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Heidi Montag Takes You "Higher"

Heidi Montag Takes You

And what a better way to celebrate Lauren‘s birthday!

Us Weekly favorite Heidi Montag just released her Spencer Pratt-produced single, “Higher.”

“The past is the past and you don’t have one moment to look back,” Heidi says of her new single. “You create your life and what happens. I wanted to portray this message and energy in my song and hopefully give people the same feeling. My album is about living life every moment and having fun.”

The track is available at iTunes on Tuesday. Listen to “Higher” at Us Weekly.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Heidi’s single “Higher”?

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    1st ??

  • Audryna Patridge loooool

    I’m sorry, this girl is really good at showing her boobs or whatever but she definitly can’t sing…

  • honey

    hola!!!!!!!!!!!!! como estan???

  • j

    I like her more than Lauren. I’m not crazy about either one of them but Lauren is such a fake person. I can’t stand her.

  • Tealeaf

    Great! I feel awesome now

  • JuLIA
  • Ha!

    Sorry, I couldn’t out last the first minute.

  • Helena

    No she doesn’t. She makes me want to hit her.

  • nicole

    wtf was that? i got a good 10 seconds in and i think 8 seconds of that was a crappy 1990-esque intro.

  • Alice =]

    very Perfect!

    : B
    I love she a lot!


  • Sara

    Ew.. her voice..ewww

  • CrazyDaisy

    This is just horrible.

  • FYI

    shes all fake! she’s pathetic & she cant sing. me and my friends wont buy her song, we would pay for it not to come out though! heidi & her dumbass boyfriend wont last long.

  • Coco

    She paid for those boobs, of course she’s going to show them off.

  • scottish sara

    she can actuly sing!!!! not to sure bot the song tho

  • Regina

    I turned it off after 20 seconds. Heidi Montwat should disappear.

  • lola

    If by higher she means that I’ll get high and forget I ever heard this song ever. Then sure.

  • vickkyy


    this is a joke

  • la la la la

    oh my god, that is horrible. she should stick to being a fake celebrity.

  • TheTabloidsChic
  • MMM

    I am with lola, I couldn’t listen past 15 seconds. Dumb.

    Sarah Silverman has a better chance at being a pop star. Her song is a million times better than this.

  • http://jj ~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~

    I turned it off after 20 seconds She sucks!
    Team Lauren!

  • Tim

    eww. stupid. what an insult to music. actresses get to sing just b/c their popular. what a selling out.

  • laura

    she really sucks, this song is just horrible

  • cscs

    fkin awful

  • wooooooow

    everything about this song is bad, everything.
    and i thought i wouldn’t like her song because of the hills drama and because of the freak she is on the show. no, it’s because she has the most terrible voice ever, she’s so naiive,this song is yet another reason for us to VERY MUCH dislike her.Not even the amazing technology of today can cover up that she is tone def.

    ” AHHHHHH,….am i dreaming?”
    -no hon your song is realy THAT bad

  • Meridethx3

    that was miserable i could not make it through the first 45 SECONDs
    as soon as she started singing i couldnt stop wincing

  • greentea

    fake hair, fake teeth, fake lips, fake boobs, fake nose… why oh why can’t she buy a new personality? or better yet, just go away and take she/he pratt with her.

  • beanie

    oh great, as if paris’ “hit” wasnt enough, now more do nothing celebrities are coming out with albums…
    there goes the music industry

  • beanie

    she is NO actress!

  • Britt

    Alvin and the Chipmunks????

  • Didi

    jared are you taking the piss.

    why are these ‘non-celebs’ even on here?

  • The Arab Aquarius

    The song was painful to listen to. I much rathered her earlier ‘leak’. this 1 is so squeeeeeeeky

  • Sam

    Okay it’s people like her that make me want to stop listening to music all together. What the hell was she thinking. I couldn’t even finish the damn thing. I have to go clean the felted brain out of my ears now…

  • Bella

    It’s like a song from High School Musical but the local high school play version.

  • QT

    One word BAD!!!!!!!!!

    It is so corny and bad!

  • rae

    love LAUREN

  • no no no

    Worst song I have ever heard!

  • Christa

    I think I just died a little inside. :(

  • kayla

    Why don’t she get high on some drugs and check herself into rehab so we for good.

  • Lillie

    LOL!!! Omg, what is this industry coming to?! Sounds like a chipmunk

  • wowza!

    heidi can not sing.
    she’s fakeee x 435903284
    and ew, spencer.
    come on!

  • Jenn

    DAMN, THAT WAS BRUTAL. I sat thru the entire 3:39 and then had to go back and laugh at the 3:15 mark. Yeah, Heidi, you’re dreaming alright if you think you can really sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I actually listened to it a few times so I could warn my fellow bashers at about when to plug their ears etc.

    At least Paris Hilton had the decency to sing with a whisper-type voice. I’d take “Stars Are Blind” over this any day!

    Hope your clothing line does better! Maybe coming out with a perfume would work. Jus keep that mouth shut, unless you’re in the shower at home ALONE! The ALONE is key!

  • D.

    oh my- that was just awful! she does not know how to change pitch!!! tone deff, definitaly!

  • luckyL

    At least the other acting bi***** that cross genres are actually ACTRESSES and are GOOD, or vice versa. She is no Scarlett Johansen that’s for sure. Jack of all trades, master of f****** NONE.

  • Funny

    oh the beauty of technology. too bad it couldn’t help her even more–

    i’d rather listen to paris hilton sing.

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  • krystina

    that was LOL worthy.

  • Belen

    What a loser. There is no way this girl can hold a tune without all the technical equipment.

  • K

    Ouch……I had to turn it off.