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Michelle Williams: Please Respect Our Privacy

Michelle Williams: Please Respect Our Privacy

Michelle Williams has given her first statement since the death of her former companion Heath Ledger.

In a statement released by Heath‘s rep, Michelle said, “Please respect our need to grieve privately. My heart is broken. I am the mother of the most tender-hearted, high-spirited, beautiful little girl who is the spitting image of her father. All that I can cling to is his presence inside her that reveals itself every day. His family and I watch Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals, and takes steps two at a time and we know that he is with us still. She will be brought up with the best memories of him.”

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  • b/w miller

    beautifully said.

  • LL cool beans

    Oh, that just breaks my heart. What lovely words.

  • heath fan

    She still loves him – they probably would have gotten back together if he had cleaned up. Very sad. I really enjoyed him as an actor and I think Michelle is really sweet.

  • ben dover

    who is she?

  • heath fan

    Ben why are you on this thread if you don’t now who she is?

  • kat

    THANK YOU. Yes, please respect their privacy! all this crap about Heath is getting old, quite frankly. Give them a break…geez.

  • LOVE

    it really hurts…and i don’t know why….tragic…. :’(

  • African Girl


    That’s so touching.

  • red13

    Oh my, I have a tear in my eye. How eloquent.

  • bluebell

    wow, a beautiful statement… I feel so sorry for her!

  • Coco

    :( That is heartbreaking. I feel so bad for her and Heath’s family right now with all the speculation and a different rumor every five minutes. Matilda really is the spitting image of him.

  • leah

    Holy crap, that i so sad. I can not even imagine having to see his name being smeared so intensely by the media. It would kill me if somebody came and badmouthed my boyfriend if he died, and… I get emotional just thinking about it.ΓΈ Stay strong, nothing but utter respect!

  • jmo

    Maybe websites like this will STOP “reporting” the nasty gossip that is going left and right. Let this family heal itself the best they can. There are times where you don’t have to post trash. No one has a gun to your head.

  • http://myspace courtneyyy


  • Leyre

    Very beautiful words, I’m sorry for matilda, she is going to grew up without his father.

  • molly

    so sweet.
    the paparazzi need to back off for a while.
    the poor woman just lost the father of her daughter, who she loved.
    they all need to respect her wishes to be alone

  • sue

    gosh…reading that gives me goosebumps. and makes me feel like crying. poor matilda………


    Beautifully said. My heart goes out to her and her baby.

  • yeah I said It

    I don’t care for Michelle, I feel bad for his daughter..Heath seem to be over Michelle with Helena and Gemma Ward.

    The media shouldn’t bash a man in his death, but why does Heath get a pass when it’s okay to drag other dead celebs through the mud, they had family and friends just like Heath.

  • Helena

    Well written statement. I just hope they listen to her wise words.

  • Maria

    the most beautiful heartwarming words….

  • Maria

    oops! i mean, heartbreaking words …

  • mimi

    her statement is beautiful and incredibly touching. it brought a tear to my eye.

    best wishes for his family.

  • holly

    i grew up without a dad and no one gives a shit & about 50% of the population grows up without a dad. big deal.

  • Steph

    yeah I said It @ 02/01/2008 at 1:47 pm
    What “pass” are you talking about?!?!?!? What are you trippin’ on?

    With that said, that was very touching and heartfelt. I’m still saddened over this…. RIP Heath…

    RIP to Brad Renfro who most recently passed as well.

  • SOLO

    she does love him with all her heart…it will be difficult period, but with support from us fans nd her family she ll make it tru !!!
    great statment !!!

  • elle

    very sad and heartbreaking.


    I’m sure Heath would be proud that Michelle is trying to deal with this whole thing, and the media attention, with dignity. Matilda is lucky to have so many people who love her. God bless all.

  • inmomar

    That is beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. His daughter looks just like him.

