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Hayden Panettiere is a Spiderwick Stunner

Hayden Panettiere is a Spiderwick Stunner

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere and younger brother Jansen enjoy some brother-sister bonding time at the premiere of the family adventure The Spiderwick Chronicles held on the Paramount Studios lot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a 2008 film based on Holly Black and Tony Diterlizzi‘s bestselling children’s book series of the same name. The story is about three children who battle goblins and other magical creatures who are after Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide.

For the rest of us common folk, The Spiderwick Chronicles doesn’t open in theaters until Valentine’s Day. But you all will be too busy to watch this movie because you’ll be watching Jumper!

Also pictured below, one of the Spiderwick stars, Freddie Highmore.

25+ pictures inside of Spiderwick stunner Hayden Panettiere

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hayden panettiere spiderwick 02
hayden panettiere spiderwick 03
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hayden panettiere spiderwick 05
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hayden panettiere spiderwick 21
hayden panettiere spiderwick 22
hayden panettiere spiderwick 23
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hayden panettiere spiderwick 25
hayden panettiere spiderwick 26
hayden panettiere spiderwick 27
hayden panettiere spiderwick 28

Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • Didi

    oh my here shes not blathering on about whales….SHOCK HORROR.!

  • alex p

    she is annoying.

  • stellar sophie

    why does she think everywhere she goes she’s on the friggin’ runway? stop looking like you’re 30!

  • luckyL

    Still aged, much better; she and her brother look cute here.

  • Sarie

    She’s everywhere these days and frankly I am getting tired of her.

  • Hayden Panettiere


    Yuor all jus jealous!! Coz Im smart beautiful and have sexy manfreidn!!

    I’m intelligent and hot. Im mature and i love whales

    save the whales!!!

  • Steph

    She looks adorable. Can’t get enough of Hayden. :)

  • Amanda

    she seems to be pimping out her brother a lot lately

  • http://no no

    overly made up dressed up gnome hayho’s brother is almost taller than she is. get a bang -dye your hair back brown -take acting 101 -and try looking your age & not the desperate 18 year old trying to play dress up..go far away for awhile and do all that, then get a college education. we have enough of you young messes.

  • Madonna


  • Didi

    hayden panty-liner loves whales more than people. the same way people watch p0rn to get aroused, our hayden gets her ‘lollies’ from the movie Free Willy. please help her

  • Just me

    Why all those bad comments ?

    She is beautiful, always smiling,.

  • Ha!

    She looks pretty here and finally looks close to being her age. Looks like she laid off the makeup a little bit. Very nice.

  • Jen

    She reminds me of Katie who has to dress old to please Tom Cruise.
    She should be dressing like a young 18 year old instead of an old woman. she should be hanging out with some nice friends her own age, I don’t mean Lindsey Lohan or Parish Hilton. She is going to burn out fast then resent that old guy.

  • Ben

    She is not that good looking-just plain.

  • cutie pie

    Her little brother is so friggin’ cute!!!

  • whales used 4 PR

    zzzzzzz.. hereos is a horrid show. hay is average in looks and her acting is below average.
    has she freed willy yet? doesnt matter she is full of ego and PR.

  • Ha!

    I agree, I think she should chill, be 18 for a while and not date her 30-year-old co-stars.

    I don’t think that bringing your kid brother to the premiere of a kid’s movie is pimping him out. He’s lucky to have a sister who could get him in. Most kids would probably kill for the opportunity.

  • me

    Her little brother is creepy. I saw a vid of him hustling his latest “projects”.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    LOL @ #5. That’s just weird. If you are tired of her don’t click and go inside the post about her just keep scrolling to the next post!
    Even when she’s not at a movie premier or doing that whale thingy, paps take her pics grabbing coffee, going to gym, walking to car, doing anything. So where do you want her to go?

  • uBU

    They’re both creepy midgets.

  • Lisa

    They are well match each other. He is very hot, she is very beautiful and sexy. It is said that they met on celeb mingle com Is it true?

  • kate


  • lisa

    This is so much nicer. Keep it like this!

  • stefanie

    What will this poor girl do when Heroes goes off the air.
    I don’t see the show surviving the writers’ strike because people will forget about it.

