices.

    There is a lot of bashing going on about her husband. Is it really such a big deal that he has a job? If it were the other way around would you still bash Ellen? I for one think its great that Ellen and Chris can spend so much time together. Ellen makes enough money, why should Chris have to work at some low level job just to please people who have this idea that the man should make more than the woman?
    He does have a crimimal record, but if it doesn’t bother Ellen, why does it bother you?
    Anyway, Ellen looks very nice.
    JJ, normally I would not ask for pictures for one actor on another actor’s page, but I don’t no what else to do:Please can we have some Kate Walsh/Alex pictures?
    P.S. I hope did not disrespect Ellen’s fans by asking for some Kate pictures :)

  • lara

    loving the dress.
    Ellen looks great in it. she always goes back to black, well it is the basics.
    I would be exhausted if I were her. from LA to NewYork to Paris to LA to NewYork again in 2 weeks time. thats a lot. and thats after spending their honeymoon on Christmas for 2 weeks in Paris to London to Italy. and Boston before for thanksgiving for 3 weeks.
    She’s really taking advantage of this time off isn’t she. :D
    love her! thanks JustJared.
    looking forward to more Ellen pics during her stay in NewYork now.

  • lara

    Brainysmurf a lot of Ellen fans like Kate too you know :)

    and by the way Chris has a job, he works with Randy jackson, the guy from american idol. they scout new talents together. remember when Ellen was at the 27 dresses premiere, Chris was in NewYork I think with Randy, not sure if it was newyork though, but he was off on a job with him. and there’s a video for Chris alone with a friend coming out of a recording studio in NewYork from last year, Ellen was in LA shooting Grey’s. His hours are flexible, thats why he gets to travel with Ellen a lot. plus I read somewhere that he earns something not very far from what Ellen earns. this was through some recording site with info about him. They’re just really private about these things, and I guess they have a right to be…

    as long as we get pics of our sweet Ellie.. I’m happy. and I am liking his new hair, from the SAGs. Chris has a nice haircut.

  • JuLIA
  • lara

    amazing ow many fans signed that. :)
    I miss Grey’s :(
    I miss Meredith.

  • Amanda

    I don’t understand why everytime there is either a picture posted on here of either Ellen, Kate, or Katherine…everyone always has to fight on who’s better, and stuff…why can’t we just leave it alone…and appreciate them as actresses and people…just because you might not like one doesn’t mean you have to bash them…and prop the other one up…it just doesn’t make sense, and if you I think it’s sad that you have to apologize for asking for Kate pictures just so the Ellen fans don’t get mad or same with the Kate fans asking for Ellen pictures, why is there some war between the two? With that said…I think all of them are talented, beautiful people…

  • LISA

    I always find their couple great, first it’s a mixte couple, then they were together before GA and they’re still together and it was certainly not easy for them (in particular with Chris past, everybody make mistake more or less serious)!!!
    They braved so many obstacle and still here they’re almost 6 years later, I think it workes for them because they really do love each other, you can see it intheir eyes, they spend all their free time together, they support eachothe and they stay humble and simple!!!!

    Love them!!!!

  • Sandra

    I hate Meredith with a passion. She is the whiniest soap character ever.

    Ellen seems ok. She hasn’t got the best sense of style though & always looks & sounds like a poor man’s Renee Zellweger.

  • Jemima

    Who cares what job her husband does ?

    Seeing as he’s an experienced fraudster not only in drugs but also in credit card fraud, he’s hardly going to be short of ideas to scam people. Let’s hope Ellen got him to sign a pre-nup.

    My friend was targeted by a credit card fraudster & it caused her no end of grief & anguish. She nearly lost her home over it. I have no sympathy for such selfish individuals.

  • tara

    you know people make mistakes and lots of them repent and do actually change. Ellen loves him and trusts him and thats all that counts here, and its obvious he really loves her and take cares of her. so… its not an issue..

    Personally I like the guy. :)

    Ellen looks great here. I like the dress. and YAY for more Eellen this week. thanks JustJared.