  • MariaBeckham

    OMG !!!!!!!!
    This is so saaaaaaaaaad !
    The words she said touches everyone heart !
    She’s so broken !
    My heart is broken too !
    He left such a great woman and a babygirl !!
    His soul may rest in peace

  • Elizabeth

    My God, that’s one of the sweetest, most touching statements I’ve ever heard. It actually made my tear up a little. I wish Michelle and Matilda peace and privacy as they deal with this situation.

  • :-)

    Love her, such an amazing woman. Such strength. I sincerely wish people like ET and The Insider just bug off and go talk about Britney. Let his family and friends live in peace.

  • :-)

    Love her, such an amazing woman. Such strength. I sincerely wish people like ET and The Insider just bug off and go talk about Britney. Let his family and friends live in peace.

  • debbie

    She is a strong woman and a great mother. Heath will be missed by all.

  • You/Me

    How heartbreaking :-(
    I’m so glad Michelle and Heath’s family have Matlida. Michelle’s words are so beautiful and I hope everyone repects her wishes.
    I also think they would have got back together but even if they had not they would have been devoted parents and worked well together.

  • Yeah It

    Pass were no one can say bad things about him, yet I have to watch and hear bad things about other dead celebs.. along with their friends & family.

    Dannielynn is going to have see the horrible things said about her mother drug problems

    People basically act like Heath is the saint of the celeb world..

    Nobody spare Diana’s sons awful magainze covers or rumors about their Mom.

  • mia

    So Beautiful :(

  • tINA

    She sends out a statement about her dead ex and father of her kid..

    Now she is a great woman

    Yeah she is the FIRST woman to raise her kid alone after the father unexpectingly dies

    Screw Soldier wives who are raising their kids after Daddy gets blowup defending the country
    because you can’t touch rich, famous, movie star single mum Michelle great, strong , woman Williams

    YOU people are celeb crazed…what a joke.

  • Natalie

    Michelle’s statement sounds very genuine. I dont know how anyone can NOT respect her privacy.. I mean its a sensitive situation and I cant even imagine how she must be feeling. All the best to you Michelle & your daughter. God bless em.

  • Regina

    #38, you’re such a bitter person.

  • G550

    Ouch. Sad. In time, sure all things good and bad will be known, but for the immediate future, yes, they should be allowed to grieve without everyone piling on. The press, of course, will say it is their job, and I would agree that is the job of a news organization, but probably best to move slowly and report the hard facts.

    Sad to see anyone with a bright future pass away young, whether famous or not.

  • Lara

    so why she left him…..:(

  • tINA

    I hope Michelle wasn’t heartbroken over the fact the Heath had Mary-Katie on speed dial or that he spent X-Mas with Gemma Ward

    I hope she is hearbroken that her daughter no longer has her father.

  • Oye

    #38, would you want cameras constantly being pointed in your face in a man you loved and the father of your child died unexpectedly? Would you want media spreading rumours about every thing?

    Nobody is saying she’s some kind of super woman – she’s just trying to deal with this heartbreaking situation in the best way she can and trying to protect a little girl, who will never know he father, from the vicious media out there.

    Give the woman some respect.

  • Edes


  • http://deleted Angie lies too much

    truly heartbreaking, his death i think really impacted alot of people even tho that didnt know him. how does a child grow up with that in their future.

  • nikki

    every death is tragic, no matter if its a celebrity or a soldier. why do people try and compete, its just sick to say that one persons hardships outnumber anothers, any person who loses a friend, siblings, relative, spouse, or parent faces the same tragedy, no matter who they are. so all of you just get of your high horses, and realize that this is also a tragedy and so is every other untimely death, only those dont get media coverage because the people were not well known. really, what happened to respect???

  • katia

    yeah yeah right….. she talks about privacy and she goes on saying all these thing which give food for more gossip and more talks about her, her daugter and Ledger… It sure is heartbreaking and touching but if she really wanted her privacy she wouldn’t even have spoken about it!

  • camila

    I feel so sorry for michelle… but she’s a strong woman and you can see that her priority is her daugheter….