    I hope she has other plans, rather than being a model-wannabe and plaything for older men.

  • t

    If the paps take her pic everywhere she goes then we would have more pics of her and the 30 year old. Celebrities arent idiots and they know where to go and where not to go to get their pic taken. Trust me she LOVES the paps attention

  • kenza

    French = elle est trĂ©s jolie je l’ador !

  • leen_from_paris

    Why there are so bad coms about her? She is cute, love you hayden but how to say? do your age a bit more 18 is a bel age

  • Cute

    I like Hayden because thus far she has been a good role model and right now we are lacking of good role models. I like that she is doing things she believe in and support.
    Btw, she doesnt dress like a 40year old, she wears clothes that are appropiate for the event she is going to. She she stills has her feet on the ground and acts like a normal 18year oldgirl (exept the dating milo thing..)

  • lola

    What can I say? Can this chick ever do wrong in the fashion sense?

    -read my blog at

  • lisa

    Hayden is a good role model ( although I don’t believe in being role models). Her clothing and makeup choices are another matter. She HAS been dressing too old for her age not to mention unflattering for her figure. You always have to keep YOUR body type, age, and the occassion in mind when dressing.

  • tom c

    Hmm. He looks like an elf to me. They look nothing alike.

  • MIMI

    lmao….she gt bak frm NY QUICK……. :S

  • Cynthia

    Love her sheath dress. Wonder who designed her frock. She was too much in Remember the Titans, she’s a great young actress.

  • ben dover

    she’s blowing her career. if she don’t start showin more of the goods now when they’re worth lookin at, she’ll be one of those women at 40 sellin what nobody wants, flaunt it while you got it, that’s what made your career go this far.

  • monkeyman476

    i hate that stupid kid Jansen, hes so annoying, as for Hayden, man she’s fuckin hot!!

  • lee

    moony face & not quite her

  • oooo

    she has a blow-pop head and a dwarfish bod.

  • NAomi


  • TIZ

    the dress is so ugly!! hey you are young not 30…

  • shannon

    ok i like her but sh’e 18 and i kno she has money why doesn’t she dress like it i mean come on hayden u can do better than that

  • Pete

    I’m on the side of the posters that say she dress way too old. I’d say she looks way past 35. Thats sad man she should be a young girl enjoy life not living like a old maid. It’s going to kick in then she will be sorry she wasted her youth.

  • Dumb hoe

    How is she a good role model?? You shouldn’t look up to celebrities
    as role models. How pathetic.
    She is an immature, narcisstic, attention seeking whore.
    She dresses like she’s 40.
    She exploits herself in mens magazines as soon as she turns 18.
    She is choking on a creepy 30 year old’s c0ck.
    She cares more about shagging whales than saving humans.
    She endorses Dooney and Burke handbags made of animal skin.
    She is overexposed, fake, arrogant and stupid.
    She is so cool..!!

  • hm

    mid get me.

  • Blah

    She’s finally towers over a person…too bad it’s her little brother!

  • troy

    Wow I didn’t know what going to a movie premiere with your little brother was such a horrible offense. Given the level of negativity you would think Hayden had committed some kind of crime. I don’t get it.

    But I wanted to see “The Spiderwick Chronicles” but Jared says we have to go see “Jumper” instead. What to do? What to do? *snaps fingers* I know I’ll go see “Jumper” on Friday and “The Spiderwick Chronicles” on Saturday. *Wipes brow* That was a close one.

  • mUNK

    i just do not understand why you people wanna talk bad about one of the few actual decent celebrities. she hasnt been involved in anything even comparable to the scandals others celebutards have offered us. she actually seems to care about something more worthwhile then partying, getting pregnant, and goin to jail. this is one of the few out there that should actually considered to be a ‘good’ role model, they are pretty hard to come by these days.

  • Shana

    OMG, I am so in love with Freddie Highmore!!!!

  • ashley

    ok 18# Thats not fair.
    Jansen is an Actor he dosent ”get in” because of Hayden
    he takes pictures with her because she’s his sister.
    and i think Hayden looks classy and stylish.
    shes smiling and radiant.
    and about her dating 30 yr old guys thats her choice.