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Hayden Christenen Kisses a Girl (Not Rachel Bilson!)

Hayden Christenen Kisses a Girl (Not Rachel Bilson!)

Hayden Christensen lays a friendly kiss on a female friend outside of gal pal Rachel Bilson‘s home in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Said “female friend” appears to be a stylist of some sort–she was seen bringing in a clothing rack and several outfits on hangers.

Hayden and Rachel (both 26) will next be appearing in the film Jumper, opening Valentine’s Day.

DO YOU THINK Hayden and Rachel will have good on-screen chemistry?

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  • Sarie

    Hmm… another actor I just can’t see the appeal. Too bad since he’s a Canadian boy.

  • bbya

    Who cares? I don’t like him or rachel bilson.

  • Nell

    They are probably putting together their wardrobe for the Jumper premieres.

    After all the recasting sessions Hayden and Rachel better have chemistry. From the various released clips it looks like they do.

  • j

    he is looking so happy ! nice to see him smile !

  • Smilehexe

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I see some new rumors evolve from this and further discussions… and discussions… Ha, ha, ha! He REALLY knows how to fool people.
    You really show some great sense of humor, Hayden! :-)

  • Anonymous

    They surely have good chemistry off screen ;-)

  • j

    who ? hayden and the lady in these pics ? LOL

  • Haha

    Hahaha, the paparazzi must hate Hayden and Rachel by now. They have been camping outside Rachel’s home for two weeks now; waiting for the money shot and then Hayden goes and kisses the wrong girl. LOL.

    Judging from the many pics taken of him coming out of Rachel’s house it looks like he is more or less living there when he is down in L.A., though. It’s nice to see him happy.

  • Didi

    hes sick to death of rachel bilson as are we.

    hayden please tape yourself screwing another girl and fedex it to rachel. i would love to see that plastic faced smile vanish from her stupid face. then she’ll be on this site 3 million times a day with her ‘my broken heart’ story until theres a JJ revolt and we chase rachel bilson down sant monica boulevard as a mob with pitchforks

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I think that was just a friendly kiss. And yeah i think they will have on-screen chemistry. I am excited about jumper

  • karmakey

    Ah, I love seeing him smile again. Clearly a friendly kiss, nothing to get worked up about. He’ s a nice guy despite all the RB lovers bashing him. I think Jumper is going to awesome, chemstry or not.

  • Irishdreams

    Gee will kiss many other woman but not so called maybe g/f…there is definalty something wrong here..And this place we see of Rachel’s is not the same place we saw a few weeks ago..totally different look..and who is to know for sure maybe he is getting it on with Rachel’s stylist..friendly or otherwise..

    I think he might have more chemisty with the this lady..who knows..wonder if she can act..

  • nan

    he looks happy. thats only a normal friendship kiss. go to hell haters

  • Raven

    @ Irishdream’s
    I don’t know. It is funny to me. He can be seen kissing another female in public but never the g/f?? Funny how this story plays out. This house does look different from the last pics.

    This lady sure seemed to enjoy that!

  • vitoria

    i really dont see anything in him!
    but i really like rachel bilson!

  • Gemma

    Perhaps it’s his sister? Families have many different ways of greeting and sending each other off.

  • Lana

    I’m not trying to particpate in the hater thing that’s going on but I have a question.

    Why is it that they can catch him laying a friendly smooch on another woman, but they can’t catch him and Rachel doing anything remotely affectionate.

    I know some people have said that it’s because they are trying to keep it private. But if the shots of them are really “candids”, why haven’t they been caught yet? It’s been a long time since they’ve been linked together.

    That’s the only thing that baffles me.

  • Irishdreams

    Now she goes out to have her hair done, have to see her shopping spree’s and now we are to believe we have a personal designer or stylist coming to the house..and one that doesn’t to me match the place we saw a few weeks ago..Oh whatever…

    The more we see of all the trailers they put out for jumper knowone has to see the movie just catch it all on the trailers..and save the money..I will say I do Like Jamie Bell’s character kind of reminds me of Ewan McGregor..the accent..I do hope at least Jamie will gain something out of this..he looks to me to be actually really good..

  • csxyz

    I agree Lana. I can see how he and Rachel would want to keep it private and make the extra effort. And I suppose I the friendly kiss here might not matter since he has nothing to hide. But if he and Rachel spend so much time together, it is odd that there are no pictures showing ANY affection.

  • Meredith

    I guess it maybe is just me and how I was raised but you don’t go for a kiss like that if it’s only “friendly.” Could be just me and how I was raised. And @ Lana: Good questions. Interesting…..

  • who cares

    I will say this he looks dam happy kissing this lady but funny he never is happy around Rachel. Can tell he is very much into the woman I think you will find he dates many woman and not one exclusive.

  • Smilehexe

    And it’s like I said… you’re guessing, and gossiping again… just like he probably had intended it… oh, this is wonderful indeed, absolutely amusing! Hats off to Hayden!

  • Lana

    @ 22

    Were you talking to me? I’m not guessing and gossiping. I just posed a simple question is all. I could care less if he’s dating her or not. I just find that one piece of info i stated interesting.

  • Smilehexe

    Nope, Lana, I was just stating that in general. No offend. I think your questions are expedient.

  • Lana


    Oh ok, sorry.

  • Cynthia

    OMG, Rachel dump him like yesterday’s garbage!

  • nova lee

    i too like to see how this pans out. when him and rachel are together . he is cold to her like a london fog. this is funny. one thing for sure that rachel is a strange person indeed. who needs to have a stylist come to her since she does nothing ,but shop.

  • Raven

    @ Smilehexe,
    Not to be rude but I certianly do not think I was speculating or gossiping. BTW~JJ is a website on celebrities with many pictures. So. People are going to gossip and speculate on it. If you don’t like the gossip perhaps you should go back on Jen’s site where no gossip talk is allowed.

  • hydnfn4evr

    loool…their lips arent even touching and people are in a tizzy over a “kiss”…

    he does look yuumy though..

    and any woman would have that big grin after being that close to him :D

  • lola

    He doesn’t look too great here.

    –read my blog at

  • Irishdreams

    Ohh but i’m sure if he was giving rachel a peck on the cheek or somehting we would hear from you #24 Ohh..Ohh,..see they are a couple..OOH..Ohh god will he marry her now..You are hypocritical with your views on one board you hate Hayden and the next Rachel make up your mind ..If he can show this type of affection to a woman who just shows up to a house and nothing to other female who many feel is in his life there is issues with him or her.. and yes he acts very very cold and distant from Rachel..i have not seen really any celebrity man act this way with a woman they date many men flaunt it openly even if they believe in being all comes out eventually and they know hiding is useless but the fact we see nothing tells me there just might be nothing to get on Rachel and Hayden.

  • Kiki

    @ 29

    i don’t really see people getting in a tizzy over one little peck. I think they’re talking about something totally different if you ask me. That’s the impression I’m getting.

  • Smilehexe

    A big YES to your last sentence! :-)

    No need to apologize, everything’s fine.

    Please, let me be, just forget about me, okay? After what you’ve stated today here and somewhere else about me I really think it’s best we remain silent towards each other, live and let live. You don’t seem to understand me at all.
    And I won’t get into another net fight with you, I think you already have enough “enemies” (or at least you have declared them to be), that should keep you busy. There’s no need to add me to that list.
    And why do you always bring up Jen here? Let her be, okay? She has nothing to do with any of this. When will you finally respect that?

  • nova lee

    well put girl. we are here to express our opinions. so smileexe should get the picture. so immature to think that. to me that hayden looks good in anything he wears. it is good to see him smile. nuff said:)

  • Smilehexe

    Don’t think that I don’t get that you go against me to support your friend Raven. And I’ve never “hated” Hayden, far from it. Yes, I don’t think everything he does is perfect, but hey, he’s human, like all of us. ;-) Yet I was always a supporter, and I still am, in the opposite to some people even going so far to call for boycotting his movie.
    And this recent act was really a funny thing of him to do, it’s like his very own way to reply to all these latest rumors about him, taking it with humor. And I think this absolutely adorable. Clever guy.
    @nova lee
    You don’t get the picture, girl. There are some people over here who share history together, and that’s the point of the attacks, nothing else. It’s not about WHAT I say but that is was me who said it.

  • Raven

    @ Smilehexe,
    I’m more then happy to hear you don’t wish to fight verbally with me on the board. I will be done with you after this post. I just don’t get why your here posting here if your don’t like gossip talk??

    As for Jen. I was not bashing her one bit. I was stating she does not appreciate any gossip talk on her site and perhaps you would be happier there since you are already are a member of her site. That is all I’m going to mention that of Jen.

  • nova lee

    okay smilehexe, here is the 411 for you. i sugguest that you lay off on raven. she was only trying to express her opinion . another thing before you throw your weight round ,and become all hollier than though. this a public post okay!! there is no censorship unlike some sites. not mentioning any,but you know what iam talking bout. with that thought i sugguest you hit the pavement and take a walk !! that is my two cents

  • Gina

    @ 35

    What are you talking about this most recent act? He walked outside and gave a peck to some stylist on the cheek. What’s so clever and funny about that? Also, what latest rumors are going on about him now? I haven’t heard anything.

  • Smilehexe

    Did I gossip? I paid Hayden a compliment for being so clever, that’s all.
    @nova lee
    As this is a public board, like you’ve stated so correct, I stay here just as long as I wish, and I surely don’t take orders from some little basher who just walks in somebody else’s footsteps and has no clue herself what’s actually going on. Just to let you know my two cents.

  • Smilehexe

    You’re on JustJared. Type in “HC” and/or “RB” and read yourself what rumors are going on during the past few months, then you might see the irony in this yourself. ;-)
    I cannot speak for another person of course, but my guess is that # 8, Haha, on this thread sees it similar than I do.

  • Irishdreams

    Don’t worry Gina you haven’t missed much really a lot of PR about him and his co-star typical hollywood get people generated about the movie so it will sell big at the boxoffice if they feel the two main leads are dating then the studio figures it will make bank..

    Smilehexe you have been on other boards protesting about Hayden in the past…To me anything these two do are a PR stunt..and trust me you would not be saying this if he was pecking Rachel..

    you support those that agree with your basic impression of these two..I don’t really protect anyone Raven doesn’t need me to support her she handles herself fine to me so does many other people on this board who might not have the same views as you do..PR is PR plan and simple..And everyone is intitled to their point of views some will love them others’ wont’..but I won’t put him or Rachel on some kind of pedestal and make them saints like many of the Rayden fans want to do..I think the man has many woman he dates, kisses and visits..I don’t see him as exclusive to one woman..and I think he enjoys playing the macho man..I think that is more realistic then what we are seeing with the PR..

  • Raven

    @ Smilehexe,
    Well if you wish to stay so be it but, everyone enititled to their own opinion here!
    Oh BTW~ You are not listening! Nove Lee is not bashing. Stop throwing false accusations @ people already!

  • nova lee

    oh i get is that you want to be a good girl,but you are not okay so get a clue. you are stiring the pot and frankly my dear go and stir somewhere else . this bashing is aimed at raven so lay off okay. this train wreck is getting old okay. my advise to you is to leave her alone .

  • Madonna


  • nova lee

    thanks girl. me bashing !! that is a laugh hahah!! you know i don’t have a mean bone in my body. well the smart@ss yes. THAT

  • Haha

    @ smilehexe

    I could definitely appreciate the irony regarding these pictures. ;-)

    But I also think it’s rather obvious that this was a friendly peck and that Rachel and Hayden are a couple. Their absolute refusal to confirm it and the resulting reactions from people who think Rachel and Hayden owe them THE TRUTH is pretty hilarious on the other hand. As are the many conspiracy theories floating around. And the catfights, of course.

  • Gina

    @ 40

    No thanks I’m not really interested. I don’t believe anything I read over the internet anyway. I just come and look at the pictures. I don’t comment all too often. I just thought that there was something I missed is all.

  • Smilehexe

    This is the way you see him, and of course you are entitled to have your own opinion as everyone else is, over here and anywhere else on discussion boards. That’s what they were made for actually.
    But I don’t have to share this opinion.
    @nova lee
    Who wants to be a “good girl”? How boring! Never read the book: “Good girls come to heaven, but bad girls get everywhere”? :lol:

  • Smilehexe

    Same opinion over here!

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